WWDC 2020 Hype Stream Countdown

by birtanpublished on December 5, 2020

Hey we're looking green we're looking live it's officially beginning the hype countdown ladies and gentlemen we have finally reached the last hour before quadruple udc begins very excited to see you all thanks for tuning in uh just as a reminder in case some of you don't know because this happens every single apple event everyone suddenly forgets how the internet works and doesn't know when the event starts the event starts in one hour in 10 minutes i will be doing my live reaction to the event

Over on twitch the link for that viewer the viewership is in the description uh this is just where we're gonna recap our final predictions final rumors going around um mac os big sur i don't know if you guys saw that lee but now it sounds like we'll be lucky if we get hardware at this event because there's several leakers walking around saying we're not getting any hardware at this event after telling us we're getting hardware at this event for months and months and months

So let's see how this goes um at this point i would be kind of confused and very uh perplexed if we actually don't end up seeing hardware at this event because i get you know in the in the first like initial impressions people are like oh no hardware at this event that you know sometimes worldwide developers conference doesn't have hardware it's a software event primarily why would there be hardware but here's my point if they're not announcing it at this event i don't know when a better

Time is because the september event is going to be all about iphones um so why would they want to delay airpods studio air tags uh apple tv imac redesign which lots and lots of leakers are now saying the imac redesign is happening um i don't know why they would want to unveil that with the iphone 12 that's primarily a consumer event um the mac and stuff like that is primarily for developers and for several several years now apple has been very comfortable

Unveiling hardware at quadruple udc that doesn't ship for another six to eight months for instance the homepod was unveiled at worldwide developers conference 2017 didn't ship until february 2018. the imac pro was also unveiled in uh developers conference of 2017. they unveil they unveiled it but it didn't ship until december same with the mac pro in the pro display xdr they unveiled it at the developers conference but they didn't ship it until

December so i'm not expecting anything to really be ready to ship today i'm fine with that i can get behind the idea that okay stuff isn't ready to start shipping out today but i have a hard time believing that they would have zero hardware to unveil and this is purely just software announcements i could be wrong you know lots of people again are saying that last minute i guess apple decided to scrap all the hardware but uh i'm still having a hard time understanding why

You know they didn't have any hardware unveiled in 2018 developers conference but that event was the same year there was a march event it was the same year we had an october event and i'm personally predicting that apple's going to keep events to a minimum this year just because of kovid um and there's probably only going to be this event in the iphone event in september that's it that's all i'm anticipating i don't think they're going to have a later october event to unveil all this

Stuff so in my opinion today's the day today's the day it makes sense to unveil this stuff even if it's not ready to ship and yeah in my opinion that would mean including uh the our macbook unveiling because i i just don't see apple today being the type of company to just announce a transition and nothing else but hey we got our first super chat from alex jackson thank you he says hype appreciate the donation uh yeah iphones kind of have their own event those events are

Pretty much just um iphones apple watches and maybe an ipad that's pretty much all the hardware they like talking about at the iphone events i'm not sure there's much time uh for other macs and other little refreshes that we've been hearing about for so long so some people are saying they want slow mode um i have to figure out where that is i haven't had to activate it in forever i think it's the three dots no okay youtube just reads i apologize youtube just redesigned their uh

What's it called youtube live streaming studio thing and all the buttons i'm used to seeing are no longer there um so i am just going to have to tell you to live it up chat this is uh this is as good as it can get um let's see some people are thinking apple sent fake news of no hardware to catch the leakers and see who their actual sources is i like that it's a conspiracy but it's an interesting theory we got going there uh i don't expect ipad air to be refreshed at this event

I think it's too close to the ipad pro refresh and that makes me think that ipad air will probably get refreshed in september at the earliest if anything maybe later than that jaden sent a super chat thank you very much says should i regret buying the 2020 i5 macbook air yesterday i don't think they're going to announce anything that's going to instantly make that macbook air dated today maybe in the long term you might feel a little dated because again it's rumored

That they're announcing the transition to armed cpus some people are saying it's just an announcement some people are saying there will be a product unveiling along with it we'll find out very shortly i'm so pumped i'm so excited but um no i don't think the macbook air is getting replaced by anything today uh or anything in the next couple months so no don't don't feel bad don't sweat it uh keegan super chat it says ios 14 will be my 10th version of ios i've used i

Started on ios 4 with a 3gs crazy how time flies by yeah except it might be called iphone os now so get used to that tongue twister uh oh mercy super chatted and said good morning oh guys can we talk about that for a second this is the first online only apple event in a long time if i i think maybe ever even the apple events that weren't live streamed they had like the media in press show up it's possible we might not get that moment of tim cook saying good morning because

There's no audience no one's going to be clapping no one's going to be like that's normally how these events start is everybody cheering while tim goes good morning so i don't know what to do i i mean i don't know how it's going to feel this could be a very very different apple event compared to previous years this one could feel very awkward more awkward and they're always awkward and cringy a little bit but this could be more so or perhaps less so because i still am under the belief that

Personally i think this is pre-recorded it's being broadcasted sort of like a youtube premiere but personally i don't think this is actually live i think apple wanted to record the whole thing ahead of schedule uh schedule they recorded the whole thing so there won't be any like mess-ups or demos or craig going let's go to backup here they don't want any of those moments and because there's not an actual stage or a crowd they're just they've pre-recorded the whole thing and

They're going to broadcast it okay so it's not like uploading a youtube video you're not going to be able to skip ahead just because it's pre-recorded it'll still be a broadcast so it'll feel like it's a live stream but in reality it's actually not that's what i'm guessing but uh i guess we really have no way of knowing i don't think apple would tell us uh ibis super chatted uh says good day from australia can't wait for quadruple udc uh malarkey man thank you

For the super chat he says apple newton refresh yes pretty sure that's 100 confirmed right brandon thank you for the super chat says obviously they had to scrap the hardware releases to make room for the 45 minute memoji presentation did you see that tweet tim cook sent out this morning that's him as an emoji saying like good morning developers i was like oh god what if this is the whole event it's just two hours of tim cook being an emoji

Uh at the same time i could see it happening because apple's very proud of those emojis um let's see what will happen during the september event then iphone apple watch ipad that's what happened in the last september event can you guys believe it's been nine months since the last apple event oh my god that's been a lot of hype there's been a lot that have come out since then i mean there's been a ton of stuff apple has launched without a keynote i mean they launched airpods pro

16-inch macbook pro the redesigned macbook air with the magic keyboard uh the magic keyboard case uh the iowa ipad os 13.4 that lets you have cursive support and tracker support um the updated macbook pro 13-inch macbook pro there's been so much stuff dan the man super chatted says still have fake clapping of course of course they will um no i don't know because this is a developer's conference do they really want it to feel like an episode of the big bang theory where we have fake people or yay we're collect because apple can decide how

Long the applause is for maybe they could make it kind of humorous and like everyone's clapping and tim cook walks out on stage and then when he does this all the clapping like instantly stops he's just like thank you today we wanna you could make a joke out of it i think it could be comedic jason superintendent says how do you think lsd affected steve jobs and apple oh my god that's too deep of a question um you know steve i read the autobiography not the autobio the biography of steve jobs and he was into

Weird kind of stuff like that uh that kind of helped him become the visionary that it was but at the same time he was kind of a jerk to a lot of people but i don't know i could do a whole podcast on that alone cd 80 thank you for the super chat want to upgrade my ipad air 2 what do you think um now is not a horrible time to upgrade if you're fine with touch id and the home button the current ipad air would be a decent upgrade for you especially given it's

The back to school program right now so you could get free air pods with it um and also get it at a discounted price with education so it's a little under 500 bucks uh i i don't think it's a terrible time to buy but there definitely seemed to be some reports of an ipad air 4 of sorts coming out around september or later in the year so if you can hold on to it a little bit longer i would say hold on to it but if you can't you know your ipad air 2 is

Just not cutting it anymore it's killing you then sure you know go ahead and upgrade or even better yet try to find a certified refurbished ipad pro from 2018 because honestly that's the best ipad deal you can get right now 550 bucks with 120 hertz display stereo speakers face id working in any orientation like that is a great deal honestly um i don't think he had a lot lst stuff basically

Right uh yeah i heard the reports too ios 14 or iphone os 14 is rumored to run on every single device that ran ios 13 which is great that means that lots and lots of you get to enjoy the new features i'm not exactly sure if there will be a ton of new features i think it might be intentionally boring this year let's get that expectation out of the way guys this happens every single year i got it i got to be honest here i've reacted to worldwide developers conference every year since 2017.

Okay this is my fourth year doing this now and every single year everyone gets pumped everyone gets hyped beyond belief they're like oh my god i can't believe it i can't believe this is going to be exciting the event starts and then they'll start talking about stuff you don't care about whether it's an augmented reality demo whether it's health features whether it's some kind of stability thing for developers and you are going to feel

Bored every single apple event no matter how big of an event it is has fluff fluff for those of you who don't know is time killer apple putting in stuff that you're not there to see but they want you to know about in fact playstation 5 is the ultimate example of an unveiling with fluff because it was basically an hour and 15 minutes of just gameplay commercials ads until they actually unveiled the console and apple does kind of a version of that it's not as bad but

Apple will literally just know that you're there for certain things like big hardware announcements and that kind of stuff and they'll save that for the end of the event so that they can get you to sit through the boring stuff in the beginning there will be boring stuff yes services telling you how apple news plus is doing telling you how the apple card is doing telling you about how amazing apple tv plus is there will be all kinds of boring service stuff

Just expect that do not expect glasses to come out today uh let's see do you think i ipod os will happen god i hope not please not drew the imac 27 inch in the uk at least is still not shipping until mid july why is this if no hardware is expected well the iphone 8 was still shipping the day before the iphone se launched so it's not out of the ordinary um again like i said i'm not expecting the if there is a redesigned imac today which it sounds like there may not be

But there's definitely one in the works as ming chi quo has confirmed it and he knows his stuff from supply chains ming chi quo was like the only guy who knew about the pro display xdr and the resolution and the size sizeable in it of it and all that he knows his stuff and he's saying the redesigned imac is happening if that gets unveiled today i don't think it'll be shipping today i i think it'll be shipping later in the year like q3 or q4 uh peyton super chat it says honestly

If they just announced uh setting third party apps as default i'll be happy i just want to use firefox yeah i'm not crazy about that kind of stuff i'm happy with safari but i'm glad that's rumored i hope that happens also wanted to thank um lance gamer 9108 thank you for becoming a youtube member appreciate that thank you very much um let's see steph super chatted quadruple udc starts the program was recorded in front of a live studio audience yeah i think that would get i think apple would get some

Backlash for that because i think apple wants to tiptoe around the whole social distancing thing and the pandemic and keeping people uh away from each other and even if they brought like apple employees to the event and they're spaced out away from each other i still think apple would get flack for that and for that i think apple will avoid it i don't think they're going to show the stage at all uh colin super chad it says if there's no imac apple sheep overdrive needed

I will be extremely mad at the people who have leaked stuff that was coming at this event for months and i don't think anyone's innocent of that pretty much any leaker i've heard of has said that there was hardware coming at quadruple udc this year lots of it and if suddenly none of it happens they all suck you all suck y'all terrible y'all are terrible why get us so hyped for that i personally can't stand it when we get leaks for something for months

And months and months and you're hearing about oh this is what's going to happen at the event this is what's going to happen at the event and then the day before the event we hear leakers go actually none of it's happening never mind it's like why do we even follow leaks at that point this is all useless um let's see some of us do come for the developer stuff hardware can be developer stuff people there was hardware last year there was hardware in 2017 and the only reason

There wasn't hardware 2018 was because we had a march event and we had an october event and i don't think there's going to be an october event this year apple's going to keep events to a minimum because of the pandemic holy crap there's a lot of people watching right now we almost hit 3 000 viewers by the way my record for i think youtube live stream viewership was 3 000 when i pre-ordered the iphone 10 and it sounds like we're about to break that record that's awesome

And i apologize i don't do this often but uh a reminder the telos of tech podcast will have a new episode today we're going to record it right after the event takes place and nick is going to be working his butt off to try to get this video up on the taylosive podcast channel um put the link in the description and we are so dang close we're less than 200 subscribers away from being a thousand i'll never ask you to subscribe again the only reason we want a thousand subs is then we can monetize the channel

And we haven't monetized it yet so nick and randy are putting all of this hard work into the podcast which you guys a lot of you listen to and watch and they get nothing for it so i want them to be reimbursed so please even if you just subscribe to the channel until we hit a thousand and then you can unsubscribe i'd appreciate it very much um and we've got plenty of people watching right now so let's let's please make it happen i'll never ask you again tom herbert thank you for the super chat will there be a new imac

Released maybe there's a bunch of leakers saying it looks great it's going to come out we're going to see it and there's also a bunch of leakers now saying there's not going to be any new hardware unveiled at this event so we're getting very very con contradicting reports so i don't exactly know how to take that i hope so in my opinion if you had to ask me for a personal guess i'm no leaker i don't have sources or anything personally i think yes i think we're

Gonna get see hardware at this event because there's only gonna be two apple events this year and if there's no hardware at this event that means they have to announce all of the 2020 hardware via site refresh or at the september event and i don't think they want to launch a redesigned imac via september event or via website refresh to me that sounds like a big deal especially the arm transition they want

To talk about on stage so in my opinion absolutely fruitly because apple i definitely think um i definitely think that we're going to see hardware today and this live stream is gonna age horribly by the way i can't wait because once we see the event and nothing comes out i'll be like okay okay whatever let's get excited for the next apple event then uh adaptive text super chat it says love your channel drew can't wait my personal opinion there's going to be a new imac if it was a minor refresh they would

Have released it already yeah i agree with you subscribe to your podcast hey thank you jennifer appreciate the super chat for those who are wondering where the podcast channel link is obviously costs you nothing to subscribe and you get hours of free content so please please enjoy it whoa wait we reached it already someone said they reached a thousand sub that was fast thank you guys appreciate that i gotta text nick i'll tell nick

Uh hey you gotta apply for monetization now that was fast i was i was expecting to get maybe a hundred subscribers from this live stream but we did it thank you everyone appreciate you very much okay i'll never ask for you to subscribe to anything again in fact unsubscribe from this channel right now that's how i that's how i justify it ryan super chatted will be so annoyed if tim doesn't reveal hardware yeah it's all tim cook's fault i'm sure uh

Mohamed super chatted i don't want to go into business details but i do believe hardware is coming today i think the rumor was leaked by apple on purpose to filter and follow the leaks i want to believe that i really want to believe that um because i want hardware today and uh several leakers have been saying how great the new redesigned imac is and i want to see it i want to see it i'm convinced it exists if minchi quo says it exists it means it's happening at some point this year

Uh i just hope it's today mercy thank you for the super chat podcast channel just jumped to one thousand congrats and time to get monetized thank you guys appreciate you you guys are awesome i will never ask you to subscribe to a channel again in fact you should unsubscribe from every other channel thundercat goalkeeping super chatted uh will my who keep i don't i don't know i don't know what you're saying that's a typo or whatever rusty super

Chat it says love your videos thanks for your positive vibes you are welcome let's all get hurt again by the apple event that doesn't live up to our expectations let's go i'm just confused because we've seen so many leaks lately saying that apple has all these things ready to ship i saw leakers saying airpods studio have been ready to ship since march new airpods have been ready to ship since march new imacs have been ready to ship since march which i'm now having a hard time believing

And uh new apple tv has been ready to ship since march hearing all of these things and now they're like eh you know what i don't really feel like let's not announce it at one of two events we have this year let's just do it for a site refresh like really no thank you also want to give a big shout out to the mods who are working really really hard i get it youtube chat is particularly toxic but also a big shout out to all of you casual leakers out not leakers um

What's the term uh there's a word for it lurkers lurkers the lurkers out there that are not commenting in the chat but watching the live stream anyway we see you we know you're there you never click the like button you never click dislike you just watch but you're what makes this channel run so thank you to all the lurkers out there sorry i had a brain fart gleb super chatted hi from russia i'll stay up till 5am for this oh my god dude that's not going to be worth it there's going to be so much fluff in

This event i can already tell yeah lurkers uh what about airpod studio you posted and then deleted today oh okay i'll address that okay so here's what happened i got a dm from someone who said i think someone leaked airpods studio go to the gift card section of the apple store app and i went in there and here are nothing but apple products right a picture of the ipad the macbook the apple watch the iphone and then one of the pictures was this pair of over ear headphones that looked exactly like

The the glyph in ios 14 leaks the little glyph of the apple over your airpod studios and i was like wait is that it did they put it in there before they before they realized it was ready i was like that looks like the new headphones and it didn't have the beats logo on it or anything and it didn't look like typical beats headphones because i've seen them and there wasn't anything there so it didn't look like that icon so i was like hey i tweeted it out i was like is this

Airpod studio did they already unveil it so it turns out it was a pair of beats headphones it was just at an angle i'm not used to seeing it at because every single pair of beats headphones always tries to showcase the beast the beats logo on the side this was the one picture i saw that didn't have that on the side so i jumped the gun tweeted out before i realized it so i deleted the tweet to prevent a false hope false hype of people thinking that there was because there

Were already some people replying to the tweet saying hey airpods studio leaked and i was like ah shoot i jumped the gun tweeted too early so yes i deleted the tweet um calling me calling me alejandro super chatted from a new lurker you're welcome all thank you very much we appreciate you lurkers no there will not be any iphones at this event oh my god i don't know who keeps telling you there's going to be iphones at a developer com

There's no iphones today people there's no iphones today um let's see super chatted from wakas uh super chat it says yo bro really appreciate the honesty that you put into your videos and you don't over saturate your content either keep that uh keep that ish up you feel me yeah yeah i mean all i'm trying to do is make the content i want to see i don't like thumbnails or titles that trick people i don't like videos with sponsors in them because i feel like they're wasting my time

I get why channels have to have sponsors it's understandable i get it um but if a channel doesn't have one i might like that one a lot more because i feel like my time's not being wasted so i'm gonna just continue doing that as long as i can i appreciate every single one of you for watching or super chatting because it allows me to have the best job in the world this is my dream job and i love it so i would never take you guys for granted and assume i'm always going to have you that's why i've redesigned my budget

Over the past couple of years so that i can hopefully whether i have youtube or not continue to make videos that you guys can keep watching so as long as you keep watching i'll keep making let's keep let's keep it up because i'm loving it if you guys are loving it i'll keep it going and holy crap i think we hit a record today 3 300 people watching right now oh my god i've never had that many people watching a youtube stream before that's amazing thank you guys uh we got a super chat from jason says

Hype train taylor's attack you are great okay let's this isn't the hype for me let's go back to the keynote i don't need to hear more about me watch them launch airpods studio tonight would it be tonight or is it just your time zone i feel like your pod studio is still going to come out today not to not to ship it might be like coming this fall or something uh thank you brain frick for the super chat what time does the show start so for those of you who don't know

Uh first of all can i be confused for a second if you don't know when the apple event is why is your solution ask people in a live stream just google it go to apple's website it'll tell you thank you versus super chat nathan so apple event officially starts in 45 minutes it is currently 9 14 a.m pacific time in 45 minutes the apple event will begin 10 minutes before the event starts i will be switching over to this setup and i'll be over on twitch the link for my twitch account is in the description

So you can click that when this stream ends and watch the apple keynote with me yes you will you will be able to see and hear the apple event on the twitch page i'm not live reacting to it on youtube because youtube doesn't like it when i do that so twitch is fine with it though um oh wow hello from romania says edward thank you for the super chat in another super chat from justin beck uh think they will have improvements for magic keyboard yeah i mean ipad os has to have something

Ipad os has got to be taking advantage oh you know what i know people have been saying there's no hardware but if we get final cut pro for the ipad pro today oh i can't wait to try that out i think i made a tweet that people are going to hold me to that if final cut launched for the ipad pro i would edit at least five videos on the ipad which might be very hard that might be hard uh justin said love apple keynote days and i've enjoyed your videos ever since the attic days keep it up and best wishes i wish you all the

Best oh thank you justin appreciate the super chat lance super chatted as well do you think apple will ever add a touch id sensor in the apple watch i feel like they don't need to because the apple watch isn't something you unlock 100 times a day like you do your iphone the apple watch once it's on your wrist and unlocked it stays unlocked until you take it off again and most people aren't taking their watch off 100 times a day so even if they put a biometric on there it would only be used like

How often like maybe five ten times a day which in my opinion is a little wasteful because the little pin isn't that hard come on it's not that bad um so at the same time though the apple watch is kind of running out of things to do the series 6 already sounds boring like they're not going to add much to it so if they run out of things to add to the apple watch maybe yeah maybe they'll feel like adding something like touch id to it but i definitely don't think it should be a

High priority i would say only add touch id to the watch if you can do it in a cost effective manner that the price stays the same because if it requires a price jump for touch id not worth it in my opinion don't raise the price whoa i think we have the super chat record for today's stream thank you very much mapletree productions super chat at 50 bucks saying can't wait thank you very much um who else super chatted uh warrior 86 thank you for the five

Bucks and biblical ways news says hope dis helps buying a silly pen and god bless thanks i will i will use that money to buy a silly pen no just kidding i got an apple pencil it's fine jack super chat it makes me sad that the almighty process had no products my heart is officially broken well john has been wrong before guys so let's not convince ourselves there's absolutely no hardware because i mean he also said quadruple udc would be june 1st and it wasn't so planes can change

Planes can change i'm giving i'm leaving out hope out there he could be right not saying he's absolutely wrong but um the software is free and i feel like there's going to be hard work at this event personally sorry there's a fly in here vincent super chat apple tv show mythicquest has the imac design oh okay cool make it easier super chat it says i love your videos love from india love back to india thank you for watching from all the way over there make it easier um oh my god i gotta keep up with these

Super chats billy tudor says nice haircut thank you very much my wife has cut my hair ever since we were married so it's not a you know quarantine haircut this is just how any hair i've had over the past couple years has been thanks to my wife and she's not even a hair stylist she just learned how to do it just for me so shout out to louise she's an amazing wife the best allen super chat it says do you think the 16 gigabyte ram option is a bottleneck on the macbook 16-inch

With the 5600 m gpu i don't think so i think people over exaggerate the importance of ram so i personally think you'd be fine with 16 gigs of ram but i'm not an expert so don't take my word for it arvind super chat it says i think tim wanted to trick john like john prosser tricking the macbook pro 13-inch 2020. maybe maybe that's what it is uh ryan r super chat it says why do you think ios will be named iphone os well john prosser tweeted out iphone os a couple days ago um i think it's possible he could have

Gotten confused because for those of you who don't know apple has referred to ios on internal devices that are testing as iphone os since the beginning that never changed so anybody who has an internal version of ios it's always been referred to as iphone os so i feel like there's a chance that john may have saw an internal version of ios and saw that it was labeled iphone os and thought hey they're going to change the name when in reality internally it's always

Been called iphone os so maybe he's just getting confused but obviously we don't have to wait that long to find out 40 minutes till the apple event starts biblical ways new super chat again says would be awesome with an apple vacuum yeah apple vacuum that would suck dumb buzz super chat it says love from colorado i guess the colorado fan base is like we don't love you we kind of like you i guess but make it easier super chat it says you have a big following from india love

From india man you guys are sending so much love today all this for just a bunch of disappointment when the event begins if they don't announce new hardware then it will be a huge disappointment do you agree yeah i think so i'm more disappointed in the leakers than anything because the reason we believe there's so much hardware at this event is because of all the leaks that we've had for months so if there's no hardware

Yeah xcode is rumored to come to ipad that has been leaked for a while again not confirmed but uh there's been rumors of that going around for a long long time so we're gonna find out how accurate these leakers are today um let's see when i'm writing code for ios the operating system is called iphone os in code yeah i've heard that as well so it's possible that you know apple you know leakers have seen copies of iphone os internally and they're like

Hey it's different so it's going to be called iphone os uh when in reality it's always been called that internally so externally i think it could still be called ios 14. nice pewdiepie chair thank you very much what about final cut pro will that come to the ipad pro so the leak was to correct everyone i think it was back in march or april uh and i believe it was john prosser who said final cut pro and logic and xcode are coming to the ipad within the year

I don't know why they wouldn't unveil it at developers conference because it's for developers and it's software and it's for the ipad so it might not be available today they could similar to adobe photoshop they unveiled that with the ipad in october of 2018 but it wasn't available for like a year later um it doesn't make sense to unveil that software via site refresh or at the september event so in my opinion today's the day if there is going to be final cut next code for ipad today is the day to do it

Uh crm doodle bomb super chat that's a fun name thank you hello from the united kingdom hello back to the uk i've got some ancestry back there uh i don't know how to say say your name is it tater i'm sorry that's probably terrible greetings from bavaria i apologize if i insulted or offended the entire country just now ryan humber super chat it says heard there's a chance they'll change the iphone name to apple phone at some point no i haven't heard any credible leakers

Say that's going to happen um why would they change now to iphone os i'm not sure i've seen some people say that it makes sense given we have tv os ipad os mac os watch os so why not iphone os it kind of lines up with every other os naming but at the same time the ipod touch has an a10 chip and ios 14 is rumored to run on the 6s which has an a9 so i'd be very very shocked if it ended up being like the ipod touch doesn't get ios 14 or

Iphone 0 that doesn't make sense so i'm very confused at why apple would change the name especially given consider the fact that it's tv os watch os mac os it's not apple watch os it's not apple tv os it's just tv os so with that logic to be more consistent it should be called phone os if we're going to argue consistency which also sounds terrible to me i'm very comfortable with saying ios and i feel like adding syllables to the name for no reason is just kind of

Unnecessary so i'm saying maybe because john has been very accurate with the last minute leaks and tweeting things right before the event happens um so i'm not saying it's impossible that they'll call it iphone os i just don't quite understand why i don't think the reasoning makes complete sense um shout out from brazil thanks brazil uh yeah they don't call it macbook os or imac os they just call it mac os so yeah i don't quite understand why they would call it iphone os alex superchat it says hello from

Atlanta and andrew scott super chat it says good day from australia uh i my wife has australian citizenship and we're gonna try to take a trip out there uh next year so looking forward i wanna i've never been to australia my wife uh her my father-in-law is from there so i'm excited to see australia soon uh he andrew scott's asking about ipad air 4 which i've done a whole video about which is essentially 2018 ipad pro dumbed down just 2018 ipad pro you know face id usbc squared off design

Apple pencil 2 support but no 120 hertz no stereo speakers and probably just an a12 chip no a12x or anything um so that's why i personally that's what i personally think the 28 uh the ipad air 4 will be because the current ipad air is just a rebranded dumbed-down version of the 2017 ipad pro that's really all it is if you go back and look the 10 and a half inch ipad pro turn off pro motion turn off stereo speakers get rid of the cpu it basically is the ipad air 3. um ronald super chat it says louise

Watching dub dub as well did you ever watch keynotes together greetings for multi europe no my wife is actually working today she's working remotely from home so she's just in the other room um so she cannot watch the event but she's also not as crazy into this stuff as i am she's not super techy when it comes to announcements like this so nope she doesn't watch apple events they're not that interesting to her but that's okay i actually prefer it that way because

When i'm done working with youtube and making tech videos and doing the podcast and live streaming on twitch i don't want to talk more about tech stuff when i'm done working so it's actually refreshing that when i leave this room and i leave my office and i get to spend time with her we talk about all kinds of other stuff outside of the heck different hobbies and different activities we get to do so i don't i don't need to talk about

Tech outside of work thank you for the super chat lucas says greetings from austria man it feels like everybody around the world is watching holy crap the duck with a mic super chat it says what do you think the main ios 14 feature will be hmm i it might be like you know widgets on the home screen or something or control center redesign but personally i just wish it would be stability and performance just less bugs everything runs smoothly

Smoothly like a smoothie i just want it to work well i want an ios 12 type boring upgrade um like the call ui doesn't take up the whole screen but that's about it i don't want a giant upgrade with ios 14. i just want stability above everything um there's some super chats i got to keep up with here uh peter i think i'm pronouncing that right probably not though love your videos keep up the good work the taylor swift podcast are really nice as well good evening from the

Netherlands well thank you for the super chat pee ater appreciate that and uh we will keep the talos of uh tech podcast going and if you like the tech podcast which once again no i'm not even gonna put it in the chat because we hit a thousand subs i'm not gonna ask you to watch um but all of the work of the tech podcast does not come from me comes from nick and sweeney and randy vazquez who worked very very hard on the audio and the video

Managing and hosting the podcast so that you guys can watch it on apple podcast so you can watch it on uh or listen to it on spotify watch it on youtube that's all done by nick and randy none of the work comes from my end i just get to talk to him for a couple hours a week and they do all the work and make that happen so please thank them don't thank me for the podcast because they made it all happen they do an awesome job and like i said after the event today me nick and randy will be doing an emergency

Prompt recap podcast where we get to share all our thoughts on the event and he's going to try to get that podcast up tonight it's a lot of work though so it might be later tonight it might not be right after the event uh dupont super chatted said and said hello and much love from sweden i'm fr uh my ancestors also come from sweden uh my mother's side of the family mostly came from the united kingdom and my father's side is almost pure swedish so shout out to my ancestors thank you for the super chat not irish as much as

Everyone would expect because of the hair they always think i'm irish i don't have much i don't have much irish in me um did i catch up on super chats i'm just trying to make sure i didn't miss any i apologize if you donate and i don't see it the holy crap we have set an official new record today we are over 3 600 people watching and we still got around 30 minutes until the event begins 30 minutes from now i'll be over on twitch though uh appreciate all of the people watching

And tuning in sounds like a lot of fun do you miss 3d touch do you ever think it will come back or will there be something else other than haptic touch personally i think apple tried their best with 3d touch and realized that people just didn't utilize it that much and haptic touch does 95 of the same thing and because of how they've redesigned ios i don't miss 3d touch that much before with how they designed ios 12 and ios 11 3d touch was more appreciated and

Helpful but now how they've kind of revamped haptic touch on ios 13 it's not as big a deal so i used to be really adamant that we need 3d touch and now that it's gone and they've redesigned the os i'm kind of fine with it i've kind of moved on i've i've not really missed it billy tudor super chat it says ps5 or xbox series x or both um both i'm not really into either of them to be honest with you it all comes down to the exclusives that's what i find so stupid about the

Console wars is that at the end of the day you're going to pick the console that has the games you want to play it doesn't really that the design the performance of them doesn't really matter that much at the end of the day because you're just going to pick the one with the games you like that's been the whole console war for the past two decades it just comes down to but halo or but spider-man or but last of us but that you know it all comes down to that uh tailosive

Is a made-up word that when i needed to create a youtube account name i used a name of a rocket i designed when i was like seven years old i wanted to design a missile that exploded when it hit an aircraft so it was like tail of a plane an explosive combine it telosev and then later on when i was making a youtube account it was like you need a unique username this was before google bought youtube and you could make the username whatever you want so when i first started youtube it was like you

Need a unique username that no one else has and i was like i know what username no one else has because i made this word up so it was telosiv and the name stuck was that simple osterhagen super chat it says what do you think about proas coming to pro apps sorry don't demonetize me youtube pro apps coming to ipad i think it's going to happen i think they're going to unveil it today based on the leaks and rumors we've been seeing it may not be available to purchase or use today i

Think that it'll be unveiled but they'll say like this will be available for all of you this fall it'll launch in the fall it'll launch in the winter it'll be a while you have more viewers than cnet and they have 2.6 million subscribers oof oof that's a lot of inactive subs but that's okay i have a lot of inactive subs will sleep tracking be available to all on watch west 7 or will new hardware be required in my opinion i don't understand why it can't be just a software feature i don't

Know why new hardware would enable sleep tracking all you need is like a battery an accelerometer and a microphone but apple might make it one of those weird things where they're like hey you need the latest series six in order for sleep tracking you're wearing like i don't know um i hope we can find out today though i hope we can find out sami super chat it says good morning from socal i'm a big fan what feature would you like uh to be added most to ipad west aside from stability

Um redesign of siri it would be great if siri was like it was on the mac and it just kind of came out from the side instead of covering up the whole display i would also love it if pop-ups were transitioned into notifications right so i hate the little both on ios and the ipad i hate the little pop-up that's like low battery 10 and you can't click on anything else on the display until you hit dismiss or if your email needs your password

Re-entered it stops what you're doing on the whole display until you address that those should be little drop down notifications those should not take over the entire screen same with siri same with phone calls same with warnings or call you out yeah all that stuff needs to be updated uh uh and it comes to exclusive to ipad os i think would be great if we could get official external monitor support that's not just screen mirroring but actual like adapts the ipad os screen to the external monitor

That way i could really really easily edit videos on the ipad because i could just plug it into a big screen monitor i think that would be cool um let's see will you start reviewing the microsoft service uh don't plan on it i've been fairly unimpressed with the service line but i basically because i'm my own boss no one's in charge of me um i like making videos about what interests me and i'm openly in apple sheep i'm biased towards apple i find them the most interesting so most of my videos will be

About apple i will occasionally not talk about them when i find a product that i want to make videos on but for the most part my goal isn't to talk about every single tech company my goal is to just talk about whatever i feel like so if i feel like talking about surface products i'll talk about them if i want to talk about apple i'll talk about apple so that's what it's going to be 3 700 people holy crap that's a lot of people dgd graphics thank you for the super chat appreciate

That um macbook 16-inch to programming i don't know what you mean but yes you can program on a 16-inch macbook would final cut be on the 300 ipad personally this is a prediction of mine i think the pro apps will only be available on the ipad pros a lot of people disagree with me on that but it's kind of one of my far-fetched conspiracy theories that apple because the ipad air 4 which we talked about already being very similar to the 2018 ipad pro

People are going to feel less reasons to get the 2020 ipad pro it's like ultra wide lidar a12z chip who cares why do we need this stuff um i think apple's going to start bringing software exclusives to the ipad pros so it'll be compatible with the 2018 ipad pro and the 2020 ipad pros but they'll basically say final cut logic um that kind of stuff is going to require the a12x chip or better and then people will be like no no dang it uh will final cut cost 300

I don't know how they're gonna handle that i saw a few leaks saying that if you own final cut already you will already own it for the ipad so apple's gonna make it simple and easy and it'll just be if you buy final cut for the mac you have it for the ipad and if you buy it for the ipad you have it for the mac like you buy it once you got it on everything to me that would be smart and i'm in favor of that because i've already bought final cut so if i could put final cut on my ipad at no additional charge

That would be amazing but uh i could also see apple with how much they push services making final cut a monthly subscription please don't do that apple please glab super chat it says hey it's me again have you considered upgrading your displays to 49 inch super ultra wide they're good for multitasking um i i've i've got three monitors on my desk right now so i'm pretty good when it comes to screens in fact i already have an extra cinema display in my closet which i'm not using so i'm

Really not in the market for more monitors um i haven't messed around much with those super ultra wides but every time i see them i don't see them as ultra wide i see them as half a tv whenever i see a screen that long so it might be better for multitasking but i'm not really a fan of the look or the feel those monitors get so maybe i just need to try one and i change my mind but uh that monitor in the center of my desk i was sent to me for free so that's a

Pretty hard deal to be benq just wanted me to try it out so i tried it um but there was no contract there was no sponsorship they didn't pay me they just sent it out to me so i am happy with this monitor setup if the imac gets redesigned and we see that today i'm going all in on that thing i don't want an ultrawide monitor i want ipad pro on a stick running mac os that sounds awesome uh gail super chat it says hi any guesses for one more thing today how could apple surprise us today love from

Belgium man i don't know if there's going to be a one more thing i'm trying to think of something they could do um i mean it'd be kind of funny if they did apple glasses today that would that would definitely surprise me uh because i don't expect that to come out this soon uh how apple changes the horrible low battery pot hope apple changes the horrible low battery popups yes wixo melody animation please change the low battery pop-ups change

All the pop-ups there shouldn't be pop-ups replace those with notifications mark goodbout super chatted and so did billy tutor giving a little fist bump emoji i guess you can do that now thank you for the super chat michael says i wish more youtubers live streamed in 4k i wonder if apple will livestream the event in 4k they usually don't so i'm going to guess they probably aren't going to but um live streams because of how much compression the video codec has to go

Through the differences between resolutions are much lower so basically if you want to live stream at 4k it requires a ton more bandwidth which when you have more bandwidth it puts you at risk of lag and also very little people can actually load a 4k stream on a 4k display that's a very small percentage of people that are watching the event and the number of people that have the internet to sustain a 4k stream and because of the compression the 4k isn't that noticeable which is why most

Companies don't stream things in 4k is because it's just not really it's very hard to tell the difference i have live streamed at 4k before on youtube it does support it um youtube will let you stream at 4k but it it's barely noticeable i've tried it it's not the same it's it's not the same as streaming like 720p versus 1080p which honestly is very close because of the video compression that's why a lot of like professional

Twitch streamers still stream at 720p because the difference between 720 and 1080 1080 when it's a live stream very hard to notice whereas if it's a pre-recorded video that's just being uploaded because there's less compression it's more noticeable so 1080p versus 4k kind of sticks out a lot more um holy crap we hit 4 000 people wow thank you all for tuning in that's amazing thank you guys very much um what do you think of apple would release an actual tv super chat at veda

Um there's been rumors of that happening for like a decade now and it's never happened so i feel like apple's not that interested and i'm not that interested either because knowing how apple made a six thousand dollar pro display if they made a tv would probably be at least three grand and i ain't spending that much money on a tv i haven't even used my apple tv in months now alex lancaster films super chat into syria with johnny's voice oh that'd be fantastic and ironic

Because johnny ive is no longer at apple uh arvind super chat it says what will the macbook 16-inch refresh look like um the next 16-inch refresh is most likely going to be a spec bump where they just put in some new cpus or maybe wi-fi six finally but um i wouldn't expect it to look much different until they switched to arm maybe if they switch to arm they could shrink those bezels a little bit give it face id or it won't require as rigid a thermal structure so you could expect a different looking

Macbook pro i imagine thinner thinner bezels no fans if they switch it to arm but that's not expected to happen anytime soon uh it's getting close 20 minutes guys we've got 20 minutes to go uh leo lima super chat it says guess the next mac os name three two one go i heard a league saying big sur which sounds very odd that they would call it that but i want big chungus if we're gonna put big in the mac os name let's call it let's go with changus

Mac os quarantine hey that would be kind of ironic and funny and yeah they won't do that but that would be funny i'm in favor of mac os quarantine that sounds awesome will armchip power the max latest analog analytic sorry i don't i got to talk a lot today forgive me if my voice gets shot um you sound weird when you aren't talking at 1.75 xp well when the chat is blowing this fast i got to keep up uh the r max where was the question again i already

Forgot mac os quarantine would make sense um someone was asking yeah i want big chunks on the mac always uh oh yeah analysts were saying that uh the first r max are going to ship as early as q4 probably more like q1 but if things go according to plan they might want to get those out into the market by the fourth quarter of this year which could involve a 13-inch macbook with an arm cpu and i've heard they want to start

Switching like the rest of the mac lineup within 20 excuse me within 2021 i have a hard time believing that though i saw the analyst report saying they want to get all macs over to arm cpus by the end of 2021 the hardest part i have with believing that is the mac pro they literally just launched that and it's all about intel and modularity and upgradeability and all that stuff and if they did all that just to switch to arm a year later those people who bought the

Mac pro i feel like would be really screwed so i don't think they're going to switch everything to arm next year but i do think we'll start seeing a lot more armed laptops next year for sure i don't know exactly about uh i don't know exactly about switching the imacs next year maybe the ming chi quo is saying they want to get the imac on the arm cpu next year mac os stay home there you go that's a good one if apple offers you a job would you take it i don't know what they first of all they would never do that i

Barely graduated high school um second i don't know what i could do for apple uh whatever job i could offer would not be very valuable because all i can really offer as a youtuber is this is what i think the hardware should look like and this is what i think the software should do that that's all i could really come up with i could just be like uh i think it should look like this i'm not an engineer i'm not a software developer i don't know much about computers i've never built computers

Myself so i'm very inexperienced in that department so no i don't see why apple would hire me um and i love this job i love doing youtube i love talking about whatever i want being my own boss and setting my own hours so yeah i don't i don't i don't need to work for apple i'd rather work for myself and talk about apple jack sobel super chat it's his thoughts on apple search engine i think it'd be cool if apple developed

Their own search engine however they get billions of dollars a year from google to literally do nothing like apple wanted to switch the default search engine for siri and safari to something else and google said we'll give you nine billion dollars if you leave it as google and apple's like okay so apple has very little incentive to to design their own search engine because if they want to make their own search engine that's going to take software teams development teams it's going to cost

Them a bunch of research and development to make it happen whereas they could do literally nothing and just keep google as the default search engine and make billions of dollars a year so how would you guys feel if i was like would you rather work and lose money or do nothing and i'll give you money i bet most of you would say doing that thing and you give me money sai chan 627 super chat is this greetings from hong kong holy crap 4 thousand viewers i guess the whole world

Is watching that's true because there's only 4 000 people left on planet earth yeah john atkinson super saiyan super chat it says do you think apple released a hybrid macbook pro so developers can test their apps on arm chips while not losing functionality during the switch well john i would almost argue they kind of already have because more recent macbooks have the t2 chip which is an arm cpu so maybe with the next version of mac os they'll let you

Emulate arm apps off that cpu i know it's very low powered but in a way they kind of already have hybrid macbooks uh gdd graph the g sorry dgd graphics david a super chat says have apple recorded the event before or is it live the answer is yes but actually no we don't know for sure we know it's a live stream but we don't know if it's pre-recorded and honestly we're not sure if apple will ever tell us if it's pre-recorded or not we don't really have a way of knowing so i personally if you're asking me i

Think it's pre-recorded because apple doesn't want to have mistakes they don't want to have slip ups they don't have they don't want to have greg fedoriki going let's go to backup here so they probably in my opinion pre-recorded everything but they will broadcast it like it is a live stream so you can't skip ahead you can't see the ending before others um yeah i'm very hyped if you couldn't tell yusuf uh tengkado super chat it says will we get new design home screens for ipad os

The non-adjustable pile of icons doesn't fit productivity on ipa pro greetings from duchlan thank you deutsche lang um i hope so we're going to find out very soon we could possibly find out the next hour that's crazy to think about apple event starts in 15 minutes folks we'll be switching over to twitch in five minutes i will the the link to my twitch account is in the description if you haven't downloaded twitch and you want to watch the apple event with me now is a good time to download

One create one and follow me at telos of tech it's the same name as all my other social media uh i'll be over on twitch in about five six minutes uh and then i will react to the apple event there yes you will be able to see and hear the apple event as i'm reacting to it oh i'm sorry someone says i miss their super chat i will try and go find it um let's see josh super chat it says would you ever host a today at apple class you know my whole family is teachers my

Mom is a teacher my dad is a teacher my sister is a teacher my aunt is a teacher my uncle was a teacher my grandpa was a teacher my other aunt is a teacher i'm like the one kid in the family that wasn't a teacher but i feel like i could be pretty good at it i just don't know what i would teach um i never have attended one of those apple today at apple classes i don't know i don't know why i would teach one maybe if i had something interesting to talk about i guess but

Why twitch or not youtube great question youtube does not like it when i react to apple events if i react to an apple event on youtube they will take it down twitch doesn't care twitch has let me react to apple events over there for years now and they've never uh questioned it they've always been fine with it youtube however has much more strict and bizarre and messed up copyright rules to the point that if i react to the apple event on youtube i'll get in trouble and they won't let you watch it so i want you guys to watch

It also if you're not able to react if you don't want to watch the twitch event live you will be able to watch it after it is live twitch will keep a broadcast of that for three months after the apple event after the live stream takes place so if you want to just watch the apple event by yourself uh you don't want to watch it with me totally get it that's fine um but if you want to watch my reaction afterwards i will tweet out the link once the live stream is done and yes it will be

Available on my twitch page after the fact so you can watch it later this is reminding me of when you went full on eminem rap god to make the pixel look guys i am the literal apple sheep if you search apple sheep online i'm what you get and we're about to get one of only two apple events this year of course i'm excited of course i'm pumped and this is going to be a much more different apple event than usual so oh i apologize someone said i missed their super chat let me see i think youtube will

Give me a dedicated super chat section section here uh apple search engine taylor ray super chat it says opinions on changing default apps i'm all for it i'm not exactly sure why apple hasn't changed it yet but yes i want it um where youtubers streamed in live i'm sorry uh oh okay penny grossman superchat says hi from london when do you think applecard will be available in the uk i want it so bad listen i'm sure apple wants to bring the apple card to the uk but when you launch credit cards in other countries there are so many laws

And rules you have to jump through that it is very very difficult um for apple to bring the apple cart to the uk it's not a matter of a software update there's all kinds of banks and rules and government legislation they have to get through to make that possible i'm sure they want to i've heard nothing about them bringing it to the uk but i want i want them to i want you guys to have the apple card i hope you know that i'm not rooting i want everybody to have it i wish every feature apple unveiled was

Available for everyone um but because the world is not that simple uh they can't they have a lot of laws to abide by let's see the apple live stream is on okay i'm sure it's a countdown uh we'll be moving to twitch very shortly stay tuned uh i searched up apple sheep and you actually showed up that's what i'm saying i am the apple sheet there's no one else i know the live stream is on but the they won't start talking and they do this every year by the way

The live stream starts about 15 minutes before the event actually begins so i'm sure the live stream has started but there's nothing in there do you think we will get air power no i really do not i am not convinced air power is ever coming out um let's see do you think youtube will allow 120 fps in videos maybe i feel like very little people can actually notice the difference dark mode apple card that would be cool i want a dark mode applicant bro react to the earth uh let's see credit cards is a no for me

Doc that's fine you don't have to get up i just like the free money i like that i don't ever miss a credit card payment on my apple card so all the cash back is just pure profit for me covers my other apple services um let's see john says he's about to cause a ruckus okay good for john enjoy enjoy his tweets thank you for the super chat um from mersey let's see which showcase will be the one you are most excited for if there's a redesigned imac that is number one for me today

Sounds like that might not happen outside of that final cut for ipad pro if we're getting that today i'm super pumped and it feels like we might not get either what if nothing we want happens that's always a possibility um let's see what if all the leakers got together and planned to prank yeah it's stupid i don't i don't like what the leakers are doing these days they annoy me they love doing things until the last minute i'm not going on twitter i'm not looking at twitter i'm i'm committed to

The apple event at this point all right ladies and gentlemen we have reached 9.50 i will now be moving over to twitch prepare yourselves i'm going to be spamming in the chat mods don't ban me the link is in the chat and uh i'm going to start the stream now i appreciate all of the super chats all of you people joining in on youtube for those not coming to twitch thank you for watching i will be doing a recap after the fact thank you all for tuning in i will see you all

Very very soon take care guys let's

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