by birtanpublished on August 16, 2020

We got an all-new micro-cap gem all right here on capital P do what's going on is case seven every single video I drop isn't it theorem giveaway guys if you're new to the channel the instructions are in a comment section of the video let's get into this micro-cap

Gym actually Before we jump into that I just like to do a quick update on ever Miria the last micro-cap gem that i mentioned which was four weeks ago so just a couple of days ago ever mirror and just did a 3 X ok so from the price

That I stated it at it's done at 3 X so if you got into every area and you've been holding and waiting this long congratulations you just tripled your money okay so without further ado let's get into this so the next micro-cap gem

That we're gonna talk about is called Zeus first and foremost guys this of course is not professional financial advice please understand that this is a micro-cap gem this is a micro cap review okay micro cap gems are super high risk

Okay guys however though I'm choosing to talk about this because it's almost perfect timing with where the price is right now our go into details of that very soon so in a nutshell Zeus is just like a crypto crowdfunding platform it's

Like the GoFundMe of crypto if you guys don't know what GoFundMe is I'll pull up the website right now you know I like projects like this I like projects that are trying to do the right thing that's one of the reasons why I chose to talk

About this project right now because it's out for like a good purpose and the team's mission is to help a lot of people okay so let's go to GoFundMe for a second so you guys didn't see an example of what their aim to be okay so

This is the go fund me website when you come here you'll see stories of people are pretty much asking for fundraising just for their needs right some people with medical needs it could be for other things for other people they have like

The top fundraisers on here I'll show you an example of how the Zeus aims to incorporate all this into their platform but they want to also incorporate crypto payments for it okay so this guy right here this is like the one of the top

Stories on here right now their goal is to raise 95 they raise 54,000 okay his name is David Abdul okay and these are his pictures here just tells you a story I'm gonna read his story quick my name is Emma and

Edward Rick Abdul I'm collecting funds on behalf of my son David Abdul on December 10th 2014 David got a brain hemorrhage due to AVM rupture so AVM ruptured that's like an atrial venous malformation that's when

Your blood vessels are miss warm on your brain and arteries connect to the veins and divert blood right back into the veins from the arteries they should be going from your veins to your heart back to the arteries but however this way

They're malformed and all this blood moreover is seeping back onto your surrounding tissues so the final cause of all this is also reduced blood flow to the brain that's what an AVM rupture is so they said they completed surgery

And since that date he has been in a coma recently he's been in a minimally conscious State a low awareness state the funds will cover his ongoing treatment not covered by OHIP insurance which includes so OHIP is just a

Government health insurance in canada so they'll be funding a special nutrition diet and private dietitian costs hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions neuro stem cell therapy in the United States and physiotherapy as needed the funds

Raised will help cover the above cost during his journey to bring back David to his family and loved ones the neuro stem cell therapy and hyperbaric oxygen sessions and private nutrition dietitian averages over ninety five thousand

Dollars per year the money raised will be deposited into a bank account created for his medical expenses which I'm responsible for this is David right here more about David he's a second-year student studying engineering physics at

At McMaster University in Hamilton so I went to that University it's a very big University it's a good school he's very smart he was in Mississauga chess champion in 2012 he's a very good pianist he studied for

Three years and received a certification in the British Academy so this is that right here chess champion your donations and support will be much appreciated please pray for him and us as we go through this journey thank you and God

Bless so guys this is why I'm deciding to talk about this micro-cap champ by the way if anybody wants to donate to David I'll have the link down below and you guys can just follow the link and GoFundMe if

You guys want to donate to his cause to help his family out and help David get back to normal okay but anyways you know this is what Suze is aiming to be they're gonna have a lot of stories like this on here

The team also stated that they're gonna be vetting the stories to see if they're true like for a site like GoFundMe if I wanted to donate I have to go here enter my credit card and all that but if you're able to integrate crypto into it

All you just need is an address and bam you send the money right away and also to you'll be able to track the transactions and be able to see if they're actually buying what they needed for it

So right now if you want to go through the website quick we'll take a look at it so they have a one-page or white paper right now they don't have the real white paper out yet it's still being made but I'll be out soon the one page

Is just pretty much explains what I told you and they said that the platform will be released in 46 days however I talked to CEO and the CEO says that they're way ahead of schedule this could be a lot faster when you see it okay so when you

See the platform getting close to being releases you might see a pump in this project so this is more about Zeus and you can add videos and pictures it's gonna be like GoFundMe right but you can integrate crypto with it you can manage

Crypto donations thank your contributors oh yeah and on here too on GoFundMe you could see who donated what and how long ago some people are donate $20 and people will donate 100 someone donated a thousand Wow somebody else donated $500

Down here so people are just donating what they can right if this had crypto attached to it you can give money very very quickly you could put anonymous or leave your name there as if you want I assume that they'll be able to share

These stories on social media so people can follow it and donate to it because that's how these platforms work right they have these social media platforms attached to it where everybody's at and they can hear about these stories and

Donate to them so right now soos is listed on crypto hub and it's also on stock exchange and I'll show you why I'm deciding to talk about this there's a good part for me these micro cap gems is very important it's always about timing

The timing for this project is perfect okay look at the price of this project right now the price right now is selling for two substitutions okay the lowest the price can go is one substitutions that is incredible this means that if it

Drops to one substitution and you get it it's gonna be you're gonna be at the very bottom that it could possibly go I mean you can't sell something for zero but this is the lowest that the price can be sold for right now on this

My phone as well and the team says that they're working to get it listened on more exchanges some exchanges that you might see your nan you exchange or look we exchange but they're working on those so let's keep going through the website

And take a look at it so this tells you why Zeus pretty much explains what I've already said they're also gonna have a mobile app as well that they're gonna be making so look out for that guys and these are exchanges listed on crypto hub

And Stock Exchange so these are some of the token metrics as you could see the total supplies 200 billion the circular supply is 1 or 40 billion so that's the only thing I don't like about this is the high circulating supply okay the

Reason why I don't like the high circling supply it's because it puts it at high risk makes it a high risk cryptocurrency guys okay so just be careful when the circling supply is very high for any project if there's any kind

Of price move it people like to dump tokens and it's very hard for some tokens to go up because there's so many of them out there and people want to cash out you know however though guys I'm talking about this at the perfect

Time because of where the price is sitting at right now so let's move through the website so 3 percents for the advisor 7% for marketing 20% for development okay there's the roadmap so they have before white people release

And exchange listings they also have crowdfunding platform for launch and full team reveal Android wallet release okay at the end of the year q1 2019 strategic worldwide marketing campaign so in Q 1 2019 they're gonna be

Switching from waves to with theory and platform they're gonna be getting ERC 20 token and they're gonna be doing a two to one token swap so that means though guys they're gonna cut the total supply in the circulating supply in half so

Every two tokens will be one so I don't know if they're gonna do any more specific updates for that so that should drop some of the total supply and the circle and supply at least and the reason why they're gonna switch to the

ERC 20 tokens is because they say that if they're in tokens are more widely adopted and also to this opens them up and they can get listed on way more exchanges right now cuz Zeus right now is on the waves platform and not many

Exchanges lifts ways tokens so that's why I get they're gonna do this in q1 2019 so look out for some price movement based on that around that time as well and in q2 2019 go be a partnership reveal and around that time as well to

Be news medium marketing care they're gonna turn things up with marketing so this was the price that launched like I said it drop right now they have 260 plus telling your members and Twitter 350 followers

So we're in at the very very beginning this project is new okay so they're gonna reveal their advisor soon and these are some of the partners so Derek's travel is a partner Amazon Web Services and waves these are white

Papers coming soon like I said and these are examples of things you can donate for it's really donate for anything if you have your stories right you know and it's verifiable there's some of the news that's listed on if you guys are gonna

Be interested in getting involved this project I suggest getting involved there social media and really men just share this stuff everywhere because it helps you in the end right the bigger grows with real people like the bigger the

Whole project gets you know and its really good for price movement 101 there's a lot more people aware of the project and are involved in a community like actively so let's move up to the top okay guys so that was a micro cap

Jam so guys just remember this right now is super high risk right because you know we don't know much about teams teams not revealed yet or anything okay and right now it's just an idea right so once development starts and things are

Released like the white paper and all this stuff you know you should see some price movement this is where them I feel that the money is that with the micro cap gems around these prices you know it's a risk going above these kind of

Prices because there's opportunity for people that don't but you can't really don't point it's almost at the very low as possible so that's why I'm excited to talk about this right now and I'm also excited because in the end man it's

Going for a good cause like things like this you know so like I said anybody I want to donate to David's fun okay I'll have the link below you guys can check it out and donate to that also have a look at golden fund me website there's

Some other causes and some other stories which are on there as well that you can donate to okay I hope you guys enjoyed this review guys this was k7 from capital P do we got more news and more reviews to come


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