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by birtanpublished on September 29, 2020

my people my people is about that time
live from the USA helping you get paid
every day this is the boasts of Bitcoin
the creased o of crypto is your boy BK
and if you don't like me you must not
like money today we got another public
service announcement man another one
bites the dust Julian Assange arrested
last night in London and it's a big
uproar you know not only in the crypto
space but uh in the truth-seekers space
freedom of the press you know basically
people who think that they're not slaves
even though they are citizens which are
synonymous um getting to this story
Julian Assange if you don't know who he
is basically got famous you know by
co-founding or being the lead editor for
a website called WikiLeaks which was
famous for essentially producing
documents and releasing documents that
held big government accountable for its
actions if you remember what was it like
ten years ago eight years ago the video
that went viral of like Otto's people
getting shot up in Afghanistan you know
from like a helicopter like it was a
video game except they were real life
and I think one of the soldiers was like
laughing and making jokes while he was
doing it that was released on WikiLeaks
most notably I believe a lot of the
emails on Hillary Clinton you know I
think Donna I honestly I think King
bubblehead I don't say his name live on
air King bobblehead
won the presidential campaign in the
second debate when he told Hillary
Clinton to her face that if he was
elected she would be in jail and this
was in reference to the emails that were
leaked through WikiLeaks which you know
showed questionable intent at best
again I do not participate in the bread
and circus known as a CAC of stock Greek
politics but I do believe a injustice to
one is an injustice t'wall and so that's
why I'm speaking on this event another
thing when you live outside of the box
and you just take a peek back in the box
to see how screwed up everything is just
look at how orchestrated the message is
right and we think oh it's breaking news
breaking news breaking news so yes they
have to all be reporting on it well no
they actually don't especially when
they're all slighted and you know you
actually count the burbs that are in
this thing in there it's all it's all
basically the same article right so for
example for example right I clicked on
one earlier that was I think from a Wall
Street Journal let's see where is eat
New York Times maybe yeah it was like
Wall Street Journal right and I click on
this thing at first of all they don't
even want to show me the whole day like
subscribe we're broke
ain't nobody buying newspapers no more
please give us money subscribe
and I'm like no I'm not gonna do that
you know I'm there so I just copy and
paste the title cuz I know there's a lot
of people that don't like giving me CJ
B's money you know and they'll reprint
this thing all about
different websites but then if I you
just come right back to the top and they
literally got the title embedded in all
these different articles like how is
that real comes in a circle it's like a
circle jerk of you know pre pre pre
disdained information like oh you don't
like this come on back check out our
check out our partner down the street
he'll take care of you let's look at the
Guardian yes are you getting the same
message there's only the only difference
is the logo changes you know I mean I'm
pretty sure two Guardians oh there you
go just give a donation support we'll
give you the whole story and since
you're here we're still broke please
give us please support
it's like those a puppy dog songs where
I got all the sick puppies yums and I'm
one of the dogs walking around with
three legs and they got the little lady
singing in the background
for $19.99 a month you can support the
Guardian thank you young Sam
anyways understand that this message is
controlled understand that it's all a
puppet show and understand that this may
have been one of the only puppets
dancing on your side you know I'm saying
this man was stuck out of embassy I
think for like eight years an asylum
basically had configured some type of
way not to go to jail until now for
about eight years and that's probably
because he had dirt on everybody you
know and it's like what do they call
that like a Mexican standoff like if you
should meet and you know you did you
know so it's interesting but but
something happened behind the scenes
right you know you don't just take down
a top player like this without any
replica what do they call it
repercussion represent one of them words
something's gonna happen or something
has happened already you know especially
when you when you start to look at
the digital surface you know I'm saying
you got you got groups like Anna I'm not
talking about Q I'm not talking about
all you digital internet reddit Patriots
I'm talking about people who literally
built the internet that are building a
new society right now that don't like
the status quo right they don't like you
know being on a ship full of slaves and
everybody think they free you know I'm
saying being being inline and Anna Anna
Anna Anna and us being standing in line
and a slaughterhouse you free-range
cattle and you think you graze in the
open plains you know there's a lot of
people that don't like that it's a lot
of smart people out there that have
built will building are building a new
status quo and that is in reference to
anonymous and other you know
organizations you know that seek to
accommodate a better way of life so
nonetheless you know we click on a Big
Brother's little brother Wikipedia and
this is all again you know pre pre pre
organized for your consumption
all-you-can-eat buffet of you know GMO
fed garbage but they already got that
he's arrested where was it was like the
first page down here at the bottom like
they made big built this thing in there
real quick I like maintaining waste no
time down here presidency presidency
look at that right so it says he was
arrested by the Metropolitan kjb KGB
with who authorities had invited oh so
they had been invited into the embassy
because you can't just step on the
embassy have to be invited so they were
invited KGB's that arrested him for his
failure to surrender in court
back in 2012 okay and a statement
delivered another puppet stated he
withdrew the asylum after he violated
international conventions regarding a
domestic interference he's found guilty
breach in his bail so today I remember
they tried to like get get this guy on
like a rape charge too but then they
ended up dropping it so if you know more
information about this or I definitely
want to make like an open forum on this
topic I think this is definitely gonna
be an ongoing topic right but they got
they got a whole orchestrated takedown
where they got like 82 dudes you know
Julian signs out here looking like Tom
Sawyer nowadays you know I'm saying
Charles Darwin you know just looking
like looking like somebody's old uncle
you know want to do is go out to the
park and feed the pigeons but they got
them taken down you know by like 85
people throw them in some big Metro bus
and and hauled them off so my question
to the people is what comes next you
know you got King bobblehead saying that
he wasn't even aware that this was
taking place and he didn't even know who
Julian Assange WikiLeaks was even though
you know in 2015 he praised WikiLeaks
for releasing information incriminating
Barack Obama Hillary Clinton and other
puppets you know on the right hand side
of the Eagle right understand is two
sides of an ego for one reason two wings
keep the bird in flight not three that's
why I don't got three right wing left
wing what do both sides do keep the bird
flying so what comes next you know you
got this guy that was definitely you
know influential in keeping the
government accountable for
actions that it took that many people
would have never seen and now he goes to
jail up to five years some people might
say that's a slap on the wrist but again
some people may disagree so I leave it
up to you let me know in the comments
what you think you know then I'll come
back in a couple days and we'll regroup
and uh you know see see what happens
with this thing I think it's definitely
gonna be an ongoing discussion you know
what do they call it the pieces are
lining up man it's 2019 you know
everywhere you look they say in 2020
2020 2020 the roaring 20s I saw tweet
the data roaring 20s
I'll tell you what fire roars got a
Stoke a fire get that fire to roar a
lion roars neither one of them have
known to be particularly kind to humans
in general so let me know what you think
leave me a comment if you appreciate
this content hit that thumbs up button
I appreciate you sometimes I don't even
talk about crypto don't even talk about
the black chamber because I think all
too often when the other pieces are
moving on that board we need to
understand what's happening right and we
need to have a plan of action and a lot
of times that plan of action is don't be
a slave free yo mind
step outside the box little do you know
that all them rats in a maze you ever
look at them little videos from 30 40 50
s they got them scientists standing on
top of the rats with the one little
piece of cheese in the middle and they
got 32 rats trying to figure out how to
get in that cheese you know the minute
one of them rat stop and look up and see
these white faces looking down at them
with clipboards that rats a hold on them
you say hold on said that cheese
howhow can I get out of here and he
stopped rad don't want the cheese no
more he want to get out he want to be
free you know ain't trying to fight 32
rats for one piece of cheese II said get
me out of his maze so stop look up
understand what's happening have a plan
and then execute right then gonna do
what they gonna do anyway you know but
what do you think comes next
how will this impact you what's your
plan and how ultimately how will you
benefit as a result if you have no plan
to benefit well what didn't you really
don't have a plan right and that's why I
go back to the blockchain that's why I
go back to truth that's why I go back to
honesty transparency
you know self-reliance right be your own
bank BYOB so show me some love you
appreciate leave me a comment like
subscribe share hashtag retweet Rhys
team all that you already know what time
it is man with that being said it's that
time of the day signing out both boy BK
no matter where you stay Brazil debate
telephone ie all the way back out
through jerk money good night good
morning and good day

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