Why you shouldn’t buy the Huawei Honor 6X

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

the honor 6x is latest smartphone to be
launched in the US by huawei's
youth-oriented sub brand honor and has a
big 5.5 inch LCD display a dual camera
system seemingly capable of producing
some pretty impressive photos a big
battery and it's powered by one of
huawei's generally capable Kirin
processors with three gigs of RAM and 32
gigabytes of internal storage
it can also be had with 4 gigabytes of
RAM for more money on paper at $249 this
new phone actually looks like a
perfectly salt and capable device if not
one that is probably likely to generate
much excitement among enthusiasts but
the honor 6x is yet another statement
from Huawei that it simply doesn't care
about software post-purchase support
very much software that's critical to a
good user experience after all it's an
unfettered Android and a solid uptake
track record that make us such big fans
of Moto G Series
despite their comparatively middling
specifications but the honor 6x launches
with Android 6.0 and model features a
fairly recent security patch Huawei has
already set expectations for a new get
update hopelessly low saying an upgrade
to the latest at OS won't come until q2
of 2017 that means the 6x will be
getting Android 7.0 well past probably
evens laggards like Samsung in the
galaxy s7 and the prospect of updates
beyond that well they could be grim and
it's not a stretch to think that Huawei
will disappoint last year it launched
the honor 5x with android 5.1.1 in the
US in January just like it launched the
honor 6x here at CES this year but the
honor 5x launched well after release of
marshmallow and it took Huawei nearly
six months to get the phone Android 6.0
and despite a 24 month software update
promised that it issued at the time it's
increasingly looking like the honor 5x
will never get Android 7.0 at all honor
has been non-responsive with both
customers and us on the nougat issue
with the 5x but it really doesn't look
like that phone's getting a nougat
update anytime soon probably ever this
does bode poorly for the new 6 X
especially if Huawei doesn't see the
sales figures to justify making software
support a priority make no mistake the
honor 6x isn't a bad smartphone
especially right at this very moment
after all a lot of smartphones are still
running Android marshmallow out there
but taking a chance on a company that is
so recently shown a disregard for post
purchase software support and has the
gall to launch a smart phone running
Android 6.0 in 2017 at all just seems
like you're asking for trouble add in
the fact that while Waze emui 4 which is
what this device runs is far more
annoying and bothersome to use than the
new nougat based EMU i-5 which while we
launched last year on the new mate 9 and
the RF 6x seems to be a very good
reminder that specifications aren't
everything and that being a good
smartphone consumer is about looking
forward and backward it's really gauge
whether you're making a smart purchase
as an aside on the subject of consumer
purchase advice the owner 6x doesn't
have NFC and that's not exactly
something to be happy about either
anyway looking both to the past and the
future the honor 6x is one such product
where either direction seems source of
big red flags at least if you value
Android software updates with Android
moving to a more quarterly release cycle
the 6x could well be several versions of
the O's behind by the time the nougat
update finally lands Huawei knows how to
build a good smartphone but the 6x it's
just another case of decent Hardware
saddled with bad old software

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