Xperia 1 Review: Sony’s biggest, tallest, best flagship!

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

sony hasn't had the biggest reputation
in the smartphone industry over the last
few years but this time around the
company is trying to remake its image by
focusing on what it does well which is
to say imaging and displays and throwing
something new into the mix with a 21 by
9 aspect ratio I'm high out so with
Android Central and this is our review
of the Sony Xperia 1 the first thing
you'll notice about the Xperia 1 at
least aside from its extra tall aspect
ratio is just how well it's put together
like most modern flagships the Xperia 1
is made up of gently curved glass and an
aluminum frame and the glossy black
finish on my unit looks fantastic even
if it is a bit more slippery and smudge
prone that I'd like there's a
fingerprint sensor on the side just
above the power button which works
really well with my right thumb but the
size and placement mean that that's
about the only finger it's good for even
though I have my left index and middle
fingers programmed the fingerprint
sensor only reads them about half the
time still I'm glad there's a capacitive
fingerprint sensor here since I'm just
not sold on in-display fingerprint
sensors just yet up above the notch list
display the earpiece speaker works in
tandem with the bottom firing speaker to
provide Dolby Atmos stereo audio it's a
little lacking in bass but it gets
surprisingly loud without clipping and
has great directional separation for
headphones though you'll need to rely on
USB C or Bluetooth for audio since
there's no three-and-a-half millimeter
jack here now of course the biggest
physical feature of the Xperia 1 is at 6
and a half inch 21 by 9 display sony
calls it cinema wide since its aspect
ratio matches that of a lot of white
screen movies and this is a phone I
would actually want to watch a movie on
it's a 4k OLED panel with HDR and the
same x1 engine found on Sony's Bravia
TVs which offers better contrast it gets
extremely bright enough to use outdoors
and direct sunlight without a problem
and the default colors are fantastic
though I actually prefer using creator
has a bit less contrast but offers the
REC 2020 color gamut the 21 by 9 aspect
ratio definitely takes some getting used
to while navigating through the phone
and I'm still not even sure if I'm there
yet but this is easily one of the
best-looking displays I've ever seen on
a phone on the software side the Xperia
one runs a mostly stock build of Android
9pi save for a few custom sony icons and
pre-installed apps it all runs extremely
smoothly this is one of the fastest
phones I've ever used right in line with
the latest from oneplus Sony's included
a few handy gestures for making the tall
aspect ratio a bit easier to manage you
can swipe up or double tap along the
edge of the display to open side sense
which offers some app shortcuts and a
button to call down your notification
shade and swiping down acts like the
back button within an app there's also a
game enhancer app that lets you
prioritize between performance and
battery life but I found I didn't really
need it games like asphalt 9 run
flawlessly on the Xperia 1 and battery
life hasn't been an issue for me at all
I'm easily getting double the battery
life of my pixel 3 usually ending each
day with around 30 percent battery
remaining sony went with a triple camera
system for the Xperia 1 combining a
wide-angle telephoto and ultra wide lens
that have all been fine-tuned by Sony's
alpha team the same team that makes the
company's popular mirrorless cameras
like the a7 3 to my eyes the main camera
produces some of the most natural colors
I've seen from a phone with great
dynamic range and low-light performance
to boot the ultra wide and telephoto
lenses are good too though the former
really struggles with motion blur in
low-light even the slightest handshake
produced by pressing the physical
shutter button can ruin a shot so I've
taken to capturing multiple photos at a
time at night in hopes of getting at
least one usable shot still I'm really
happy with the photos I've gotten from
the Xperia One but I wish the camera app
wasn't so slow to launch or to switch
lenses now if you're just looking to
shoot video though sony has an excellent
separate app called cinema pro with
expansive manual controls custom Luntz
the option to shoot in 24 frames and
even 4k HDR capture
put this all together and the experience
one of my favorite content creation
devices as for content consumption if
you preorder the Xperia one before it
launches on July 12th you'll get a pair
of Sony's noise canceling XM three
headphones thrown in for free which
definitely helps ease the blow of the
nine hundred fifty dollar price tag but
even if you can't take advantage of that
deal the Xperia one is still well worth
considering it's faster and longer
lasting than the pixel three XL has
cleaner software than the galaxy s 10
plus and offers better cameras than the
one plus seven Pro Sony might not be the
biggest name in mobile but if you're
looking for a well-rounded flagship with
a jaw-dropping display the Xperia one
should absolutely be on your radar
that's going to do it for now if you
enjoyed this video be sure to subscribe
to Android Central on YouTube and check
out our full review of the Xperia one
over at android thanks for
watching everybody and we'll see you
next time

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