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published on July 2, 2020

I couldn't even talk to you let alone

look at you right after

did you not realize think it was wrong

to like the next morning when you woke

up with this girl obviously yeah I was

like shaking that day cuz it kind of

made me realize like clearly I'm not

good enough


we met off of the dating app hinge we

met up at my friend's apartment in the

city for a little pregame and he started

dancing called uh all the 90s pop hits I

was like damn this girl's fit amazing

when she was going out thanks really

nice nice dress heels yes I felt a

little short because I was in those I

know I powered off in you a little bit

better you looks good when I first

walked in yeah I think you're in like a

Vineyard Vines of course looking all

preppy always at the word pink on the

first day of course right you would the

nice I felt Thanks oh the first thing it

was on like a Friday night going out

then the second date was Saturday night

oh no we both like to go out I know I

think I was like you're going on again

you're like yeah it's like I'll see you

things like 25x didn't even take me on a

date though you're like let's go out

seemed like a fun girl so I thought

that'd be a little better that's true oh

we had fun we did I remember you got

like wasted I feel like you're already

my girlfriend like the first time when

did we become a couple

I feel like we really don't like talked

about it yeah I wasn't like anything

official just kind of I think like one

start spending so much time together so

it's kind of yeah it's just like one day

you call me your girlfriend and I was

like oh okay you never really asked me

come on I think you knew yeah we just

like got to that point where we spend

all our time to get there

exactly I think we fell in love pretty


yeah started moving pretty quickly so

for sure I think it just like flow like

it just happened yeah just like

everything else

well like you know that one bump in our

road we had about four months in I mean

like I'll get hit on sometimes when I'm

out but I won't ever do anything but one

time I got really really up with

my friends at a club and I was just

started talking to a girl and I didn't

obviously it's no excuse but at that

point I don't know I wasn't I wasn't in

my head enough to say no and I was just

lugar I just met I never knew her before

there's nothing else after it and then

ya went back to her apartment and the

next night is when you saw the text

between me in there I just like had a

feeling and you were kind of like acting

a little weird

and you weren't texting me so much so I

was like I'm just gonna look at your

phone and obviously you know like I'm

not the type of person like I give you

your space and like I'm not like a snoop

or anything I just knew like I had to

look and then once I saw those messages

that like the girl was like oh I had a

great time with you and stuff I was like

I'm setting something and like you have

to understand that hurt so bad seeing

that so then once you woke up I mean you

saw like I was hysterical I was I didn't

know what to do and then I don't think

you saw it coming that I would find out

about that

I didn't I was contemplating like

telling you Lee right away but I didn't

I'm real like I really don't think you

ever would have liked did you even bad

about it obviously yeah I mean I didn't

remember the night that happened but

when I woke up I just started running

through my head that we would not be

together you did but I mean I tried I

tried to make it work with you Oh like

obviously we didn't talk for a little

while but after that I tried w had to do

everything I can to make it all feel

yeah I mean I was kind of scared losing

you after all this just because I didn't

know if like you wanted to get with

other girls and if I was just like good

enough for you if you're hurting

definitely you're definitely good enough

perfect for me just that when you were

in responding to me in the beginning

even once we started to get back like

just knowing that I could have been the

one to up the relationship over

something that could have easily been

stopped like yeah it was hurting me a

lot but obviously I broke down and cried

when when we started talking about it

just yeah I just don't want to lose you

I mean I started talking to you after a

few days just because like I realized

like you're such an amazing guy and like

I couldn't imagine myself of anyone else

and it's hard you know after like we

spent so much time together I just

couldn't imagine even just like letting

you go and never speaking to you again

so like I figured maybe I'd give him

another chance like I think everyone

deserves a second chance to try so I I

reached out to you and it was like hard

but it's like I really didn't want to

but at the same time I did and like

during that time not talking to you I

wanted to like reach out and talk to you

every second and I until I called myself


if I wanted I just wanted to be like how

it was I'm glad you're glad you reach

back out but have you felt like it's

been like normal lately is that like

does it really feel that much different

yeah I feel like if anything we've been

like better I think you have like

definitely improved but there's just

like I don't know there's some moments

when I just like it takes me back to

that time and they're like you know my

heart like starts racing and stuff and

like I don't know what's happening I

mean like obviously it's still like goes

through my head sometimes and just like

that feeling is probably like the worst

feeling in the world as your heart stops

like I just like want to cry sometimes

just thinking about it cuz just like

imagining you was someone else it's like

the worst feeling in the world and like

I don't know just like thinking about


it still hurts me and I have like I've

cried several nights just because of

what happened I'm sorry I I know if I

had to I know a book obviously you're

amazing girl you would never do it but

if I had to imagine you with someone I'd

be crushed also so sorry I had to put

you through that but again I promise you

it never happened again

reasserts something or anything like

more that I can do you think that or is

it just so I honestly just think it's

gonna like take a little bit of time for

me to see that you could like still go

out without me and like be fine like

even if I have to like text your friends

to like make sure you're okay just so I

know you're not lying okay I don't want

you to have to resort to texting my

friends I know I mean like when I like

picture with another girl I just think

like it I'm not good enough and it makes

me feel insecure like am I not pretty

enough do I not do enough for you like

there's a million thoughts that go

through my mind and like I'm always

thinking there's probably better girls

out there that he's gonna be into and

clearly I'm not good enough I don't have

to think that way like I tell you all

the time like you and me are perfect

were made for each other

you do I mean you go above and beyond to

do anything for me I mean like I still

feel like you know after a year or so

like a lot of people start to get like

bored in the relationship I feel like I

still like where I feel like we're still

in like the honeymoon stage like there's

still the same excitement that's when we

first met because you know you can never

you're my type who's that good night


I know I hope I don't know what that

other girl looked like so I don't know

and you even make me feel good which I

really do appreciate recently I'm never

trying like the least I can do I'm just

I'll try to work on it try to forget and

you make me so happy and I love you and

I couldn't imagine being with anyone

else so I knew I had to give you another


and you know like I see so much in you

like we just like push each other and I

don't know I feel like we just make each

other better people no I mean yeah I

mean you and me are like we're pretty

much the same person when you're the

girl you're the girl version of me I'm

the guy version of you like our

personalities are literally identical

we're both crazy social outgoing people

and who knows like what's gonna happen

but I just like want to be with you


yeah I mean I'm I'm the same way like I

don't I don't like to set anything up in

the future cause I'll just take life as

it goes but I mean for right now I'm

gonna do everything I can to try and

prove to you that you know I love you

only you and oh I just want I just want

this to work still love you I still love

you too

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