YouTube in 2019 – is it too late? (5 Reasons)

by birtanpublished on September 26, 2020

It's too late to start on YouTube in 2019 don't bother you're not going to succeed on YouTube there's too crowded nobody wants to watch your content after the ad pocalypse you're not gonna make any money the pay is really poor just don't even

Bother starting for some reason it seems like everybody wants you to not start on YouTube everyone's gonna tell you you're not going to be successful everyone is going to discourage you although people don't

Do that for any other job if I go and say hey I want to be a lawyer everyone's gonna say wow that's great go to law school do this but people don't do that for YouTube everyone wants you to not be successful on YouTube and I'm here in

This video to tell you is it too late to start YouTube in 2019 the answer is definitely no now is the best time to ever start on YouTube and I'll tell you 5 reasons why now is the perfect time to start on YouTube and why later is

Actually too late so first of all I want to say people have been saying it was too late to start on YouTube since 2013 so for the past 6 years or seven years depending on when you're watching this people have been saying it was too late

To start a new YouTube as you can see clearly the platform is still growing clearly there are more creators joining there are more viewers watching and overall it is a growing audience and a growing platform right now altogether so

It is absolutely not too late to start a new YouTube like I said I'll show you five reasons why in this video but before we get too far into this video if you are new here and you are looking to grow your online influence start now by

Going down and clicking the subscribe button and the bell icon my brother and I putting out videos every single week to help you grow your audience on YouTube and create the success that you are looking for now this is all based on

Our own experience my brother and I have been on YouTube for a while now we have combined you know millions and millions of views out there and we want to share our experience and what we learned with you to help you grow your channel so I

Want to start off with a quick quote that somebody told me early on in my career and what they said was the best way to succeed in business was to be in business now I think that translates really well to YouTube the best way to

Succeed on YouTube is to be on YouTube now if you look at all these different creators out there that are successful right now all of them started somewhere and it doesn't mean that they were successful right away you think it's

Very rare to see somebody that sits back and watches you know other channels grow for 5 or 10 years and then finally just jump in phoebs I think people find more success when they just start off they're gonna

Suck it first you're gonna have a terrible you know you're gonna be really poor on camera you're probably not gonna have good content but you're going to grow and you're going to learn a lot more so look at mr. beast is a great

Example of this so he uploaded something of about a thousand videos before he started to become viral and really grow to the youtuber he is today so if you go and check out the oldest videos he has they're like Minecraft and it's just a

Web cam you know the audio is not good he's kind of awkward on camera and you know that's the way you start on YouTube you start off with that and you grow up to what you're going to be so I just wanted to say that really quickly before

Getting into these five things the first reason why now is one of the best times to start on YouTube is actually because of the algorithm changes so the way the algorithm used to work would have been much more difficult than it is now as a

Channel with zero subscribers so you know five or six or seven years ago the algorithm really promoted videos based on views so if you had a video with a lot of views they would show it to more people and you would gain more

Subscribers and then when you put out another video you already had a lot of subscribers and then you know you'd get more views and they'd promote it more so if you were a channel with no subscribers they wouldn't you know you'd

Get no views and it's really really hard to get traction so now it really doesn't promote based on views nearly as much and instead the algorithm looks at your watch time and your click-through rate and you know many other metrics like

That so if you have zero subscribers and you put out a video YouTube might sample it and put it in front of a few people and if they click on it and they like and they watch it you know automatically you're just going to start gaining

Traction and so for that reason the algorithm really helps you know the small creators now more than it did five or six or seven years ago and so for that reason it definitely is a good time to start the second reason is actually

The abundance of opportunity and niches on YouTube so although you might say hey you know there's already a tech channel there's already a Travel Channel I'm never gonna outrank those nobody's ever going to watch my stuff when there's

That other stuff out there and honestly that is entirely false and the fact that they are successful channels is a great reason for you to get into that space and maybe like a little bit around that space so what I'm saying is if there

Already is a Travel Channel and this Travel Channel loves to talk about traveling places and you know staying in different hotels or whatever you could very easily make a Travel Channel that's about traveling to places

And maybe you could focus on food maybe you could focus on how you can get around in transportation in different places maybe you could focus on the locals in different places so there's all these different angles in different

Aspects of you know one specific niche that are totally unsatisfied right now so all you have to do is bring your own unique creative aspect to any space and it's very likely you'll succeed there and the reason I say it's good that you

See other people succeeding there is because it shows that there's already a lot of interest there and they can also help you out majorly in the long run so if you have somebody getting millions and millions of views and you make a

Channel very not very similar to theirs but within the same general space and the audience would likely be similar to your audience that means that your videos might pop up as suggested videos which can instantly gain you a lot more

Traction so for that reason the fact that there are so many big channels out there is actually more beneficial than you think it is not gonna be hampering your ability to succeed at all really now playing off of that one a little bit

What you'll see in this graph right here is channels all have a life span now you'll see typically channels will you know start off slow and they'll you know blow up they'll grow really big and then they kind of fizzle you know a slight

Decline for the next few years and that's not every channel but the reason that channels do that is because all their newer channels are coming into the space and competing with them and maybe even you know do throning them to some

Degree so people have constantly evolving interests the world you know maybe maybe 10 years ago people wanted to see videos about Obama's election but guess what 10 years later people want to see something else you know Steve Harvey

Says he's running for president that video would definitely blow up and whoever made the Obama election video 10 years ago might not make the newest video about Steve Harvey and even if they do they might not have the same

Personality that you have they might not have the same you know style that you have and overall you can easily compete with anybody right now you know just because they have a big video before does not mean they're going to have the

Next big video now the third reason it's not too late to start on YouTube in 2019 is actually because the platform is growing more than you might realize so while it is the second largest search engine in the world it's also owned by

The first which is Google and that means that you'll have tons and tons of traffic every single day being searched and directed to YouTube now on top of that you might be saying you know I get it but it's really saturated in

The United States that's not entirely true because even though you know the growth might not be as fast as it was previously for United States viewers it is actually changing a lot though so people are watching more and more on

Mobile devices people are watching more and more at night instead of television so more people this year than ever before have been cutting their cable cutting their satellite and watching YouTube instead and so for that reason

You know 6 and 10 people say that they prefer YouTube to television out of a survey done in the United States that is a huge huge change in what used to be maybe even five years ago when more people were watching television so with

That in mind you'll have this massive influx of people who are watching more YouTube than before so they're replacing whatever time they watched on TV is now being watched on YouTube and on top of that you have other countries around the

World which are watching more YouTube than ever before as internet starts to spread with faster speeds through India and Africa and you'll have way more people watching than you might have had ever before now the fourth reason it's

Not too late to start a YouTube is sort of what I alluded to before and that's just the changing interest on the internet so people like I said before it might be interested in Steve Harvey running for president or something of

That sort and what I'm really saying based on that is there's four methods that you can use to sort of grow your channel instantly and make viral videos using the heavy traffic out there and the lack of competition now these four

Different tactics I talked about them a lot more in the PDF I'll link it down below my brother and I made this PDF free for you guys to use all you to do is just go and download it it's on our website so I'll link it down there go on

Over check it out I'll tell you a lot more in the PDF about how to do this but one for example would be newsjacking now as you see you know on the news big things happen so if Steve Harvey said he's running for president

This is an example of a situation where there's very little competition and very high search traffic and for that reason there's only so many creators out there you can easily top on this one make a video gain a lot of views and gained a

Lot of traction and then refer back to number one here where the algorithm changed and it no longer promotes based on subscribers and based on views now it's going to be going based on the quality of your video and the interest

And the intrigue of your video and your thumbnail again more stuff I talked about in the PDF definitely check it out but moving on to number five so this is sort of one where you can say people will ask you well what if someone

Already took your idea and a lot of my friends asked me how to start on YouTube and one of the biggest things I hear from them is oh man like someone already took my idea I was gonna make a channel about how to build stuff and someone

Already does that what odds are dozens of people don't maybe hundreds of people already do whatever you're thinking about doing now what you have to do is actually just take a unique approach and you can

Absolutely succeed everybody there's room there's no shortage of success on YouTube so the only reason people don't succeed is not because other people took their idea it's just because they didn't you know approach their idea properly

They didn't execute it well they didn't stay dedicated their channel and overall I think that starting in YouTube right now is the best time you could ever start on YouTube the only time that is too late to start on YouTube is in the

Future now even if you didn't have success on YouTube which I guarantee if you if you do what we're telling you to you definitely will succeed on YouTube it's really you can't anybody can succeed on YouTube and you just have to

Do things the proper way which is what this channel is all about but even if you didn't succeed on YouTube just hypothetically if you did not succeed on YouTube what are the pros and the cons anyway so the cons it would just cost

You some time maybe a couple dollars for a camera or whatever equipment so you know a small downside there but on the upside you would gain so much personal benefit you'd be way better at speaking which is totally transferable to any job

You apply for any job you already have no matter what you're doing being a better speaker is by far going to enhance your own personal work now as you see that's something Warren Buffett's been saying for years his

Number one transferable skill is public speaking that's what he says if you're good at public speaking you'll be good at a lot of other stuff now another benefit here to just starting on YouTube is actually creating memories now if you

Travel a lot this is a great example of where you'd want to see your memory so instead of just going on your snapchat memories and having 10 second clips of your vacations if you string everything together and

Have a nice long video on YouTube not only you're sharing with other people who might want to go there but also you can go back in a few look and say hey I went on this trip and remember stuff that maybe you wouldn't

Otherwise remember and then another you know so the third thing right here is you're creating an impact and like I said even if you don't succeed on YouTube you'll be able to connect with other youtubers other people who are

Creators and you'll definitely have a lot of personal growth so for those reasons I say even if you don't succeed on YouTube it's still worth it to start today but of course you will succeed on YouTube as long as you do everything

Correctly guys I hope that this video helped you I hope you don't just sit at home and just watch this video and click on another video and just keep watching videos and trying to plan how to start on YouTube I want you guys to go out and

Start and make your first do video today just upload it it doesn't matter if it's trash you have to start somewhere it's definitely not too late to start on youtube and if you are starting on youtube go down and click the subscribe

Button I can't say that enough I'll be telling you guys in this channel my brother and I are going to be sharing our experience to help you grow on YouTube and one last thing why not download the PDF guys there's a lot to

Talk about but thank you all for watching I'll see you next time

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