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by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

hey guys Anton attack and I've been
driving the Tesla Model 3 around London
for a week including two places I
probably shouldn't have but you know I
wanted to get some nice shots of the car

so by now you've probably already seen a
billion videos on Tesla's I mean the
model 3 started shipping two and a half
years ago the model Y is coming out this
summer which is basically just an
overinflated version of the model 3 and
next year in 2021
we get the ridiculous cyber truck but
while there's obviously a lot of hype
around Tesla's they're kind of like the
iPhones of cars I can't think of another
car that two and a half years after it
came out people are still making videos
I'm still making videos about their
features and their tech and that's where
I think Tesla's secret weapon lies
software updates which sounds really
boring but over-the-air updates have
added everything from silly new games
and Easter eggs to real-world speed
boosts and then there's full
self-driving that keeps getting better
and better so right now we're on version
10 point of the model 3 but again like
phones you can actually opt-in to the
beta to get the latest updates first so
let me show you some of my favorite new
features that have come to the model 3
via software updates starting with well
a few fun ones so along with Netflix
YouTube and Spotify which was also
recently added we now get the twitch app
for pretty obvious safety reasons you
can't watch it while driving but if
you're waiting in a charger now you can
catch up with your favorite streamers
although I do wonder how many people
that own Tesla's watch twitch streams
now if you fancy channeling your inner
James Corden or enjoy a bit of karaoke
then you'll love karaoke launch it from
the media menu pick your favorite song
and then you can tap the microphone icon
to add or remove the vocals depending on
who you ask this is either the best or
the worst thing they've added there's
also a whole bunch of games you can play
you probably see most of these already
but they keep adding new ons
Cup heads is one of the latest but the
best bit is you can control them with
the steering wheel and pedals moving on
and let's say you're sitting in a Tesla
showroom car park in London shooting
b-roll with your partner for the video
then you should definitely check out
romance mode you get a roaring fireplace
on the screen the heat turns up in the
car and it plays a selection of mood
I think that's date night sorted
there's also a whole range of silly apps
and Easter eggs like the whoopee cushion
which is endless fun turning the car
into Santa's sleigh changing the maps to
the surface of Mars even naming the cop
hat see for a Monty Python Easter Egg so
lots of fun stuff but it is also great
to see Tesla actually listening to
customer feedback and then making
changes for example you can now toggle
the regenerative braking to low you'll
see a drop in range but the trade-off is
a more comfortable slowdown when you
take your foot off the gas like you'd
get in a normal car another addition is
dog mode say for example you have to go
to the store for just a second you can
turn on dog mode in the climate settings
obviously you shouldn't leave your dog
in a parked car for too long but it
fills the screen with a dog mode
notification for passers-by and it won't
get too hot or too cold for your little
dog Oh they've also updated sentry mode
using the auto pilot cameras and sensors
around the car it's kind of like a
next-gen dash cam and there's loads of
videos popping up on YouTube of Tesla
owners sharing their sentry mode footage
including one awesome example of using
the summon mode to maneuver the car out
of a parking space when another car had
parked too close to the driver's door
so there's fun stuff there's quality of
life improvement stuff and then there's
the stuff that fundamentally improves
the performance of the car for example I
think my favorite upgrade is the
acceleration boost in the Tesla app
you'll find an upgrade menu which is
kind of Awesome in of itself you can pay
for an acceleration boost which cuts the
nought to 60 time by half a second I
don't know would you pay for that would
you pay $2,000 to knock half a second
off your car's not 260 I'm not sure
though the pole at the top right and let
me know certainly off my Ford Fiesta it
wouldn't make any difference at all so
probably not but on a Tesla where we're
kind of at supercar performance two
grand maybe isn't that bad of a deal
what do you think and then of course we
have full self-driving so as standard
all Tesla's have autopilot which means
the car can steer accelerate and brake
automatically or you can also buy the
full self-driving package for around
fifty eight hundred pounds or six
thousand dollars so it can automatically
drive on motorways on and off ramps
interchanges and even overtake cars plus
automatic driving on city streets not
just highways and motorways and as Tesla
keeps improving their self-driving tech
it'll get better smarter and importantly
safer over time with
dates so the point of all this is that
Tesla's keep getting better and better
with updates I mean if some said to me
they could come and do a software update
on my Ford Fiesta and add Netflix or
twitch or make the naught to 60 half a
second faster that would be crazy I
would love that and paired with this
super charging infrastructure including
the rollout of their new faster v3
charges I do genuinely think and this
video is not sponsored at all that if
you want to buy a fully electric car
right now a Tesla is the best choice but
having said that I can't wait for the
competition to heat up this year I've
definitely got my eye on the upcoming VW
id3 which I might actually be able to
afford but what about you would you buy
a Tesla right now or maybe you're
waiting or maybe you've got your eye on
a different car let me know in the
comments below and if you'd like to see
more car tech videos and Tesla tech
videos on the channel then make sure you
hit like and subscribe as well thank you
so much for watching guys I'll see you
next time right here on the tech chat

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