Who Offers Better Bitcoin Interest? – (Blockfi vs Crypto.com)

published on August 2, 2020

Yes guys welcome back to the channel as always so guys in the title of the video as you can see uh we're gonna talk about how to get interest for the best platforms to get interest on your bitcoin and cryptocurrency i did bite my lip earlier

So if i talk a bit funny i'm sorry but basically guys what we're going to do is we're going to go through these platforms and these platforms i'm going to show is on a couple of platforms they're the ones i use personally which

I have funds in and we're going to do a comparison of them as well and i think these two platforms which you're gonna go through are probably the best uh for me personally

These are ones i use and i'm only gonna obviously kind of tell you guys about projects and things and things i invested which i use myself personally as well that's kind of like my foundation on the channel so

Uh guys if you're new here please like please subscribe you know it really helps the channel and you guys are awesome for doing it all the time so let's just talk about interest on bitcoin and go through some platforms

Now okay guys let's go through the platforms and as you can see on the screen this is the first platform which i use personally of course all these platforms i use uh and this one is called block fi um

Been around for a couple of years um they're doing a million dollars in revenue every single day now and uh yet you can get interest on your bitcoin so guys let's go through it so it says here eight point six percent

Annually on cryptocurrency on bitcoin ethereum usdt uh sorry usdc it says there um you can get up to eight point six percent interest on your cryptocurrency they're doing six percent on bitcoin at the

Moment uh it's backed by they this this project have you know this company they have all of the kind of backing and certificates that uh you know big legacy banks today have

For security they also ensure you're 100 million dollars um for your cryptocurrency as well i trust them because of a few reasons they have they have basically the security levels of legacy banks today

For security for your funds um also they've got good backing through good investors so anthony pompeliano is actually an active investor in the project as well which i like to see i respect

Anthony a lot in the space um but so guys you can buy sell trade you can also get crypto backed loans with 50 collateral which is a big thing in the space as well actually have a loan with

This with a different product at the moment doing that and what i'm going to do is i'm going to log into my account and show you what i have in this account as well

I actually did a deposit today i'll show you that and as an investor significant crystal holdings there so it's a they've got all the certificates the guys behind it i like the team members

There's some pretty good interviews as well out there um of pompeo talking to the founders and just really like the project and also just just to mention guys as well with this with this platform i'm actually an

Affiliate of the platform so just obviously full disclosure but if you do use my link below to sign up with the platform and deposit you actually get a hundred dollars bonus um for free

On your on your next interest payment so you get 100 for free basically on me uh and yeah that's a way you can kind of get a bonus to sign up as well so the links below guys and there's a few more all the links are

In description guys but yeah because i'm gonna have affiliation these two projects i'm gonna show you i'm affiliated with because i trust them and i believe in them and i use them so i'm not just doing this video because

I'm trying to make some money i'm telling you about this because i generally like the project and i use it myself so let's let's dive in this i plug into my account and show you what it's all about so guys this is

What the block fight account looks like it says your name at the top my name is maximilian you can refer a friend get a loan trade withdrawal deposit and then it's got the name there so

This is my account summary guys this is a recent deposit i've done about six thousand bucks six thousand five hundred which is like you know five grand or whatever in pounds and all you have to do guys is

There's literally nothing you have to do all you do is you send the bitcoin to the wallet which they give you at the beginning what i'll do is i'll put something on the screen now actually so you can see that and

All you have to do is deposit into that that wallet and then bang you will start a curing interest on it and this is six percent so if you dive into this as well you can see a bit more of the details so there's been no interest paid yet uh

It's very recently been deposited and as you can see guys you've got all of your account kind of like you know you can come and monitor it so it says six percent apr six percent each year you can check the

Rates as well all of the interest rates in block five determined by the market so i really like that as well that's why i love cryptocurrency there's no central bank determining the interest rate it is literally the

Interest of the money depending on the how many people want to borrow and how many people want to lend so i really like that as well also guys you can click on ethereum i haven't got any ethereum you got g

Usd litecoin packs usdt and you can get up to 86 on usdt which is pretty darn sweet considering that banks are giving you 02 or less at the moment um it is pretty

Amazing actually guys uh so you got litecoin yeah like i said all these kind of other cryptos so that's what the account looks like it's super simple guys all you do is deposit into the account

And then you will start occurring um interest and also a good thing is there's no lock-up period either um you can literally just put it in and take it out and they're kind of that's that's the reason i like this they're

Aiming this at anyone and everyone and a lot of these products sometimes can be kind of cordoned off to institutional players and people you know retail investors can't get in anyone can just do this

Just put some bitcoin into a wallet and you start earning interest simple as that uh just like a bank account uh really really good to see just to mention as well you can click trade and they are doing some competition at the

Moment where if you trade up to a thousand dollars worth of bitcoin um you have a chance to win a thousand dollars back or something like that um so you can check that out as well but overall guys really highly recommend

Um using this platform i use it myself i really like it obviously the links will be in description so the next platform i recommend to you guys to get interest on your bitcoin and crypto is cryptocom guys you know i

Talk about this on the channel a lot um you can get up to eight percent pa on your crypto and we're gonna we're gonna do a comparison because it is slightly different so the mco token is a native token for the

Crypto dom cryptocom platform uh if you stake 500 mco tokens which i think costs probably about 2 500 you can get up to 8 um back on supported coins you can also get 12 on stable coin so you get a lot more

Back on stable coins there's more than what um block fire offering 18 on another cryptocurrency which is another native uh that's for the kryptocom blockchain but that's for

Another video but as you can see guys you have to state them for three months one month or it's flexible so you only get four percent on your bitcoin if it's a flexible terms and you also get you then you get eight

Percent on stable coins so you've got to remember guys you've got you have to lock it up for three months with block for you don't have to look it up at all but on this platform you do lock it up

But i do think there's some other perks which are quite cool as well another thing to mention is the mco so you know when you have 500 mc or 50 mco you can actually state these tokens get other benefits in the platform i

Actually have a code you can use below uh it's a sign up bonus code so if you use that code you get 50 free in the platform when you order a debit card now i actually have a debit card myself

I'll just put this in there as well because this is a good it's a nice way of you know when you lock up your capital it's a nice way of being able to spend it block five a card coming as well

Credit card but i'll put it on the screen now basically if you get one of these cards to spend your crypto and use my link below you get 50 free on the card and then you can go and on the

In the interest you earn on your cryptocurrency if you didn't want to like compound it back into the interest account so you can actually then spend it on the card in the real world i forgot to mention as

Well actually um block fi have a compound scheme as well so you compound interest is an incredible thing guys you know i think it was the quote from isaac newton said that you know people who

Know about comprehend in compound interest earn it and people who don't pay it he said it was one of the eight wonders of the world so it's uh to build wealth in general compounding is

Compounding anything in life in financial markets or you know investments is the best way to create long-term wealth uh for low risk um but yeah guys that's pretty much it that's literally

The video i put some more videos on the screen now these are the two platforms i recommend for getting interest on your cryptocurrency and i'll put some videos in about the

Cards and that kind of stuff and um all the links will be in this in the description and also comment some other platforms that you think is good as well because these are the two i use but if you guys

Know any platforms please comment below and i'll see you guys in the next video like subscribe you're all legends i'll see you next time cheers bye

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