ZINC – LowCAP coin High potential!

by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

We got an all new crypto review all right here on crypto PD oh what's going on is case seven every single video I drop isn't it theorem give away guys the instructions on the comments section ok so let's get to it before we get into this whole review about zinc I first

Like to do a quick recap on Derrick's Tolkien so I made Derek's token in a video on August 11th about a month ago ok today's September 13th and when I made that video I'll show you the price of

Derek's token so it was right around here it was right around for substitute oh she's right that was the high that I was selling that the low was too right so I bought some at 4 right and then it dropped to to substitute oh she's so and

Then I bought some more then and then lately the prices went nuts what price went crazy went all the way up to 45 substitute oh she's and then today right now it's at 6 of Satoshi's the highest is so today was 9 substitue she's so at

His highest point if you got into it by the time that I mention it if you saw that the highest point you would have made close to 21 22 X profit within less than a month okay guys so that's the reason why I like to talk about

Micro-cap gems as opposed to the higher market cap cryptocurrencies on corn market cap like I could sit here make videos about Bitcoin all day but it's nothing's gonna happen right projects like this are higher risk but the

Potential for profits is way greater and you also have to consider that this is a bear market okay so if we're making these kind of gains in a bear market imagine what happens in a bull market all these profits are gonna be magnified

This 22x might turn to a 200x you know this is how this stuff works man you know and all this knowledge I didn't get it from myself right I learned from other people but there's a youtuber that I learned from like a lot and learn a

Lot of things from this guy right here I'll pull up if you guys don't know who this guy is on YouTube it's Ken the crypto okay this guy's a good friend of mine follow this guy man his guy finds so many good projects he finds every

He has a huge community that helps find projects like this guys on everything and he teaches a lot of people how to do this stuff how to find it see the difference with other youtubers or other smart people this is how I look at it

There are some smart people who keep all the knowledge to themselves and don't tell people what they're doing and and they don't teach anybody anything they just tell you what this is you know but this guy actually shares his knowledge

Like you have someone like john god john mcafee right he's a smart guy right but what do you learn from john mcafee nothing right he keeps all that intelligence to himself Ken shows people how to find these crypto gems he walks

Through it he walks through which websites use how to find them on forums like what to look for you'll you'll be a lot smarter and you'll be able to find these projects on your own if you follow people like this all right so follow

This guy I'm serious I learned a lot from this guy all right so let's get to the review guys so first and foremost guys I first like to say this of course is not professional financial advice this is a cryptocurrency review it's a

Lower cap review so please understand that with the lower cap coins they are more risky okay so please do your own due diligence before investing your own money in any of these projects that I talked about okay the zinc is response

To review but I get many offers every day I don't choose to talk about everything that people bring up okay I chose to talk about this because it's a lower cap coin it's not a micro cap it's a lower cap coin to simply put in zinc

Aims to be a decentralized LinkedIn zinc is a platform that simplifies accelerates and reduces the cost of the hiring journey for workers and recruiters within a technology sector we're gonna get into the details of what

Zinc is and all that stuff but I first like to say the reasons why I decided to talk about Singh like I mentioned zinc is a lower cap coin the market cap right now is around 250 K at this moment the maintenance on September 6 and also –

They have launched a community testing so you can earn tokens just for testing their product on their platform right now if you choose to and zinc was also selected to be an official DAP used at the Yves Berlin which was last week

Another reason why I also chose to talk about this is because I think the team does a good job to make tutorials for everybody to learn how to use their platform okay they have like a tutorial for collecting

References Woods Inc they have one for a collecting work proof woods ink and they also have one for a recruiters guide to referencing a candidate with zinc I also like this project because they make very good updates they've written numerous

Articles just the most recent ones they have several technical updates which include the progress of their smart contracts they also are telling people about how they updated their IP FS ipfs is an interplanetary file sharing system

They're using it to store data in a decentralized fashion it is one of the most commonly used tools for storing data within a blockchain space they have also written another article about the personal identity mechanism

Which they will be integrating into their platform and that will be going mainstream soon okay so let's go to the top so what problem are they solving zinc explains that there's a lot of mistrust in the recruitment sector

Recruiters are abusing their privileged positions and using data phishing tactics they're also Mis selling and telling lies about jobs all just to make more profits these problems in the recruitment sector are all exacerbated

In the tech recruitment sector where there's a huge skill shortage a large number of recruiters are fighting for attention of small pool of talent the marketplaces that recruiters and workers interact like places like LinkedIn or

Indeed are built to profit from workers data even safe havens like free coding platforms like Stack Overflow they also make huge profits from job ads and search tools to sell workers data moreover all this data abuse and

Prejudice and centralization are the root cause of all these problems this is what zinc aims to solve and if you look at their white paper you can read all this stuff to their solution that they have proposed is this they have

Developed a solution that will allow user protection and ownership of their data providing an ecosystem in which career data can be relied upon and rewards can be given to the rightful party the worker by using a controlled

Reference process to collect skills data they ensure that the information is more reliable than the current solutions available zinc vision is an ecosystem in which workers can easily own manage and monetize their proven skills and

Experience data zinc will be a decentralized careers network bringing references and proven skills into a CV workers can own their work history and skills data and monetize it through sync tokens their unique

Solution and problems in hiring will be the framework for an anonymous tokenized careers ecosystem so let's go through their website and in here they have the key features right down here we'll look at some of them okay so the key features

Include immutable references aptitude and attitude reports you can find a worker that will thrive first time around get feedback from previous employers those who have had long term insights into the previous work reducing

Time for new joiner to high performer there'll also be data visualizations for social rankings they also have background checks anonymous hiring networks there'll be no spam no time wasters interact with and network with

Provement information and no hiring bias zinc helps to reduce prejudice and hiring process by ensuring workers are judged only on their proven skills there will also be decentralized identity a first-of-its-kind personalized identity

Contract deployed under their own blockchain and individual owns and controls see in full transparency how information has been collected and who's proved it and this platform will also be gdpr compliant

Okay so they're just not gonna be selling your data to anywhere else it's just me compliant with the laws so if you see on the bottom here you'll notice all their links right here in all their social media on their telegram right now

They have about 4,000 people on their Twitter they have close to 5,000 people and on their reddit let's see what they got they got about 25 subscribers on their reddit right now so hopefully they improve the amount of people on their

Reddit right now but this is a lower cap coin guys with the potential for lower cap coins that go up it's much more favorable to the average investor and another thing that I like about this project right now is the low circulating

Supply right now and the low math supply so Matt supplies 24 mil and they only have close to 3.5 million circulating right now so that's good you know that if the price moves up there's not gonna be all want people dumping tokens and

Stuff so that's where you got to watch out with some of these projects and these projects have such a high circulating supply in any type of price movement people are always dumping tokens right so I like how the

Circulating supply is low by the way guys you actually use this site instead it's live coin watch it just gives you better information it's gives you more detailed in photos you've all transaction holders tells you what white

Page and all the social media is on here too it's it's just a better platform to use to find tokens so I suggest checking out live coin watch as well is this a better alternative to coin market cap so guys

If you guys are interested in this project kom come through a check out the website you can also get zinc on several markets right here they have listed cool coin and bank or and this company has been around for two years I believe join

Their social media if you guys got questions ask the team they also have a white paper on here that you guys can read from and use I have all the links down in the description ok check it out the potential for this one is much

Greater than a lot of projects out there but know that this guy's is high risk okay so please do your own due diligence before investing your own money okay and no not no guys I want to let you guys know that I got the next micro-cap gem

Then I'm gonna be talking about and it's coming out tomorrow I'm making the video right now for it okay so stay tuned for that okay guys I'm announcing that two more the next micro-cap Jim I know I've been away for a little while but uh I

Haven't really I've been in the market reading the news every single day all day nothing's changed I just haven't made a video to watch decided to take a little break you know after just doing so many videos straight but we got more

Videos to come guys okay I hope you guys enjoyed this review on sink this was Kasem from capital P dia we got more news and more crystal refused to come you

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