Wireless Home Security System with 180-Day Battery Life // eufyCam 2C 2-Cam Kit Review

by birtanpublished on October 3, 2020

Hey everyone digital david here today in this video i'm going to be unboxing and reviewing the yuffie cam 2c i did receive this product to review but any opinion expressed in this video is strictly my own that being said if you're interested in this product you want to find out more about it the link to it will be in my video description below you can see how it comes packaged in a very nice and simple retail box so this also has the anchor branding on it so that's the parent company of you fee so i have high

Expectations for this product they do have a free ios and android app that you can download to use this product and guys the biggest thing with this besides that 180 day battery life is there's no monthly fees to use or have this product which is huge in the security world so it's a hundred percent wire free 180 day battery life no monthly fees or hidden costs secure local storage so we got 16 gigabytes of built-in storage we have colorful night vision human

Detection smart image enhancement this works with your voice assistants ip67 weatherproof so you can use this outdoors you can extend your wi-fi as well and it's got an intruder siren for you 100 decibels and military grade data security all that information is on the back and you can see it in the link below now let's go ahead let's open it up and look at the package contents here all the package contents first up we got your quick start guide right here

Very helpful walking you through in detail how to set up everything from the cameras to the mobile app to the mounting and installation they also have their customer service contact information on the back if you have any additional questions or need any more help then you can see we have a security sticker and a privacy value pledge to us the consumer then you can see we have our mounting bracket stickers and stencils right here so no measuring required just peel stick that in place and you're

All set each camera comes with four screws and four wall anchors so eight screws total and eight wall anchors here's the mounting brackets they're really cool guys made out of plastic very simple design i really like how this looks so you can see what we do first peel the sticker put it on where we want it line this up with the sticker zap our two screws in then we can take this piece of plastic line it up with the remaining two holes

So push that in place then you can see we have our threaded piece we need to put back in there and then drop it on start twisting it finger tight once we have it you know snug we can position the camera where we want it and then tighten it down the rest of the way and now our camera is successfully mounted we have two of those they're identical to each other we have an ethernet cable right here it's the flat version i like those a lot very slim

Then we have a usb type a nail end to micro usb cable right here to charge up the cameras we have two identical security cameras right here 1080p they look really nice good weight to them as well so we can see them from all different sides there's the top we got the sync button here's the bottom where we have our speaker and we have a grommet with the qr code that if we pull that back it reveals our micro usb charging port right there those look

Really good we can talk about them in more detail right now let's go over all of their features so on the front you can see we have our lens then we have our light sensor right there on the left side we have our microphone right here also on the left side then our motion sensor at the bottom then we have our spotlight right in the middle can't wait to try that out then we have our status led indicator light on the right hand side of the lens looks like we got another microphone right there

It's probably part of the same system then on the back side we have the mounting hole for the bracket so again just twists right in place so we can actually do that right now there you go check that out really simple we already looked at the charging port at the bottom and the speaker so that's the camera in a nutshell really happy with those designs just very slim compact looks great not going to be too you know obtrusive mounted on the outside of your house pretty discreet if you ask me

Then we have a power adapter for the home base here's the home base right here looks really nice as well super tiny looks like a speaker something like that a candle i don't know very slim like the white very sharp you can see their logo and branding right here we have our led indicator light speaker at the bottom you can see then on the back side we got our power port our usb port to charge up the cameras only one camera at a time though but you could charge this with any you

Know usb power brick you can plug into the wall or even your computer our ethernet port then you can see we have our sync alarm off button then we also have if you have a tiny pin like for a sim eject tool you can poke in there or paperclip if you need to reset this for any reason guys i'm really impressed so far we haven't even powered it on yet just look at how small and compact that is this whole system that big two cameras 16 gigabytes of storage so

180 days six months and three months of storage right here so just look at how slim that is it's just fantastic really impressed with the small footprint of this system so let's go ahead now download the ufe security app on ios or android app stores and let's finish setting this up so once you have the app downloaded and you sign into your account you'll be at this home screen where we're ready to add our devices right here you can see we already set up the home base

We plugged it in we have it connected to our router as well with an ethernet cable and once it powered on it took a minute or so but then it gave us a voice prompt letting us know it's ready to be set up and you can see we got the two cameras we also have a couple more ufe security products over here that we're gonna set up in this video they are not included with this bundle but they go really nicely paired with everything you see here so we got a motion sensor and we have a nice entry sensor as well

That we can place on doors in windows so let's go ahead let's get everything set up so first select add device choose home base 2 you can see how we have to have it configured which we already do plug into a power source and to our router select next now when you connect your phone to the same wi-fi router the home base is connected to so select next now we need to wait until the home basis led turns from red to blue which ours

Already did select next and now we need to scan the qr code on the base of it so there we go and it's going to work on connecting to it for us so now you can see we have a pairing request right here and we did get a voice prompt so go ahead push the button on the back of the device home base was added successfully so now it was added successfully everything set up we can change the name if we want but let's just keep it home base for now

Select continue now we can select next we can update the firmware as well right here so let's go ahead let's do that there we go it's successfully been updated let's go ahead select next now we need to find a good location to set up this device for the home base right here so follow their instructions we could select finish if we're done but in this case we have more devices to add so let's go ahead let's add more devices so now we need to choose which devices we want to add in this case we're going to add the

Yuffie cam 2c cameras right here so you can see those let's go ahead let's select it so we got to keep the camera in the home base within one meter of each other select next now we need to push the sync button until we hear the beep that's the voice prompts that we get through the mobile app right there so let's go ahead let's hold down the sync button so just heard the beep select next ready to add device device was added successfully

So now we can choose the camera name in this case let's do uh backyard select next now it was added successfully we can choose different modes right here so let's go ahead let's leave it at optimal battery life but again you can choose other modes you want optimal surveillance or customize recording select next so they're showing you recommended charging in normal charging mode so be sure to charge the battery

First before you mount it and you'll get around 180 days of battery life half a year on one charge so i got it showing you how to mount the camera very simple and straightforward they give you some tips and tricks down at the bottom five steps select next now we can also test the signal right here so you can see it in the studio so there we go we can look back on me right there so everything looks great let's go ahead select finish and now we have it added and set up so

Now let's go ahead let's add another device we got to choose our camera again so we'll do the same exact steps so keep it within one meter hold down the sync button there we go select next device device was added successfully so now you can see we added the second camera successfully we can select its name as well too let's just choose uh hmm what do we want just call it front door for now select next and it was added successfully right there

And now you can see we can choose the same options again we're going to leave it optimal battery life we'll get the same prompts to charge it how to mount it and then the signal strength again so we can see the live view right there with the camera everything looks so good you can see we already got a notification as well too so everything looks great let's set those cameras right there hit finish now let's go ahead let's add another device

So in this case we're going to add our motion sensor so we already installed the battery now we got to push the sync button so it's blinking blue now so we're ready for the next step there we go super simple let's go ahead let's just name it living room select next do you have a pet that weighs over 50 pounds yes so they give you proper installation positions guys height and tilt angle as well so keep that in mind that will vary

Depending on your pets so they don't accidentally trigger it select next showing you two how to install it right here with the adhesive strips or screws so in this case we can just choose let's do screws for this one they're showing you guys how to line everything up and mount it right there to attach the sensor select finish we could test it or continue without let's go ahead let's test it right now so initially test mode walk around in front of the sensor until the

Led turns red for five seconds so here we go we're just gonna move around see if we can get it all right so i'm trying not to walk around from the table oh there we go it's red now select next we already got a notification too so then we can adjust the sensitivity and there we go it was complete all set and ready to go they have some other recommended rules for you we can set the modes and select done so now we have that set

Up let's add our last device right here so you can see we're getting some notifications that was from ios this time but now let's go and let's do entry sensor so we went ahead we had installed the battery already select next so gotta push the sync button again until the led light blinks and now it's blinking we got it flashing blue ready to add device device was added so quick so simple let's go ahead let's just name it front

Door select next and it was added successfully now they're showing you how to mount it a couple different options for door and window and they're showing you find the optimal location where you want to mount it put the main part of the sensor in the magnet on the desired location then check if the window door can be open or closed so ensure the gap is less than 1.6 inches which is nice you do have some good space to work with there

Now you can peel off the adhesive sticker on the back and select finish once you have it mounted and there we go we now have the front door sensor set up as well so now let's go ahead let's try out the cameras and we'll come back and look at those other devices as well so now you can see i have both cameras installed outside let's go ahead let's look at the settings right here on the app before we go into the live preview

So first up we have a snooze icon right there you can choose how long you want to snooze the camera for hit save and you're all set then you can see we have a counter for alerts so here we go you can see this is so cool guys look at that it got a notification when i walked out the door right there so you can see that right there and they even give you a screen grab of my face look at that that is unbelievable look at how cool that is

Check that out guys we can download share delete if we want so it's also a donate option too so we could actually donate that clip to you fee to give them permission to use if you want so really neat guys that it notifies us there's a person and it saves a clip of the face right there for you really impressive then you can see when we first started up we got that notification too there we go it captured this image of my face

Really impressive so there's that then you have the settings option right here guys so you can see the name of the camera we could turn it on or off the leds on or off snooze shortcut on or off spotlight settings we can adjust the brightness then we have power manager right here so you can see we can change the working mode if we want after the fact then we have other options in regards to motion detection right here we can turn it on or off activity zones if we want so we could do

That right here we could customize an activity zone so we could choose specific areas right here we could add them if we wanted for motion detection so that's a nice feature that they have you can use that right there detection type humans only all motions then we can test it out right there as well then we have watermark we can turn that on or off and the time stamp night vision settings

So you can see black and white night vision spotlight night vision or turn off audio settings right here microphone speaker and then the volume for the speaker turn that to high so we just updated our audio settings notification settings for the app default you can choose other options silent bell tons of different notification tones if you want for the app alerts then we have our nas settings you could follow this if you want to try to set up any of these clips with your nas or rtsp

If you know anything about that you can follow those instructions right there device info so we can view our device information check for firmware updates then we have our mounting guide again if you need help with the mounting bracket and then we could also remove the device so that's the camera settings now let's go into live view so here's the live view it's loading right now again the camera's outside shining and pointing to the back door right there and you can see my dog doug on the deck enjoying his time in the sun so we can do full screen mode we can do

The spotlight that'll help at night you'll be able to see the spotlight mode and the difference that it makes there's our signal strength then at the bottom we have some other options we can hold to speak we can listen in we can select the scissor icon to take a screen grab a screenshot a photo or we can select the record button to start recording video right here so you can see that then it'll save to our phone then we can select this menu option down at the bottom for

More options so you can see the other four options that we have so we can go back to our notification history right there if we want we can select it again then we can choose night vision options right here we wanted night vision on then we can see our manual alarm so we could trigger the alarm if we wanted to for the camera so doug heard it then we can exit the alarm that's funny it got his attention right away and then we can view our settings

That we already went over right there so that's all the quick options we get right from the camera live view and preview now let's go back let's look at the other one pointed at my garage so you can see look at the quality guys 11 30 am you can see what it's like with daylight afternoon sun and shade we got it all right here so really nice quality again we can just take photos

And videos right here no issues at all with that and we can stop recording and we can see all those cameras in real time now let's go ahead let's bring them back in and look at some more of those settings sound so this is a sample test of the two-way audio and you can get a feel for the camera's speaker quality as well now we can try out the manual alarm pretty loud definitely not pleasant on the ears now let's try out the spotlight so now you can see we have the spotlight turned

On right here we have all the studio lights turned off right now so this will be really cool to see tonight when it's dark outside how much of a difference in factor that built-in spotlight makes to our nighttime footage quality so now it's 10 50 p.m at night you can see we have new updated thumbnails for both of the cameras since it's been dark outside let's go ahead let's check out the live view of our first camera named front door so you can see here's the real-time view

It's pitch black outside and this is the quality we get with the night vision that is incredible that looks so good we don't even have the light on so now let's go ahead let's turn the light on from the camera so we have the spotlight turned on and now we can see everything in color at night that is incredible guys so there you go we can turn the light back off and you can see we'll get the night vision again we have no porch lights on or anything

Illuminating the exterior of the house this is just the cameras built-in night vision that is incredible night vision quality right there guys look at that top notch everything looks great we can snap a picture if we want we can take a quick video again so there you go we're recording a video then we can stop that now let's go ahead let's look at the other camera so here's the other camera again 10 50 p.m at night pitch black outside so there's no lights on in the backyard

But you can see i do have a security camera in the top left-hand corner of my garage and that ir sensor is showing as a glaring light right there so there's no lights on outside that's just another security camera that this is picking up on so you can see the quality you can see the backyard the garage look at the details everything looks great it's pitch black outside right there you can see a light through the trees from a neighbor's house now let's go ahead let's turn on

The light for the camera and now you can see the quality with the light turned on we now see everything in color but we definitely don't have as much detail since everything's further away than the reflective surface of our house in that back door in the previous camera's footage but if we want to see color we could do that right there now we can turn it back off and you can see the night vision very sensitive but look at all the detail we preserve from the trees from the grass the fence the garage

Everything at night and it's pitch black same thing we can snap a photo if we want we can record some video right here everything's working great the quality is much better than i had expected at night it looks really good right there now let's go back out let's look at our events so i made a couple events earlier on you can see some of the events right here so first up you can see this one at 9 00 p.m there we go just came outside walking by the camera right there

No issues again look at that so it found me right away identified my face lots of fun to see that work and in action again pitch black outside look at the quality phenomenal then you can see the next one we have the backyard camera so it's going to take a second to load but there we go just triggered it and i triggered the backyard light so our flood light so you can see the quality there too with the floodlight triggered really great

Detail right there and then here's another one from the side door in the back pitch black now i go inside you'll see i'll turn on the light the outside light above the door you'll see the quality for that too there we go we just turned on that light and now you can see everything's in color with that light on that's amazing guys look at the detail right there very clear very crisp night vision now let's take a look at the motion detector and the entry sensor so let's go ahead let's

Open up the living room that's our motion detector so we can select it and now you can see a log of all the motion that was detected so let's go ahead let's make some motion you can see we just got our notification and it just logged it for us right now so very simple to use and to see everything very easily at your fingertips on the mobile app then let's select the settings gear icon in the top right hand corner you can see we can change the name we can adjust push notifications if we want

Motion detection right here again the sensitivity we can test it and then installation help led light we can turn that on or off right there and then we can view our device information and remove the device if we ever need to do that now let's go back let's look at the entry sensor so currently we can select that right now you can see we have our history right here so let's go ahead let's fake it so we just moved it now the door is open and you can see we got a notification for that

And it's sensing our motion from the other motion detector now let's go ahead let's shut it and now you can see the front door is closed so really nice guys very easy to use very simple and straightforward you can see our log right there the battery life then in the top right hand corner we have the same settings gear icon we can choose that to change the name push notifications if we want chirp tones too so we could have a chirp tone let's go ahead let's try some of those out

There's the ding there's the light there's classic and then we got water right there and then we can adjust the volume so get super loud super loud or none right there so we can also decrease the volume too if you want that device information and mounting guide help we can also remove this device then a really cool feature guys you can actually pair these up with cameras so let's go ahead let's go over to the security tab

And they have recommended automations for us so we can pair up one of our cameras with the motion sensor if we want so we could just select that right there so when this happens detected motion in the living room the backyard camera will be triggered to record so we could add another trigger and another action if we want so we can create that right there so if any motion sensor text emotions the yuffie cams will record hit save and there we go we just added

An automation we have another recommended one right here it's the same thing but we can actually choose our own so let's choose a trigger front door if it opens next what do we want to have happen we want backyard camera to record video and sound the alarm so let's select next create save now let's go ahead let's try that out so here we go we got the camera let me turn it to me right there now let's go ahead let's open the door check that out

So it works great that alarm is so loud so we just shut it off but there we go guys that's how simple the home automations are and obviously that will be recording footage for us too so now to see the automation video that was just captured head over to the events tab so you can see we have two of those backyard events that were linked so they show as backyard because that's our camera in a linked event to the automation that we just set up so you can see it records a five second

Video so once the door was opened when i moved the sensor recorded the video for five seconds right there we can also see our previous events again i love seeing the motion detection from the outdoor camera on my back door right there you can see it captures me i come back into the frame as well too right there and then it gives me that image of the person in there which is myself not the most flattering but that is so cool the technology right

There i just love that that's by far my favorite feature so we can sort that by just alerts just video or both also on that note if we head back to the security tab and we choose modes we have tons of different modes for the home base so if we're home our way we can choose that right there and then you can see the settings for those modes we can choose our alarm rules and we can set our devices and their individual rules as well right here we

Have access to every device you can see the options we have to set up for that mode same for away mode then we can disarm everything we can also set up a geo fencing mode if we want or a schedule we can set our own schedule right here so just add which mode you want it to be in the days of the week and the times hit save and there you go you just created your own schedule we also have a customized option we can create our own

Security mode right here with a lot of different options as well so that's really nice guys tons of features that are easily customizable to your needs so overall guys my thoughts are as follows this is definitely a complete system very nice some of the best wireless security cameras i've reviewed on my channel to date the night vision was really spectacular having that built-in light is really cool too because then our

Night vision becomes colored night vision and it's really great to have that feature i am really impressed did i mention no monthly fees that's huge because this is really an all-in-one diy home security setup because you can add those additional sensors for doors windows and don't forget we can actually group them together too like you saw in this review so everything works together we have a great ecosystem built around this and i really like all the features that we get or that we can

Add to make this a complete home security camera system i do want to point out though when i did get this unit to review one of the cameras for some reason was never able to connect so for me i had to reach out to them and they were able to send me an additional camera that worked just fine i still don't know what was wrong with the first camera i took out the box and tried to set up but just keep that in mind

There was a quality control issue with the pack that i got but they were very helpful in the process of replacing that for me so keep that in mind that happens with a lot of manufacturers and electronics sometimes they just slip through the cracks but again they did me right by sending me a new camera at no additional cost charge or anything along those lines so i've had a great experience with this product and i would recommend it if you're looking for diy home

Security and you don't want any monthly fees well that concludes our video thank you so much for watching don't forget the product link will be in our video description below please go ahead check it out and do your shopping from there any purchase made through that link help support our channel at no additional cost to you so we're really grateful and thankful for all of your support while you're at it can you go ahead and hit that like button for us

And subscribe to our channel we have new content coming out daily and we don't want you to miss anything please go ahead and give us a follow online and make it a clean sweep facebook twitter instagram twitch tick tock discord you can message us on wechat check out our website and join our free newsletter thank you guys so much for being here don't forget new content daily and we can't wait to see you in our next video

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