by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

hi everyone it's mark from silenced tech
and today we have another graphics card
vendor finally on the channel and I know
you've all been waiting for that for a
while we're going to be taking a look at
the geforce gtx 1080 from ZOTAC but this
isn't any normal 1080 it's an extremely
small version so small in fact it's not
that much bigger than my own hands the
big question is though how well does it
perform considering its size I'll be
taking the zotac 1080 Mini through its
paces today with comparison against a
couple other for size 10 eighties from
the likes of asus and msi pricing the
card is available right now on amazon a
five hundred and eighty nine ninety nine
pounds in the UK and six hundred and
twenty nine ninety nine dollars in the
US which is a little higher price than a
normal 1080 so who actually is the
world's smallest 1080 geared towards
certainly someone building a smaller
mini ITX gaming pc in fact the card
would be perfect for a custom built
steam machine or a small form-factor pc
that people like to take to lan parties
the GeForce GTX 1080 mini from ZOTAC has
six millimeter copper heat pipes leading
through against aluminium or aluminum
fins back checking out the fans they are
actually different in size the one on
the left has a 19 millimeter static
pressure fan and the one on the right
has 100 millimeter fan optimized for air
flow each fan has been optimized for
various components helping to minimize
the car's size while not compromising on
cooling performance so far this GPU
seems a little too good to be true
surely there's been some compromises
taking a quick look around the card it
has a nicely designed metal backplate
with a good amount of holes for
ventilation the PCB is 17 centimeters in
length and the cars total length is only
20 point five centimeters just note
there's nothing been shaved off the
original specifications from the GTX
1080 founders Edition it still has 7.2
billion transistors and 2560 shader
cores and eight gigabytes
ddr5 ex checking out the connections on
the back there's been no compromises
here either free DisplayPort 1.41 hdmi
2.0 B and a dual link DVI pause there's
a single 8 pin power connector powering
the card making cable management easy
especially if you're using something
like a mini ITX case the 1080 mini from
ZOTAC has 180 watts TDP 75 to 150 watts
is delivered through the PCIe slot and
the rest through the 8 pin PCIe
connector while benchmarking I was
impressed even further
temperatures never reached any higher
than 77 degrees Celsius I remained at 33
degrees at idle unfortunately the fans
are always spinning on this card and
they do not shut off below a certain
temperature although that might not be a
good idea in a small case crammed with
loads of components and cables here's a
quick listen to it idle and under full
load I didn't notice any color whine at
we've been answering the performance so
far I've been blown away with the zotac
1080 mini as long as it doesn't crash
and burn in these benchmarks is probably
going to get a platinum award so let's
jump in and find out how well it does
against some of the best full-size
techies on the market


I gave you
so there you have it guys and girls
overall the zotac 1080 performed
extremely well well it didn't do as well
as the full-size 1080 it certainly tried
it's best to keep up I can only really
recommend this card if you're thinking
of building a mini ITX PC and I cannot
wait to see if they make a 1080 ti mini
version overall the award for the zotac
1080 mini is of course a platinum sorry
for the quick review today guys and
girls this card has to go back to ZOTAC
ASAP for an event so I've had to rush
this out nevertheless I hope you've
enjoyed the review my name is Marc from
silence tech good bye

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