Why the market is on a run

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

what's going on guys the market is
booming right now we got a market cap of
325 billion and we got a sea of green
Bitcoin went up a thousand dollars
within one day and check this out the
whole market is green they look at the
biggest gainers right now biggest
gainers we got Bitcoin private at 90% we
got gold amman 87% we got one chain 31%
we also have mixin which is down 2%
those are the books some of the biggest
losers we also got our chain down he
also got elf down very small percentages
at least a few guys are wondering why
the market is up I got a couple reasons
there's been a bunch of reports but I
like two that are just the best ones I'm
gonna show you this the first article
was on reddit margin shorts on BitFenix
are now higher than when Bitcoin was
trading at $20,000 this is crazy when
somebody wrote this article a gentleman
by the name of
Vitalik my beuter n' i think it's down
here yeah he posted this this was a day
ago friend told me this tomorrow
OTC for hedge funds approved shorts are
getting rekt bad best part is that
derivative guys over edged shorts likely
will happen between 8 a.m. show cago
time not sure if i believe but if true
be stupid slingshot up and this guy was
dead right this guy was dead on look at
those people saying nailed it any more
tips from your friend you need to listen
to your friend more often great call so
this guy called it perfectly uh if you
don't know who this dude is I suggest
following him because I like people
would give out accurate information if
you don't know what shorts are let me
explain you trade based on your
liquidity and margin of change if
bitcoin is worth two hundred dollars and
you want to margin trade with ten
dollars you would provide one hundred
fifty percent of the margin in your
account say that would be fifteen
dollars for a single margin trade this
change will let you borrow one
an asset being $100 of Bitcoin with the
agreement to give it back to the
exchange you placed 15 dollars into
margin account sell your Bitcoin for
$100 and wait if the price drops the $90
within one month you buy it back
automatically and give the Bitcoin back
to the exchange now you have $25 in your
margin account if the price goes to one
or in ten dollars you break your margin
and buy it back automatically and give
it back that exchange now you have five
dollars in your margin account the
overhead is for covering spikes the next
article that could explain why we could
be seeing a price surge right now is
lama caller says bitcoin is compliant
with sharia law as the price surges i'll
read the article for you a recent
declaration by an islamic scholar that
bitcoin is compliant with sharia law
could be the cause behind today's $1,000
bitcoin price surge opening the market
to muslim investors who previously were
unsure of cryptocurrency qualified as
money under strict definitions of
outlined by scholars muslims account for
23 of the world's population with 1.6
billion Muslims throughout the world
mostly asia-pacific nations like India
and Indonesia Sharia law or Islamic
clerical law prohibits the practice of
lending money at high interest rates
known as usury debate has range since
the popularity of Bitcoin in Islamic
scholar community as to whether Bitcoin
trading was a form of user Redoute
volatility and the huge profit and loss
margins as the fastest growing religion
in the world is llama has become a
central issue for the financial
authorities of late with the
International Monetary Fund holding
their first formal discussion about
Islamic banking needs last year and
Islam commodities with intrinsic value
gold silver and salt are considered
currency fiat money actually stands on
inner ice then commodity needs when it
comes to being considered Islamic money
digital or paper money is usually only
permitted if it's backed by an commodity
or intrinsic value or at a fixed
exchange rate the gold standard allows
for gold back currencies to be Shariah
compliant for example Bitcoin has been a
difficult currency to quantify acting as
a commodity and currency all at once
it does however fall under definitions
of customary money in Sharia law
anything that becomes wildly accepted as
a currency by society or government
mandate so that's pretty much what the
article said guys now Muslims now accept
Bitcoin I would like to thank the
scholar who wrote this article he gave
Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is blessing
and now it's all accepted in the Muslim
community I'm really really excited if
you don't know what the city is this is
Dubai this land is so beautiful
and these guys got money welcome to
cryptocurrency this was k7 from crypto
pedia until next time and we out

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