Zombie Proof Vehicles Tested By Lions

published on July 13, 2020

Whether you're preparing for the end of the world or just looking for a unique run these heavy armored near indestructible vehicles might be exactly what you need from bullet and bomb-proof luxury SUVs to civilian tanks companies have spent millions making vehicles so

Tough they could help you survive a zombie apocalypse and they've gone all out with crazy technology like an AI powered super motorbike and even a flying car to get you out of trouble fast from the impenetrable presidential

Limo to a Range Rover that can handle explosives these vehicles are as close to danger proof as it gets if you want a jeep that's also a tank then the Marauder is probably your dream vehicle it's huge but for good reasons it can

Break down barriers climb over large obstacles and even survive an explosion of 20 pounds of TNT how about that for a getaway car the Marauder can also easily be turned into a combat vehicle it can support a payload of 6,000 kilograms or

About 13,000 227 pounds meaning not just passengers and cargo but also artillery it's not too slow either it maxes out at around 120 kilometers or 75 miles per hour the Marauder was originally developed for peacekeeping missions but

It's now available commercially well if you don't mind handing over four hundred and eighty five thousand dollars that is it's definitely a great vehicle for fighting your way out of a tricky situation but it's double skinned hull

And bulletproof glass also make it one of those safest vehicles out there it's even been tested on lions so you know it's safari proof the next Mars rover is going to be a lot more advanced nASA has been working with the Kennedy Space

Center to make a six wheeled space vehicle a reality and we've already got a functional prototype the vehicle looks like a Batmobile built for space the Parker Brothers worked 80 to 100 hours a week designing the concept car which has

50 inch tall 30 inch wide wheels meant for overcoming the tough sands and rocky environments on Mars it runs using solar power and as a cockpit in the front and a fully functional research lab in the back the lab can even disconnect so that

The vehicle can travel without the extra weight the body is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum and carbon-fibre and weighs about 5,000 pounds the price of developing the car is top secret and this prototype won't

Ever make its way to Mars instead it's being used as a space Education Center but it's only the first attempt at a super safe space vehicle that NASA hopes to perfect and bring to Mars by the year 2023 do you like a little luxury with

Your combat vehicles if so then we've got the perfect SUV for you this is the knight XV a military inspired vehicle that pairs ultimate comfort with a bullet and bomb-proof exterior the knight XV has a v10 68 liter engine and

Is powered by biofuel each vehicle takes about four thousand hours to hand build and uses ballistic glass and aluminum to craft a tough exterior that can protect passengers from bullets or even grenades the car is made by conquest vehicles and

Can be uniquely customized to provide optimum luxury we're talking interior televisions tablets lazyboy seats and even gaming consoles a basic model will set you back about 300,000 US dollars but prices can quickly edge closer to

800,000 as mods are added the huge price tag paired with the fact that not everybody needs a combat proofed car is probably why only 17 people in the world own a knight XV conquest only plans to build a hundred of these bad boys so

Anybody in the market for one might want to act fast there's actually a vehicle even safer than the knight XV that's made just for the president it's called the beast and it's a luxury danger proof limo Donald Trump has been seen rolling

Around in one of these babies the 20,000 pound Cadillac limo is customized to meet the president's very specific needs it actually has a fridge inside filled with his blood type it's also outfitted with a bar so the president can enjoy a

Drink on his way to all of his important meetings the walls of the super limousine are at least eight inches thick with 5 inch multi-layer windows it's definitely bullet and bomb-proof but the vehicle is also sealed against

Bio attacks and can pull some cool tricks right out of a Bond movie it can put up a smoke screen on oil slick and even tear gas the driver can use night vision and the handles electrocute people who try to force their way inside

The limo can even drive with flat tires making it the perfect vehicle for get away well if you can get the giant thing through traffic the cost of the president's luxury limo is about 15 million dollars but it's only one of a

Dozen vehicles that make up the fifteen point eight million dollar contract with Cadillac when you think of a disaster that might require a superpower danger proof vehicle you probably imagine something out of Mad Max dodge had the

Same idea so they decided to make some epic modifications to a Dodge Charger the defiance Dodge Charger has a unique history it was modeled after a fictional car from the sci-fi television show defiance in the show humans go up

Against aliens taking over the planet but dodge didn't need an alien attack to create a working model of this epic car the car is meant to look like it's been through years of wear and tear protecting its passengers from danger

It's outfitted with a tough roll cage and a front bull bar it has all-wheel drive and a low roof and it's 470 horsepower engine can help you get out of trouble fast the best thing about this custom vehicle is that you could

Technically make all of these changes yourself for about $30,000 you can own a charger and an extra few thousand can help you modify it let us know what your apocalypse dream car looks like in the comment section down below there might

Be nothing safer than a car that can not only self Drive but also self fly the Terrafugia t FX is a futuristic car that uses computerized driving to literally fly you exactly where you want to go all you have to do is input your destination

On the GPS and it does the rest for you the Terrafugia is a four seat hybrid with retractable wings with built in electric motors and 600 horsepower this super car can cruise at about 322 kilometers or 200 miles per hour and

Reach speeds as fast as 497 miles or 800 kilometers per hour this high speed flying car could make commercial air travel a thing of the past well if you have three hundred thousand dollars to buy the Terrafugia isn't commercially

Available yet and it might take 10 years before it's on sale to the public but it's amazing to get a look at the super safe vehicle that could make car accidents and expensive air fare eventually go extinct but the question

Is are you brave enough to ever get behind the wheel of a self flying car a tank is one of the toughest vehicles out there but they aren't too easy for an everyday person to get their hands on but this Russian built civilian tank is

Here to fix that it's called the up Toro shaman and it's the perfect end-of-the-world vehicle it can tow 12 tons so getting rid of obstacles is no problem and neither is driving on water that's right opto rose is literally

All-terrain from rocky hillsides to crossing Lakes it also has enough room in it for a small village to be able to relocate with no problem making it one of the most practical survivalist vehicles in existence and it doesn't

Hurt that it looks pretty cool too it trades in the typical tank look for something a lot more sporty for a hundred thousand dollars you can call the AB Toros yours and cram as many friends as you want in there for a

Survivalist weekend getaway and at the end of the world ever does come you'll be one of the lucky few who's happy they own an actual tank bigger isn't always better sometimes being able to drive anywhere

Is way more important than owning a giant armored car that's why this sure pay-tv was built for people who need to drive everywhere and on anything and it doesn't sacrifice safety for its versatile size despite being small and

Relatively lightweight the sure pay-tv can carry about one ton of cargo it can master rocks and forests ice and even water the cabin is completely sealed so it won't flood if you have to drive through a shallow river and it also

Comes with a sealed cargo holds to safely store all of your supplies the ATV can even drive up to 35 degrees steps with no problem there's no such thing as off-road when anything can be a road right if one of the chirps tires

Does manage to get a flat that's totally fine it can drive just fine with only two functioning tires anyone who loves all-terrain vehicles and has $120,000 can own this unique ATV themselves sometimes the best approach to safety

Isn't getting tougher it's getting smarter that's exactly what Yamaha is trying to do with its new futuristic motoroi this self-balancing bike is supposed to be one of Yamahas first projects that blurs the line between a

Person and their vehicle the bike uses AI technology and an on-board computer and cameras to recognize people and obstacles in front of it it can switch itself on or off balance on two wheels without help and go

Backward and forward with only the use of hand gestures so basically anytime you'd get yourself in a tricky situation you could literally just gesture to your motorcycle and it'll ride in to save the

Day and if you come close to getting into an accident the bike should be able to avoid it without you having to think quick it's entirely electric with chrome cylinders on the sides that store power the motor oint is only a prototype so

Far but the hope is that it could change the safety and intelligence of motorcycles forever okay so maybe not everybody wants to drive around in an obviously danger proof car if you want your concern for safety to be a little

More subtle than this Range Rover might be exactly what you need this is the Range Rover Sentinel and it's the go-to in luxurious safety for the world's elite at five hundred thousand dollars this 10,000 pound SUV can survive a 33

Pound bomb exploding less than seven feet away or even direct fire from an ak-47 other safety features include a bomb-proof roof tires and custom wheels that can drive while flat and even an escape hatch in the back despite its

Size the Sentinel is also great at evading danger and can apparently do tough maneuvers that you would never dream of seeing from an SUV this massive it does all this without sacrificing luxury or sleek exterior the inside is

Outfitted with comfortable seats and touch screens which of these danger proof vehicles was your favorite are there any more out there you'd like to share with us let us know in the comments don't forget to hit that like

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