Why Gun Sales Are Surging During Coronavirus

published on July 2, 2020

as the coronavirus spread gun sales are

through the roof but should gun swords

be labeled century


this is America uncovered I'm Chris


much of the United States is essentially

under lockdown as the corona virus

pandemic spreads throughout the country

and there's one commodity

it seems everyone wants to hoard no not

toilet paper I'm talking about something

much easier to find guns while grocery

stores are seen empty shelves the corona

virus pandemic is also prompting people

to go buy guns

some folks fear what may come next in

this outbreak including this man and his

husband who are first-time gun buyers we

are in uncertain times and I just want

to be protected might as well be safe

and be prepared yes Fearon guns go so

well together gun and ammunition stores

are reporting record sales a lot of them

to first-time buyers gun stores in San

Diego County are seeing lots of

first-time gun buyers many saying

coronavirus fears drove them to buy a

gun we've set new sales records against

our previous years in business almost

every single day again this is with

ammunition accessories and firearms and

the majority of our customers have been

new firearms owners that is insane

who would want this to be their first

gun clearly this is a better option look

I don't know what that is

I just found it on the Internet human

innovation Curley knows no bounds maybe

it should but back to less scary weapons

there have never been more gun sales in

the history of the United States this

statistic is based on the number of FBI

background checks that happened in March

the FBI conducted 37 million background

checks last month the highest total

since the National instant check system

was launched in 1998 the previous record

was in December 2015

that's when President Obama considered

pushing gun restrictions after the mass

shooting in San Bernardino

now 37 million background checks does

not mean 37 million guns were sold

Federal Firearms background checks are

also done for things like concealed

firearm permits but the research group

small-arms analytics and forecasting

estimates there were two and a half

million firearm sales in March that's an

increase of 85 percent compared to a

year ago it's not just guns

people are also stockpiling ammo gun

shops across the country report that

they are unable to restock shelves

quickly enough to cope with the rush so

why is the corona virus inspiring people

to buy guns you can't shoot your way out

of a pandemic after all even though

North Korea tried well some claim it's a

conspiracy by the gun lobby that article

alleges that the lockdown protests

happening throughout the United States

were set up by conservative gun

lobbyists the coordinated effort seems

to be driven by the apparent long-term

aim of building a larger base of support

for gun law relaxation but that wouldn't

explain why there are so many first-time

gun buyers it turns out the reasons are

actually complex sometimes contradictory

some want guns in case society collapses

and they need to protect their families

you just hear rumors of things like this

lasting a long time and people run out

of work and run out of food come

knocking at your door I have a wife and

a daughter his fears might be legitimate

police departments are already taxed

they don't want to expose officers to

the coronavirus and so across the us

police have said they won't respond to

all calls union officials say officers

won't be sent to calls where they are

not needed in Philadelphia police said

they are delaying arrests for low-level

crimes like theft

according to Philadelphia Police

Commissioner Danielle outlaw persons who

commit certain nonviolent offenses will

be arrested at the scene once their

identity has been confirmed they will be

released and processed via arrest

now if the police feel the person still

poses a danger to public safety they

will still be immediately taken into

custody but with headlines like Philly

police stop low level arrests you can

see why people might be a bit concerned

the government won't be able to protect

them especially when thousands of

inmates have been released from prison

to curb the coronavirus spread those are

not violent offenders but you know I

think it's pretty clear the surgeon gun

buying is due to a little more than just

the gun lobby another group buying more

guns asian-americans gun sales are

double what they would usually be right

now he says one reason is because his

store is in an area with a big asian

population just people like

discriminating which really I don't I

think people are kind of overreacting

Lin says some customers are worried that

because of their race they'll face

discrimination so again people are

concerned the government will become so

weak it can't protect the people on the

flip side you have people buying guns

because they feel the government is

becoming way too powerful governors and

local officials want to limit the number

of people allowed to gather in certain

places in order to stop the spread of

the virus with some threatening criminal

penalties for those who refuse to comply

for example in Maryland governor Larry

Hogan had banned gatherings of more than

50 people police told ABC News that if

the situation warrants they will take

quote the appropriate action to control

crowds now that ban on large gatherings

didn't stop the reopen America protest

that happened in Annapolis last week

those were allowed to go ahead but some

people are still concerned about the

government using the coronavirus as an

excuse to strip away constitutional

freedoms like the right to peaceably

assemble and the right to demand the

government give them either liberty or

Kovan 19 and when people are afraid the

government won't allow them to protest

they're probably even more afraid when

they hear this we consulted with our

County Council it is not our belief that

gun stores are essential businesses

based on the governor's executive order

and so therefore they should not be open

in the county of San Diego earlier today

LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said

gun shops are in the same category as

other non-essential businesses and vowed

to make sure they closed gun stores are

deemed are not deemed essential under

this order therefore gun sales at those

stores had to end today some people in

governments say gun stores should be

closed down because of the risks of

spreading or being infected by the virus

from standing in a crowded line and

buying guns which makes sense but also

would apply to standing in a crowded

line outside Costco to buy groceries and

65-inch televisions or standing in line

to buy liquor but anytime the government

indicates it might restrict gun

ownership there is always a surge of

people buying guns during the eight

years Obama was president the gun

industry grew 158 percent now there's

been a big pushback about the gun stores

some say preventing people from buying

guns is a clear violation of the Second

Amendment the right to bear arms others

say the whole thing is just a conspiracy

by the gun lobby Chris Brown the

president of the gun control advocacy

group Brady United said this is a

contemptible and exploitative move by

the gun lobby to put industry profits

over public safety there is no

constitutional right to immediately buy

or sell guns and there is certainly no

right to spread coronavirus while buying

or selling guns others are like New

Jersey Governor Phil Murphy when asked

about why he deemed gun stores to be

non-essential he said he personally

thinks there should be fewer guns safer

society from my taste has fewer guns and

not more guns which is why some people

say this is just a conspiracy by the


gun lobby President Trump has pushed the

idea that some local governors are

trying to use the coronavirus as an

assault on the Second Amendment

first he tweeted this liberate Virginia

and save your great Second Amendment it

is under siege then he was asked about

it at a press conference is this the

right time to kind of bring you the

second issue I think when they talk

about taking your guns away and if you

notice at the beginning of this pandemic

there were more guns sold I think then

at almost any time in history because so

it's obviously a big issue and then you

have them working and signing documents

trying to take your your second

Amendment away essentially so I do think

it's an appropriate time to bring it up

at the end of March the Trump

administration released guidelines of

what should be considered essential

businesses gun stores were on that list

the list of essential businesses was

just a suggestion

states did not have to follow it but

most states have allowed gun stores to

remain open in some capacity even New

Jersey Governor Phil Murphy despite his

own anti-gun stance decided to follow

the Trump administration guidelines and

reversed his decision to close gun

stores he said it was definitely because

of the guidelines so I'm sure it had

nothing to do with the multiple lawsuits

from gun groups after his initial order

so what do you think our gun stores

essential businesses or should they be

shut down until the coronavirus lockdown

ends hit that like button and be sure to

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once again I'm Chris Chappell see you

next time



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