Women Try A Short Girl Style Box

published on July 2, 2020

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– Hey guys, I'm Carolina

I am 5'1 and a half, 5'2" on a good day

It really just depends

– Hi, I'm Michelle

I am 5'3"

– My name is Nina and I'm 5'3"

– So for me, shopping for
clothes is kind of weird,

because when I wanna get
like a really cute crop top,

are usually regular size shirts on me,

which is fine, but some
days I would really like

a crop top that fits me

– I would say that being a petite person

sometimes you just run into issues

when you're shopping for clothes

that you wouldn't expect

Another thing for me is that I'm petite,

but I would say I'm a little
bit on the curvier side

If I find something that
is the right length,

sometimes it won't actually fit my hips

– While I don't have a
hard time necessarily

finding clothes that fit in general,

I definitely have a more difficult time

finding clothes that fit well

– If I had to describe my style

it would probably be trendy, modern,

a little edgy, I wear a lot of black

– I definitely love to be a little glam,

I love to be a little bit edgy,

and I like to be a bit feminine

– My personal style
definitely varies on mood

It just depends on what I'm
feeling like for the day

– So today we're gonna try
a style box that is made

specifically or petite
people called Short Story

– I've never used a style box before

I've always wanted to,
but I've always kind of

been very skeptic about it

Because yeah, you do tell
them what your style is,

but will they accomplish it?

– Pretty curious to see
what Short Story Box has

Real talk, I've got boobs and hips

It'd be cool to see if they have

petite clothes that are
not just about length,

but also about fitting
different body shapes

– We are about to go on to
the shortstoryboxcom website

and starting my order, I guess

– [Michelle] I am on the
Short Story site right now

I'm gonna check out what styles they have,

and I think there is a style quiz I take

before I go ahead and order a box

– [Carolina] So it's
asking me how tall I am

On a good day I'm like a 5'2"

– What's my weight, rude

– [Michelle] How do I
feel about this style

You might not like everything here

Just pick how you feel
overall about the outfit

I'm gonna put this as I like it

– Oh, this is very corporate

I like this one as a just okay

– [Carolina] Uh, that's okay

– [Michelle] I think I'm
gonna put this as I like it,

because I feel like the style feels

a little bit more fun

– Yeah, I like this one,

it feels a little more feminine

This one is one that just has fewer pants,

so that's the one I like

– [Carolina] How do I
feel about this style?

I hate it, I don't like it

– [Michelle] Sizes that I typically wear

If I'm in between sizes I can

pick the one that I wear the most often

– [Carolina] These kinds
of questions are tricky,

because it really depends on the store

– [Michelle] For bottoms,
I'm gonna go with a size six

– We want to understand
how you dress most days

Well, most days these days I'm at home

But I still wanna look cool

– [Michelle] What do I
want to receive in the box?

Ooh, okay, I'm gonna go
with laid back and casual,

'cause that's what I normally wear

Maybe I would be down to try
some business casual stuff

And then maybe like a night
out going out type outfit

You know what, I'm gonna add
athletic wear into it too

– Which style dress do I like to wear?

The fit and flare, that's
the only style I like

– [Carolina] What jean
styles do I like to wear?

We love skinny because I
can't fit into anything else

But I also love boyfriend jeans

High waisted jeans are kind
of a hit or miss for me,

because my waist is so small,
but I don't have a big butt

so it doesn't correlate well

– [Michelle] Colors I dislike wearing

I don't really like wearing black

But the rest, you know
what, I'm down with

– Are there any patterns
I dislike wearing?

Nope, I love all patterns

– [Carolina] Okay, where do
I typically purchase clothes?

TJ Maxx, Target, Urban Outfitters,

Nordstrom Rack, JCrew, Madewell,

Nordstrom's, Bloomingdales,
and Saks, H&M, Zara,

other, I feel like yeah,
I'm gonna put probably

Abercrombie and Fitch
just because, you guys,

I know we don't like 'em,

but these are the only
jeans that I ever fit into

And I'm talking about the kids sizes

– [Michelle] Favorite
Store/site to purchase clothes

I like Zara, because I
think they have a good mix

of designs that look higher end,

but are also still trendy

– How frequently do you
want to try new trends?

Ugh, frequently, I love being adventurous

– [Michelle] Are there any
pieces I do not want in the box?

I don't think I need sweaters, coats

Everything else sounds good to me

– Now they're asking if
there's anything else

that I'd like them to know
I'm just gonna be honest,

'cause it sounds like a
human being reads this

So I'm just gonna say
that I have a short torso,

and that's something that
I want to be worked around

because a lot of the times
things hit me strangely

because I'm not as tall
as a model or a mannequin

So I want that to be taken into account

Ooh, they ask for my Instagram username

so that I can show them my style

Which is really cool, because
if you're gonna invest

in a style box, you do want someone doing

as much research on you as possible

– [Michelle] Yay, okay, I'm all done

– So I just finished
filling out everything

I'm very, very excited to get this box

Like I said, I've never
gotten a subscription before

It should be here in one to two weeks,

so I will check back in with
you guys once the box is here

(upbeat techno disco music)

The day has come

My Short Story box arrived!

– The box is finally here

I'm pretty excited, but
also a little bit nervous

– [Nina] Opening up the box

Ooh, it comes with a
little measuring tape

– First of all, it
says, "Hello, Carolina"

That's my name, so we try everything on

Five days to decide what to keep,

and if I need an
extension just email them

Make your selections,
then I have to go online

and then check it out, and
then return any unwanted items

– [Michelle] Ooh,
something white and lacy

The first item is this gorgeous body suit

The second item is this plain white tee

But now it's got this low back detail

Oh my God, they sent
me a pastel purple set

Next up is this cute pair of shorts

The last item in the mix is
this absolutely cute dress

– We've got what looks like three dresses

and then a top and a cute overall thing

This is all really cute stuff

The thing that feels different
from what I would normally do

is maybe like some of the cuts

I usually don't go for such a deep v

that's like on this dress or like,

I've never worn a jumpsuit like that

I'm very interested to
try all this stuff and see

what it looks like on me

– Medium delicate wire
hoop, oh it's from Madewell!

Oh my gosh, look at these earrings

Okay, this dress, adorbs, I love

The back has like an open
back situation kind of thing

This dress is definitely
something that I have

on my Pinterest boards, so I
know that they looked at it

It's a dotty organza puff sleeve mini

This is the rombie tie sleeve blouse

Another blouse that you can

definitely see on my Pinterest page

This is the petite reveree
pea coat trim blouse

I hope I said that right

It's very vintage-chic

I've got some jeans!

Petite high waisted girlfriend jeans

Dude, I've literally been

looking for girlfriend jeans for so long

I really hope these fit

– You know your girl had to try
on the lacy body suit first

I saw white, I saw lace, I
saw these floater sleeves,

and my heart, I was gone, I was sold

I gotta say, though, for real,

it is probably the best fitting body suit

I've ever tried on

My only critique of this
is that the white material

goes right across my boobs

It does feel a little bit just like

a big broad white stripe,

but honestly I'm so in love
with the rest of this body suit

that I kind of dgaf

– I really, really,
really love this dress

But I could not get it on

It was so tight

The fabric is like spanks kind of fabric,

so it's very, very tight

Very, very, form-fitting

But yeah, I can't even like,

this is the farthest I could move my legs

But I really like this

I like how it looks on me,

I think it definitely works
with my hair cut, too

Which is why I like that
they went on my Instagram

to see kind of what I
look like in general

These are the sleeves for this outfit

I think it literally looks so cute

– All right, so here's me
in this little black dress

It's very me and it feels very

feminine, flirty with this stuff

I have to find the
proper bra to go with it,

just because the ones
that I have are visible

through this very, very deep v

Or maybe I could like pin it
or something, I don't know

One thing that's cool about this,

is that I love a short dress

I like to show my legs,
but it doesn't feel like

so short that my ass is gonna hang out,

nor does it feel like short for a model,

which would be at my knees

So that's actually really nice

I'm not sure that I would keep it

just because of the bra situation

I would have to go and find a bra

that fit this, but I don't
know, I do think it's cute

Maybe I'll find a bra

I don't know, I really like it

– So, for the white shirt
with the v-cut back,

I ended up pairing it
with this floral skirt

and I tied my hair up

The only thing is that the
shirt is kind of sheer,

and I wore pasties underneath it

But the pasties still showed through

So, that was kind of a situation

But, I do think that
the shape of the shirt

is really flattering for petite bodies,

because the length of it is long enough

so you could still tuck it
into a high-waisted bottom

But still short enough where
if you wanted to wear it out,

it would look really cute

But I got a lot of
white tees in my closet,

I don't think I will need this one

– Okay, so I like this dress

I don't know if I'm in love with it

I think the fit is very good for my form

The back is very low I feel like,

but I think it's very cute

I get very much hippie,
like 70s vibes from it

I also paired this with the earrings

that they sent me from Madewell,

'cause that's what they
said to pair it with

Definitely a lot easier to
move in than the other dress

I like it, I think it's really cute

– This is a little
black button-down dress

I'm torn on this one,
because I really like it

from the front, and it
looks like a little bit

cinched in the waist and
kind of hugs the curves,

but then, from the side, I don't know

It feels just very up and down,

it needs some of that, it's just my body

Maybe it's 'cause it's a little big,

but I feel like it could
be doing more for me

I will say that maybe the sizing for me

wasn't quite accurate

'Cause truth be told, I'm
kind of between sizes,

so it's not always 100% accurate

Unfortunately, I don't think

that this one is a keeper for me

– The blue dress is
super sweet, super girly,

I think it's so cute
because it's got these

little ribbon tassels on the sleeves

and when you twirl around in it,

it definitely feels like a dream

The only thing is that it's
got ruching around the middle

and for some reason the ruching's actually

kind of creeping into my underboob area

So, it didn't actually hit me on the torso

the way that I thought it would

– I love this outfit

I love how the shirt looks on me

I paired it with the earrings

that they sent me from Madewell

I don't have to wear a belt
with these jeans, which I love

But I feel like I love wearing belts,

just to accentuate my
waist a little bit more

I love these jeans so much

I love how this top looks

This is so comfortable

It's very freeing, it's a light shirt,

which is so useful in the summertime

This is a hundred percent yes for me

Also the detailing in this top,

the ruffles are so cute

– So now we have this little yellow top

I actually really like this,

and I didn't think that I was going to

I find it to be very cute

It feels like it was made
for somebody my height

'Cause it's like easy to put on,

it doesn't feel like I'm
really wearing clothes

'cause there's so many holes

But it's still like so cute,

it's one I have to pop into a zoom

while I still look adorable

Obviously I'm not going
out as much anymore,

but it feels like one
of those pieces where

this is something that is
both comfortable and cute

and I could transition
back out into the world

when we are allowed to
live our lives again

– I am shook

This pastel purple set is everything

It feels like I was
sculpted into this set

Like it was made for me

Especially 'cause it's a crop top

I wasn't sure 'cause I was like

maybe it's gonna be a little too long

or also it could be too short

But no, it fits so well

This is by far my favorite
thing of the entire box

– Okay, I feel like this
shirt had a lot of potential,

but it's very loose on me

Here's a little up close

So there's a cute little
knot feature up in the front

I just kind of wish it was

a little bit more cinched up here

I mean the sleeves are
definitely for the purpose of it,

I think it looks good loose

Also, these are just so fun,

these little thingamabobbers right here

I would probably give this five out of ten

only because I just want it
to be a little bit smaller

– Okay, I'll be honest, I
thought I would hate this dress

But now that I have it on,

I think I actually like it

It feels when I'm wearing it very easy

and breezy and just kind of free flowing

The fabric is very light
and stretchy and thin

which I prefer, but
because of the shoulders

and the sleeves, it has this
detailed structured look

that makes it seem like you put an effort

even though all I did was just put it on

To me it says business
woman take me seriously

But also, I'm like fun
and flirty, you know?

– I really like the blue shorts

It kind of surprised me because

it's not something that I
would've picked out for myself

Especially because the
pockets are in the front,

I would've thought "Oh, I don't know,"

"That could kinda hit
kinda weird on my body"

But it fits really well, and
it's on the shorter side

But, it's like that perfect length

To me, 10/10

– I really wanted to love this jumpsuit

It hits me in the right spot

This cinching is where my actual waist is,

which I have never found before

So, I'm really excited about that

That being said, I do think
what's unfortunate is the back

is not super flattering to me

And then also this kind
of material is something

where I feel like I need
to wear a bra with it,

but it's kind of difficult
with these straps

I think it would just look
weird and uncomfortable

and this is already so tight

I don't know, I'd like
to wear something else

But I wanted to love it

I don't think I can keep it

I don't think I can keep it

– I was very pleasantly
surprised when I got this box

And it was a lot of things

that I really like

Even the long floral dress,

which I'm not a floral person,
technically, I don't think

I was really blown away,

and I think the clothes that
they've picked out for me

really hit it on the nail with

what I want to be looking like,
what I want to wear nowadays

so I definitely will order it again

I definitely would recommend this

to all of my petite friends,

because they really
have incredible options

– After trying on literally
everything in the box,

I was able to put the pieces together

with things that I
already had in my closet

And for the most part, I thought

everything looked really cute

My only thing was that one of the tops

and one of the dresses didn't feel like

it fit very comfortably around my boobs

Overall, I would recommend it to people,

especially if you can give them

a lot of specifics on your
style and your measurements

They definitely
personalized the box for me

– All right, so I've
tried on all the clothes,

and I think out of the five items

I would keep two: the red dress

and I would keep the yellow top

Even though I only wanna
keep two out of five,

I thought it was really interesting to see

why they had sent me each piece

Somebody really sat down and
thought about all this stuff

I would definitely try it again

I think they definitely understand

the plight of the short person

Go short people

(upbeat techno music)

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