Zoom shuts down activists’ accounts; China prison emptied for Hong Kong protesters: source

published on July 2, 2020

torrential rains flood parts of China

millions impacted thousands are

displaced as water levels exceed warning

levels an inside source tells us a

detention center has been emptied out in

preparation for Hong Kong protesters

it's in anticipation of Beijing's new

national security law being passed a new

analysis suggests the Chinese regime has

launched a propaganda campaign on

Twitter as thousands of suspicious

accounts have cropped up popular video

conferencing platform zoom shuts down a

us rights activists account after an

online meeting commemorating the

Tiananmen crackdown and two senators

proposed nearly 23 billion dollars in

incentives for overseas chip makers to

set up shop in the US that's amid

Washington's tech rivalry with Beijing

and telecom giant hallway welcome to

China InFocus I'm Tiffany Mayer heavy

rains have been drenching southern China

for more than a week around three

million people from eight provinces have

been affected nearly 230,000 of them

have been evacuated the water levels of

about a hundred and fifty rivers have

also reached or exceeded local warning

levels at least nine people have died

and five are missing one house built on

a now waterlogged riverbank in guanxi

province even collapsed on Wednesday

after its foundation gave way and slid

into the river in some area streets have

turned into fast flowing rivers many

cars are almost completely submerged the

entrance of one shopping center is now

impossible to access the floodwaters

also left behind huge amounts of muddy

water in one neighborhood mud completely

covers the ground some houses have been

destroyed while landslides also damaged

crops chan-hom a business owner in

Guangxi province told us her city has

been underwater for almost one week we

gave her a pseudonym and changed her

voice to protect her identity as Chinese

people aren't allowed to be interviewed

from overseas media without permission

from authorities in this year's /

particularly bad because of the heavy

rain lots of heavy rain pouring down on

us water was coming down from the

mountains everywhere in the country has

been flooded everywhere is so Alberta

miss Qin explained that a small famine

her County collapsed a Chinese medecine

also reminded people online to be

especially careful of small dams built

within the last 20 years

he said these dams were poorly

constructed and often leaked small

amounts of water normally but added that

during a flood these dams will collapse

one video shows residents who live close

to one such dam leaving their homes out

of fear that it could crumble Chinese

state-run media outlets have only

released a handful of reports on the

disaster in recent days the front page

of the People's Daily China's largest

newspaper didn't feature a single report

on the flooding instead readers only see

positive reports that praise the

Communist Party or details on what party

leaders are doing online China's Twitter

equivalent Weibo also hardly featured

the news out of the platform's top 50

search terms only one is about the

floods meanwhile five of them condemned

or criticized US actions or events like

the recent protests sweeping the country

one Twitter user questioned why Chinese

media continue to praise the so-called

good life there but don't show people

who lost their homes and have been

washed away by the flooding according to

weather forecasts a central northern and

northeastern China will experience

showers and heavy thunderstorms in the

coming days some areas may even face

gale force winds

according to one Taiwanese media outlet

a typhoon is expected to enter mainland

China from Hong Kong in three days

elsewhere in northeastern China locusts

have emerged

despite theories that they may have come

from elsewhere they were found to have

originated in the area halen's young and

healing provinces issued urgent warnings

about combating the insects at least 41

hundred acres have been hit according to

local media one to two locust can be

seen per square foot on average in the

first cases five were found per square

foot a video shows locusts were also

found in the province in central China

but there is no report from local media

to confirm it at the same time the CCP

virus epidemic in these two provinces

has also worsened recently northeast

China produces about one-fifth of all of

China's rice supplies every year now to

Hong Kong an insight source from China

told us that a detention center in

Shenzhen city has been cleared out in

order to make room for detain

Hongkongers in the future the facility

is over 40 miles away from Hong Kong we

also called a detention center to

confirm the clearance Beijing's

so-called national security law on Hong

Kong has prompted concerns about the

future of the city's autonomy and its

freedom protests are expected to erupt

when it takes effect in the coming

months Hong Kong police are already

setting up a special unit to enforce the

new law and in Taiwan the Taiwanese air

force a drove off several Chinese su-30

fighters on Tuesday after they briefly

entered Taiwan's air defense

identification zone China has been

conducting military exercises southwest

of Taiwan Beijing has threatened to use

military force if Taiwan declares


that's because China claims democratic

Taiwan as its sovereign territory

Australia is adopting a harder stance

towards the Chinese Communist Party or

CCP on Wednesday the party claimed

Australia was being racist against

Chinese students but a day later

Australia's prime minister Scott

Morrison called China's claims rubbish

saying Australians will never trade

their values in response to coercion

from the CCP this is the first time

Morrison has used the word coercion to

describe the trade dispute with China

that's after Australia tighten its rules

for foreign investment a week ago to

bolster national security some Chinese

companies will be impacted the European

Union plans to investigate tik-tok a

controversial but popular social media

app over its privacy policies and

operation in Europe tick-tock

is owned by china based company bites

dance which is currently undergoing a US

national security review canadian

foreign affairs minister francois philip

champagne has reportedly borrowed

heavily from the bank of china and

london where he has to registered home

mortgages his opposition says it puts

him in a vulnerable position with the

Chinese regime especially amid

escalating tensions between the two


Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail

reported that champagne bought two

apartments in London in 2009 and 2013 at

the time he was working as an executive

at a UK multinational construction and

engineering firm the current balance for

the mortgages stands at over 1 million

dollars conservative member of

parliament garnet genius called the

mortgages very dangerous and says it

could present a conflict of interest for

the foreign affairs minister but

champagne defended his position he said

at the time he wasn't able to borrow

from London banks but added that he's

always been transparent about the loans

he's also noted that so far there

haven't been any issues Twitter is

banned in China but the platform still

sees a lot of pro-beijing posts and

analysis by the New York Times suggest

the Chinese regime has launched a

propaganda campaign on the platform the

study found that in the recent weeks

over four-and-a-half thousand accounts

reposted a high volume of tweets from

Chinese officials or Chinese state-run

media these accounts are relatively new

and were created within the last three

months the analysis also found that some

of the accounts are created around the

same time tensions rose between the

Chinese regime and the Trump

administration one third of the accounts

were similarly created within the last

three months and one in seven of them

has zero followers it wouldn't be the

first time the Chinese regime launched a

propaganda effort on the platform last

year Twitter suspended over 200,000

accounts citing large-scale

misinformation from the regime these

accounts were aimed at discrediting Hong

Kong pro-democracy protesters the video

conferencing company zoom has come under

fire a human rights group Sekou

was shut down after an online event that

commemorated the Tiananmen Square

massacre entities Juliette song reports

videoconferencing giant zoom shut down

the account of one human rights activist

group after they held an online event

commemorating China's Tiananmen Square

crackdown it touched Chinese authorities

nerves many speakers are based in China

most of them were arrested or put under

control during the meeting

chang-geun Fei was the only person that

was able to attend the online event he

was arrested right after Chen Yun Fei is

a human rights activist based in China

with the Tiananmen Square crackdown

remains a taboo topic on June 4th 1989

Chinese troops moved into Kinnaman

square firing grounds at unarmed

protesters who were asking for democracy

Jo said they chose to use zoom because

the software is not censored in China

and it enabled the Chinese audience to

commemorate the crackdown without having

to cross China's censorship system a

week after the event Jo found the

group's account was closed

we contacted zoom immediately through

all kinds of means email phone calls we

contacted the company continuously we

heard nothing from them and so we had to

resort in the media and later on many

journalists called zoom he said zoom

reinstated the account after news

organization Axios reported it on

Wednesday someone mailed a woman we

never heard from zoom he read the

company's response and media reports it

said when a meeting is held across

different countries that participants

within those countries are required to

comply with their respective local laws

their reason is that he'll be not right

even if China has its own law our

account is us-based or account should

not have been shut down other zoom

accounts were shut down as well they

belonged to a pro-democracy Hong Kong

activist and a student leader during the

Tiananmen Square crackdown us senator

Josh Hawley wrote a letter to zoom

asking the company to pick aside

American principles and free speech or

short term global profits and censorship

reporting by Juliet song and team

Jews pig farms are being built and major

Chinese cities including Beijing it's

the communist regimes attempt to address

the country's food crisis farmers are

scrambling to construct new farms and

breed millions of pigs 200 million pigs

in two years

that's China's aggressive new plan to

tackle their food crisis and extreme

shortage of pigs and skyrocketing pork

prices the communist regime is ordering

every province and major city to

increase its pork production in the

outskirts of Beijing construction has

started on the first eleven large pig

farms this year our task is to complete

the supply of about 5,000 to 6,000 pigs

and next year we're going to produce at

full capacity around 60,000 pigs a year

China lost half of its pig stock from

the African swine fever back in 2018 the

Chinese regime is now under pressure to

restock and stabilize prices it's mainly

to solve the problem of the so import

prices to some extent the country's

economy and people's livelihoods are at

stake under the new plan

Beijing needs to produce close to 900

thousand pigs annually that's about

three times what it raised last year

pork isn't the only food crisis in China

grain shortages caused the price of corn

to hit a five-year high earlier this

year and now turning their Chinese tech

companies a bipartisan group of

lawmakers is proposing a new bill to cut

off the Giants from their chip suppliers

by inviting them to break ground in the

US instead a new bipartisan bill has

been introduced in the Senate aiming to

incentivize chip makers to set up shop

in the United States if passed it would

offer almost 23 billion dollars in aid

for semiconductor manufacturers who

start producing in the US chip factories

can cost up to fifteen billion dollars

to build mainly due to the pricey tools

required for manufacturing the proposal

would create a 40 percent refundable

income tax credit for semiconductor

equipment ten billion dollars in federal

funds to match state incentives to build

factories and twelve billion dollars in

research and development funding

while some firms like Intel Corp and

micron technology still make chips in

the US the majority are made in Asia

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing or

TSMC has more than half of the global

markets iPhone maker Apple Inc Qualcomm

Inc and NVIDIA Corp all rely on TSMC for

their chips the move comes amid a

strategic us technology standoff with

China and its telecom giant hallway

which is considered a threat to US

national security

senators John Cornyn and Mark Warner

introduced the bill on Wednesday aides

the congressman Michael McCaul and Doris

Matsui said that you plan to introduce a

version in the House on Thursday and

while we have seen many businesses

closing down around the country due to

the economic fallout from the virus

some Catholic schools have been affected

too Catholic schools around the country

have faced tough times for years and it

looks like the situation isn't going to

improve anytime soon Quigley Catholic

High School in Pennsylvania is one among

many that have recently announced that

they won't reopen this fall the closure

is sparking anger and heartbreak in

scores of affected communities it's

especially hard when they first get the

news I just broke down I couldn't you

know it was just really hard the school

served the Pittsburgh suburbs of Beaver

County since 1967 usually about four

hundred and forty kids enroll but this

year the projected number fell below 100

it's not just the pandemic that caused

it but it did compound their troubles if

we could be funded then we would be able

to move on and I think that's where the

kovat came in that they weren't able to

do a lot of the fundraisers that they

had planned on doing both women have

worked at Quigley for about 35 years

it's been so good that's why I'm here

Burke Miller who met her husband when

they both were students at Quigley said

the closure is going to leave an empty

spot in all of their hearts according to

the National Catholic educational

Association at least 100 schools have

announced that they won't reopen this

fall New York's MTA is going strong with

its efforts in keeping its system free

from the virus as

passengers start to get back on board

but now it's facing some concern over

its finances with the virus making its

final rounds in the us new york city

is working to get its renowned transit

system back up and running the MTA has

recently reinstated full subway service

making more frequent runs and allowing

passengers to once again take Express

trains but the agency says it's making

sure to protect its customers from any

remnants of the virus our priority right

now is to do things that will help folks

be safe and feel safe as they come back

to the system in the next few months

since the pandemic hit New York the MTA

has been disinfecting its vehicles

regularly and urging passengers to wear

face masks along with these measures is

confidence that New York City can run on

complete mass transit as it recovers if

we observe mass vigilance and other

kinds of precautions in the public

spaces I think that we we have a good

shot at demonstrating that we can

operate safely on mass transit and

otherwise but the agency is still

uncertain whether or not its belief line

will keep them afloat the almost 4

billion dollar fund is estimated to run

out by August something the MTA says

will cause a huge setback to its

expansion program in infrastructure

projects the problem is I can't advance

new ATA stations I can't advance

Noori signalling projects with the

certainty they could be funded over the

long run and that's the holdup that

we're struggling with but pre-existing

projects were able to make progress

during the pandemic and are still

underway here at China InFocus we

dedicate ourselves to bringing you

truthful unbiased reporting don't forget

to Like and subscribe for the latest

updates and see you tomorrow

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