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published on July 25, 2020

Welcome back to our quiz show the football pyramid where we asked two contestants eight questions of ascending difficulty to see how far they can rise up the English football pyramid from the National League at the bottom to the pinnacle the Champions League champions

Are two contestants day I've Joe Tomlinson and Michael Moore coming back for more welcome back lads and you'll each be given three life on so you be given 50/50 request a clue and super-sub where you can call a friend for advice

On the answer get an answer right and you move up level of the pyramid get one wrong and you've dropped down a level it really is that simple I'm sure you guys know the rules by now let's see who ends up on top Joe welcome back to the

Football pyramid yeah you're pretty pumped and looking for an improved performance well that's less salary I have been at the football I have to say I felt my football trivia as fallen off a cliff in lockdown I don't know what

Has happened whether it's cuz I'm not disgusted with you boys in the office but I feel like I know gold so I'm not looking forward to today I love it not full with confidence the Cubs in contrast you did pretty well last time I

Think you ended up in the Champions League are you looking to go that step further today hopefully or they like Joe I'm feeling I'm feeling a little bit rusty but but Joe's talked there it's got me feeling a bit more confident but

Yeah I think I did I think I did just about when the two times have been on it but I am determined to get a perfect seven or eight or however many it is perfect joining Zack and Zack and Pat Joe seeming as you're a bit of the

Underdog I'm gonna let you do the coin toss or would you like heads or tails and flipping it now tails please make it is tails would you like to go first or second I'll go first let's kick it off alright come on let's

Start the right way here here we go first question coming up right Joe your question in national league level comes in from Toby underscore ell and it's who was the first-ever Egyptian to win the Premier League a ahmed al mohammed ii b

Trezeguet c MOS ala or d amazake that'll be mosula shout out to you in mosul a salah' and you're wrong John I'm joking well because I actually write the Cubs your question actually doesn't come in from

Anyone this was made up from me and it's who is the current manager of Bayern Munich a handsy fake flick be loose in fara see Thomas chuckle or Deshawn – temptation – there I'm gonna go with handsy flick Lockean handsy flick

Correct well done and guys if you want to get your questions featured make sure you're sending in easy ones at national league level so I don't have to make them up well done they both into league – Joe your question comes in from Liam

Daily and it's how long was the gap between Liverpool's tie to win this year and their previous top-flight title a 28 years be 29 years C 30 years or D 31 years I think it's 30 yet locking in 30 years

Yeah it wasn't quite sure he's really worried Joe well done mate you got oh my god I can't finish it on the the Cubs your question comes in from Ali Ali Abasi and it's who captain Liverpool in the 2005 Champions League final a Jamie

Carragher be Javier Mascherano see shabby Alonso or D Steven Gerrard it's gotta be Stevie G has an interest even Jared look you Indy Steven Gerrard yeah lovely well done my Cubs are into League one as well

This is where it starts getting serious lads Joe your question comes in from Hadley Russell and it's who did Chelsea summoned David Luiz from originally a FC Porto bi ax C Flamengo or D Benfica lucky and Benfica yep

Well done Joe you're into the championship flying lifeline you start my Cubs your question at leeds one level sorry comes in from scardy swami and it's how many trebles have Real Madrid won a 0 B 1 C 2 or D 3

Oh hard ha ha that's tough man I'm pretty sure they've never won a treble I'm gonna say yeah I'm gonna say 0 lucky and zero yep is a great question from scardy Swami the Cubs has gone zero and he's right well your question comes

In from hat must tosser and it was who was the first captain to lift the Premier League trophy a Steve Bruce be Eric Cantona see Bryan Robson or D Tony Adams okay so many an IFV brutal Bryan Robson I think

It was Steve Bruce I'm pretty confident Steve Bruce I'll go Steve Bruce lucky and Steve Bruce yeah Joe you've gone with Steve Bruce as the first ever captain to lift the Premier League trophy and I'm afraid you were

Wrong Ryan Robson Steve Bruce scored the goals didn't either scored the goes relation I think in the famous image they actually lift it together but Bryan Robson was the official captain commiserations Joe but you're back in

League one there's plenty of time to recover the Cubs you're in the championship though can you go ahead with this question from captain the dais seventy seven one named captain for days loved it which player

Has scored the most penalties in the Premier League a Frank Lampard B Alan Shearer see Steven Gerrard or D the flatterer format Letitia it's got to be I'm it's got to be Alan Shearer right I'm gonna lock in Alan

Shearer back to my camera there but yeah a leash era gone with Alan Shearer the Premier League record goalscorer correct well done into the Premier League rhythmic herbs come on Joe bounce back now bounce back ability I've got to show

It I need to show it okay Joe your question comes in from Shivan CH Shekhar and it's in which city did the 2008 Champions League final take place a Athens B Moscow see Rome or D Madrid Mosca Lockean osco Moscow yeah correct

Joe well done back into the championship great work from you come up with the curbs you're flying you're in the Premier League yes where it really ramps up though and your question comes in from

Pet 1987 who did Chelsea signed Jang Franco's from a Napoli be Parma see eventers or D calorie tally audience oh I know he went to Cali re after Chelsea I'm pretty sure it's you they you know I'm pretty sure

It's you've a but I might go for I might go for a 50 I'm gonna go for a 55 you're 50/50 is Napoli or Parma oh wow no did not my big moments here from the Cubs on my I did not know Zola's career as well as I thought okay all right I'm

Not gonna waste any time I'm gonna say Palmer you're locking in Palmer be Palmer you weren't sure but you were right Mukesh well done Mikey great use of the lifeline respect for that here we go Joe

We're finding a championship question your championship question comes in from Allah Nordman come on if who is the longest-serving Premier League Manager hey Eddie how be Sean dice see Chris

Wilder will de ugh and clock and you do have all three lifelines I've got to remind you I would have said Eddie how he had to break in between where he went to burn they didn't they and when he went back to Bournemouth I think Sean

Died took over at Burnley so those two must be close Burnley spent five years in the champ and did Dutch bring him up I think you did bring them up you know you do have your lifelines if you destroy the

Clarity I'll go for a 50/50 please okay you're 50/50 you're not gonna be pleased it's Eddie how or Sean – it's pretty written hey what are you doing there like that I reckon they're about four games apart can I have a clue as well

That helps you the clue is Sean dice replaced Eddie high when he became manager of Bournemouth that's not a help at all you let's reset that Joe literally knew that already for baby

Babe that close think about that if you think about that he does sure – replaced Eddie how he became a manager former so I'm guessing that he joined Bournemouth because he already had that lined up where it's

Bernie maybe have to hunt for an extra few weeks or maybe a month to find sure and died so I'll say anyhow based on the back of that you're locking in Eddy have yeah it'll be cruel if this was wrong from honored Nordmann you lucky entity

Ha well done Jay you're in to the Premier League for the first time in the episode come on right in the Cubs your question comes in from weekly one seven two zero nine and it's who won the 2019 MLS Cup a the Seattle Sounders the

Toronto FC C Los Angeles FC or D Atlanta United yeah Toronto was tempting but I'm pretty sure it's Atlanta and I just don't think I mean I guess a clue could help but yeah I'm just gonna say Atlanta I can't I can't really see past anyone

Else winning it now I'm gonna say with I'm gonna go with Atlanta okay my Cubs you've locked in Atlanta at Europa League level searching for Champions League but you won't be having it just yet I'm afraid that was

Wrong oh hey Rose LA the correct answer was Seattle San Oh with two questions away and you're both in the Premier League this is neck and neck terms of drama I am delighted Jerry your question at

Premier League level your neck and neck comes in from Nathaniel couped and it's which stadium did Ryan Giggs score is infamous FA Cup goal against Arsenal in been a Hillsborough B Highbury c villa park Aldi Wembley instantly before the

Question came up I thought it was a Villa Park before it was gonna park instantly just got Villa Park in my head as soon as it came to me I thought Philip art was way if that's come up go EU gut joke I'm going Villa Park

Nathaniel Koontz question Joe's gone with Villa Park at Premier League level and you're going up to the Europa League really that really really solid McCutcheon your question Premier League level comes in

From Felix Lewis and similarly it's man united themed it's who was Josie Marino's first signing as man United manager oh hey Eric by you be and team are shall see Paul Pogba or D Victor Lindelof oh it's got a BM

It's got to be Eric by you locking an Eric body yeah correct well done the curves your winning Joe in the Europa it's a straight shootout love this lad so Joe you're in the Europa League your questions come in from Silva on the

Discord and it's which of these players has not won the league are Golden Boot Award a Neymar b0c Djibril cissé or D Edinson Cavani okay so Djibril cissé I saw today has definitely what I saw a tweet about Djibouti say today being I

Think he scored like 40 goals or something when he was that 23 that org sale yeah you read it Giroud did when he won league um with Montpellier because that was the reason I think ISIL bought him in which leaves Neymar and

Cavani and instinctively I'm saying I'm thinking in my head that Cavani must have won it because he's been there so long at least once and Neymar might have just got scuppered by the likes of batter in the last couple of years how

Many questions are there left as this is one more I love this this is your final question unless well no because it's the next one we fastest finger first so there's definitely no further friend and I am going to call I'm gonna call patter

Love it patter he has picked up I need you on the football pyramid my man I thought it was Neymar as well because I think Djibril cissé won it with voxer all that early doors yes she rude definitely won it one

Montpellier before you signed up didn't there I'm crazy and then Cavani surely want it but the trouble is is this Cavani just get picked every advisor I think Neymar has really hit yeah and I

Think in Bethpage ticket this year as well isn't it alright I'll do you I'm gonna lock in naima I agree with pata so you were convinced that his name is giving you that battle line to find out the answer

And you got it right yes see anything in the Champions League fantastic getting there love that I love that you kept Pat on the line sir yeah attention hi in this room go on it's getting really key from entertain oh

Okay McCabe's the situation is Jo is finished in the Champions League in order to to join him and then have a chance of winning you need to get this question right and it comes in from Dominic Cassie airy and it's which

Nation has made the most World Cup appearances without winning it a Mexico be built Belgium see Russia or D Sweden and you do have requests a clue and super sub you like the World Cups my Cubs I think it's I think it might be

Mexico but yeah I'll request eclis first so your clue is the furthest they made it is the quarterfinals in 1970 and 1986 they hosted at both those years as well great knowledge she like how he just slip that in just like if I get this

Wrong at least at least stuff like salvage something again like whenever I whenever there's the chance to bring someone up I just don't know who I don't know who will know it it doesn't have to be an F D team member his mate teach the

Other day and he got it right yeah true I saw that and Zach just called a random guy called Joe thinking it was made I might go with George yeah cuz I feel like Joe yeah I feel like George instinctively might just might know it

And it would just be like I'm fairly confident with Mexico but if George if George is like fairly confident with it as well that would just put my mind at your mind at rest right yeah that's cool him hi George its

Doogie off the football pyramid but got my cabin on the phone for you but I'm having to do the do the phone call so you're it you're in the Europa League at the moment McCubbin needs to get this right Russia and Mexico McCubbin things

It's Mexico but he just wants a bit of confirmations yeah I think it does to be fair but okay you're angling towards Mexico the Cubs would you like to lock that in yeah I'll lock that in because it's also easier to get out of the

Qualification isn't it yeah from like the Americas that it is like Europe yeah I'll lock in Mexico okay guys you were in the Europa League you needed to get this right to join your joint Joe sorry in the shootout you called Joe

He's angled towards Mexico and you're both right George George you're unbeaten record on super sub continues tot work mate we'll chat later adios I love the ID off state they're diggy that's kind of you guys here we go

Okay so how do we clap or what do we do you've oh good point I think you make a noise if you can't bang and you're in the Champions League so your question is and it's whoever gets there first but you only get one chance good and if you

Both get it wrong this is what we have to do with Bob and Jackson we just end it as a I'll end as a drop know it which means AK and Henry anyway in the Champions League which side has won the most Russian Premier League titles a Zen

It the Lokomotiv Moscow see CSKA Moscow or D Spartak Moscow beep yep joke CSKA Moscow incorrect or he's left the door open you've got Zenit locomotive or Spartak okay

I'm going to say gods I'm gonna say D spartak you're locking in D Spartak Moscow if you get this wrong we end it as a drawl but my Cubs today you are our champion top work the Cubs wins at last Joe fantastic

Display from you finished in the Champions League your best ever return you must be tough with that though I am but you know what I was toying between Bryan Robson and Steve Bruce and yeah came down to that episode you know

Inches mat digs and I don't have many of them a game of small margins as is life the Cubs another win for you pleased yeah very pleased it's nice to win it in that fashion actually yeah but a good battle a good battle all around it

Certainly was a good battle guys thank you so much for watching another episode of the football pyramid don't forget to DM me on Instagram and Twitter with your questions particularly the easy ones because I've got a hell of a lot of

Premier League and above I need more easy one so keep those coming Joe watch they go and do now this is out on Saturday on euro football daily girl watch We Need to Talk that would have gone out on football day me

Yesterday not clue what I was talking about yet but hopefully it's something good nice McCabe's anything from you go and I usually point to this so I can't really think everything you need to know on football daily put a load of those

Out yeah love it love it go check out all our content across all our three channels now including football daily podcast thank you very much for watching guys we'll see you later bye

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