YouTube TV vs Sling TV 2019 – (Honest Review)

by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

In this video I'll be reviewing and comparing YouTube TV and sling TV so these two live TV streaming apps have been lead to most requested apps for me to review based on my comments and my DMS and I figured if so many people want to see this I might as well just bring

Them both together in one final head-to-head comparison to figure out which one is actually the best live TV streaming app for you and I'll be comparing these based on the price based on compatibility with other apps and

Based on their interface so based on these three categories I'm gonna help you decide which one is actually the best one for you before you start subscribing to any one of these and as always this is a completely unspun surd

Video I'm not being paid to say any of this and it really is just an honest review based on my own experience as well as what I've read from reviews online so I found out what people liked and didn't like I also read some

Different blogs and some other websites to collect all this different information and make one concise review to help you guys decide which one you actually want to subscribe to so starting off with the YouTube TV I want

To say that before in my most recent review about YouTube TV I sort of bashed it a little bit and said that the interface seemed a little too bare and it seems like it wasn't quite ready for the market yet and I

Think that was mainly because I was using the mobile app and a lot of people said that in the comments as well they suggested that I use the web player moaner and so in this video I'm looking more at the web player and honestly I

Really do like it a lot better so the simplistic design that I complained about on the mobile app I actually really liked on the desktop where you have a bigger screen and you have a lot more there and so the simplistic view

Really makes it easier to digest everything and find what you're looking for now starting off I really want to say the top two features that I really like about YouTube TV are first of all the unlimited DVR so the unlimited DVR

Space means that if you want to record one show or one movie that's great but maybe if you want to record hundreds of shows or every movie that's available or maybe every single nightly news so if you get home at 6 o'clock but you want

To watch the 5 o'clock news you can record it every single night or maybe if you follow a basketball team like the 76ers you can say you want every single game recorded where the 76ers play no matter what channel

They're on so that is some some amazing features they have within the DVR on YouTube TV I'll show you a little bit more of that in a second so the second feature I really like about YouTube TV is the ability to pay just $40 a month

For a membership and have six different accounts within membership now each account is gonna be linked to a Google account so that means if you have a household with you know six family members or six roommates or

Whatever it might be each person can have their own account which means they each get their own tailored experience within this app so they all have their own topics for you their own homepage and it's all gonna be customized to what

They're interested in watching likewise they all get their own DVR so they can all save as many shows as they want into their library and it doesn't get cluttered or mixed together between different family members or different

Roommates now over on sling TV the top two features that I like most about sling TV first of all is the ability to rent movies within the app and do pay-per-view content so if you're looking for like a fight like you see

Right here you can watch that just by paying a couple extra dollars or whatever it might cost within the sling TV app you can also rent movies like I said anywhere from two to six dollars usually so they're not that expensive

And you can watch anything that maybe isn't already airing on a different Channel now the second feature I really like about sling is the ability to customize the price point so much so you know they

Have three main options I said YouTube was $40 a month and that's pretty much the only price you're gonna get there unless you do maybe one of seven different add-ons they don't have a lot of different add-ons on sling TV they

Have a lot more add-on so you have three major packages first of all you can do blue which gives you three simultaneous streams it's $25 a month you can do orange which is only one stream at a time so that's a little bit weak but

It's also $25 a month or do you do the combo of blue and orange and that's $40 a month so three packages first of all but the really great part is that you can add as many different add-ons as what you want and they have I think 30

To choose from so these can range anywhere from maybe like a documentary channel to a karaoke channel so they've literally everything you can also add like cinematics and HBO and Showtime you can add DVR space so whatever you're

Looking for there's actually a lot of different features about this now a third one I'm also going to mention the other feature I really like is the DVR now I in a sense I don't like the DVR because I really don't like how you have

To pay an extra $5 a month for it I don't like that it's only 50 hours but what I do like is you can actually keep shows indefinitely within your DVR so just going through the sling tabs here the first one is my TV now that while

This doesn't have the same customized interface that YouTube TV might have it can be tailored to you but you have to do it yourself so it's not going to have the algorithm back interface so instead you have to add you

Know my channels you can have like five to ten different channels at the top that you really watch so if you're watching the same news or you know whatever you want to see is gonna show you your favorite channels to the top

And you're going to be able to see what's on right now you just click on that and it's sort of just like a hot key just to go right into what you want to watch as you scroll down you can continue watching you can see your

Favorites you can eventually get down to topics for you and below that you're even going to get down into a browsing section where you can just kind of go through and see you know what's popular on sling right now as you go over to on

Now this is going to essentially show you any kind of shows that are on right now based on different categories once you go over to guide this is your classic grid setup where you have the channels across the left side and the

Time across the top and you can see every single show that you might be interested in you can scroll down and see what times different shows are on if something's on a little bit later you can click on it and add it to your DVR

Very simply then you can also change it to a channel lineup or you can go up to the top left corner and change from all channels and you can sort of filter it out and say maybe you only want to see sports channels or movie channels or

Something like that next we have the sports tab this is going to show you any kind of sports or you know whatever movies or shows or anything related to sports might be on they're all going to show up right there now this is not that

Different from YouTube because on YouTube you can essentially get the same thing for any category just by searching it in there searches I would say superior on YouTube TV and I'll show you that in a second but then of course you

Go back to the rentals tab which I just showed you a minute ago now over on YouTube TV this is what I was sort of mentioning before where this search tab if you click the little magnifying glass it's like an untamed

Browse feature so you can search not only like shows or actors or anything like that but you can search general categories like live news and anything with that tag will pop up in the search so Google search obviously is a very

Powerful tool on here and as you scroll down you also have these you know generic browse features like I mentioned before so you can see just sports or shows you can see different networks you can see what's trending on YouTube TV so

Just your generic browse features now if you want something that's a tailored browse experience you go back to home and this is gonna show you the topics for you as you scroll down you're gonna start to see you know things that you

Can resume watching you also have these little bars with all these little bubbles that are suggested searches for you they can sort of you know click on one and then more will show up and you can click on others and sort of refine

Your search until you find exactly what you're in the mood or going over to the library tab this is your DVR this is where everything's saved and you can see all of your different videos that are you know your

Most watched anything that's new in your library that maybe you didn't watch yet or anything like that it's all gonna show up right here now if you want to add anything to your library it's very easy so let's just go right back to the

Home tab and find some show that we want and we want to look for is either something that's scheduled to play in the future or something that's live right now so if you see the little red box that says live in it you could just

Go over and click the three dots and you'll get a little menu that pops up and you can add too you can either add the channel or you can add the show to your DVR right now now as you scroll down you can also see maybe like a

Sports channel or something like that you can do the same thing as I mentioned before we can add anytime that TV or anytime that team plays it'll save it to your DVR lastly when you go over to live this is similar to sling where you have

You know in sling you have the grid view here it's showing you the same stuff in a slightly different format and so you have the time across the top essentially so they're gonna show you what's on now and what's on next and then they're

Gonna show you what channel it is again you can also sort it and as you scroll down they sort of pop up with different little previews and they're gonna tell you a little bit more about what it is with the description of what's on right

Now they're gonna show you what season what episode and maybe like what the rating is for this and how much more time there is in this show so a slightly different format but I really do like how clean this is honestly I think I

Like this a little better than the grid especially because you get the little previews to see essentially what is playing and relate that to the title rather than just reading titles and trying to guess exactly what that means

So then the other thing about the interface is the mini player so neither of these have a mini player like you might have seen in Hulu TV but what YouTube TV does have is if you swipe up or scroll up you actually go right into

The player so you can play things in the background and then you can go down and continue browsing you can't do this in sling so it's definitely a positive feature they have here both of the players are very similar to just a

Standard YouTube video or you have play pause you can skip forward or backwards you know 15 30 seconds whatever you're looking for you can add captions and change you know the quality of it so it's gonna be a very common player for

Both of these so I'm not really gonna go into that too much the last thing I said I was gonna talk about is actually the compatibility now because sling doesn't make any kind of you know physical hardware for Smart TVs or you know like

A chromecast for it ample because sling TV doesn't make any of those they get along with everybody and so their app seems to be available on any media streaming device so if you're watching on like an Android or an

IPhone you can get the app if you're using a Chromebook or a Mac or a Windows computer or whatever you're using and you just have a browser on there you can watch the web player very easily you can watch on most Smart TVs you can also

Download the sling app on you know so like Roku or a fire stick or a chromecast whatever you're using you'll be able to watch on almost everything out there now on the flipside because YouTube TV is owned by Google and Google

Makes very competitive equipment compared to Amazon they don't really get along quite as well and I wasn't able to use YouTube's TV a lot of Amazon products like a Kindle or a fire TV so if you have a you know a largely Amazon

Owned household so if you have you know a lot of echo dots around if you have a fire TV if you have Kindles then you might not want to get youtube TV you might want to go over to sling TV otherwise I really do like the interface

On youtubes TV I like the unlimited DVR but I really do like the price point compatibility or the the flexibility with the prices on sling TV so which one do you actually like better let me know down in the comments section below which

One you like better as well as why you like that which features are the best with sling TV or with YouTube TV so as always guys if you enjoyed this video or found any value in it at all please remember to go down and like and

Subscribe so that more people can see this video and gain the same value out of it that you did thank you all for watching I'll see you next time thanks for watching guys if you enjoyed this video please be sure to click that

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