Why does everyone hate Exynos? [Galaxy Note 20 Exynos 990 controversy explained]

published on August 2, 2020

Oh great you got a new samsung phone oh no wait you're in an exynos country sucks to be you hope you get to the end of this video before the battery dies careful you don't trip over those low low benchmark scores okay look as much as many people on

Twitter and elsewhere like to endlessly trash samsung's exynos processors that criticism isn't entirely unfounded so why does everyone seem to hate exynos and what's with all the drama about exynos 990 in the new galaxy note 20

Make sure you subscribe so you don't miss future videos and we'll jump right in the disparity and performance of samsung exynos and qualcomm snapdragon chips in the same model of phone has come into

Sharp focus recently that's because of reports the new galaxy note 20 will use the exynos 990 in europe same as the s20 while the us korea and china will get a model with a snapdragon 865 plus

Which is an upgrade from the s20 in those countries insult to injury some samsung fans claim after the exynos powered galaxy s20 fell behind the snapdragon version in terms of battery life and some other

Benchmarks basically if you lived in europe you could expect slightly worse performance out of your s20 with the new note then you'd expect an even bigger gap in performance between

Phones in different regions because one region is getting a minor cpu upgrade and the other which is already coming from behind is not it's all the more disappointing given that rumors had been swirling that a new

And improved exynos chip was on the cards for the international version of the note 20 just as we saw in the note 10 last year but exynos hating isn't a new phenomenon it's a side effect of the long-running

Samsung strategy of dual sourcing processors for its high-end phones and exynos is lagging behind in some areas has been a thing since at least 2018 dual sourcing in itself isn't a bad

Thing samsung's traditionally used qualcomm in the us because it has all the cdma patents nailed down which you need for legacy sprint and verizon support internationally exynos has been more

Prominent it's produced by samsung lsi the group's semiconductor division this approach gives samsung more freedom to choose the chip that makes the most sense for any given scenario for example in 2015 having exynos as an

Alternative gave samsung a strong backup option when qualcomm's snapdragon 810 tested poorly ultimately leading to it being snubbed in the galaxy s6 in all markets almost everyone else making an android

Flagship that year had to just suck it up and use a chip that ran hot and used a lot of power conversely in the early days of 4g lte samsung favored 4g equipped qualcomm ships for countries with lte

And shipped 3g only exynos versions of phones in countries with little or no 4g coverage and in a way when you have two different high-end chipsets powering different versions of the same phone

It's only natural that some would pull ahead in different areas whether single core performance multi-core graphics or battery both chips have to basically do the same thing and enable the same features

But they're being developed and manufactured completely separately from one another so you wouldn't necessarily expect benchmarks to be exactly identical across the board

Exynos 4 from glory really started with the galaxy s9 that's where we started to see a demonstrable gap in performance compared to the qualcomm snapdragon versions an investigation by a nun tech at the

Time found that the exynos 9810's high performance m3 cores were a major culprit they'd fire up to very high clock speeds and consume lots of power and this was exacerbated by issues with

The cpu governor the software that handles how performance ramps up or down to meet the demands of the phone the issue was part hardware part software but the result was notably worse battery life in the exynos galaxy

S9s versus their american and chinese cousins with the snapdragon chip the following year was a bit more of a fair fight with the galaxy s10 benchmarks from anantek showed either snapdragon or exynos would pull ahead

Depending on whether you favored single core or multi-core the exynos models generally also produce weaker battery life but this could vary depending on how you tested it the galaxy s20 was another matter though

The exynos and snapdragon versions were tuned slightly differently when the screen was running in the default 60 hertz mode so some benchmarks were hard to compare directly but what wasn't open to debate

Was the weaker battery life of the exynos s20s clearly the benchmark showed the xnos 990 powered phones getting poorer longevity compared to their qualcomm counterparts

According to your nuntex numbers you were looking up to an hour less in pc mark's work 20 benchmarks based on the galaxy s20 ultra in 60hz mode the exynos model it turned out was also more prone to throttling

Scaling back performance as the device heats up in gpu intensive tests according to anand text numbers considering how expensive top-end flagships like the galaxy s20 ultra r it's understandable how samsung fans in

Europe in particular might feel short-changed they're paying just as much as korean and american s20 owners but getting a phone that doesn't last as long and maybe doesn't perform quite as

Well in games what's especially jarring is the battery life in particular is one of the most relatable smartphone benchmarks as opposed to more abstract things like single or multi-core performance

So for people in exynos countries the only option if you want what pretty clearly seems to be the superior galaxy s20 model is to import one from snapdragon territory but then you risk running into

Warranty issues problems with features like volte and wi-fi calling and that compatibility situation has only become more complex now that 5g is thrown into the mix that's before you even consider import

Duties potential region locking in the software and of course the fact you can't finance an imported s20 through your carrier which is how most people buy new phones for samsung's part it's always said that

All versions of the galaxy s20 deliver an equivalent experience a statement from march tells us the galaxy s20 is a smartphone that's been reimagined to change the way you experience the world and depending on

The region the galaxy s20 will ship with either the exynos 990 or the snapdragon 865 both the exynos and snapdragon processors go through the same strict and rigorous real-life

Testing scenarios in order to deliver a consistent and optimal performance over the entire life cycle of the smartphone however actions speak louder than words in a rare move this year samsung chose snapdragon for its home market of south

Korea a small deal in terms of business but a very big deal symbolically leading to reports in the korean press that samsung lsi felt humiliated by the decision and tried unsuccessfully to have it

Reversed and late last year it was reported that samsung would likely be moving away from using those custom cores in its exynos processors based on news of the 290 strong team

Responsible for that project being laid off from its austin texas r d center if true this wouldn't mean exynos is going away but rather samsung would probably just go back to using off-the-shelf arm

Cortex designs instead of trying to roll its own also if true obviously this isn't something you do if you're feeling great about the performance of recent exynos chips that have used those high power

Custom cores bottom line is the next year's exynos will probably look a little different as a result and hopefully avoid the performance disparity that we've seen in the s9 s10

And s20 leading to less consternation all round however that's little consolation for europeans eyeing a note 20 ultra but feeling gold at having to pay top dollar or i guess top euro

For a exynos 990 version with weaker longevity so it's easy to look at the online petitions and caustic forum posts and dismiss this all as overblown nerd rage after all the vast majority of galaxy

S20 and note20 owners will be perfectly happy with their phones and never even be aware of the differences between snapdragon and exynos but based on benchmark after benchmark

Those differences are real and inevitably year after year it's been exynos that's fallen short and consequently exynos countries feeling like they're getting the short end of the stick

Perhaps enthusiasts shouldn't feel personally slighted that their phone is a bit worse in one or two areas compared to a phone sold in a different country but equally it's foolish to pretend the issue doesn't exist

So what do you think will you get an exynos galaxy note 20 import one from snapdragon land or just buy a different phone altogether share your thoughts down in the comments and be sure to subscribe to android

Central here on youtube for more galaxy note 20 goodness in future thanks for watching and i'll see you next time

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