Who Will Win Eater’s Pie Baking Challenge? — Eater Bakes

published on July 13, 2020

– Oh, please, please, please, please – This is Eater Bakes, where we take 5 Eater staffers and pin them against each other to see who can put together the most visually stunning dessert There will be a panel of 3 judges, but with no way for them to taste the dessert,

They will rely solely on the presentation In the end, only one winner will be chosen to earn the ultimate bragging rights: best baker at Eater Up first, the challenge The category is pie

Make your best looking and most eye-catching pie You will have 3 hours to achieve this all while recording yourself Are we excited? – (United cheering) – I'm very very excited to have a reason to bake

That's not sheer boredom Because I have been baking the hell out this quarantine – I have never attempted what I'm about to attempt, but I'm in it win it – I am not used to having to make my pies look good, even though I like making them,

So I'm nervous about that, and there's also some really stiff competition – I don't wanna lie, I'm not convinced my pie is gonna be the best I know it's gonna be pretty – I have made my pie before,

It's kind of sentimental, and means a lot to me – Preheat the sentimentality to 450 (upbeat music) All right, on that note, let's get baking – Today, we're gonna make brown sugar boba pie

Let's hope that the boba Jesus will look after me – I'm gonna make the Salted Lemon Meringue pie, from Sister Pie which is a bakery in Detroit and they have a cook book which I love – I'm going to be making a Black Bottom Oat pie The recipe I'm using is from Smitten Kitchen,

But it was adapted from Four and Twenty Blackbirds, which is a pie shop here in Brooklyn It's kind of like, pecan pie but instead of pecans there are oats in the filling – So, I'm gonna start with a graham cracker crust, and then on top of that,

I'm gonna do a layer of mango pie, and then on top of that, I'm gonna do a layer of a strawberry cheesecake I know there is a lot of controversy out there on the internet about whether cheesecake is a pie or a cake

Let me just tell you, it is definitely a pie – So I am making a ruffled milk pie I think it's Greek in origin It calls for store bought phyllo I couldn't find store bought phyllo, so I'm gonna make my own phyllo

So we're off to a bad start – Let's get started – So the first thing we're gonna do is make our graham cracker crust So I'm gonna pour the graham crackers in – So we're gonna start with the phyllo dough

– With the dry ingredients, mix it, it – Next thing I have to do is cut my butter – (blender grinds) – So there are a lot of big chunks here, that you just keep going until,

They are smaller – Oh god, I can feel the dough melting already, that's not good! – My dough ball – I do not have total confidence – So I'm gonna go ahead and start putting it in

My cupcake tray – It's my rolling pin – I'm pretty okay at making pies, so it'll really suck if this is like, the time it doesn't work out for me – Not quite there

– Everything is difficult Et cetera, et cetera – I mean I wasn't actually expecting to win, not with people like Adam and James in this category – What I'll do is roll this up – Ooh!

– Beautiful Okay – And voila, we have our pie plate – I honestly think this might be the worst pie crust I've ever made

– Definitely not an expert at technique – This is what it looks like right now – I think this is, I think this is good – Okay, we're going to put in the fridge – These are looking pretty good

– I have my frozen pie crust which, you know, it is what it is Rustic – Usually, people have beans for pie weights but, this is a rice household as you can tell

That I love rice – My beans, my special baking beans, which are just gonna get very liberally poured in here I hope everybody else is doing worse than I am right now, that might be petty but it's how I feel

And this is going into the oven to blind bake for like thirty-ish minutes – I am going to start on the mango filling Make some whipping cream in my stand mixer – Okay, so I took this out It's looking flaky, it's looking gorgeous

– Oh, it looks so pretty – Here's some of my other ingredients for the filling, starting with the chocolate layer of ganache on the bottom of the pie – So this is black tea (Machine whirring)

– I heated a cup of mango puree Just one cup out of the 30 ounces – Strain – So here's my remaining mango puree – We're gonna combine the heavy cream and the milk – So now I have to make the meringue that goes on top of

The pie when it's finished and cooled So this just gets mixed up – Add this cream cheese mixture So currently it looks like this – So this is the custard that we made – This will cook until it's thin and foamy

– This is a chai masala so it's like a blend that you put into your black tea – And next, I'm going to toast the oats – Well I mean like move this – Okay so I think we have our mixture

– Looks pretty cute – It looks pretty smooth – We're gonna cook the boba – Now that I have melted my chocolate, it's going at the bottom of this pie crust to form the black bottom

– Not too bad – Yeah, look at that! (mixer whirring) – Full on defying gravity, perfect – So it's a semi-even layer although this pie is very wonky

– Okay, don't touch – I'm gonna make the filling, the oatmeal part of the filling – And this just goes, right on top – It has cracked a little bit on top as it's been cooling, which is not really a problem 'cause we're gonna

Cover it all up anyway – Okay, so here are my pies That is very cute Look at those layers – And we're gonna dollop it on top, like so Let's press this down and basically shape it

– So this custard part I'm worried it's too much custard (blowtorch whirring) – Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god – It's nice and brown now, I'm just gonna touch up the toasting it on it

'Cause I like mine to be like quite dark – Okay so you see all 3 layers now and then I'm gonna have this lightly whipped cream in the center – And this is a honey lemon merengue pie and it looks gorgeous – I think

That's it You know brown sugar boba pie (excited squealing) (upbeat music) – My honey lemon meringue pie, I can see like from the outside,

I think I didn't blind bake the crust quite enough – Okay so a bunch of hours later, finished the pie It went about how I expected which was not good I didn't find the filo dough, so I had to make it myself and then it tasted good,

But nah – The chocolate black bottom floated to the top of the pie while it was in the oven – It's actually really good I love that you can taste the mango and

The strawberry and the crunch from the graham cracker crust It's very creamy, it's not too sweet – God damn that is so good – I still have some beautiful layers, a nice gooey layer there on the bottom

The chocolate layer, closer to the top and a nice crunchy oatmeal top I don't know why that happened – I've taken like a Jamesy bite size James-sized bite I'm sure his tasting video is like,

"Let me get the perfect bite!" – Oh my god – The crust is about as flaky as I wanted, so I think I did overall, a pretty good job – Happiness – We have come to the judgment component of the contest,

And it is time to meet our judges First, judge number 1 Our very own editor-in-chief, Amanda Kludt – Hi everybody, I'm Amanda Kludt Lover of sweets of all kinds, very excited to be here today – Judge number 2

Our restaurant editor, Hillary Dixler Canavan – Hi I also like cakes and pies Happy to be here – And our final judge She's fluent in babka and a 2019 Eater Young Gun

Expert baker, Zoe Kanan – I'm Zoe Kanan, pastry chef of my apartment – At the judges table, we were judging all the dishes based on 5 criteria Ambition was one Creativity was another

Presentation and color was a third The fourth was texture or what it looked like in terms of texture And the fifth was overall execution – All right, now it's time to announce our winners The pie that came in fifth place

The ruffled milk pie by Patty Diez – Patty, the ruffled milk pie came in fifth place We noted that you make your own phyllo dough which really upped the ambition level of the project The phyllo was too thick and then the overall pie didn't really come together and

It looked a little under baked and maybe too chewy – Fair I picked it because it was really beautiful and then of course I failed at that side and didn't have a great dough – Do you consider this a loss or you're just

The worst of the best? – I mean it tasted good which only I and myself and my sisters know but yeah it sounds right that I lost – All right, the pie that came in fourth place was the black bottom oat pie by Monica Burton – Okay so this pie looked very delicious,

It also got a lot of points for that beautiful Eater E in the middle And the lattice work around the pie crust was gorgeous Not a super creative pie – So I've made many versions of this pie and,

One of the photos it looked like the ganache layer was in the middle and the custard had sunk to the bottom – It's a delicious pie but yeah – The pie that came in third place is the mango-strawberry summer pie by Sonia Chopra – We thought your pie was super beautiful

We all loved the like vibrant colors Was definitely the most colorful and festive pie But we docked some points because we weren't sure that it fell squarely in the category of pie because it only had crust on the bottom And then we also felt like some of the contestants

Tackled a more technically challenging crust – I definitely went for ease of crust in this So this seems very fair to me – We're down to our final 2 contestants and one of them is the winner Amanda what did you think of the brown sugar milk tea pie?

– I thought it was wildly creative, incredibly ambitious Definitely a pie I would want to eat The only negative would be the crust on the bottom looked a little bit under baked or a little bit soggy I mean minor, minor issues because it's a stunning pie

– Zoe what did you think of the honey lemon meringue? – I thought this pie was super impressive and I noted that in one of your photos you were actually able to take the whole pie out of the pan and, and place it separately which is clearly a sign of a

Super strong and well-made and well-baked crust – I would add to that, I think this is the piece of pie I'd want to eat the most The only point I would take away is it's not as creative as some of the other pies where people are basically inventing a whole new pie but

The execution is just off the charts – So now for the winner The first place pie was James Park with the brown sugar milk tea boba – Yay!

– Jamesy, you really took this category because of your unsurpassed creativity in inventing a new type of pie – I went through a lot of emotions I would love to serve a piece for you when guys later

When we can see in-person – That sounds incredible, I wanna eat the boba pie I also just really want a brown sugar boba it's been so long since I've had one – Yes, thank you so much I am inspired to go bake a pie

Right now and I'm super inspired by all your creativity So great job!

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