Wrestling! Punk! Pain! (from the archives)

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

what's up shitheels I am here with an

old microphone because we are showing

you a very old video this week we don't

have a new episode of this exists and

that is for a very good reason which is

that I am getting married and it turns

out that planning a wedding is wonderful

and a whole lot of work so this is a

clip from talk-show night at juicebox

manor it's the first TV show that I ever

made it's the first TV show that Justin

ever made who's behind the camera right

now I co-creator and co-host on this

show which happened like seven years ago

and he was a talk show where we had

bands play in my basement

we interviewed bands on my couch and

then we take bands out into the field

and golf with them or drink of a lot of

beer with them or in this case learn how

to wrestle with Damien Abraham of fucked

up and Taylor Wilde formerly of TNA

wrestling it's one of the best things I

think we've ever done and I hope you

enjoy it in lieu of a new episode from

the archives fucked up wrestling from

talk-show night at juice box Manor yes

alright so we're here at squared circle

training in North York with Damien from

fucked up and Taylor Wilde from TVs TNA



you kind of incorporate some sort of

wrestling tricks yeah absolutely

absolutely like I've gone through tables

I've taken chair shots I've bladed I

steel wholesale from wrestling and bring

it into punk rock and punk for me is

just a delivery system for the wrestling

it's like Trojan horse tomorrow it's my

birthday I'm turning 30 and so this is

like you know one of those things that I

wanted to do for a long time so now it's

off my list let's go



there's levels of chops there's I'm

ready to you know have a good match with

you chop and I hope you don't end my

life so don't to end yours you don't

have to do like the really language but

don't kill oh yeah you feel it and

there's the top that can make you

possibly wet yourself or horse oh wow

we're totally heard and then there's a

chop that I'm gonna give Damian and

that's basically the he last kiss and he

wants me to hug him so it's like an

autograph sososo run us down we're about

to learn body slamming okay so basically

you're gonna lift your opponent as high

as you can right preferably over your

shoulder okay and slam them into the mat

hence a body slam you're gonna look











we've had a tremendously successful day

of learning wrestling here at squared

circle with our good friend former TNA

at knockout champion Taylor Wilde and

former Juno nominee Damian from fucked

up current Polaris nominee Damian from

fucked up exclaim number one Punk record

of the year 2009 Damian from fucked out

we're going to put all of the skills

that we've learned today into use right

now in something that we call wrestling










so we just finished learning how to

wrestle and I feel amazing

Damian your thoughts few things I feel

exhilarated sore but completely

satisfied yeah this is like capping off

a year like started with that 12 hours

show we have like you know moby like all

these special guests it shows jefra keep

Moroz like all these like big events

this is probably tops of all currently

at the time of filming is you are a day

before your 30th birthday right

Chantelle I would like to give you thank

you very much hope you guys liked that

from the archives clip from talk-show

night a juice box Manor weddings are a

lot of beautiful work and we're going to

be running another archival clip next

week it's going to be awesome

I assure you hopefully you're enjoying

them and we'll be back soon with new

episodes of this exists real this exists

so please subscribe and be excellent to

each other



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