Younger Coiffure | James Dean Hair Inspiration

published on July 3, 2020


hi guys thank you for tuning in on slick

hair TV we just got the best in here I

love your ride main thank you it's a

Hyundai right yeah it's really retro I

like it so I'm what are we gonna cut

today you're going for two two as well

so that's why we invited an

international tattoo artist angle Paul

but I'm Sophie you're also here we are

gonna we're gonna cut the hairstyle

first and then do this a – yeah will you

do the tattoo part

yeah well as well I'll trust that with

daniel by then maybe you can do

something on your own you have parked

your bike let's go inside hey Dan

is that how you're doing today very good

you brought the good weather so today

we're gonna – it's a – yes for the first

time in sleek here TV history so

Sebastian let's say hear more about it

just real quick first we're gonna cut

there but afterwards you're gonna do the

needlework yes sir yeah yeah yeah we're

gonna put it the plan is to put right

about here that was the plan so yeah I'm

pretty confident that it's it's it's

about five hours work anyway let's get

to the haircut Sophie I'm ready are you

styling your hair again

terrific and we are throwing out a

competition where you can win this box

of Bible aim products all you have to do

is write a comment in the comment

section down below and of course you

should be a subscriber as well




you know I'm too generous

now I've learned sooner


cuz I'm done cleaning up your

my selfie

















the Harrison and the two is done Daniel

you did a very good job thank you sir

looks amazing thank you five hours work

five hours work yes yeah finally come to

an end

yes you like its best yeah very good I

think it's pretty cool I'm kind of

exhausted I need some rest it was so I

you know wrap your bag and get home and

have some rest

thank you very much for watching this

episode remember to participate in the

competition to win for products ride

that comment and come section down below

we'll pick a winner on the next video



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