published on July 20, 2020

This whole religion is based upon three fundamental pillars belief in Allah belief in the prophets and belief in Judgment Day these are the three fundamentals of all fundamentals and so insha'Allah Allah today we will begin our discussion about the reality of

Qiyama and we'll discuss what we know about qiyamah and what Allah subhana WA Ta'ala has mentioned of it from the beginning of clamour meaning the trumpet being blown up until the very end

Relief and clamour is not only a fundamental of our faith it is a fundamental of the Abrahamic faiths and it is something that marks the Abrahamic faiths from the non Abrahamic faiths because all of the religions of the

World are divided into two primary categories the Abrahamic and then the dharmic religions these two put together form the bulk of religions of the world anything outside of these two is very incidental or small the Abrahamic we

Know Judaism Christianity and Islam and put together these three faith traditions are more than half of the world's religions the other major major religions of the world are Hinduism and then of course Buddhism these are the

Two big religions other than ours and then to a smaller level Jainism and then you have the Far Eastern religions which Shinto Shintoism and what not these are called the dharmic religions and the dharmic religions share some things in

Common like the Abrahamic religion share some things in common of the fundamentals of all Abrahamic religions is belief in the God of Abraham and belief in the concept of prophets and belief in Judgment Day these three are

Shared by all Abrahamic faiths traditions the dharmic religions don't believe in any of these things and the concept of Judgment Day does not exist amongst all of them what is the equivalent in all dharmic religions who

Could tell me very good reincarnation right or the concept of liberation of the soul from the body so the goal of those faiths were not going to talk about that or iam just this is one of our one of our first

Tangents of today the goal of those religions is to break free from the cycle of reincarnation Nirvana or moksha or something but the point is by the way they don't believe in a day of judgment but do those faiths believe in

Type of judgment yes because that's the whole point of karma that's the whole point of reincarnation even those faith traditions have some kernel of judgment but it's not one

Judgment day it is every soul shall have its own judgment and then the resurrection of the next will be based upon what it has done so the point being at some level judgement is universal to all faith traditions of this world

Except that the Abrahamic faiths believe in one day that is the day of hyssop the day of resurrection the day of pay Amma Yoma Dean and the other faith traditions they have their other interpretations and by the way I say the Abrahamic

Faiths traditions and all major sects of Christianity and all mainstream groups of Islam as I mentioned the very last episode of the butter sock all of them believe in an era interestingly enough for reasons beyond

The scope of our class the Jewish faith tradition has veered from disbelief once upon a time classical Judaism early Judaism did believe in clamor and Allah references in the Quran walk adelante Masana naru allah allah Mamadu that they

Did believe in heaven and hell however over the course of the evolution of of Jewish theology slowly but surely this concept was not fully discarded but it is no longer central to the belief of most modern Jews some still believe in

It and many have abandoned it and most of them are agnostic about it they don't know what even the religious even the the practicing amongst them this has something that is now by and large not mainstream amongst them which is very

Interesting to have abandoned this belief nonetheless that's the introduction now let's get to the Islamic stuff when we look at the Quran belief in qiyamah is one of the most fundamental principles of the entire

Religion some of our scholars have said and there is an element of truth to this you cannot read a single page of the Quran except that Allah explicitly references fiamma on it and I didn't go over every page but there's

Definitely an element of truth here you cannot read a single page of the Quran except that there is an indirect or a direct reference to the a amma and in fact one of the interesting things about the concept of p amma is

That allah subhanho wa taala argues in the quran with those who deny pay amma allah azza wajal reasons with them he uses rational arguments he's essentially trying to prove a amma in many different ways and

So we began our talk about qiyamah by looking at some of the primary techniques that allah uses in the quran to prove the qiyamah some of the rational arguments and it's interesting that allah is using rational arguments

Here some people believe rationality has no role in the religion and this is not true allah subhana wa ta'ala is using logical arguments he's telling people who reject that the AMA to think that there is a qiyamah and he reasons with

Them in a logical manner in a manner that he's trying to prove and this is because the Quraysh generally speaking rejected of Toyama the Quraysh didn't believe in Akiyama they believed in Allah but they didn't believe in

Prophets and they didn't believe in cliana so they rejected two of the main three pillars of Islam so the Quran proves prophets in many ways but more than the prophets because the fiamma is discussed more than triple the amount

The professor discussed more than the prophets allah subhana wa ta'ala mentions the fiamma and attempts to prove its existence to the people who rejected it so today shall out out of the first part

We will discuss 7 specific techniques and this is also a summary we couldn't there is a very good book in arabic a very large book about how allah azza wajal proves the camera in the quran so this is a summary and i have chosen 7 of

The arguments the first genre each one of these is a genre under under them are hundreds of verses so every point has hundreds not one or two examples hundreds of examples the first genre of evidence is the first technique that

Allah subhana wa ta'ala uses is simply to say that it is true so this is not rational as much as it is you need to believe in it because I'm saying so and of course this is the bulk of the versus male Chioma Dean the master of

Judgment Day or the judge of Judgment Day or the Lord of Judgment Day this is a statement of fact Allah Azza WA JAL is mentioning included in this are thousands not hundreds thousands of verses that describe the

Qiyamah look at surat or look at you sama the majority of verses of Jews amma are about qiyamah a Matassa are known and never allow him right either sham suku bharat we're in the new german Catherine

Way the g-value Surat way they lash out or open at weather what is it all about so the bulk of all of these small suitors many of the verses of the Macan era Allah is describing Kiama Yomi a federal monument of hey when families

Will be split up so this comes under the first genre that Allah Azza WA JAL is telling you is gonna happen and Allah is describing it and of these verses Allah says in the Quran why a stem by una caja on who they ask you is

The Judgment Day true why a stem be onaka they're asking you the number they're asking you a happen who is it really true and Allah says one of the most powerful emphasis in the Quran pull II wanna be in the hoola happen say

Indeed by my lord verily it is true if you deconstruct this verse there's five ways of emphasizing but one of the most emphatic verses in the Quran about Toyama they ask you is the Kiama true own e wah rub

Be in Naju laughs there's literally seven six or seven ways not five where Allah as though it is emphasizing over and over again say verily I tell unto you emphasizing it is true so the first john r a' is basically to

Say that it is happening and to describe it's happening this is not reasoning this is simply i'm telling you it's gonna happen if you believe in me then it's going to happen the second genre which is a common motif of the Quran

Allah subhana WA Ta'ala tells mankind to think about their own origin and in thinking about their own origin Allah is saying don't you think I can bring your origin and do it all over again the one who created you for the first time can

He not recreate you again so this is a logical this is a reasoning why are you surprised that I can resurrect the dead didn't I create you from nothing right so there are again hundreds of verses in the Quran about this genre this evidence

Oh Allah Miandad in sodomy mahalik doesn't mankind see where he comes from holy a common man in dark Yahoo Jimin Venus will be ouattara then what in whom Allah Roger a helicoidal when Allah describes where

You came from and Allah describes the process of the evolution of the embryo then Allah says in whom Allah Raja he look harder don't you think I can do this all over again and bring you back this is a

Direct rational appeal the one who created you in this manner can recreate you again and in the end of surah yaseen awara maril insana anna hadaka now human not fighting for either who are Hashima Mubeen doesn't

Mankind see that we created him from a drop of fluid and lo and behold we created him from this fluid now he is arguing with us what is he arguing about go back to the Sierra go back to the Sierra

Obey even halluf came to the prophet sallallaahu and he was seldom he had in his hands a bone from an animal and he said ya muhammad saw seldom our you he Allah who had an Obama were here on me and he crumbled up whatever he could

Crumble up do you think Allah will bring this bone back to life when it has decayed so Allah subhana WA Ta'ala answered him by revealing the end of surah yaseen and it is such a powerful answer this

Man who is arguing with us that whether we can bring life back or not I wore a mural in Sano and palitana human not fur where did he come from now that he is Cosima Mubeen has he forgotten his own origin roberto benigni

Methionine wanna see ahankhah he challenges us even as he forgets his own creation in other words you're asking allah for an external proof and you are a walking internal living proof what proof do you need when you are the proof

Itself you dare ask Allah for a challenge and your creation is itself the proof of the challenge well Dada banana methionine when I see a Hulka Carla men you hate Obama over here a meme this is what they said then allah

Azza wajal says pull your hija lady and Shah Alam ara the one who created it the first time can recreate it again this is a logical argument that allah azza wajal is bringing and allah as allah says in the quran were already a blossom my

Yuridu who wahoo one ola and he is the one who began the creation and then he shall repeat it all over again and this is a very profound and interesting verse that has caused some discussion amongst our ulema the phrase and it shall be

Easier for him wha-hoo ah ah one ye what shall be easier to recreate why is this verse potentially problematic to some theologians hmm yeah this is the core point nothing is difficult for Allah for a lot to say and I shall recreate as I

Did it the first time and the second time shall be easier for me as if the first time was difficult even a bus responded to this very easily and he said if there was a difficulty then when you do it for a second time it is easier

But there was no difficulty to begin with and allah azza wajal is simply making them understand if you think there was any difficulty surely to do it again is easier then to do it for the first time so

Allah is speaking to them at their level and you're saying if you feel that that's gonna be difficult surely when some somebody does anything for a second time it is easier so in the realm of Allah nothing is difficult he says

Couldn't fire kun but if there were to have been an imaginary difficulty surely recreation is easier then first time and this is something we all know when we do something a second time it is easier so this is the second genre under it are

Hundreds of verses where Allah links belief in Judgment Day with the origins of man and allah azza wajal asks mankind to go back to his own creation and to understand that how was he created so – he shall be recreated the third genre of

Verses also many many hundreds of verses or actually say may be dozens of verses under this one is to tell mankind to examine the whole world around them the heavens and earth so the second to examine yourself the

Third to examine the ecosystem to examine the heavens and the earth and Allah subhana WA Ta'ala mentions many of these verses that la salida Chanukah Sameach wat he will automobile car didn't Anna and yellow Camilla home

Don't you see that the one who creates the heavens and the earth is capable of creating or recreating something similar unto that and Allah subhana WA Ta'ala says o Allah may Allah and Allah Allah D Chanukah Sameach or Allahu Alem yeah

Yeah bhai okay he'll be hard in Anna and your heel Mota don't they see the one who has created the heavens and the earth and he wasn't powerless in creating them he wasn't it wasn't difficult to create them don't they see

The one who created the heavens and the earth with such ease is also capable of bringing the dead back to life once again explicit linkage look at the world around you see the heavens and the earth and realize Allah Azza WA JAL is capable

Of all things so this is the third genre and that is a Sumati one out the fourth genre you can say 3a even or I put a number for specific natural elements within the Samoa to an old specific aspects of the creation around

Us that Allah in particular asks us to examine and Allah Azza WA just says look at this aspect the one who is able to do that is able to bring life back to the dead give me an example of genre number four cuz under this or many categories

Many examples what's the most common example in the quran that allah says to examine around us bringing dead vegetation or dead land back to life now this is something that i did not fully understand growing up in America until I

Lived in Saudi Arabia because in America we have a different type of soil generally speaking even in the winter our soil is green even if it's not the same type of greenery but it's a different type of soil when you go to a

Barren land when you go to a desert land you see a different type of soil and you have to see it to believe it where throughout the year it is a complete barren not a single leaf grows on it then a specific season comes the

Rain season and all of a sudden that land that you could have swore is never gonna produce any fruit it becomes greener than a dense jungle and I've seen this with my own eyes it's unbelievable the change that happens

There's a certain time where the amount of water falls is perfect and that dead land is resurrected back to life and this is something that the Arabs living in that environment would have seen regularly so Allah Azza WA JAL mentions

That many times in the Quran for example fond or Allah 30 rahmatullahi k4l or baba demo Teja cathodically allahu la mota look allah is saying at the effects of a las mercy meaning the effects mercy humans rain look at the effects of a las

Rain how he brings the dead land back to life this is the same way I shall bring the motor back to life and indeed Allah is capable of all things and this is at least a dozen or two dozen times in the

Quran Allah mentions the cycle of vegetation and Allah mentions that Leafs become yellow and then become green and become life again this cycle Allah says you see it around you not just the land but in vegetation

You see it around you why can't you recognize I can do the same for other species of life as well also Allah mentions the cycle of water also Allah mentions fire itself a lady janicoo – a general aladeen Iran so

Allah is seeing this green tree which is fed by blue water it becomes this yellowish flame look at all of this cycle the same thing Allah as though it mentions surely I can also bring the dead back into the life as well so the

Cycles of other species other life-forms on this earth Allah is saying the one who can permutate those life-forms surely I can permutate your life form as well so this is category 4 where Allah asks us to look at specific acts with

Aspects of the creation category 5 is a very very interesting one very interesting one here allah azza wajal uses a different tactic completely Allah uses what modern philosophers have called the moral argument for the

Existence of God this is something that was propagated very recently I think only two three hundred years ago if I'm not mistaken it's a very recent phenomenon of Western philosophy but the quran mentions it in it in this

Revelation allah subhanho wa taala mentions the moral argument for Judgment Day what is the moral argument for Judgment Day that this life is inherently unfair and if there were no Judgment Day then

That would not be a perfection of a laws justice this is an argument that Allah uses in the Quran how can you deny a Judgment Day when there's no justice in this dunya and allah azza wajal will not allow in just

To go unpunished so the Quran uses the moral argument to prove the existence of pay Yama and Western philosophers only stumbled across this relatively recently Allah knows maybe from the Quran directly and then they have a different

Category of how to prove the existence of Allah and for us it is in the Quran there are a number of verses in this regard of them Allah says in the Quran a fanatical Muslim Enoch al Majid Amin Manickam kafir taku moon this is a

Rhetorical question a rhetorical question is a question whose answer is inherently within the question it doesn't need to be verbalized a rhetorical question is meant to emphasize an obvious truth

It is not meant to actually question right this is a rhetorical question and Allah Azza WA JAL uses a rhetorical question because it is too self-evident to even respond to it so Allah says a Finocchiaro Muslim inna kalamu cheney

Mean do you think we will make the believers like the criminals the same Manickam kaif otaku moon what is wrong with you how are you judging Allah is slapping some sense into people do you think that a good person and a bad

Person that's it they live and they die and that's it nothing is gonna happen to them that's not fair and in a more explicit verse Allah says in the Quran amnesia alladhina amanu I Minnesota Hattie

Kyle most sadena Phil art I'm Nigel muttaqeen acalypha job even more explicit do you think we are going to make the one who was good and did good deeds the same as the one who has caused facade in the earth who caused evil in

The earth who was a mass murder a brutal dictator do you think one who suffered and the one who caused the suffering that their life will be the same Sawa a my alma mater oh man another witness is the 3rd verse the same their life and

Their death sir America moon how evil is the judgement that you make how evil is it that a mass murderer gets away with it and even if he is killed what is one death compared to a million deaths that he caused

What is one jail term compared to destroying an entire country as so many brutal dictators have done so Allah says what is wrong with you how can you not affirm a judgment day when you see there are people who are being treated

Unjustly unfairly when you see people live their lives in piety and they still from our perspective get the short end of the stick they still might be harmed or they still die unjust debt or even if they die a normal death they didn't get

The reward of their good where is the good for that this pious person has done he lived his whole life and piety and yet he's struggling living a difficult life and another person born into wealth living the life of a playboy not caring

About the aakhirah and maybe he lives a normal animalistic life and dies a normal death is that fair that this person gets to enjoy this dunya and he lived an evil life and the righteous person was deprived of any good so Allah

Azza WA JAL is telling us a Maya aku moon how evil is your judgement to deny Judgment Day modicum Kaif otaku moon how can you make this judgment how can you judge that there's no judgement based upon the moral realities of the world

That we live in this is a very interesting argument to prove the day of judgment and that is this world does not have justice there must be a place where there's infinite justice and the one who does good or the one who does evil shall

Taste the reward or the punishment for what they have done argument number six that Allah subhana wa ta'ala uses genre number six again remember each one of these you will find many verses underneath shun row number six is an

Argument that goes back to the divine wisdom of Allah subhana WA Ta'ala that if there were no Judgment Day and there were no heaven and hell then life would become what meaningless very good life would have no meaning

And allah azza wajal says in the quran efficacy bottom and namaha kanakam abathur wanna come Elena la Tour Jiyoon Fiamma is linked with the concept of abbath once again there's a direct causal linkage efficacy Bertram

Ana Mahalo Nakamura Bertha did you think we created you as a joke as a jest to waste our time did you think your whole existence wasn't for a higher reason if I symptom on and you'd and you were not gonna return unto us notice how Allah

Links belief in judgment with his wisdom if Allah is all-wise there must be a judgment a simple as that if allah azza wajal has hikmah and obviously he has hikmah because of the creation around us the creation around us necessitates

Allah is a team and Jabir and Hakim that Allah Azza WA JAL is perfectly wise the one who is perfectly wise does not do things foolishly does not waste time and energy in something useless and so allah azzawajal is saying we would not do

Something in vain and again there's a number of verses in this regard the 7th genre of verses the seven john reverses is specific stories now these stories we have to believe in so this is it goes back to point number one that we simply

Have to believe in allah subhana wa ta'ala in this regard that a number of people challenged allah or asked allah for proof to show them how resurrection occurs and allah subhana wa ta'ala demonstrated and then allah tells us in

The Quran about their stories now this is something that we simply have to believe in but again for those people who witnessed it it was a miracle for them for us it is a miracle we believe in and we didn't witness it can somebody

Give me one of these stories in the Quran what's the most obvious one quite really okay which surah is it in surah baqara surah baqara surah Baqarah that Allah subhana WA Ta'ala says Alcala de Marana

Korea team well here ha we're to another Russia huh Carla What did he say I knew he had the Halawa Adam o Teja how can Allah bring this entire city back to life after it is completely destroyed

So what did Allah do for Amata who lahu me attack Amon thumma bata Allah caused him to die meaning sleep cuz sleep is the brother of that remember no more ah-hoo Almonte hadith at the processor forum at allahu Mirta I mean Phil

Maratha then Allah woke him up and caused him to to wake up from that right Carla come Lilith Allah live with you what about him the point is the story is well known but

Allah azza wajal is demonstrating that he can resurrect the dead he resurrected the donkey in front of him this is one story another story Sarika have which one the people of cave did not die Ibrahim and the birds put on him

And the birds which surah is that in also baqara also baqara right what did it brahim say arabic adeney kafir to heal motor Ibrahim is saying himself oh Allah show me how do you resurrect the dead

And Allah says who LM told me don't you believe i LaBella why knocking the ultima in naka libby i believe o Allah but I just want to make my Eman at ease my heart at ease our prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam said

Hadith is in baja d900 became in ibrahim we have more right to have skepticism than a brahim skepticism here does not mean we doubt skepticism here means that how will allah do it a wondrous skepticism not to doubtful skepticism

Right there's a wondrous how is it possible verses you can do it there's a two different houses so Ibraheem had the first type I want to see how you do it I believe I just want to see and it'll

Make my heart firm so Allah as though it taught him you know the story cut up the birds put them on the different things and then we like call them to you yes yeah Tina casaya they will come to you racing back to you so this is a

Second story resurrection from the dead a third story what else nice table Miriam and the resurrection of and the Christian scriptures called Lazarus in front of everybody's eyes okay a fourth story Moosa and the one

Who was murdered and the slaughtering of the cap the the the cow right the high fur many stories of this nature where people are resurrected from the actual dead and other people see this so this is something that for us we believe in

But for those who saw it it is an actual physical demonstration of this reality and the famous mo fester of the Quran cherkashin clearly in his auto Albion his famous stuff see that he wrote he has a beautiful summary of all of this

In the turf seer of the Surat al-baqarah yeah a one a pseudo Roebuck melody Chanukah Cumberland Hakuna Matata hoon that a shanty tea says and I'll just summarizes all page and a half here that in these verses Allah subhana wa tada

Mentions three primary evidences of the resurrection of the Dead number one the fact that he created mankind for he says or abode Arab become already Halawa como le domaine publican worship your Lord who created you and those before you and

That is because the creation of man and the creation of the mankind basically is the greatest miracle and the greatest sign that he can create them all over again for example wha-hoo already a blossom yuridu who

Wanna are they accorded this verse and for example kumano oh what a Harlequin noreda who this is surah surah al-anbiya comma beta and El halcón or IDO as we created you the first time we shall repeat it and the verse in the

Quran fasts a Akulina memory guna they ask who will bring us back to life : levy Fattah become a whale Amara say the one who created you the first time and the verse in the Quran all your he held a D and Shah Alam ara say the one who

Brought it the first time will bring you back and the verse in the Quran Fri yena Bilhah local a one man whom Philip Simon Hullinger did do you think that we were incapable of doing it the first time such that we cannot do it for the second

Time and the verse in the Quran yeah Aon a so in contemporary millibar differ in the heart of now coming to rob and he goes on and on then he says the second evidence is the creation of the heavens and earth which is mentioned in the

Surah allah DJ allah come on out of evolution was sama Abena so allah says the one who made this earth a platform and the heavens a sky and then he brings like ten verses about this and then he mentions the third one which is the life

Cycle of the water and it goes all of these are evidences that allah is reasoning with people that he will have a judgment a junior so these are seven categories I mentioned

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