YouTube Hashtags 2020 (How To Use Them)

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

welcome back to the channel everyone I'm
Michael Bryan from central Mediacom and
in this video I'm going to talk to you
about YouTube hashtags so if you are new
to YouTube and you don't know what the
hashtags are or if you saw the recent
update and you don't know how to use the
hashtags or if you just want to know a
little bit more about them definitely
stick around for the remainder of this
video so I'll be talking about three
major things in this video first thing
to tell you essentially what is a
youtube hashtag and then I'm going to
show you how to implement it in your
video and lastly I'll be explaining why
it might be important to use these and
use these correctly in your video to
optimize the growth of your videos on
so starting off with what is a YouTube
hashtag now we know that hashtags showed
up on Twitter in 2009 and since then
they've spread to Facebook and Instagram
and so many other platforms out there as
a way to publicly show what the tags are
for your video so this is not just for
the algorithm to identify what your
content is and categorize it for people
to find but it's also for users to
interact with and hyperlink to an
automatic search finding similar posts
based on other hashtags so with YouTube
what's happening is now they have these
hashtags that show up in the description
or in the title of your video as well as
above the title of your video so if you
are looking to implement these then you
can simply type them into the title or
the description of your video I'll get
into that in just one second but
essentially what's happening is you are
able to click on these and you'll search
automatically for other videos with
similar hashtags now for a long time
YouTube has been using an actual tag
feature which are hidden tags within
your video that you can find if you go
and dig into the video deeper or if you
use a third-party app like to buddy so
because this is so new it is still a
little bit quirky and so for example if
you type in a hash tag and you actually
have that saved in your video it might
not show up right away when you click
Save it might take 10 or 15 or even 30
minutes after you do that until it's
actually a clickable link or a hash tag
on your video and then also sometimes I
found if you click on the hash tags it
might take you to the search and it
might say that there are no videos there
even though there obviously was one
otherwise you wouldn't have been
clicking on a hash tag on a video so
those are just a few of the minor quirks
I found with YouTube hash tags so all
I'm saying is please be patient when
you're using these I'm sure over the
over time YouTube will be improving
their algorithm so that there is no
longer an issue with that so let's talk
now a little bit more about how to
implement these hash tags and have them
show up on your video so the first
option you have is to have them in the
video title and all you have to do for
this is literally just type in the hash
tag into your video title and then save
and publish that and it'll show up as a
clickable hash tag link in your actual
video title now if you want hash tags to
show up above your video title what
you'll have to do is actually type in
the hash tag so you can have up to 15
typed in into your description box
although the first three are the only
ones that will show up above your video
title now I recommend not maxing out
your full 15 because YouTube categorizes
that as over hash tagging and anymore
that they will flag you for that now in
the description of this video I have a
link right there so you can go and see
all of the different rules
posting these these hashtags now of
course they're gonna be pretty standard
a lot of them you're not going to be
able to use vulgar language or sexual
language you won't be able to use spaces
and you're not allowed to use more than
fifteen those are like the basic four
and there are a few other rules that you
want to know definitely go down and
check that out before you actually start
using these hashtags on your videos so
you have a better understanding so you
don't get any kind of violations to the
youtubes so what does it actually mean
for YouTube of course since YouTube is
not getting rid of regular tags it's
still very important to use your regular
tags and make them very relevant to your
video so that when people search
keywords they will find your video it's
also important to make sure that these
tags are heavily searched so you want to
go and compare different keywords in you
know trends Google com for example and
other websites of that sort now when
you're actually using the hash tags I
would recommend using anywhere from 3 to
5 hash tags I've been using 3 and all of
my videos so far and you add these hash
tags to your videos so they show up
above so that people can click on them
and they'll be reverted back to a search
now another thing I might want to
suggest is that these hash tags should
be relevant to your other videos so when
they click on that they'll be diverted
back to a place where they can find more
of your own video so it's very important
that your videos are consistent and the
hash tags are very relevant so when
people go and search the hash tag and
find your video they actually found the
video they want and they watch it for a
long time so guys that's all I have for
you in this video it was a pretty brief
video but honestly I think that's pretty
much all you need to know about YouTube
hash tags now if you are interested in
using them please be sure to go down and
click the link in the description so you
can see the remainder of the rules so
you don't get in trouble with YouTube I
don't want anybody to go out there and
start using hash tags without knowing
all the rules and then they get flagged
and your channel gets shut down or
something like that so before you do
that make sure you go down and click
that link and read about the rules now
if you enjoy this video or found it
please remember to like and subscribe as
always thank you all for watching I'll
see you next time

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