Wix Online Store Tutorial (Create a Professional eCommerce site) – Digital & Physical Items

by birtanpublished on August 20, 2020

In this video I will show you everything you need to know to set up your first online store using Wix so this is a tutorial for e-commerce websites using Wix which is obviously an extremely powerful tool so many people use it to build their websites because it's very

Powerful it's very easy and it's pretty affordable as far as website builders go so with that in mind if you're choosing Wix to build your site this video will be a step-by-step tutorial showing you everything you need to know all the

Tools all of the settings to take you from an absolute beginner to having a full-blown store at the end of this video so with that in mind we have a lot to cover here stick around for the entire video and the first thing we want

To do is actually open up a browser I recommend Google Chrome hopefully that's what you're watching this video on already if not any other browser works Google Chrome I find is a little better though just because you can have

Some extensions that further on down the road might help with your website but if you're building it on a different browser that's not a problem so what you want to do is go down in the description of this video

Hold down ctrl on your keyboard and click on the link at the top of the description and that will open up a new tab and it should look something like what we're seeing right here now instead it might have a big picture and a big

Blue button in the middle click on the the button will probably say get started or something click on that create an account and it'll bring you to this page right here now this page what we want to do is go up to the top right click on

The create new site button and we're getting started with our site so it opens up a new tab here and asks us what type of website we want to create now a quick disclaimer Wix from time to time may change the first step here it might

Look slightly different but if it looks different for you just stick around I'm sure it'll look similar in a couple steps down the road so what we have here is many options we can choose business designer blog we're setting up an online

Store so it makes sense to click that now and what that is essentially doing is it's adding the application to our website to have an online store so it's adding the cart the Thank You page the products like stuff like that is being

Added right now now if we use any other you know a photography layout or if we use other layout whatever you're using if you use those you can still add a store later on and I'll show you where you would

Do that but for us we're just going to click online store make our lives a little bit easier now the next step is to choose if we want the ADI creator or if we want the Wix website editor so the ADI creator goes through a bunch of

Questions and just kind of puts your website out right away it's less it's less customizable so you can't optimize it quite as much but it is a lot quicker now in this video first stores if you're being serious about your business I

Really recommend you go to choose a template with the Wix editor so we're going to do that in this video and it brings you to this template page right here now remember before I said that it didn't really matter what you clicked on

In the first step that's because all of those are on the left side so business is right there photography video it doesn't really matter you can click on any of those in the first step and it just brings you to this makes it seem

Easier it's really the same thing so from here what you want to do is go down and choose a template that you think looks good it doesn't really matter which one you choose obviously the pictures will all beat you can change

All the pictures all the color all the text but choosing one that is similar to what you want in the end will save you work so for our purposes right here we are going to go down to this one right here the plant we're gonna sell some

Yeah let's just sell some plants I guess right so let's go down and you can actually view it first to see more about it so it's not just a little tiny icon there so if you go to view you can get a good experience of what it's like so

Scroll down you know click on things see what it looks like and you know what I think this one looks like it's a pretty good for us I like the little image in the background at the top and yeah so if this is what we want you can go to edit

This site or you can actually go back and choose a different one so we are going to edit this site I think this is a good one for our needs right here and it starts setting it up again with another tab with the Wix website editor

It may take a few minutes but you should end up on a page it looks something like this now what we're going to see here is across the top a menu bar and on the left side all these little bubbles that essentially allow you to customize your

Website a little bit more now no matter which template you chose there are going to be a lot of similar features here but for example when we go to the top left the first thing is your pages and it shows you all of the different pages you

Have website and of course this is going to be different for everybody depending on the template you chose but for the paid for the template I chose we have home we have got shop right there you have

Shipping and returns you have a page about the privacy policy and so you can click on any one of those pages and it'll bring you into the editor for that page so if you want to go and change your privacy policy you click on that up

At the top and then down here you can click on anything you want then you can edit the text you can move it around so let's say this one right here if we want to change the privacy policy we can click on edit text right there we can

Change it to whatever we want so we can change it to whatever we want and then within that you can also change the theme of it so you can change it if it's like a header or something you can change the font and of course adding too

Many fonts will slow down your load speed I recommend sticking to like one or two fonts to make things quicker and easier to read you can change the font size you can do all the normal text editing here with color underlining

Making it left aligned right aligned you can change some effects with it and a lot of stuff like that now one thing that is really useful and I point this out a lot I'll point it out later on in the video as well but you can go and add

Links so if you want if you want right here this is supposed to somebody click on that if you want that to be a clickable link you can have that text linked to either a web address or a page within your website an anchor and I'll

Talk about anchors later on in the video the top of the page the bottom of the page so for now let's just say it links to the top of the page for some reason and so that's how we're going to be editing text so that is just one of the

Many things you can do here I'll talk more about editing a little bit later on if you want to see it in mobile mode which I highly recommend most traffic on the Internet is actually on phones these days what you want to do is go to switch

To mobile mode and while the editing is slightly more limited here it is actually a great way to at least check it out make sure text isn't cut off move things around and just make sure that your site is optimized for the mobile

Version now let's go back to the desktop so switch to desktop toggle really easily across the top and then going across here you can actually go to site which is how you save it you can preview it in preview just shows you what it

Would look like if you actually went to the website as long as it's unpublished you can publish it and then actually go to the website in a new tab and that's essentially all we want to really do right there site history

You could really like roll it back if you need to so next we have settings which allows you to connect a domain and a domain is obviously very important that makes it so that your website is like Santro mediacom instead of mic

Wix.com slash sand trail media which is obviously all over the place and very hard to find and not a good website so we will connect in domain I'll show you how in a in a few minutes we can get a mailbox which means get G suite on here

So if you want to be my cats Antrim Mediacom it's much more professional than like my cat gmail.com which seems like you're not really running a real business now we go down to upgrade and upgrade of course will allow you to

Actually use the website with the domain and everything I just talked about but before we can upgrade let's go back to site and go down and save it and when you save it it's going to ask you to name it choose a name for it so we're

Gonna say San trial store for now and then click done now what we want to do is go back to settings go down to upgrade it'll bring us to a new tab and because this is an online store we have to make sure that we're getting an

E-commerce one so business and e-commerce is what we want to choose and it doesn't really matter which one you choose read through these and select whichever one makes the most sense for your business if you want 35 gigabytes

50 20 gigabytes it doesn't quite matter you can do really lots of different options here I'm going to select business basic for this video and then you can choose either yearly monthly which of course

Monthly is more expensive or three years so the longer your plan is the more money you're saving if you think you can have a business for I mean I recommend at least one or two years I'm doing monthly right here because I'm not

Actually doing this it's just for the tutorial but regardless I'm just gonna go and follow through with this and get the monthly plan for now okay so once you put in your credit card and you click Next it'll bring you to this page

Right here and it says congratulations your site is premium which is good now the next thing we want to do is find a domain for our site so let's say San Trel media apparel dot-com and say something that we want right there so

You go and it says it is avail the next we can say get it and honestly this is the easiest way to do this sometimes I recommend you go and check out so it's actually very cheap for $15 a year sometimes I recommend you go and

Get it from Google domains because it is cheaper but there are a few extra steps if you're interested in that I'll link out a video in the description where you can see how I did that in another video but for this video let's just go and do

It this way so we're going to continue $15.00 per year we're going to go down and purchase this so then it asks if you want it to be a public or private registration and I recommend you do this private just so people can't come to

Your door and call you and have your phone number your address and actually you know try to bug you and buy your domain so I recommend doing private it's an extra ten dollars per year so you are paying 25 a year which is a little bit

More expensive but I mean if it's worth a few to save the extra maybe ten or twelve dollars you can go and do this through Squarespace or through you know Google domains there's a lot of other ways to do this so we're just going to

Continue with this for the purposes of this video though so we're going to go and submit the purchase and check out here while we're kind of going down this rabbit hole of upgrades here which is very essential for your website the next

Thing you could do is actually go down and buy a mailbox and it's something that it should be pretty self-explanatory I'm not going to get into that for this video we're focusing on building the website right now and

Also I don't want to spend any more of my money on this video I respect like fifty dollars there but regardless let's go back to our website here and actually continue building it so once we have it upgraded let's go and refresh this site

Right here our website builder so we have a domain as you can see right here we are done with that so let's close out and go back to our website now it's not published yet and it doesn't have to be published you can keep saving it as you

Edit and then publish when you're done or you can publish it right now realistically not many people will be seeing it in the beginning so maybe you want to publish it and then you can go back and see what it looks like on

Different monitor is different maybe different phones different devices it's something that I recommend just to make sure that it looks good on all the different devices you have so up top let's make sure that we save this still

Saved and let's continue going across the top so right there you can see this time that it actually did save it as our domain which is good that's exactly what we wanted so settings you can get found on Google

And stuff like that that's all more advanced stuff that I'm not going to cover in this video the tools are essentially what you're seeing so like this little thing right here tools on the left side so if

Anything's missing just go up here and check it out and maybe add the ruler ruler is a good way to make sure that if you want to make sure something centered around a third it's pretty easy to go up here and just click on that and drop a

Line and move it around so you can find out so if this is like 980 pixels wide as I think it is you can move it to the middle and say like 400 what is that 490 pixels would be about halfway so you can move this to 490 and

You can snap things on to the center right there it's something that does make it easier when you're trying to build your website and likewise you can do it this way and have things line up using these little bars now if you don't

Want one you just click on it and click delete pretty easily pretty pretty easy to do so just click on it click the little trash can and it goes away you can go to dev mode again we're not doing that in this video we can go to help and

We can go to upgrade which we already upgraded if you need a bigger site or more storage you can upgrade even further so that's everything across the top when you go here you can hire a Wix partner again not really that important

So going up to the top right then we have zoom out and reorder we have undo redo save preview and publish I talked about save preview and publish already but zoom out and reorder is very powerful early on in your website when

You're trying to figure out the general structure of it the Wix usually builds websites with a kind of a stripe layout so what they do if they have these sections these blocks that you see they're highlighted in blue and they all

Kind of do something different and it's kind of a nice layout but if you want to reorder them you can go and move this one down and so you can just keep moving it down move it wherever you want to and you can actually delete them if you

Don't want the section you can duplicate the section or if you need extra space between sections so say you want to add like some extra pictures in there or something you can actually go and click on the thick blue bar right there and

Drag that down so that you end up with more of that gray space or whatever the background color is right there so when we're done with that click on the X up on the green thing on the top and it brings us back to our website editor so

That's everything I talk about across the top now let's get in and actually start building this as a store so before we go in and change the logo and stuff like that I just want to go down to my store here and start

Showing you guys where you can add products now if we go and click on my store it says welcome to my store get started and it's going to kind of walk you through how to add different things so we're going to go to the dashboard

Right there is what it wants you to do you can add products you can see your store pages right here we have four store pages so we have shop which is like your main page which shows all of your products so think of it as like if

You go to Walmart calm and you're just scrolling through that that is shop it's going to look like that with all of your products the product page is going to be the individual product that you're looking at so how they're laid out when

You click on a product you want your logo at the top do you not get into that later on as well cart page is self-explanatory and then the Thank You page after somebody makes a purchase so you can go down and add store elements

So if you want to have like a different type of gallery if you want it to be a carousel if you want like a slider right there if you want a big product widget there's a lot of different ways you can have these little store elements right

There and you can add those into your website and then lastly learn learn more is something that it's a good resource if you want to see more about like find the support forum and stuff like that but for our purposes we are really

Looking at the top three right here so let's go and add some products and what we want to do it'll bring you to a page that looks like this and says what are your products so the first product we want let's just say San Trail t-shirt

And we can go and add images of this or you can add videos I recommend for some physical products or actually or digital products either one having a video it's actually pretty nice so let's go down and upload media here so we can go and

It gives you all these options you can find it from Google Drive from Facebook pretty much everywhere you want so we are going to upload it from my computer right now and we are going to select this shirt right here the just t-shirt

That I kind of just threw together right there and says I love central media so it's not actually for sale this is not real kind but there it is so that is our first product we're going to add there's product right there that's the

First picture obviously have more pictures not just one but for our purposes let's choose one and so you can choose if you want it to be yeah let's say this is a new arrival new arrival we can change a price for it so let's just

Say $15 for this we can put it on sale for maybe a discount would be like 20% off 20% so let's say maybe originally it was like 20 bucks it's on sale for 16 something that a lot of people like to do is mark things up make them on sale

Obviously everyone's discretion choose whatever you want to do for that and then write your description right here so let's just say awesome sanchow t-shirt and you should probably beef that up a little bit more than that but

Regardless let's go down and you can go and add additional info right there such as your return policy maybe something about the sizing you can go down and add some custom text fields and we can go down and also add some other product

Options so this could be like the color so let's just say color and the color we could have a list and so we could have blue white or we could have and we should make that capital and so that's how you get your different sizes or your

Different colors so there's a drop-down menu right there and so we could manage the pricing and inventory based on the different colors assuming we have infinite inventory and assuming we don't really care about the pricing between

Colors I'm just going to leave that as it is right now so you can track inventory so you can tell it how many you have of each color and it's a great way if you have multiple products to use Wix to track things and let you know

When you're running low for me I'm not going to do that in this video but regardless it's something that is very easy to do and is a very useful tool so right up there you can choose which collection you want this in so let's

Create a new collection and call this central central apparel and we're going to make a new collection right there and then you can go down and promote it by creating different discounts promo videos you can send an email campaign

And you can edit the SEO settings of this so let's make sure we save the changes of this and continue and this will actually so setup you shipping regions we're not going to worry about shipping regions right now

So over here the SEO settings allows you to be found on Google so SEO is search engine optimization so making sure that this is something that Google can find when somebody looks up San trial t-shirt you want to make sure that they're

Finding your product these Santro t-shirts so we want to make sure that the URL slug is what you want so like you know whatever central media apparel comm slash product slash San Pharrell t-shirt and that's what we want right

There and then it's gonna pop up the title is going to be that and then that is going to be our description populate these with as many relevant keywords as possible so that you rank higher in Google for your own product and this is

Something that's actually especially big as Google's starting to be more and more like their end goal I think is to be a little bit more like Amazon where you can go to search things on Google and find the products right there and buy

Them so having this ready for SEO means that you will find more traffic not just through social media or wherever your marketing but also through Google with organic search so once we have this right here let's go up and save and that

Is our first product right there first product is ready to go and we can have many other products down here you can add new products like I said so we can actually rearrange the order of the products but let's just say those are

The products we have right now I'm selling a San trial t-shirt and a whole bunch of other things and again you can have discounts right there it's in stock you can track the inventory you can have a skew right there and you can choose if

It's a physical or a digital product so let's right now actually add one that is a digital product so if you want a digital product something people might be selling like video courses ebooks um something like that let's just do that

Right now so if we want to upload a file you can actually go if it's an audio file a document a zip file let's upload a document right now so upload the media from my laptop right here and let's just upload this PDF right here so it's going

To upload it and if you want to give out a like a free PDF for example let's just go in there make sure it's a free pdf right there so add to product we added the file right there you can change it and let's just say

Free we're gonna call this one free and we're gonna call it free YouTube sorry YouTube success blueprint and we're going to say that price is zero dollars right now so people can you know just add it to their cart download it they

Get this free you know PDF and let's go and save this right now and the next thing is you can see on the top is it is prompting us to add a payment method and this is something that you obviously have to do if you're selling things on

Your store which if it's a store I hope you are and you can go there and accept things with PayPal or with Wix credit card debit card whatever so we're going to connect actually h's use not PayPal for now let's just use that so it's

Going to be connecting the payment methods and it'll tell you then that you're ready to go so you can accept debit cards and you can set up the regions you're willing to ship to again that popped up right there and is

Suggesting it kind of walks you through a lot of stuff Wix it usually tells you like hey do you want to do you want to do this is probably the next thing that you should be doing so we are going to not ship internationally just domestic

For the purposes of I don't know we're selling this t-shirt maybe we're surfing with the US Postal Service right so that is what we're going to be doing right there and let's just X out of this then it'll bring us back to our page here and

So right there we saw that we had our products store pages here so we have four different pages you can add another store page if you want typically when you go to the store template I find that four is good enough for my needs for

Basic ecommerce stores you can add other ones and so you can just click Add right there you can rename it so click the little three dots right there you can go to settings and this is where you can rename what that page is and kind of

Basically for any page if you go up to the top and click on that you can change any page in the same way we can rename it you can choose if it's on your menu so you can hide it from the menu on the top the menu being like up here it's

Hidden right now though then we can also set it as your home page if you want those layouts if you do or do not want a header and the footer so the header being the thing that says call us now the footer probably says something

Similar you can go down to over to permissions and you can say it's a members-only page which is a great way if you're trying to kind of build an email list and you want to have people sign up for your email and get like a

Free PDF you can make it a Members Only page so they set up an account with your site and you get you know a contact list so you can send out notifications to them then you can also go to you know SEO on Google right here which is also

What I showed you before which is you know you can change the URL slug and things like that to make sure that your page is optimized for Google so with that being said that's essentially how you're going to do the store side of

Things adding products but how do we actually manage what the site looks like so if we go back up to the top and click on this and let's just go to home for now and we're going to kind of optimize what this looks like so on the left side

You have some different options here so we talked about menus and pages this is going to be actually we talked about it at the top this is the same thing except this gives you more options so you go down to site menu here and it shows you

All the different pages you have and again you can reorder them move them wherever you want add pages delete pages and then if you click on the three dots this can also let you either optimize it for Google you can copy it you can

Duplicate it like I said you can hide it you can make it a sub page lots of different options I recommend I mean everyone has different needs so messing around with that a little bit and see what actually works best for you now as

We go down you have member pages members sign up right here so when members are signing up for your site what is that actually going to be like for them so you can say the member signup form you can change this you can optimize it or

You can just leave it as it is so continuing down the options on the left side then we have right here the page background if you chose a good template you probably don't need to change the page background you can go down to add

Different things right here so there are so many different things you can add in Wix and it's all drag-and-drop very easy to resize things change the angle the location of them and you can add text like you see right here all these

Different texts images and the images can be things that you upload some free Wix clipart free Wix images stock images stuff from Facebook lots of options for where to get your your then you can add a gallery if you want

To have an array of images you can add vector art you can add shapes interactive actually go back to shapes if you want like a line anywhere they consider that a shape so going to shapes and add lines if you want you can have

Interactive things where it's like a slideshow for example or things that you hover over you know you can add buttons which is essentially a picture with text in it that links out so let's just add a button right now buttons are something

That I add all over my websites and so let's just say we want this button to be I don't know like don't want to click and drag everything so let's just say that we want this button where does our button go there it is okay so let's just

Say we want this button right here to be a lot larger so we can go and make this significantly bigger and we can change the text of it we can change where it links to so if we want this to link to an anchor for example we can add an

Anchor somewhere on the page and an anchor means when they click on it it Scrolls to a certain section so if you have like an FAQ page this is a great way to use anchors where you have all the different questions at the top and

Each one links out to a paragraph below that shows you what it is so we're going to say done and if you want to add an anchor go back over to add so you're linking to an anchor here the anchor you want to link to you can find these over

On the left side then so going down we have box right there which is also a shape basically you can add an entire strip I showed you before how you can rearrange the strips this is how you add new strips and there's so many different

Options for what type of strip it is and they kind of come you know pre formatted for essentially what you're looking for lists and grids you can add video you can add music you can add social so I recommend adding social somewhere on

Here social is a huge aspect of websites these days you can add contact forms which gives people these fields they can type in click Submit and then it'll send it to you this is a great way if you're having maybe like support or if you're

Trying to get more leads on something it's a great way to do that you have menu right here you can add a lightbox and the lightbox is just something that pops up when someone's on your website and says like

Hey did you know we're running a sale today or sign up for our email list or you know different options for what's going to pop up in your lightbox then we can go down to we can start a blog you can start a store we already have a

Store obviously you can start bookings you can set up you know members and more and here when you go to more is where I said you can find anchors anchors are right here and if you want an anchor you just click and drag it and you can put

It wherever you want on the page and so if we put an anchor right there then this button we could link to the anchor which means it's going to scroll until that anchor is lined up with the top of this screen so definitely try this out

Though once you put it in there make sure it actually works and Scrolls to the right location because you don't want a website that is going to scroll like halfway through the paragraph and just looks very unprofessional so going

Back to add here let's just continue and just finish out the other things you can add because there really is a lot right there so you can add a chat in the bottom left you see that we have that a little brown box there you can add

Events you can add play buttons pay power sorry pay buttons sorry Google Maps and document buttons so just lots of other stuff to add there and then if we go down to the next option here this is the Wix app market so if you remember

In the very beginning of this video I said it didn't matter if you chose one that was not a store that's because if you chose one that was photography for example it wouldn't have a store built in as a page already but you can go in

Here and add a store app so these different apps are going to allow you to do things like the store where it's all integrated has a check out a cart a thank-you page and so you can do all of that within here or you can add other

Things some other free apps online stores photography like just go through this there are hundreds of different apps you can get and they're all made by a lot of them are made by Wix which means they're extremely powerful and

They're very well integrated with your website so continuing down you have media which is going to be anything you upload it so documents and pictures that you uploaded maybe if you want them somewhere on your page you just want to

Add more media or whatever when we go down to start a blog that's something that a lot of stores have blogs these days maybe you can add it if you want you don't necessarily need one and again we can go down and see our store so

That is a lot of what we're doing here of course when you're trying to mess around with different things I recommend going into each different element individually click on it it should be fairly self-explanatory so if we go to

Our home page here you'll see that like adding a logo at the top right there it is a button you can change the text of it you can make it add your add your image up there in the header and make sure it links to home

That's something that a lot of people miss out on I don't know why people forget to do that the top left should always link to home if it's your logo well let's just say right here if this is our they actually put text there I

Would recommend maybe like an image for your logo but if you want to like rotate this you just click on the top left and rotate you can resize it you can move it around and ultimately you want to make sure that everything kind of stays

Between the two dotted lines you see on the left here so right there and right there that's something that Wix recommends so it looks good on different aspect ratios of phones or laptops or old computers or TVs projectors you

Never know where somebody will be looking at your website and you want it to look good on all of them so guys that's what I have to say in this video I know this was a pretty lengthy video but hopefully

That gave you a pretty in-depth tutorial and showed you what you need to know to set up a store using Wix now the next step for you right now is obviously to go through and populate this and do what I showed you in this video so add your

Logo add the text everywhere fill everything out add your products and then by the end the last thing you do is go up and click publish so that your site is ready to go and people can start buying now of course I also recommend

You go through and actually follow through on your own website on maybe a new tab or on a different laptop and actually go through and kind of follow the user experience go through checkout make sure you don't have any broken

Links or broken pages so that when somebody is using your site it's smooth seamless and it works perfectly whenever they're trying to buy your product so guys I hope this video helped you if it did please remember to like and

Subscribe as always thank you all for watching I'll see you next time

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