ZTE Blade V8 Pro hands-on

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hey everyone this is Dave with Android
police and we're here at CES 2017 in Las
Vegas we're taking a look at Z T's new
smartphone for the American market it's
called the blade v8 Pro Susie T's blade
line if you're familiar with it hasn't
actually been sold in the US before so
that means the blade v8 pro is the first
and the family to come to this country
ZT is asking $229 for the phone and
that's less than always honor 6x that
was also announced at the show earlier
this week and the specifications on the
v-a pro still look more than respectable
for the price point so snapdragon 625
processor takes center stage on the v8 /
oh it's a chip we found to be
consistently a good performer on both
speed and efficiency on phones like the
much pricier Moto Z play you get three
gigs of RAM 32 gigabytes of storage a
3,140 milliamp hour battery and a 5.5
inch 1080p LCD display well we think
it's an LCD but ZTE specifications
doesn't actually show what type of
screen it is now for the money there's
no doubt at all that CTS competitive
Hardware package here and the v8 pros
dual 13 megapixel cameras echo those of
phones costing considerably more money
oh and the v8 pro has NFC which i think
is a significant leg up on many phones
at this price point but my initial
impression of VA pro is that there
simply isn't much more this phone than
specification sheets ztz Android skin is
a matter of personal opinion I know and
I'm not much of a fan I do understand
that some people appreciate some of the
Twiggs et's added the Android and that's
totally fair but the v8 Pro launches
with Android 6.0 and ZTE made nary a
mention of nougat for the phone during
its presentation today at least honor
managed that much with the also
marshmallow 6x
I'm also totally at a loss for the
reason the phone has dual cameras Zi T's
camera software contains three modes
utilizing the dual sensors a monochrome
mode a bokeh effect and one that I
forgotten the name of put it out or
removes colors from the photo the thing
is all these can be found or at least
very close approximations of them on
phones that don't have dual camera
arrays and I didn't even find Z T's
implementations very good at the glance
the bokeh effect for example pretties
highly inconsistent and even wonky
results I really don't understand why
this phone has two cameras it more feels
like ZT is marketing to what is now
viewed as a desirable specification
to making the user experience
appreciably better the physical home
button on the v8 pro feels cheap Zee T's
dot sau capacitive navigation keys are
still a bit hard to find and a 30 140
milliamp hour battery is good but not
what I'd call remarkable for a phone of
this size it's just average and the
physical quality of phone is really
nothing to write home about it's okay
but it's not pushing the envelope not
not when we're talking about a phone
that costs this much given the reliable
Snapdragon 625 processor and the
presence of NFC which I really do admit
is pretty rare at this price point
the v8 pro does have some things going
for it versus similarly priced or even
more expensive phones it's worth look if
you're shopping this price range right
now but you should really be aware of
the fact that shows with marshmallow and
the ZTE hasn't committed to a new good
update timeline right out of the gate
the v8 Pro will ship on January 18th and
you can preorder it from Zee T's website
like I said for $229

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