Would you pay $16 to watch fake Beyonce perform in a video game?

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

There is a place where you can watch Alice
Cooper perform with Rob Zombie and Slash,

catch the Pink "Party Starter" tour, and see
all four Ramones, alive Where Chamillionaire

does meet-and-greets and Duran Duran has their
own island Second Life

Launched in 2003, Second Life allows users
to create an avatar and then just live online

That's sort of it Its big media moment came
a few years ago, when it was heralded as a

potentially world-altering big thing

It wasn't, but Second Life maintains a dedicated
user base to this day And they want to rock

During the heyday of Second Life growth, companies
like American Apparel and Adidas set up shop

inside the game And so did record labels
It started with meet-and-greets, where artists

like Chamillionaire and Hinder and some guy
named Lance Rembrant found a way to turn an

everyday promotional activity into a potential

There were listening parties — Regina Spektor
debuted her 2006 record, Begin to Hope, inside

her Second Life loft You can still visit
it It looks nice You should

Second Life's audio streaming capabilities
— the way Sire Records was able to play Spektor's

record — led Suzanne Vega to stage the first
in-game live performance in 2006 And so Second

Life developed its own music scene, starting
with a user named Astrin Few

Von Johin became the first Second Life musician
to sign a record deal based on his following

in Second Life Johin plays several times
a week in game at one of the many venues that

have been built by other residents He did
this so well, a record label signed him

Redzone was the first band to tour Second
Life, spending a week playing in places like

Mystery Megacorp in the Sprawler region and
the Black Sun in Nexus Prime in the Gibson

region Later, they hosted a day-long festival
in the Wastelands

Not every musician in Second Life is simply
streaming from their bedroom — the much more

experimental Avatar Orchestra Metaverse makes
all their sounds inside the game itself With

spheres and bodies and more spheres

These artists developed alongside Second Life
theatre troupes, art galleries, and ballet

companies All very serious

While real life musicians like Few, Johin,
and Redzone have taken advantage of Second

Life's unique landscape to find a new audience,
a threat has emerged Tribute bands

For 4000 Linden dollars, the in-game currency
that converts to about $16 Canadian, promotion

companies inside Second Life will stage a
Muse concert —

Or an ACDC show —

It's pretty simple — they dress up some avatars
to look like the band, program some lights,

and stream a pre-existing live recording
Naturally, this irks some purists I mean,

this is not actually Beyonce

These days, there are fewer big name artists
actually dropping in themselves — although

a Duran Duran island announced in 2006 was
finally unveiled in 2011 And it looks pretty

Take me there

What do you think? Is Second Life a legitimate
space to develop as an artist? Let us know

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