Zac Efron Baywatch Coiffure – Mens Hair Inspiration 2017 – Undercut Tutorial

published on July 3, 2020

thanks for tuning in on sleek air TV my

name is Emil and today I'm very excited

because we have Katharina back on the

channel hello guys I'm so excited to be

back I have been out of studying for

some years but now I'm back at flicker

TV so in the future we'll see a lot more

to you yes and I will be not just on the

channel I would also see it's like a

stew so long right here right here you

know so on today's hairstyle okay I have

taken some inspiration from seconds hair

in the movie Baywatch and we will see

what we can do with this guys so stay

tuned and watch I've done a tip for hair

wash is when you wash the hair you need

to focus on washing the scalp and when

you use the condition you need to focus

on the length of the hair and that

difference it's a good idea to use like

circular movements because it will be a

more pleasant wash


the most important thing is that you

partner here so you always have clear

line and you have you guys to know that

you'll forgive me much after he has

washed in here it was the most important

thing it goes right aside which you can

access there is aside in wet hair

right now I'm using a nine-millimeter at

the machine

and we've taken those besides engine

the next step is to thin out a bit at

the side because the meal has a very

thick hair so when you thin it out of

this you will have a more smooth –

Jerome cut afterwards





when I saw styling Emile's hair i use

psychic because it gives the volume and

some texture for the hair so the hair

won't fall down during the day plus a

benefit is that slightly cast keeper

section so you don't miss with your hair

when you do I begin from the back

because it's easier for me to have

control over here and I can take smaller

sections so I know every piece of hair

will be blow drying and straighten I'm

spinning out a bit of the hair so you

will have a most smooth cut from the

trim to the lower hair



the new product is amazing it gives a

natural glow for the hair but it's still

easy to apply so you get a very smooth

hair start and you still have a very

good hold in the hair so it don't fall

down really




the reason why I spray water in here is

to give it a more a summer look and it

looks like Emil has just been out on a

swim and a bonus information about the

new product is that it has a moist lock

so it keeps the demoys in the air so you

you keep the beach look old


so I've got my new haircut and I think

it's so awesome Katerina I'm glad to

hear that Emil I think you would be the

Danish second one ya think so I think

that's not too bad and now the sun is

shining on me as well

so though this would be like the Danish

Baywatch boom now I just have to get my

swim shots the Wet Ones

and then I might look exactly like him

maybe we'd like you guys to comment in

the comment section down below and let

us know what you would like to see next

and then there's nothing left to say


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