YouTube Deletes Comments That Insult China

published on July 2, 2020

YouTube deleted comments critical of the

Chinese Communist Party and it was

totally an accident welcome back to

China uncensored I'm Chris Chappell

we all know about how the Chinese

Communist Party censors the media and

the Internet inside China to make sure

no one says anything that makes the

party look bad I for one am grateful

because without Chinese censorship our

entire show China uncensored would have

nothing to cover and I've got good news

this kind of censorship seems to be

making its way across the Pacific

directly to Silicon Valley it turns out

YouTube has been deleting comments with

phrases that insult China's Communist

Party I mean how could that happen what

a mystery it might be unsolvable well

apparently for the past six months

YouTube has deleted any comments with

the Chinese characters for Wu Mao which

means 50 Cent's Wu now have become the

abbreviation for the 50-cent army those

are the trolls that post Pro Communist

Party comments on the Internet in

exchange for a small fee supposedly 50

Chinese Cent's YouTube also deleted

comments with the word Gong PHA or

Communist bandit I didn't even know that

was still a thing

communist bandit was a slur used by

Chiang kai-shek's Nationalist forces

against Mao's communist guerrilla army

and it's a bad phrase that no one should

ever use especially in the comments to

this video in this video a user posts

Communist bandit in Chinese beneath a

YouTube video about 15 seconds later it

gets removed they repeated this

experiment several times YouTube was

definitely censoring it so how is it

that two insults to the Chinese

Communist Party were be

automatically deleted in YouTube

comments according to a YouTube

spokesperson upon review by our teams we

have confirmed this was an error in our

enforcement system and we are working to

fix it as quickly as possible I'm not

accusing YouTube of doing this on

purpose by the way at least not without

more evidence but the idea that this

very specific anti-ccp censorship could

happen through an error in their

enforcement system is still very


for example communist bandit and 50-cent

army could have been censored because of

mass flagging from Chinese internet

trolls or the algorithm could have

flagged it for other reasons we just

don't know another YouTube spokesperson


Ars Technica that YouTube relies on

classifiers to decide which comments to

delete and that YouTube's classifiers

didn't take into account the proper

context the spokesperson said she wasn't

able to give more details which is

unfortunate because more details are


of course I for one completely trust

YouTube and its parent company Google

and I obviously wouldn't want to say or

do anything that might turn their

classifiers against me which is why I

think it's unfortunate that this whole

communist bandit thing has made everyone

remember all the controversy about that

censored search app called dragon fly

that Google was secretly working on for

the Chinese market google says they've

scrapped project dragonfly by the way

and I believe them an American company

would have to be really stupid to still

want to get into the Chinese market

right now and I'm definitely not saying

that Google is really stupid

though it does make me wonder about some

of the things that have happened to

China uncensored over the years I mean

YouTube has been ruthlessly de

monetizing videos about to Hong Kong

protests and the coronavirus two of the

most sensitive issues to the Chinese

Communist Party and

YouTube actually censored three China

uncensored videos this year completely

removing them from YouTube w-h-o

corruption some of our viewers might

wonder whether that's a topic the

employees at YouTube don't want people

talking about but maybe it's not YouTube

employees making the decision it could

be that a large number of Chinese

internet trolls gamed the system by

flagging our videos so many times that

they tricked YouTube's algorithm into

automatically censoring us that would at

least explain why YouTube took down our

videos without warning but then once we

made a big deal about this on social

media YouTube humans quietly put each

video back up within an hour but if

YouTube's automatic censorship

mechanisms can be triggered by internet

trolls that's a huge and dangerous issue

especially now that YouTube said in

March it expected to see more content

removal as a result of its reliance on

machine learning instead of human

moderators this is not the first time

that machine learning has caused a weird

error related to Chinese censorship last

summer during the Hong Kong protests

Google Translate was translating the

English sentence so sad to see Hong Kong

become part of China too so happy to see

Hong Kong become part of China in

Chinese and if automatic censorship is

not enough YouTube has also been

secretly unsubscribing people from our

channel not sending out notifications

about new episodes and in general making

it really hard to even find the show on

YouTube so I just want to say I love

YouTube I love Google and I especially

love all those wonderful communist

bandits in Beijing of course if you'd

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crowdfunding website patreon for as

little as $1 an episode you can help us

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despite you too

de monetizing a ton of our videos not

that I think there's anything strange

about that or even anything to criticize

speaking of which now's the time when I

answer a question from one of the people

who support us on patreon

Adam Steele asks hi Chris I was just

wondering what you thought about Russia

and China teaming up to form a petro

dollar do you think it will rival the

us petrol dollar also with everything

YouTube has been doing to your videos

how in the pocket of the CCP do you

think Google really is Wow two great

questions there Adam as for the petro

dollar the petro dollar is not really a

standalone currency it's just the

agreement that oil-producing countries

like the OPEC countries will sell oil in

exchange for US dollars that means when

any other country buys oil they have to

convert their local currency to us

dollars first for Russia or China to

take over they'd have to convince OPEC

nations to trade their oil for Russian

rubles or Chinese un but these

currencies are way less stable than the

US dollar so it would be hard for Russia

or China to convince OPEC nations that

they'd be better off getting a boatload

of rubles or UN instead of dollars I

think it's unlikely for this change to

happen anytime soon

as for Google being in the pocket of the


let me put it this way definitely Google

had been working on project dragonfly

the censored search app for China I

mentioned earlier the intercept exposed

that in 2018 after public pressure

Google eventually scrapped dragonfly

separately from that Google is doing

artificial intelligence research in


partnering with Chinese companies in a

way that just happens to indirectly

benefit China's military it makes sense

there's just so much great data

available in China that Google can use

for AI research because China has almost

no restrictions that protect user

you see I mean how could Google not want

access to that but do googles projects

inside China influence their behavior in

terms of how they censor YouTube videos

of course not

I love Google and YouTube they are great

thanks for your question Adam and thank

you for watching be like Adam and go to


and support us with a dollar or more per

episode once again I'm Chris Chappell

thanks for watching China uncensored


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