by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

so crypto gaming welcome back to another
episode you guys are new here we do a
giveaway at the beginning of every
single episode and today's winner is
actually a special giveaway winner for
the gaming monitor over the past three
months I do a giveaway every single
quarter and this past giveaway it goes
to KC werster congratulations Casey
thanks so much for commenting and there
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like the video and without further ado
we're going to dive into today's video
that is going to be covering Divis new
mobile master note which is pretty much
a world first they allow you to set up a
master note from your phone within 30
seconds quick disclaimer this video is
not sponsored but Divi is doing a
campaign on grow your base as part of my
series where I cover awesome projects if
it are launching campaigns on grow your
base where you can earn products from
the platform directly so the link will
be to their campaign below and you guys
get a chance to actually earn a Divi
Master nub if you guys are new to the
channel we have been in the loop with
the Divi master node and the team for
the past couple of months here on the
channel and they are coming out with a
mobile master node that deploys to the
cloud you can entirely entirely manage
from your cell phone in previous
episodes I've set up their master node
it's one or two clicks and it gets setup
within 30 minutes so I was really
excited to wait for the announcement of
their mobile master node or the EM Moshi
also have you guys notice I don't have
the green screen behind me because I
wanted to wear this fancy banana t-shirt
it is super fresh one of the things that
always drew me to Divi and the fact that
they are using a iteration of name
climate so Diddy's able to store
arbitrary data on the blockchain using a
dis version of a name coin and they're
actually allowing you to do a SSO which
is a single sign-on it's the equivalent
of saying sign up with Facebook but it's
for the actual blockchain and – the
privacy concerns obviously I've been
excited about a mobile master node for a
couple of years now just because it uses
the functionality of a smart phone and
you're actually receiving passive income
via your smart phone and you can use the
cloud to deploy everything that you need
to host the masternode so in theory you
only need a couple of clicks and Divi
has proven that with their new mobile
master node where you literally can use
the features of your iPhone and your
Android phone that's gonna be using
facial recognition to unlock it and all
of these features that are just getting
started with master nodes are going to
be amplified with the cool features that
the smart phone brings to the day start
Divis going to be doing Bitcoin support
as well as Divi support on the mobile
wallet so you can also store Bitcoin on
the master node if you want once you go
through the process of setting it up the
idea is that they're starting with
Bitcoin and allowing people store it on
there with the Divi master node and
they're going to be using RC 20 tokens
in the future but to start they're going
with Bitcoin and with that said they're
also incorporating multi-sig which a lot
of people are big fans of it's going to
allow for an on-ramp for a lot of
individuals new to the space Divi is one
of the frontrunners and allowing people
to use their smartphones and getting
involved and setting up a master node
within 30 seconds from your smartphone
it's hosted on the cloud virtually
hands-off and you're getting rewards
participating in the network is a very
winning scenario for people to really
understand how proof of stake works what
I do now is show a quick 30 second clip
of how you can set up a dippy master
node on your mobile device you can see
how seamless it is and how fast it gets
started just from your Android or your
i phone also stay tuned for right after
the demo video so you guys get a chance
for an exclusive announcement super
excited about the project in general so
let's dive into the demo video

as you can see it's a quick process of
setting up the dippy master node on your
mobile device you can use the
functionality of your phone like facial
recognition get to use the seamless
interface with Bitcoin and soon to be
yours in 20 tokens in addition to divvy
on top of the master node and you can
upgrade right from your phone basically
just adding to the amount of cloud
storage that you need to utilize further
around the water cooler is that Divi is
working on a repository for ledger
support which means that the Divi will
be eventually on ledger which are
hardware wallets and if you guys aren't
native that is cold storage we should
kept offline a super important thing
that you guys need to see and research
more about but that is very exciting and
game-changing for Divi to be integrated
with ledger and allowing people to move
their Divi on to ledger so that is word
around the campfire that is not in stone
yet I'm gonna let them announce that at
their own leisure but that is it for
this episode I hope you guys liked it it
did slap a like if you guys liked the
banana shirt also and I will see you
guys on the next episode of pack crypto

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