Will Your Cryptos Survive? | Ripple XRP & Algorand Digital Currency Initiative

by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

Hey what's up everybody kevin cage back with another cryptocurrency update be sure to watch until the end and let's get right into it so today i want to talk about x repeat the narrative that we're seeing across the board and for you know what's to come regarding the

United nations european central bank etc and then i also want to talk about another cryptocurrency that i personally like i'm simply sharing information trying not to show it by any means i do have

High hopes for this asset with that being said none of this is financial advice this is algo from the l grand foundation a lot of banking by mit one of the few currencies to obviously

Have a central bank digital currency being built upon it um as well as you know tons of backing and a variety of connections with some big industry players like circle so to kick things off

And again this is in tandem again xrp has its use case whereas algorand has its use case as well extremely scalable proof of stake and again i'm really excited for what the future brings for these assets

All right there's going to be a variety of winners your micro caps mike you know macro caps i wish you guys well just want to talk about what we're seeing right in front of us so rule x or p sharing this fed partners

With mit-based digital currency initiative to explore central bank digital currencies again forbes.com as soon as he shared it i knew it screamed elgo of course matt here he did

Post that interledger protocol family document a while back if you guys remember that showing the connections between zinfan and r3 in xolm and ibm a variety of currencies

Usdc with algorand um even iota a variety of currencies and there's going to be many winners beyond that document as well but just want to show you the connections in this small world

So again he even goes on to show again digital currency initiative mit.edu and shows that silvio the founder of the algorand foundation is of course one of the collaborators so just right on the website as well

Dci.mit.edu team we can go right to the collaborators should be no surprise gentlemen has you know experience with of course you know engineering cryptography

The thing i like about digital assets in particular and the terminology is relatively easy to learn once you get past a certain threshold for example zero knowledge proofs um again all the terms are pretty

Self-explanatory so i do like that and i'm really excited for what's to come for this asset so i'm going to keep watching it really really unique um and i feel like you know people are starting to notice

Certain assets like algo all right so again executive team of al grand as we can see here elgrand.com silvio just kind of showing that just a few connections and again matt always with these great finds

And then also just talking about the fed partnering with mit-based digital currency initiative to explore cbdc's years ago you guys people would have thought this is the most bullish thing ever and now there's cognitive

Dissonance in the market because we go up 100 then we retrace for 30 percent play around sideways go up get faked out it's you know psychology it works on the mind it works on me too and it makes you

Second guess yourself but overall in this marketplace because it is so nascent and new we are going to be seeing higher highs right i expect a bumpy road i mean in the weeks of

Weeks ahead as well but that does not mean that these assets are not going up all right i plan to capitalize big time and again if you can find assets that are going to be you know going up 20 while other

Assets are going down you know 20 percent you guys do the math and how you can you know take advantage of these swings all right right here i know rule x or p shared this as well so paypal bets big

On crypto google and amazon might be next we're seeing a variety of players even in the cloud space was sap which has helped groups and banks trial xrp

Um we have you know oracle all these guys joining in initiatives and kind of collaborating i don't want to say like a cartel but again they're working together um to bring interoperability across the board

So we know google big deal you know coinbase cards accepting cryptocurrency via google pay things of that nature we have you know amazon again this is going to be the future banks more and more brick-and-mortars

Are closing down they might not disappear entirely but we are going more digital this is going to be a lot more cloud-based in automated okay everything and that's just the way it is i mean even right

Here it says you know without relying on banks and centralized payment processors if you guys do not see the fault of having centralized systems for data storage for processing i don't

Know what to tell you there's a variety of reasons why this landscape is going to evolve and yeah there are a lot of hurdles to get through but this is going to happen and if you guys are here now

You are hopefully going to be picking the right assets and capitalizing big time okay so you guys get to just you know paypal again competing with i mean they were surpassed by you know alipay is one of

The biggest world networks uh mobile networks excuse me so we can kind of see how this is going it's gonna be tons and tons of competition and that is exactly what i want

All right so i got a bunch of information let me i want to play this one video clip before moving on um and i have a bunch of information to talk about specifically want to give you my thoughts on you know the whole 51

Percent attack with ethereum classic and you know potential regulation coming down in the future all right so again stephen both from the d up sharing this old clip i'm only

Going to play one minute just want to speed up here speed up a little bit again we have cigar of ripple uh cigar sarpai talking about you know working with you know imf uh financial action task force

You know fa or you know he excel calls him fativ a lot of these groups and it's about teaching them okay engaging with regulatory agencies in early days

Ripple meeting with them and educating them about blockchain tech for adoption so think of ripple as almost that that institutional bridge that helps you know all of these world governments and all these central banks

Better understand this technology so this company is going to be doing so much it's funny that everyone in the community bitcoin maxis you know erc20 guys

I don't think they realize when this game is you know all said and done they're going to be grateful for the leg work in the laying of pipes that ripple did for this entire ecosystem they're not

Valued at 10 billion dollars for fun they're going to change the game and there's also going to be many other players doing so it's just going to be really funny in hindsight everybody that was bashing xrp

For being a banker's coin and solving a real problem today they're going to thank them for being that bridge to allow a lot of other projects to succeed as well

And yes we are early and i believe long term again this value will be sustained and derived from true utility all right so listen up fat if um iosco imf and so on

To help these bodies first to educate them what this space is all about what is blockchain what is what are digital assets how what are the risks what are the opportunities and how do you regulate

The risks without stifling innovation uh then we engage with uh country level uh and remember the narrative again ripples even reaching out writing open letters in the past few years

Really frustrated with the us and saying we need to step up again the innovation is going outside of the u.s what are we going to do whether you believe or don't believe that narrative

Again that's what's occurring so it's interesting to see what happens regulators policymakers even government bodies again educating them on what is going on in the markets and how can you possibly

Uh regulate these these uh this industry without stifling innovation uh on the innovation site per se we have partnered with a lot of central banks so we ran a poc with bank of england

Last year proof of concepts with bank of england a paid ripple customer no surprise we know all the projects that they've worked on as well um you know even accenture which we'll talk about probably they're helping and

Partnering with all these groups to revamp or at least help with the digital transformation and interconnectivity of their real-time growth settlement systems again settlement is the issue at play

It we are not going to notice that extra ps on the back end it will be simply that invisible bridge asset that solves the problem as again on-demand liquidity so to speak we understand how siloed this ecosystem

Is how inefficient how expensive and how it's not even trustworthy or reliable in terms of time so to me this is a no-brainer it is simply a matter of waiting helping them connect different rtg

System using ilp we have signed an agreement with the saudi arabian monarchy authority where we are helping the domestic banks in saudi arabia using ripple solution for cross water payments we continue to

Engage okay so helping sama with domestic use cases for cross-border payments okay or the domestic areas those regions for again moving money across borders we opened a new uh

Division within ripple called the infrastructure innovation division under which we engage with central banks helping them uh understand our products and how that those products could be used for their

Own payments innovation needs all right interesting so they are not necessarily a disruptor per se depending on your perspective ripple is an enabler again trying to

Bridge the traditional markets with what is coming all right so again i think people are in hindsight are going to be thanking ripple for what they're doing but we'll see i'm sure many of you have

Different opinions than me all right right here standard chartered another ripple net partner we know their connections with a lot of the chinese giants as well and their platform access all right digital assets

Including crypto assets are here to stay the new asset class is transforming the financial services industry especially in the way of transactions and settlements are done interesting again

Settlement that's all i'm looking at correspondent banking network is highly inefficient we have cnbc chatting about this as well in a world where central bank issues uh digital currencies bitcoin and

Libra my favorite jk may find a place and again guess who we have speaking here in this podcast if you guys were able to listen to it again beyond the valley um we have dr rajan

And who is dr rajan he was the former reserve bank of india governor and guess what their best buds with ripple well you know just for fun as you guys know even in 2019 he spoke at ripple's annual

Event and obviously answering some very hard to answer questions talking about the future of this asset class and i am highly highly convinced that he knows that x for p

Will play a role now the question is to what degree okay you guys can speculate as you will i'm just saying that i believe compared to a lot of other assets the 5 000 assets

Or p should be one of those assets that stay all right okay so again same narrative with libra again it's just a permission database masquerading as blockchain it is not a true crypto asset

It's you know literally just keeping track of ious i'm not impressed by whatsoever really just a white paper still from what i know um again i'm not threatened by it

Could it you know take some market share in the future yeah i mean absolutely facebook could in a way offer you know free currency for anyone to you know shop on facebook marketplace or you know people and i've said this

Before people act like they don't want to use libra and it's you know relatively centralized and controlled when they offer you free money you're going to change your mind because we're

In 2020 people are struggling all right so both could have different roles talk about central banks to issue cbdc's we'd see how you know that would play out as well dr rajan talking about you

Know bitcoin is kind of a hedge when people you know are considering you know other assets to invest upon if they're you know sketched out by maybe the bond market things of that nature guys again bitcoin

Speculative asset rather than one that's used for transactions on a large scale hmm what would be used for transactions on a large scale again cbdc's still need a bridge so yes i'm speculating that extra p would be

Involved xlm any type of assets whether it's wholesale interbank settlements a reason retail use case you guys you know consider it right all right

There's going to be walled gardens but again interoperability is what's important you know talking about preventing a monopoly um preventing i remember i was reading this earlier and he was also

Just talking about here it is right here you don't want the uh this whole thing to be balkanized too you don't want all these parts to be further you know divided we want blockchain

Again to bring inclusion we don't want it to divide that would literally defeat the whole point of distributed ledger tech all right so we talked about dr rajan right here

Again xrp crypto wolf showing the uh european uh eu excuse me their single market infrastructure whatever ecb another working paper that came out again just talking about standardization protocols something that

Comes to mind would be you know something like iop there's going to be things that may not have anything to do with dlt but again you know i'm kind of speculating there public infrastructure need to support

Cross-border interconnections an aspect especially important in the eu single market again we already have tips integrated with ripple net there's also a need for level playing field and data standards

Between banks and non-banks something that the whole ripple net suite has to offer as well i know swift gpi is working on that as well but we do and we are already aware that that does not solve the settlement

Issue at play right financial intermediation again middlemen we're getting rid of it there's no need for that when you have smart contract capability and you can program

You know a single line of code that can essentially replace thousands of workers you tell me how this ends all right we're going to ai we're going to voice we're going to automation all right and it will be based off of

Trust based off of algorithms and mathematics and so i'm looking just like you to capitalize off this trend and i know it is funny you know we've been here for you know three years

Talking but guys it is going to happen and i will be here in the meantime all right level playing field cbdc's again same thing that extra p crypto wolf just said

All right and then even matthew ally and white referencing this so we got the un guys the united nations is partnered with accenture one of the ripples original investors ripple alliance in 2015

Helping you know swift r3 ripple up many of the central banks as well at the real-time gross settlement systems you guys decide for yourselves they have not created their own blockchain and they're partnered with ripple and

Invested upon them so you guys tell me if that's over speculating all right and then also dame uh daymore uh again we have uh darren moore he

Actually had a new video as well to kind of cover this if you guys want to check that out for yourselves so again un just another group a little speculation there all right now right here guys i know you

Guys have seen this recently by coindesk huge news with ethereum classic etc so they've suffered their third 51 attack this one was reorganized or this one reorganized over 7 000 blocks

Absolutely crazy that these assets you'd expect when something is you know suffering a 51 attack that it would die and not come back correct well look where we're at still ranked number 30 again circulating supply we

Have volume 600 million and it's pretty ridiculous and it's sad that these assets can sustain themselves now what this is telling me is that this is still a fugazi it's all

Fairy dust regulations have not come so i'm at a loss here guys i sincerely want to understand your thoughts on ethereum classic suffering a third 51

Attack and still rebounding not even going down in price per se not going back to you know five dollars anything um i want to know what you guys think i'm gonna be reading the comments and trying to just

Understand what you know the majority of you guys are saying and what perspectives could probably you know ring true again 51 attack we have my buddy even reminding

Me with all that sushi talk in a variety of assets just spiking instantaneously some do have use cases yes i get it there are some big players coming out of nowhere and yeah i have my eye on them i'm

Trying to keep up there's too many um and there's too much happening in this space so honestly the best thing to do is just kind of look at a variety of you know of groups and kind of get different opinions all

The time and keep challenging yourself because i keep getting locked in to my you know own modality of thinking all right so i sincerely want to know what's going to occur and as i said even

Right here this is all setting the stage nicely for regulations to come in the future it's painting a nice picture and i am you know sincerely worried for those people that are all in

On maybe certain privacy coins or certain blockchains that obviously have suffered attacks such as these but if you're diversified you know you should be hedged nicely i just want you guys to do your own due

Diligence be safe because nothing is guaranteed in the space all right so hopefully you guys enjoy it again so we covered just to kind of breeze through el grand foundation with the digital currency initiative

Talking about the fed partnering with them we talk about accenture again teaming up with the un as well as many other groups talked about standard chartered again emphasizing digital assets settlements

Large transactions cbdc's the future bitcoin's place potentially libra dr rajan you know giving his take on this as well if you guys can find any old clips of him speaking at swell as well

Highly recommend looking back at that keep in mind swell is coming in literally a month pretty excited for that as well again level playing field vernacular it's continuously coming all the time we

Have you know several years at this point um same talking points level playing field was huge during the dot-com bubble as well we have you know un we have etc

You guys let me know um and be safe as always and i want to give a huge thank you again to my top channel supporters thank you guys for standing by my side throughout this again bear market it will be well worth it i appreciate it

And again shout out to bemore1113 mark phillips lunar phoenix jamie xrp crypto beginner ken melendez xrp holder 4 and all others and i will see you in the next video

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