YouTube Music vs. Premium HONEST REVIEW (Top Features & Biggest Complaints)

by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

Welcome back to the channel in this video I'll be reviewing and explaining both YouTube music and YouTube's premium which are two of the coolest services offered by Google and yet they are so confusing due to the constant name changes that

Google has been making so essentially just to give you a quick idea YouTube's premium is first of all the paid service that YouTube offers where you not only get no ads on YouTube but you also get background play on your phone so that

Means if other apps are open or if your screen is off you can still listen to the videos you can also watch YouTube originals and then lastly you will also be able to download the videos and listen to them or watch them offline

When you're on a plane or subway or whatever it might be now on the flipside YouTube music is the direct competitor with Spotify and Apple music so that's essentially their music streaming app that uses you know a bank of songs that

They have as well as all of the songs that are listed in the music category on YouTube video so this could be you know if anybody posts a live video of a concert and it's categorized in music on YouTube this will also be showing up in

The app guys I also want to say this video is totally unspun serd I'm not being paid to do this this is just an honest review I've used these apps and really dug in and found out what you guys would like and what you guys would

Not like so that we can figure out what the best app really is and why there's so much confusion around these apps so the way I think I want this video to go is I want to start off with YouTube premium because that is what I think is

More interesting out of the two that's probably what you're going to be interested in and then I'll get into YouTube music which is also really cool but getting into the pricing first YouTube premium music is only ten

Dollars a month so ten dollars a month will get you YouTube music but it also gets you Google Play Music they're essentially the same thing and vice-versa so if you buy ten dollars worth of google play music you'll get

Ten dollars so one month subscription of YouTube music so if you upgrade just an extra $2.00 a month that'll get you YouTube premium and if you just originally pay $12 a month for YouTube's premium you get all three of them so

That's the way it works if you're a student it's about half price so it's six dollars a month for YouTube premium and I believe that gets you the full package as well so now let's just open up let's go here and open up the YouTube

App so the YouTube app I'm going to talk about YouTube premium right here I think that it is definitely a really cool competitor to Netflix for what here's the first reason so at the top you'll see originals you see you know so you

Have mute music which opens up YouTube music I'll show you that in a minute and then you have originals here is why they try to compete with Netflix so they're making their own TV

Shows and movies and you can watch them here now what I will say is don't be confused and think that this is a full-service movie app because it's not so if you actually want to watch I think I saw this a little bit farther down if

You hear right here so YouTube movies if you want to watch movies you're going to have to rent them so that's one big drawback here so they aren't actually competing that well with Netflix unless you pay for YouTube TV which is about

$40 a month but that's another topic for another video but so with this if you're looking at YouTube originals that's something I never really got into because none of my friends watched it I like to watch shows that my friends

Typically watch and so if you have a lot of friends that are watching this you know go ahead and try this out at the very least there is a free trial for YouTube's premium and YouTube music so you know if nothing else try it for a

Month try it for three months whatever whatever the promo they have at the time try it out and maybe you'll like it maybe you won't but actually just out of curiosity I want to know what people watch the most do people actually watch

YouTube or do people watch more Netflix so why don't you all drop a comment below and let me know if you guys watch more Netflix or YouTube because personally I find myself watching far more YouTube than Netflix and that's why

I think this app is so appealing to me right now so if you actually go so let's just find any video at all whatever just that this one I don't know why this one popped up but if you just open up the video you'll see some of the cool

Options you have so you can download it so right there you have download and you're able to download in several different qualities now when you download these videos you can watch them offline and you only can do this if you

Have the premium version now another thing you can do is you can listen to a video so if this video is playing and I go to my home screen you'll notice that is still playing the audio is still playing and I can go up there and get

Right back into it so definitely a cool thing there that if you're listening to you know think about all the other things that are on YouTube so if you're listening to like talk shows or comedy or white noise ASMR or whatever people

Are looking for there's also podcasts workout stuff you can learn you can be entertained you can listen to audiobooks news entertainment like there's so much stuff on YouTube and if you're able to have your screen

Off so now when you're driving you can listen to you know your favorite podcast on YouTube if you want to listen to like Ethan Klein or or Casey Neistat or whatever you're listening to or watching obviously I don't recommend watching

While you dry but if it's playing in the background and is playing through your stereo you're essentially listening to the content so that's something I think is really really cool and that is the

Reason that I'm definitely keeping my subscription so I got the free trial a while back and then I'm keeping my subscription for that reason alone so I'm not gonna really dig through here and show you too much about the YouTube

App because I'm sure you already know you're watching this on YouTube so you know how YouTube works but essentially when you pay for YouTube premium you'll have a couple things so you're able to download video so you can listen them

Offline you can listen to videos when your screen is off or while other apps are open so background play is a really cool bonus there and then thirdly you're going to be able to watch videos without ads and lastly of course you can go back

And you can watch your YouTube originals so for big bonuses there and you know try it out I think it's a really really cool feature that YouTube now offers but let's go over to the YouTube music so if you just click on YouTube music it'll

Bring you over to the music app so starting off with YouTube music so YouTube music you can actually get for free and you can listen to music for free you can choose your own songs unlike Spotify and so you can choose a

Song so you can listen to them but the only catch then is that you can't turn your screen off and you can't open other apps so if you are only listening to the music as if you would be doing on the actual YouTube app then is no different

At all and it's totally worth it just go for free you can also listen on your laptop or a computer and once again that is also free but you will have ads now if you are somebody who uses ad blocker then maybe this is fine for you maybe

You don't need to pay for YouTube music premium you can just use the base level ad supported YouTube music now I will say that there is also Google Play Music which is a little confusing because it is synonymous with YouTube music and it

Is essentially it's a little bit older but they're both essentially the same thing and I think they're phasing out Google Play Music right now but if you pay for either one of them you get both because they are the same service so

Google Play Music is a separate app and what they have there so they actually have one really cool feature that I like that YouTube does not have and that is the ability to use your cloud storage for music so on Google Play Music you

Can actually upload up to 50,000 songs so if you have old CDs kicking around your house you have an iPod full of songs and you want to put that onto your cloud and listen to it anywhere you can actually use google play music to do

That amazon used to do this and i don't believe they do this anymore now YouTube music so again it's a little confusing how there's overlap there I would typically just choose YouTube music and roll with that one okay so

Here we are on the YouTube Music app now you can see it's pretty simple it's exactly what you'd expect from a music app except for here you have live performances so you can see you're like hmm look at that there's all these

Different videos and these as you might see our you know tells you how many views they have because they're actually view tube videos they're not actually you know through this app at all it's it's it's playing through this app but

It's always been on YouTube this is not new now what they also have is so if you're looking at like this band here you'll find they have so many subscribers on YouTube you can subscribe to them but you also have songs that

They actually have and it's not a video there so you see clearly not a video and it's just like you'd expect from you you know google play music or whatever else now like I said if you go down you can find all these different videos and so

Some of the cool things I thought I really liked about this is when you're looking up so let's look up stick-figure just a band you can actually look it up and then you can have these categories at the top to really specify what you're

Looking for so if you're looking for just the songs you can do that and here's all the songs from this it's from the song Bank that Google has you can find albums and then of course you can find videos now this is essentially

Searching on YouTube so this is cool if you want to find different live live videos of concerts that might not be recorded might not be saved anywhere except on YouTube so you can listen to it here you can find playlists that

Other people have made and likewise you can make your own playlists now very much like YouTube if you want to add so let's just say let's add this one let's add it to a playlist or sorry that's a whole playlist there let's go to a song

Let's add this Plett sad this to my playlist so of my playlist you can see you can make one that is private that is unlisted or that is public just like a video on YouTube so essentially you can make one that only you can see one that

Only people with a link can see and then public of course is anyone in the world can see if they find your playlist now it's a little different I wish it was a little bit more of a social aspect as I've been saying in my other videos

Where you can follow friends and sort of share music with them a little more easily so I'm not sure how well connected this is with Google+ I think it's called Google+ and I don't actually use that social media I don't think it

Really caught on very well and I think a lot of people don't use that but regardless if you go down you can see they do suggest music for you I did not look up any of this stuff I didn't look up I rationed tribal seeds or any of

Those but I was listening to reggae a little bit earlier this morning and I think that's why they're suggesting it so YouTube as you know has a very good algorithm with predicting what videos you might like in what videos and music

In this case would be most interesting so they do have your mixtape which is personalized music now what's unfortunate is unlike on Spotify where you have six daily mixes here you only have your you know your mixtape from

What I've seen so maybe eventually they'll make another mixtape for me but from what I've seen it really is only that one as well as you know so this is your favorites this is something else I've listened to like I said I was

Listening to reggae this morning and that's why that popped up so other cool features about this app so if you go in here again you can just swipe up and you see your cue which is automatically generated by YouTube if you pick any

Single song and you can also like or dislike them and that should optimize your playlist or your cue in the future another thing I forgot to say on the search bar is right over there you have the microphone

For Google so you can actually use Google Voice on here to search lyrics or search anything I send a description or title or tags of any video or any song on the entire platform so if you know the lyrics to something you can probably

Search there and at the very least you'll find a YouTube video which will be essentially the same as the song and you can listen to it through that okay so now let's get back into a little more of the features here if you go to

Library here you can find you know again your mixtape some suggested things that you might have already played you downloaded music I don't have any right now because I didn't want to download any music I just listen on Wi-Fi you can

Find your like songs which is automatically a playlist which is really cool and of course you can find albums artists and everything else you save there so it's a very simple app it's not nearly as detailed as you know Apple

Music or Spotify might be with all the different hidden features from what I've seen it's really just it's it's just like the YouTube you know the typical app where it suggests things that it thinks you like based on maybe the mood

Or it'll say maybe you like the you know the greatest hits or anything like that and as a result you know it's useful but it's not my favorite music app so let's go through some of the things I think it's missing so I really think that it's

Missing something like discover weekly or a little bit more detailed breakdown of different music you might like it also is missing the social collaboration that I really like about Spotify and it's just

Something I've said in my other videos is that you know if you're able to collaborate with your friends and make you know collaborative playlists or see what they're listening to real-time it's definitely a really cool feature about

Sharing songs and finding new music I will say it is good at finding new music because it is able to you know use so much of the Google algorithm to find different songs and music that you would like I think that's really cool

But back to the things I don't like about this I don't like the lack of artist interaction so I don't see a whole lot of like any kind of artist posts or anything like that it's not a it's not you don't feel well connected

To your artist on this app and of course you know if you could have comments like you do on YouTube I think that would also be nice so maybe they could update that in the future but for now I would say this is not my favorite music app

Thanks for watching guys if you enjoyed this video please be sure to click that subscribe button right there if you want to see another video just like this one click right there and for my most recent upload click right up there

You got three great options guys click on any one of those and I'll see you in the next video

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