WordPress Black Friday Deals And Duds – What Do You Think?

published on July 18, 2020

I thought we'd have a little bit of fun in this video and go over the best Black Friday deals but also go over some of the Black Friday duds so it's the deals versus the duds in this video let's go ahead and have some fun with it now I did want to let you know there's a

Giveaway and it's a free giveaway that I'm running on my website and I want you to enter if you like free stuff all you have to do is go to WP crafter comm slash Pratt Friday I keep calling it Brack it's Black Friday and I'll put a

Link in the video description box down below and you could go here and enter I'm giving away element or licenses every single day for seven days there's still plenty of chances to win okay let's go over these deals and these duds

First let's take a look at hosting so a2 hosting has a really good deal you can get web hosting for as little as $1 98 a month and this discount is over 60% it's a pretty good discount but we've got site ground

And I gotta say site grounds deal this year is kind of a dud and the reason it's a dud site ground itself the service is not a dud but the deals a dud cuz it's only 5% over what they already give you normally anyway so when you

Heavily discount your service it's hard to give a bigger discount when you're when everyone expects there to be a discount like on Black Friday so I gotta say psych grounds a little bit of a dud but I mean how much more cloak can they

Go you only look in it to 98 so it's a buck more for their lowest plan than what you get at a2 of course what you want at a minimum is to grow big if you're gonna get SiteGround however if you're looking for a new hosting you are

Gonna save some money and this is the best time to order but don't worry about it I can turn this dud into a deal when you order psych round through my referral link I give you a training bonus package of courses that equal I

Normally would sell for $500 and I'm gonna give that to you for free all those details are on my website okay and and also a hosting to throw in his name hero a named hero has their black friday cells starting in the morning what is

Interesting to me about named hero is it's cpanel hosting for those that like that and don't like some of the hosts that have gotten away from it but it's also light speed servers and what that means is if you use a special caching

Plugin that's free your website's gonna run pretty fast I'll have a video out on that okay next let's go ahead and take a look at membership plugins and so let's look at a deal is restrict content Pro they're having 25% off now check this

Out they are one of the few are they actually the only one premier membership security plug-in you can build a whole membership website with this that still offers a lifetime deal and it is getting this 25 percent off so you get a

Lifetime license for three hundred and seventy four dollars this is made by the same developer that makes affiliate WP which is also twenty five percent off and easy digital downloads which is a comprehensive ecommerce platform but

They also have this plugin and it's got to say it's one of the best out there if not the best you can get a lifetime license for only 374 bucks no renewal fees and it brings me to a dud and that is member press it's a bit of a dud and

So the discount here it says 60% but they're always discounting it 50% so it's not that massive of a discount so even though you could get their top-tier plan for 279 on year 2 it's going to be six hundred and ninety eight dollars

Guys just spend an extra hundred bucks get the lifetime license of restrict content Pro and you can skip the renewal next year that would be my advice so I kind of think this one here is a dud the plugin

Is good but the deals are done okay the next here is WP forms and this is similar in kind of a dud so they do 60% off as well but it's another one that is already 50% off to every single day of the year so it's only just

Incrementally a better discount so for their top tier package and this is a forms plugin you're gonna pay 239 but then when that renewal comes up that next year don't get shell shocked it's gonna be 599 dollars so I kind of think

This one's dud but here check this out I've got a deal lined up for you and this is actually exclusive to WP crafter all the links will be down below and this is for a lifetime license to a fluent forms which is an amazing forms

Plugin and it's getting a lot of momentum right now a lot of people are really excited about it and using it so for this is the special deal that we've arranged they make fluid forms and they also make the number one table plugin

For creating tables for your WordPress site it's called ninja tables so you're gonna get a lifetime license to fluent forms a lifetime license to ninja tables and they're also gonna throw in a zon press

Which is if you have a blog and you're gonna do anything with em with Amazon referral marketing Amazon affiliate links and most blogs do that this is going to be the plug-in for you you could do amazing things creating

Comparison tables product tables all of that kind of stuff this is the one for you you're getting a lifetime license for that as well and also with fluent forms they have a signature add-on right here that

Normally is $99 so when you take the regular cost of all of this these four items it's $1,300 a year they got a special deal for WP crafter subscribers it's only $399 one-time free lifetime license unlimited websites so here you

Can pay a little bit more than the 239 but you're not gonna have to renew it next year and if the bundle doesn't interest you on this page when you scroll down you can buy them individually for 199 dollars each for a

Lifetime license which is less expensive than WP forms by a mile and you don't have to renew it the next year I'll have a full tutorial out on fluent forms that is coming up okay Nets let's look at some exciting

Deals in learning management systems learn – this hands down is the king of learning management systems and it's the king of learning management system deals but it's a very short window of time like literally if this interests you and

You're watching this video and it's not Saturday run to their website and order it's 50% off they never do 50% off it's a massive massive discount for them also interesting is tutor LMS this is great if you're gonna create an online course

Marketplace similar to who Demi and this is gonna make it real easy to do that and they're also having 50% off sorry lifter I love you but I gotta say your Black Friday sales kind of a little bit of a dud your tools great the the

Deal the cell is a dud it's only 20% off now the reason I'm calling it a dud is because it's they typically have 10% off reoccurring throughout the year so 20% off isn't that much better so I got to say that one's a dud if you're looking

For learning management systems learn – is where it's at 50% is massive massive deal but it's going to be in this really short window of time and while I'm at it I want to bring up a buddy boss which is about to be the theme that I'm switching

My website – they're having 30% off as well and if you message me there is a private lifetime deal going on for a lifetime license of buddy boss I'll tell you the secret link right now you can visit WP crafter calm /bb

Ltd set stands for buddy boss lifetime Dale PB Ltd and it will take you to that private lifetime deal page if that interests you ok let's get on to the exciting exciting product category which is page builders I gotta say Divi brings

It every single year so they give you 25% off which is great but they really bring it way beyond that so what Divi does is they go out and they ask product owners to give them licenses to give away when people purchase Divi and so

The way it works is and I'll give you an example I asked them if cart flows that's the sales funnel builder for WordPress I'm a co-founder of I asked them if cart flows can be a part of their this promotion

That they do and they said sure give us 200 licenses to cart flows now a license the cart flows is $299 so we essentially gave them $60,000 worth of licenses and lots of product owners did this they have a million dollars in software

Products that they're going to give away when you purchase Divi now the way they do it is kind of interesting so they'll be say the cart flows our and I don't know when that's going to be it might be on Saturday so let's say it's Saturday

1:00 pm so all the cells or the purchases of of Divi at 1:00 pm we'll also get a free license to cart flows and it will go until it runs out so those next 200 purchasers are gonna get a copy of card flows included for free

It's where it's at you can see there's all there's card flows right there I like that they included it right there all these products are participating in it and so what we do is we can go down here so right now the current prize is I

Can't tell from the logo but you can see it says 78 out of 200 remaining so you have to keep a deal and I on this until they offer up the product that you want then it's where it's ad this is a good time to get a lifetime's license it's

Only 200 200 bucks I saw it's definitely a deal Breezies got a big deal as well 40% off now this is off their yearly plans not their lifetime license plan I wish they did something on the lifetime license plan but I understand how it

Works beaver builder has a sell one time of year they never have it it's just on Black Friday it's 25% off if you're interested in beaver builder this is the time to buy beaver builder for sure cuz

Guaranteed they're not gonna have another sell for 365 days okay this kind of pains my heart you know how much I love Elementor but I gotta say there's this year is a dud and a deal so it's tiered so if you're getting a

Single site license your discount is 10% and then if you're getting the Plus package 20% if you're getting the experts package 30% so it just makes more sense to get the experts package now you guys know I love Elementor but I

Gotta say if you're getting that single site license the deals kind of a dud 10% is it not enough to motivate me to open up my pocket book however the 20% off is not bad and the 30% off is really good so this is your time to get that expert

Package if you were holding out this is actually the package I have the expert package so anyways this is Elementor and I get it they are adding so much value to the plugin it's a good deal but really 10% off is kind of rough so

Anyways and the worst of them all is thrive architect although it's not fair of me to say that thrive architect has drawn the line in the sand to thrive themes that they do not participate in a cell ever they have never ever put any

Of their products on sell in fact they have a blog post explaining why they don't put it on sell ever and they put the line in the sand so it's a dud there's no deal with rife but it's kind of hard to diss them and say it's a dud

Because what they do instead is they call it the unblock Friday sell they're gonna take 50% of all these cells and they're gonna donate it to charity and they do it I think it's that Kiwi or something along those lines

So they are going to be donating it to charity so you know it's not a deal for you but it's a good thing to do and it's a goodwill thing to do especially this time of year hey I've got a long list of deals all put together here WP crafter

Calm a slash of brat Black Friday they said Brack fight a but Breck Breck fly day okay you get it I've got them all here leading links to everything the exclusive offers have another offer here would just that I didn't talk

About and I've got all the deals listed out right here so you can see what they are and know what they are and take advantage I know I've already purchased some things and I am looking forward to saving some money this Black Friday I

Can't believe I left out Epsom I'm actually recording this after recording the initial video and I gotta say absolutely you're killing me Larry I do not get it not there okay so here's some deals there's a couple ones that

Are good but most of these I don't think are that great at all they are dud okay so the first one that was actually good live webinar and this is actually good it's solid it's legit they came back they ran a deal and they've come

Back and they've even enhanced the platform so now it has evergreen webinars included it's pretty solid deposit photos I guess the solid as well a lot of people have done really well with deposit photos so you pay 49 bucks

And you get a hundred photos that you can use in web design projects hey some it just seems to me like there's a lot of moving parts so I've seen a few summits using it it's probably one of those things you buy and you probably

Don't end up using I will say book like a boss is legit I know a lot of people that use book like a boss and they embed it in their their website a lot of people with book like a bosses they use it like podcasters and stuff like that

Icon I experience it a lot with podcasters but you also have free scheduling tools as well that people like a lot like Callen Callen Dee calendly okay social Moe Neos and I just seems so rough around the edges when I

Tried it out I kind of I'm sorry if the founders watching this I kind of think it's a dud find that lead is actually very interesting it's a lead gen tool I I can't even pronounce this one it's kind of a customer portal that you can

Create I think it's okay continually is good but it's kind of like a one-hit wonder type of thing it's in kind of a bot chat type of thing going on it's good for that but nowadays you might want a tool that does

Real chat does that has all the integrations and might integrate with your email marketing platform help shelf is very interesting however there's a sort of a wordpress version of this that's actually already on appSumo right

Now if that's what you want so it's okay um this is not good at all akyuu you know this no skip this one and a lot of you know web arcs I am NOT a fan I had a really bad time with it my website got hacked with this running and it was kind

Of like false sense of security and they were not and and and that could have actually happened it wasn't fully their fault that the website was hacked it wasn't mine it was what's called a zero-day attack but the way they

Responded to it was very poor let me just say poor and leave it like that I don't want a lawsuit come in my way but I've been vocal about that in lots of different places I gotta say though this deal is not doing it for me it's not

Doing it for me at all absolutely usually have some really good Black Friday deals I think these they're just okay maybe if they brought these back and they took off ten or twenty percent it would be spice it up a little bit but

They're just bringing that back for the normal price I just don't see anything that excited about it so I gotta say Epsom oh this year it's a big dud but if you were missed out on some of these deals and you were regretting it like

The webinar one or the deposit photos but the possible does they run all the time then it might be good checking it out and book like a boss is actually pretty cool so overall I think appSumo is a dud now I'm gonna hand it over to

You I want to hear what you think is the best deals and the biggest duds in the comments section down below let's have some fun with this hey I know it's a busy holiday weekend thanks for watching this video join the

Giveaway please join the giveaway and I give course bonuses away when you purchase the all that's included still when you're purchasing even if it's on like 50% off learn – I'm still including a course

Bonuses there for you so I can turn to dud into a deal just for you hey that's all that I have for you in this video thank you so much for watching I'll see you in the next video

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