Why is Macedonia Changing its name?

by birtanpublished on August 6, 2020

the balkans also known as the balkan peninsula is a geographic region in southern east europe a place very very rich in history starting with the beginning of everything we know

About a modern human the balkan region was the first area in the european continent to experience the arrival of forming cultures in the neolithic era in which forming

From middle east spread to europe during neolithic the identity of the balkans is dominated by its geographical position historically the area was known as the crossroads of cultures

It has been a place between the latin and greek cultures of the roman empire it was the destination of a massive influx of pagan bulgars and slavs

An area where orthodox and catholic christianity math as well as the meeting point between the muslims and the christians today in the balkans we find countries with different

Ethnicity religion and with a pretty violent history behind them many jokes and memes are made about this region where almost everyone thought each other

Even today there is a pride in these people a country we can find in this region is macedonia the country is changing its name from this name

To this one the country of yugoslavia collapsed in the beginning of 1990s other new republics emerged from it

One of them was macedonia ever since the former yugoslav republic by that name gained independence in 1991 and was a dispute with his neighbor greece greece and the new country have their

Diplomatic disabilities for years and due to these problems greece didn't support this country to join eu in 2018 in june an agreement was reached between the two sides

In order for the republic of macedonia to change its name in a new one the north republic of macedonia or north macedonia but doing so greece will support them

To join the eu and nato a vote was held in this country and the people massively voted to join in these two blocks but what was the problem of greece why did they want

That well to present the situation with more details for that we have to dig deep into our history and we will start 2500 years ago we are in the year of 492 bc

And an ancient conflict is starting the first war between the greeks and the persians a series of wars fooled by greek states and persia over a period of almost half a century even if the persian empire was at a peak

Of its strength the collective defense mounted by the greeks overcame seemingly almost impossible odds and even succeeded in liberating greek

City-states in the first war the famous battle of marathon happened after their defeat the persians went home but they returned in vastly great numbers ten years later

A general greek league against persia was formed in 481 the command of the army was given to sparta and of the navy to the athens on the second attempt to conquer greece a new famous moment existed

That you probably heard of one of the ancient kingdoms and states of that period here situated on the periphery of archaic and classical greece

Was macedonia the kingdom was founded and initially ruled by the royal argent dynasty home to the ancient macedonians the earliest kingdom was hunted on the north-eastern part of greek peninsula

The cultural links of prehistorical macedonia were mainly with greece and anatoly a people who call themselves macedonians are known from about 700 bc the origin and identity of these people

Are much debated but they are considered part of the ancient greek wolves this dispute is about whether these people spoke a form of greek before the 5th century bc or not but is known however

That by the 5th century bc the macedonian elite had adopted a form of ancient greek language and had also created a unified kingdom before the 4th century bc macedonia was

A small kingdom outside of the area dominated by the great city states of athens sparta and thebes and at one point it was subordinate to persia more like a client

State in the greco-persian wars philip became king in 359 bc and he managed to consolidate areas around northern greece under his power expanding his realm the kingdom of macedonia

Initially at the end of the greek world came to dominate the ancient greece expanding and gaining more power and influence due to the greek weakness and the leadership of its ruler philip

Wanted to lead the military expedition of the united greece against the persian empire to avenge the earlier persian incursions on his land uniting the greek world by military

Actions and by diplomacy his focus was now on the accumulated empire but when the invasion was prepared in its early stages philip was assassinated his son

Alexander iii was proclaimed king by the macedonian nobleman and army at a young age of 20 and he managed in just a few years to defeat the persian empire in many battles

And to expand its realm as far as india even after the fall of the big macedonian empire the accomplishment was incredible the empire dismantled but many small communities of greeks

Started to exist in the middle east and in asian steps egypt levant and persia were influenced by the great culture after the fall of alexander's empire the kingdom of macedonia still existed

As a pretty powerful one in the greek world the decline began with macedonian wars and their eyes of rome as the leading power in the urea at the end of the third war in 168 bc

The macedonian monarchy was abolished and replaced by roman klein states a short-lived revival of the monarchy during the fourth macedonian war ended with establishment of the roman province of this region after it was incorporated

In the new roman worlds the region was still called as the former kingdom it seems that the name wasn't lost and survive throughout history due to their past as

A powerful kingdom after centuries when roman empire struggled new people came in the region some of them were slavs and by the time passed the byzantine

Rule started to fade away new slav states started to exist here by 14th century the ottomans started to dominate the region and the rule will end here in the

Beginning of the 20th century after the first balkan war under the terms of that treaty greece and serbia divided up most of macedonia region between themselves living bulgaria with

Only a small part of the region at that time the first world war came and after it yugoslavia a new country in which western slavs of the balkans unified

Started to exist then from 1945 to 1990 a socialist federal regime existed it was a country with many republics including macedonia after its collapse macedonia became independent and greece had to say

Something about this for the greeks it was pretty hard to accept a country named macedonia on its northern border but both this region and the country are in

The historical area of the ancient kingdom a largely known ruler of the antiquity was alexander the great which managed to revenge the greeks going against the persian empire

Defeating them and creating a large structure so the greek government claimed the name macedonia and its personalities as part of their rightful history probably many greeks from today's region

Of macedonia were not saying with good eyes the fact that in this love country large sculptures of alexander are present along with the flag i mean this was the

Ancient flag or symbol of the ancient kingdom symbolizing the sun and this is the flag of this country today well it seems that these two agreed to something after all

And this is a very good thing for both of them that's why this country is changing its name you

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