Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Review – 108 Megapixel Madness.

by birtanpublished on August 25, 2020

Depending on which country you're from there's a good chance you've never even considered buying a xiaomi phone but we've gone right here Femi notes 10 and it's different it's phone with the four starters and absolutely ludicrous spec sheets but also a price tag that hits a

Little lower than you might have expected the box itself is pretty standard fare from the company you've got black cardboard and holographic text and the first thing you'll see inside is the phone below it you'll see an insert

Which contains a sim ejector tool and a case which is pretty similar to the standard TPU cases you see on every phone just with a darker tint there's a USBC cable and a 30 watt fast charger which is pretty impressive when you read

The spec sheet of this phone there are three things that stick out it's got a mammoth battery a good 20% larger than most mainstream phones but even more impressive a Penta camera set up on the back and probably the craziest part is

That one of those cameras has a 108 megapixel resolution and so with these record-breaking specifications do you actually get a record-breaking camera short answer yes this is ludicrously good but I'll get to

It I've spent about a week with the Meno 10 and before I even started testing the camera a few things became very clear it feels good it's a heavy phone encased in gorilla plus 5 and curved in a way that's very reminiscent to the Huawei

P30 pro released earlier this year both phones have almost identical button placement even a similar chamfer at the top and if this was not enough the displays are identically sized 6.47 inch AMOLED panels with even the exact same

Water-drop knotch none of this is a complaint for the Xiaomi I mean the Huawei p30 Pro released at a thousand euros so coming in a 550 it's more of a compliment plus Xiaomi has a headphone jack it's also a really good display as

Far as 1080p panels go it's probably my favorite display on a xiaomi phone one thing that does really stick out as odd to me is that if you look at this camera setup it protrudes too pretty much halfway down the phone

So farther with my usual grip using either hand I'd be touching one of the cameras and completely blocking another one also the sheer protrusion of this module means significant table wobble so it's already clear from the spec sheet

That this thing is a massive jump but even generally whilst I've been using the phone it feels like a turning point familiar if you've ever used a Sharma phone but new at the same time for example like other handsets from the

Company you've got two main options for unlocking an in display fingerprint scanner and face unlock with the front camera and neither of the fastest I've tried but they work well enough there's me why as usual the software skin

Although in this case we've got their brand new me UI 11 and I think it's a big improvement visually it's far cleaner Xiaomi has removed a lot of the noise extra UI elements that weren't needed and the

Result is a really clean polished experience I definitely have felt in a pass with Xiaomi phones that there's a risk of it looking a little cluttered but that hasn't actually been the case here there's a proper dark mode to save

Even more battery and some really neat features like being able to play a standard video as your wallpaper and improvements to the built-in productivity tools plus a nice looking ambient display to let you know the time

And battery percentage without doing anything it also feels new because this is a curved display something that Xiaomi has generally shied away from apart on that mimics alpha phone that's something for another video and of

Course the biggest break from past devices is this newfound emphasis on camera and don't get me wrong some of shammies past phones this year they've had really good camera systems but from the spec sheet alone of the Mino 10 it

Kind of feels that you're getting a camera with some extra phone on top of that for starters there are five cameras there's a main 108 megapixel wide-angle a 2 x optical zoom camera but what's really interesting here is that above

This there's another zoom camera this time at five times you'll see why in a minute there's also an ultra wide and finally a dedicated macro camera at the bottom for close-ups and the large main sensor

Combined with a wide aperture means straight-up stunning looking bokeh just taking standard photos in the daytime they look always consistently cinematic if you compare to the Galaxy Note 10.1 a chiral depth-of-field

The images look a world apart for example this this might look like a portrait mode shot it's not standard main camera and I haven't even got to the detail yet it's phenomenal there's no

Other way to put it side by side with again the Samsung Galaxy Note M plus Samsung is completely blown out of the water even from a distance Shammi can capture the texture of objects if you ever wanted to print images out in large

Sizes or you wanted the comfort of being able to crop into a photo later whilst keeping it sharp this new phone completely kills it although you could say that things like dynamic range are actually more important for most people

Who'll just be using these photos for social media posts where they're going to be heavily compressed anyways this one's up to you what I can say though is that the power of this sensor even extends to your video quality it is DSLR

Like in a way that I've never seen on a smartphone before I wouldn't say it's as consistent if you start switching lenses or move over to the front camera as the iPhone 11 Pro is but it has moments of sheer excellence for which this might

Just be the number one camera system on a phone right now add to this vlog mode something which I went in assuming would be a gimmick but actually it speeds up the process of making genuinely high quality short shareable content with

None of the hassle of editing so why do they add to zoom cameras well having five times optical zoom is amazing it's enough zoom to be able to see details that most people's eyes can't but if there was only a five times

Zoom it creates a little bit of an issue portrait mode in my opinion always looks better when taken on a phones telephoto camera but if you've only got a 5x lens then you be zooming in far too much to be able to do this also just generally

When you're zooming in for a photo if you've just got a 5 x lens you'll find the quality of your shot will slowly deteriorate as you zoom in until you hit five times and then it will jump again as your phone switches lenses the Mino

10 evens this out it improves on these two things you get high-grade portrait mode shots even if they are a bit beautified and a much more uniform quality throughout the zoom range you can go all the way to 50 times zoom but

Because the actual resolution of this telephoto camera isn't that high I wouldn't recommend going past 10 times also if you factor in the full array of cameras on this phone you've got quite possibly the most flexible system ever

You can capture everything from sweeping landscapes with the ultra wide to distant objects with a telephoto to ones that are literally right in front of you using the macro and even this is pretty good

I wasn't expecting much I've seen a lot of low grade macro cameras on phones before but the me note tends does its job and finally even at night incredible it doesn't brighten an image as much as safe hallways flagship but in a way this

Makes it more natural and the detail captured is actually greater plus it's not just that you can take great photos but also that you can do this for a long period of time this sizable battery combined with 30 what fast charging

Reminds me of how I felt about the huawei mate 30 Pro all but forgetting that battery was ever an issue on phones so far then the Meno 10 seems like a bit of a home run and it kind of is but there are some caveats this last year

We've seen a whole breed of cut-price smartphones that try to do everything the absolute best specifications pretty much all the primary features but the Meno 10 isn't really one of those phones Xiaomi have built something that's a

Little more specialized but the downside of that is that there are some gaps of for example audio-wise it's a single bottom firing speaker good quality considering but still not close to the experience

Dual speaker the vibration motor and the haptics are noticeably average and even the performance is not the best you can get for the money it's powered by six gigs of ram and the Snapdragon 730 G chip and to put it simply if you put

That side-by-side with the current flagship 855 plus chip it's just over half as powerful that's not amazing for 550 euros and it's the biggest weakness of the phone it's not slow but it does hang every now and again and there's a

Significant processing time after taking photos not to mention the phone has to reload when you zoom into them although this in part will be because of just how high the resolution is you can play games and in fact that's exactly what

The chip is geared towards but still it's an upper mid-range chip and it performs like an upper mid-range chip you'll get smooth frame rates on most hop games right now but you'll just have to dial down a few settings it also got

Pretty hot in my testing the final emissions are pretty standard for a phone at this price you've got no official IP rating you've got no wireless charging and no micro SD card slot but with 128 gigs it's just

About enough that I think most people won't need one so to bring this all together it's pretty rare to see a phone at this price actually being the best at anything but I can genuinely say that this camera in

Some scenarios is the kingpin not even close to the top literally at the top of the entire smartphone pyramid the phone is also chunky but I take that any day for endurance like this it's just not the most well rounded phone with

Noticeable sacrifices in performance and audio but for a user who's a little bit less about the media consumption and a little bit more about the camera I can wholeheartedly recommend the me note 10 in fact you might already know that for

The last six months I've been looking for a phone to switch to from a galaxy s 25 G and the mean at 10 is maybe the closest I've come the only thing stopping me was the mid-range chipset anyways thanks for watching and I will

Catch you in the next one

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