by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

what in tarnation did you guys see this
while on bit tricks exchanges we saw in
a one-minute candle over a thousand
dollars actually dipping out down into
the six thousand dollar range
what could this potentially mean there
are so many things kind of going on in
the cryptocurrency space right now but
we need to try to make sense of this in
this update this is only showing on bit
Rix's exchange but you can see here
eight thousand down to sixty nine
hundred US dollars we've got to take a
look at this in the video and as well
it's been an absolutely juicy
tutti-frutti crazy day we need to take a
look at some price action currently
getting a very small bounce at that
point seven eight six on a daily chart
here but guys is the bloodbath over is
there more to come we need to get in and
discuss what's going on with Bitcoin as
well as discussed in yesterday's video
guys this was only just the beginning
and there was more downside to come but
we really have to jump into this and
even take a look on some weekly charts
what does this mean for Bitcoin are we
in a good position bad position spill
the beans start slapping your thighs my
munchers let's get into this update wow
what is going on my little men welcome
back to another exciting urgent update
here very late on Sunday night beginning
of this new weekly candle we have so
much to talk about we have a lot of
things to talk about guys we have this
massive candle we want to spend a lot of
time talking about on bit tricks only
okay only on this exchange and as well I
want to show you guys this you know in
my last video I got some hate for saying
this was only just the beginning
primarily the video was talking about
downside and towards the end of the
video I said there was about a 70 to 80
percent chance that we were definitely
gonna see some more downside and boy did
we we have a lot of talk in the market
today about you know plus token with
them dumping on the market okay guys we
have to expect this we have to expect
that there's going to be some
manipulation some big cells going on but
realistically what position is Bitcoin
in currently and is well alongside with
the TA today I want to talk about
something fundamental in regards to this
having and honestly what this really
means now that we've seen so much dump
egde so close to the having I want to
kind of share my thoughts on what that
might mean because again I think a lot
of people were expecting we kind of have
a slow run up into the having and then
potentially a dump somewhat after the
having is we've seen kind of similar in
the past but now what does this mean now
that really we
we have not seen that and we're not
gonna see that okay what does that mean
going to having what does it mean for
Bitcoin are we in a whole new world full
of possibilities and dreams that can
instantly be crushed like when your high
school sweetheart admits she would
rather date literally anyone in the
school but you Wow the pain is real so
guys thank so much for joining me and as
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we can jump in to this ta so guys I
really want to start off here and we can
actually let's go to the 1-minute chart
so you can see how this happened this is
only showing on bit Rick's I just
tweeted about it so we'll bring that up
here but you can see here on the
one-minute chart guys what an anomaly
here these are two minute candles okay
look at this
now I'm sure we'll get some kind of
update about this tomorrow but look at
this trading here about 8,000 you see
this come all the way down okay actually
go all the way down to six thousand nine
hundred and ninety seven US dollars and
then bounce immediately back up you
can't even see it in my screen right now
because it's so small but look at that
on the 1-minute chart here guys
absolutely massive now this comes at a
very odd time as we've been dumping all
day we've been dumping for the past two
days specifically today has been very
bloody you can see here opened around
8800 or sorry 8900 all the way down to
70 900 okay absolutely massive day so
what does this mean as well what is
going on with these markets what's going
on with these exchanges I mean these
markets are sliding faster than a man
walking on a pile of bananas okay people
are just slipping and sliding everywhere
it's huge so we really want to delve
into the che and we actually want to
take a look on the weekly chart what
does this mean now because guys we're
clearly below some extremely important
indicators okay we're clearly below is
there a balance in store as well did the
seamy gap at 77 get filled now that we
went all the way down at 69 we want to
talk about that so as well I want to
mention this in my last video I believe
it was yesterday we talked about bearish
bearish downside okay we're talking
about yeah this is probably gonna get
more nasty you can see in the thumbnail
here Bitcoin was right around like that
eighty nine hundred dollar level
yesterday during this video okay we said
it's only just the beginning must see
why it's falling and in fact it actually
dipped a lot more now can we expect more
of that we're gonna get into that in
this update and as well guys what
exactly does this mean with the price
falling like this so this is something I
think it's important to mention I'll
play a clip here from my last video okay
so let me actually illustrate that
better let me zoom out so you guys can
see a little bit so maybe like a
shoulder here they might be pointing
this is the head
and then this is another shoulder and
that regular head and shoulder and then
another pushed down basically just
saying everyone's gonna be talking about
this this head and shoulders that
potentially could be forming here it's a
very ugly pattern okay so I mentioned
that in the video but look at this this
is also very clear here again I said in
yesterday's video this is really ugly
but I knew people are gonna be talking
about it I knew there's gonna be a lot
of a lot of coverage of this but take a
look here there's a head and shoulders
and this if in fact this is a confirm
head and shoulders we have not actually
reached the target the target of this
actually would be the very low six
thousand US dollar range this would be
absolutely crazy we really need to
buckle in and really just try to
understand these markets because things
have gotten absolutely bloody I'll tell
you one thing if we would see a price
drop down to six thousand dollars this
week I will tell you one thing we would
be in for a mega moon bounce unlike any
moon bounce you have ever seen
we are already two days in to some nice
carnage ok 92 down to about 79 in about
8,000 currently are you over a thousand
dollars down let's see here already over
like twelve percent over the last two
days in bitcoins price going down now a
drop down to 6,000 this would be
absolutely insane now guys I'm not
calling for this necessarily but I'll be
over 35% that would be absolute carnage
people would be going nuts we would
smash through everything important to us
but I want to zoom out and show you
something here guys
because again if anything like that
would ever happen you can expect that we
would get an immediate massive massive
rally even if it was only short-term
even if this market continued to bleed
for a long time we would get a mega
balance very quickly if we saw a move
like that most importantly here guys on
the weekly chart this is absolute
carnage so we did close the weekly chart
just recently right here and you can see
right now we're here guys so honestly
there has to be somewhat of a bounce
soon because of so many key things that
have been broken for this market to
remain at all good I definitely think
that Dow and SP and traditional stocks
are gonna open tomorrow and it's not
gonna look good okay so that's one thing
we need to keep in mind I don't think
it's gonna look good tomorrow for them
but here on the weekly chart this is
absolutely amazing okay we actually have
some resistance right here that 0.786
Fibonacci level very important after
falling through the golden pocket
recently right around the 86 we actually
just smashed through today again this is
trying to provide some support here a
little bit of a bounce here but guys
we've actually broken
through the 21 weekly moving average as
well as the 50 week moving average both
insanely key will we do something where
we come down to visit the 200 week
moving average just like we did back in
December of 2018
I sincerely hope not that was like our
lowest absolute worst case level for a
bounce that we've been talking about
this is like our absolute lowest so
again that actually is right around that
5.5 K level if those prices are a
reality you can expect that if we would
ever come down to those levels it would
have to be a very long wick very similar
to what we just saw today again this is
this is only on bit tricks this is some
sort of thing only going on with bit
tricks here but if we would ever come
down to the six thousand or fifty five
hundred dollar level it would be very
quick in my opinion I think it would be
a very big wick like this okay this is
exactly what we see and we need to see
an immediate bounce back up if that
would ever happen I'm not even saying
that will happen but we do have to be
realistic about what we've seen recently
we have to look at actually the 7.5 as a
very big level of getting a bounce okay
now we were talking about the five point
five in the six thousand dollar level
doesn't necessarily mean that has to be
the level we come down to before we
absolutely blast off in past 10k again
we don't necessarily have to come down
to those levels but I do think we would
probably have to come down to maybe that
7.5 K level okay I don't necessarily
think this is the bottom we're at right
now we're on 8000 I think we still at
least have probably $500 okay guys and
that would fill that this gap we've been
talking about for a few weeks right
around the 77 and then we could probably
see a big bounce now regardless of
everything guys regardless of everything
we need to see a bounce here at some
point you never in all of these charts
you never see just massive downside
without ever getting a bounce when
there's pumps there's dumps and when
there is dumps there's pumps they go
hand in hand if the market gets too
oversold too quickly it blows up okay it
uh you know it'll it'll rebound now it's
some point we do have to see that but
again I don't necessarily think for
right now that we're done with the
downside I think at the very minimum we
should probably come down to seven point
five and one of the reasons I say that
as well guys is because so many key
things have actually absolutely been
exploded and broken through on these
trends I do think we could be back above
all-time highs within two to three
months okay
so even though I'm talking very bearish
this could all be just part of the
pattern that plays out but for right now
I think we definitely need more downside
and another thing that I want to talk
about here brief
as that on this chart you see that
having right around here you guys are
getting very close to it many people
basically everyone assumed that we would
come into the having maybe unlike a
pattern like this maybe get a little bit
of a dump and then continue up okay and
set some new highs going into like the
very end of the summer of 2020 the end
of 2020 definitely in the Twenty twenty
one but what we're seeing right now is
actually very interesting is this the
last dump the last shakeout before we do
something very similar to that maybe you
know that could still be the trajectory
this could absolutely still be the
trajectory that we see again it could
get a lot worse maybe we do something
like this or sorry something like this
and then do something over time but I
think what's really interesting now is
that because we're not do pumping into
the having okay I think everyone will
agree we're definitely not pumping into
the having right now again there's still
some time left many weeks left before
the having but it's you know everyone
could agree we're not pumping right now
in fact we're dumping so I think for one
that's interesting because it sheds it
kind of tears away all of the
presumptions people had about to having
it won't repeat exactly what all the
other having's have done at least for
right now going into it I definitely
think at this point it's proved that
it's not going to be an exact repeat of
other having's okay for example you can
see the last having we pumped pretty
significantly 450 up to about 800 right
before the halving but you can see it
dumped going into the having pretty much
right there and then it went on a
parabolic Bull Run and we saw something
similar here pumped from what $6 to $16
and then crashed going to the halving
but then it did actually pump a lot so
again I think as the halving comes to an
end basically the second half of 2020
has to be bullish but right now maybe
we're getting the final shake outs here
obviously people talking about the
dumping of plus token on the market
again guys very interesting stuff and
things we have to take into account but
again for right now to sum it up guys to
end the video yes absolutely I
definitely think there will be some more
downside before we do turnaround and it
will be very fast and very violent when
we do turnaround just like today was
very fast and very violent as the dump
continued as well guys thanks so much
for everyone that's bought the course we
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again we are so excited and so happy to
be doing
so much content that we can put and put
so much time into it that I am NOT able
to do here on YouTube and as well the
fact that I'm actually charging money
for it provides the best incentive for
me to continue to do the best work that
I can do and provide my most valuable
information so she's been awesome thanks
everyone again so much for the kind
words and as well you can pay in Bitcoin
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about that we can do the transaction
that way but guys thanks so much for
watching and I'll see you in the next

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