Women In This Town Actually Forced To Compete For A Husband

published on July 9, 2020

Nearly 200 countries make up ourbeautiful planet with each of thosenations as diverse and unique as thelastbut Beauty isn't the only thing thatthese nations offer a handful of their

Cities stand out for all of the rightthe wrong for the plain old weirdreasons in some cities you'll be forcedto wear a gas mask whenever you leavethe house in others you'll think you'reseeing double and what if we told you

That there's an island more populatedwith dolls than actual people there aresome truly bizarre places out there andwe're about to get a first-hand tour solet's go our first leg of thismarvelously peculiar trip around the

World lands us in the central area ofChina's Guangdong province it's herethat the strange city of Dongguan awaitswhat's so strange about it well it's notthe city per sebut the people who call it home

Dong-gwon is known for havingsubstantially more women than men whichhas resulted in a non-monogamous culturein other words the men date severalwomen at the same time and the womenencourage it because there are simply

Not enough boys to go around thepopulation disparity is around 89 menfor every 100 women the reason beingthat many women arrive in Dongguan towork in the thriving manufacturingindustry apparently the employees of the

Area prefer to hire reliable femaleworkers over their male counterpartsjust to give you an idea of the localmindset a factory worker named Li binsaid this when being interviewed by anews outlet I have three girlfriends and

All of them know about each othermany of my friends also have manygirlfriends what do you guys think ofthis idea in Dongguan the peculiaritiessurrounded the demographics not the cityitself in Australia's unique town of

Coober Pedy it's all about the wackygeographyif you've ever checked out the land downunder for yourself you'll know that itcan get crazy hot in the summertime likeregularly over 40 degrees Celsius in the

Desolate outback the heat onlyintensifies and the residents of CooberPedy know that better than anyone elseas a small mining town in the outback ofSouth Australia about halfway betweenAdelaide and Alice Springs residents fly

In and out to one of the world's mostpoor key towns in order to escape theglaring summer heat the town is full ofwhat locals call dugouts house likestructures that are built into the rockthis allows many of Coober Pedy

Residents to live sleep shop head to thepub and go toChurch all while entirely undergrounddug out self between 50,000 and $300,000depending on their setup while theaverage above-ground home sells for

Around 60,000 the subterranean communityhas been expanding ever since openingits opal mining operation in 1916 whenthe Aussies are in need of a change ofscenery one of the most common nearbyinternational destinations is the

Paradise island of bali over fivemillion tourists arrive at volleys mainairport every year ready to soak in theSun bask in the comparatively cheapluxury and immerse themselves with thelocals who always have a smile on their

Face luckily for the tourists themajority of Balinese speaks some degreeof English although nots the people wholive in the bank kala area up in thejungle of northern Bali these localscommunicate in a language exclusive to

Their region culture and history andit's called kata Kolok and it's not averbal language it's actually a type ofsign language kata Kolok has acted asthe primary mode of communication in thejungle village of Beng kala for

Generations why because a significantpercentage of its residents are deafalmost ten percent of the people in thevillage carry a recessive deafness genewhich explains why the villagessometimes dubbed desica Lok translating

To the Deaf village for a long time thelocals associated the high percentage ofdeafness with a curse however that's notthe case there's a scientificexplanation and that comes in the formof a geographically centric recessive

Gene known as DF and B 3 as most of thepopulation got their first taste ofsocial distancing in early 2024 84year-old LC Euler absolutely nothingchanged she lives in the tiny town ofManawa Nebraska that's right about here

Smack bang in between the middle ofnowhere and Simba to Ma now he has apopulation of one not 1,000 not onehundred just one and that one LC Tylershe's the town mayor pays taxes toherself grants her own alcohol license

And she's been the sole manali residentfor over 14 yearsManali housing prices are 15% lower thanthe national average if you're thinkingof joining her as the only person in atown you'd expect LC to get awfully

Lonely thankfully visitors are aplentywith herPub acting as a meeting place forneighboring townspeople and those on theroad there's trucks coming in salesmancoming in customers coming and so I'm

Just coming to visit and have a cup ofcoffeejust twenty miles down the road from anowwie you'll find the bustling Nebraskantown of grouse their sizable populationis exactly double that of Malawi that's

Right just two people this time mary andmike finnegan for 34 years and Countingthe couple and their restaurant theNebraska in have managed to keep grouseon the map these tiny towns are charmingno doubt as the direct inverse Japan's

Miyake Jima is creepy unsettling andwould work perfectly as the real-lifesetting for the next Stephen King novelcoined with the nickname gas mask townit's not hard to see why Miyake Jima isone of Japan's a zoo islands and because

Of its ominous personality it'scertainly the most famous of the bunchthe archipelago is just south of Tokyowhere it must deal with a number ofconstant hurdles one The Devil's seaotherwise known as the Bermuda Triangle

Of the Pacific and two active volcanoesthe entire island is a stratovolcanoready to unleash its wrath at any momentbecause of eruptions including onerecently in the year 2000 the air isfull of expelled chemicals chemicals

Which continue to seep out to this daythat's in addition to the initial damagecaused by lava and ash capitulated inevery direction as a result of thisvolatile environment the residents ofMiyako Jima are required to carry gas

Masks with them at all times and so arethe tourists when the gas levels pass aparticular threshold the warning alarmsecho around the island no matter thetime of day despite all of this you canactually visit it would you be brave

Enough as we leave behind the ear vibesof gas mask town let's head on over tothe unique santa cruz del islets a thisisland sits in Colombia's San Bernardoarchipelago in the Gulf of mauricioclose to Tolu and Covina US and it holds

The claim to fame of being one of themost jam-packed cramped crowded anddense islands on the entire freakingplanet seriously just look at it about115 houses are stacked on top of oneanother and an estimated 1,000 people

Actually live on this tiny island whichis no bigger than two soccer fields youcertainly wouldn't guess it was such athriving metropolis by seeing it fromafar whatcould possibly make this island such a

Prime real estate location there arenine others just like it not too faraway well according to legend fishermenfrom the nearby islands spent the nighton Santa Cruz and eventually decided tostay there permanently when they

Realized there were no mosquitoesthat's pinned down to the fact thatthere are no mangroves and beaches isanybody else feeling a littleclaustrophobic just by looking at it youknow who else is feeling claustrophobic

The thousands of snakes who crawl overone another and call ela dakea madagrande home that's roughly translated inPortuguese to slash and burn fire or bigburnt Island which is intimidating inits own right

Our journey around the world until thispoint has focused on these strangeattributes of the area or the uniquecharacteristics of its human inhabitantssnake island as we like to call it is alittle different because it has exactly

Zero human residence its locals tend tobe a little more reptilian withslithering serpent on top of slitheringserpent as far as the eye can see thereare estimated to be between two and fourthousand snakes on this island

But not just any snake the goldenlancehead pit viper one of the mostdangerous species on the planet feellike making a visit to this unique placeanyway too bad because access iscompletely forbidden unless you're a

Scientist with special permission thegovernment of Brazil has bannedhumankind from setting foot on this landand we are okay with that time for aquick trip to codon he a place unmatchedby any other which has caused

Geographers and scientists to throwtheir textbooks out the window Godin hesits in the Kerala region of India it'sa small village home to around 2,000families and is famous for one veryspecific reason nope you're not seeing

Doubledon't start rubbing your eyes these twoare twins and these two are twins andthese two are twins and there are over215 additional sets of mirrored humansin this tiny town it is truly a medical

Marvel the numbers just shouldn't add upbut they do the rate of twins born hereis around 45 per 1000 births which isjust staggering across the rest of Indiathe average is just 9 twin births forevery 1000 how is this possible you ask

Some claimed dietary factors othersclaim a lack of diversification but atthe end of the daywe just don't know what's more alarmingis that the inexplicable rate of twinbirths is only increasing you'd honestly

Be forgiven if you accidentally thoughta couple of Cody McGee babies werematching dolls oh hey speaking of dollsallow us to introduce you to theextremely peculiar and let's be honestjust a little bit creepy world of isla

De las Monica's or as you might know itthe island of the dolls this man-madeisland has one heck of a fascinatingstory until his passing Julian SantanaBarrera was the caretaker of the islandand it's only resident during his time

He found a young girl and her doll inthe canal to honor her memory andappease her spirit Barrera hung her dollup on a tree on the island from there hecollected and hung dozens and dozensmore dolls eventually leaving the island

As an eerily decorated memorial eventhough Barrera no longer lives on theisland people say the dolls now act asthe area's protectors want to check itout for yourself think you can handlethe spookiness well then it's only a

Two-hour boat ride from Mexico City withits many waterways and bridges thepicturesque Dutch town of horn is unlikeany other place in the world dubbed theVenice of the north you can make yourway from A to B by taking a little boat

Along one of its many canals actuallyyou don't have a choice this town has noroads so whether you like it or notyou're gonna be traversing along thewater there is a narrow bike path whichruns down the center of the village but

It certainly isn't wide enough to fitany cars it's only about an hour and ahalf's drive from Amsterdam or just overtwo hours by public transport tens ofthousands of snap happy tourists makethe journey every year as a popular day

Trip from the nation's capital if youwant to spend the night and soak in itspeaceful aura expect to pay between 100and 200 dollars per nighttourism earns the Dutch economy over 80billion euros per year so don't expect

This charming town to disappear anytimesoon so out of every spot that we'vechecked out today which would you bemost excited about seeing yourself andare there any that give you theheebie-jeebies let us know don't forget

To like this video subscribe to thechannel and as always thanks so much forchecking out the richest see you nexttime and have yourself a great day

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