Xiaomi Mi A3 review

by birtanpublished on October 2, 2020

everyone Xiaomi is famous for their
budget devices their me a phones in
particular are well known for being
solid mid-range errs with stock Android
however despite how popular the me a1
was they did receive quite a bit of
criticism for the me eighths you know
namely because they removed some very
key features like the headphone jack
now with this third generation is Xiaomi
gonna prove that they're back on track
I'm Angie for GSM marina and this is our
review of the Xiaomi the a3

at first glance the me a three easily
seems like a step up from last year the
material seems more premium than its
price and the phone has a nice elegant
look thanks to the glass back we should
mention that specs wise and build wise
it's identical to the me Knight CC
although that phone comes with UI is
that a lower price and it's found in
fewer markets otherwise xiaomi is
clearly sticking to an overall design
language this year the mean III looks
extremely similar to the Xiaomi me
ninety like the ninety the phone is a
fingerprint magnet and it's more fragile
than a device with the metal or a
plastic back there's also no water
protection but there are a few phones at
this price with the high IP rating when
you pick it up it's comfortable in the
hand thanks to the curved edges and all
the buttons are where you'd expect them
to be there's also some things that you
might not have expected there – there's
an IR blaster a headphone jack and an SD
card slot the a3 comes with a minimum of
64 gigabytes which should be enough for
most people but it's nice to know that
you won't worry about running out of
on the front there's a water droplet
knotch that's easy to ignore and an
optical under display fingerprint reader
it's accurate and you won't have to turn
on the screen in order for it to work
but a regular reader it would have been
much faster you can also use the face
and lock option but it's less secure
that's as much as I can say without
addressing the elephant in the room the
Xiaomi mi3 has a Super AMOLED display
that's around 6 inches in diagonal its
max brightness is mediocre and sunlight
legibility is a bit difficult like on
the me a2 from last year however what we
really have to talk about is that 720p
resolution with a pixel density of less
than 300 PPI it's one of the least pixel
dense screens we've seen this year on
the one hand there are some benefits
that come from this first it makes the
phone cheaper which is probably the main
reason why shall we decided to go with
this resolution second there's less
screen for the battery to power and
third there's also less screen for the
chipset to power which means the mean a3
feels snappy and surprisingly the 4030
million power battery combined with the
low resolution display and power
efficient chips it mean excellent
life me3 scored a hundred and one hours
on her battery life tests which is a
substantial jump up from the Mia – from
last year the me a three also supports
quick charge 3.0 for when you finally
run out of juice but keep in mind that
the charger in the box is a standard 10
watt one the chipset actually is a bit
down clocked in comparison to the one
from last year and it's supposed to
deliver pretty much the same performance
for 20% less energy
however since there's so much less
screen to power it feels blazing fast
games are a breeze and if you really
need to game on a budget this is
actually a viable option so there are
some real benefits to the 720p display
but naturally the cost of this choice
means that images simply don't look as
good when you're watching videos or
playing games it's not that noticeable
but things like smaller text might be a
bit of an eyesore you can see pixelation
and the edges of some icons and for me
it seems like the phone is blurry or has
an oil smudge on the screen take this
with a grain of salt because I'm also
used to resolutions of around 500 PPI
you personally might not be bothered by
this so I seriously urge you to check
the phone out in person to determine if
it's truly a deal-breaker or not now as
far as audio goes things are good but
not great the single downward firing
speaker has excellent loudness and good
clarity there's not a lot of bass and at
max volume some highs get into Teddy
territory but as a whole it's a good

when using wired headphones things are
alright but you can get higher quality
sound if you use hi-fi Bluetooth
since the me a series of course the apt
X codec however the benefit of Wired
headphones is the FM radio which is one
of the only non stock Android apps
you'll find in the phone
the only other apps that aren't googles
are the me store me community and the
camera app this is because the me a3 is
part of the Android one program and it
sports a squeaky clean version of
Android Pi there are no ads and no
unnecessary inclusions I know this is
the gold standard for a lot of people
but I wish Xiaomi would have included
the navigation gestures from the UI
because they're substantially better
than the native pill navigation you'll
find on the me a three earlier I also
mentioned an IR blaster
well the UI is so paired down that it
doesn't include an app for it it's an
easy fix and all you have to do is
download the mute remote app once it's
on there it works just like you'd expect
but it is strange that it isn't
pre-installed on the phone although it
technically has three cameras in the
back then the a3 really has two active
snappers and a two megapixel depth
sensor the main 48 megapixel main camera
has an F 1.79 lens and spits out 12
megapixel images all the 8 megapixel
ultra-wide camera has an F 2.2 lens
neither has optical image stabilization
the default 12 megapixel images you're
getting good light have excellent levels
of detail and nice colors there's why
dynamic range great contrast and
generally these are some of the best 12
megapixel daylight photos that we've
seen there's no point in shooting in 48
megapixels because while you get a
higher resolution the detail is nothing
special and it takes up a lot more space
date/time snaps with the ultra wide
camera aren't quite as good as the main
cameras but the colors are still nice
and there isn't much noise however you
might see some corner softness due to
the distortion correction and low-light
the lack of OAS forces shutter speeds of
1 over 14 which requires a higher ISO
this leads to more noise and more noise
processing so we end up losing detail as
a result I'd say if the light is low
just use night mode it makes a huge
difference because images are properly
exposed nicely balanced and a lot more
detail is preserved it's not the best
night mode around but it's a bit faster
than Huawei's
as far as the auto ride camera goes well
the images at night aren't good they
have aggressive noise reduction dark
exposure and they're generally soft and
lack detail for key videos with the main
camera are very detailed and almost
flagship worthy they have low noise
accurate colors in very good contrast
and an average dynamic range 1080p at
30fps footage comes up pretty much the
same but naturally with the lower
resolution however we would advise
against shooting in 60 FPS because
footage comes out quite pixelated
there's no 4k videos with the ultra wide
camera but there are 1080p ones ohd
ultra wide videos aren't quite as
detailed and they have warmer colors
good contrast and about the same dynamic
range as videos from the main camera the
32 megapixel front camera has nice
colors and a wide dynamic range the
camera is a fixed focus 1 but if you get
the distance right and keep your hand
still images will come out looking quite
detailed so I think that Xiaomi missed
the mark a little bit with his phone if
they'd gone with a 1080p display there
wouldn't have been much of a hit to
performance or battery life and people
would have straight-up bought this phone
because it would have everything that
you want from a mid-range err as it is
right now that display is a deal-breaker
for some and honestly I think you have
to check it out in person to determine
if it's a deal-breaker for you if it's
not this phone offers a lot it has a
good camera it has good performance it
has good battery and it has stock
Android which is awesome however if it
is a deal-breaker for you then I'd
actually go with the Galaxy a 50 or the
Shamim e9 se well that's about it for
the show me me a 3 tell me what you
think and if it is a deal-breaker for
you and down in the comments below
thanks for watching and if you enjoyed
this video with the like button down
below subscribe everything and I'll see
you next time

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