Who is the Galaxy Z Flip for?

by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

Hey it's Joshua Vergara what's going on everybody I hope everybody is staying inside or at the very least staying safe and healthy right now and yeah we're gonna still try to put out some content for you guys so that we can not only still appreciate the tech that we have

Right now but also look forward to tech we will have in the future once all of this blows over and I feel like a piece of tech that we had just before all this craziness began did give us a glimpse into the future and that is the Samsung

Galaxy SIII flip and that's of course because of its folding mechanism this is the foldable that I think a lot of people actually looked at and thought I could use that so I wanted to ponder for a little bit about what kind of user

Would actually find this useful and perhaps fun by the way I do mean that we're gonna have some fun in this one I do have my final thoughts video coming out a little bit later on after all I am just over a month of using this phone

After getting it when it first came out and I want to give you some final thoughts as to why I do think this phone is still important I'm not gonna bury the lead on this one this is not for everyone

The main story here is that in order to achieve this folding mechanism there are some trade-offs that had to be made so if you are going to be looking for certain features or specifications in this particular device compared to other

Flagships coming out in 2020 you're probably not gonna find it and that's a bummer because this phone is also not for the frugal no matter what you're looking for in a smart foldable you're still being asked to pay a lot of money

For it granted the galaxy Z flip is cheaper than like the galaxy fold or any other foldable we might have right now like the Moto razor but it's still about $1,500 and that's a lot of money to put down on a phone that may or may not go

The distance as far as its build quality but you can't deny that the form factor is really appealing especially for let's say minimalist if you're the type of person that thinks that all of the phones that we have right now are

Getting just too big for your pockets well something that folds down would be really useful for you I know that for me I have all of these other phones that obviously provide high-end experiences as well and I have big enough pockets at

All times in order to carry them but for people like let's say women who want to have a little bit more space for other things in either their pockets or in their bags this makes a lot of sense but you still have to be careful with it and

That's why this phone is not really for the clumsy and I'm not even throwing shade by saying clumsy I don't mean people who just haphazardly break their devices I actually mean anybody who might have the more than

Average wear and tear on their devices so far I have not dropped this phone and thank God for that because I do feel like there are so many moving parts here that achieve this form factor that if I were to drop it on any one of those key

Points it would end up breaking the entire thing there is an ultra thin layer of glass on here that is malleable but it's also under a couple of extra layers and speaking of layers in order for me to make sure that me just opening

This device like this doesn't scratch up that top layer I actually had to get some extra work done on it you might recall that I had to go to the Samsung experience store at one point when it was open of course and I had to get a

Screen protector installed not only did I have to make an appointment for that I also had to pay some extra money so on top of the high price of this device you are still having to put a little bit more money in to protect that investment

And also I put skins on here to give it more of a grip a better tactile feel on the outside because the outer finish that glass on there was incredibly slippery and it actually made me worried that I was going to drop this device at

Any point and actually this particular skin is the teardown by D brand it's a really dope skin that you can actually get for a lot of different devices and not just the Galaxy flip and you can check it out in the link in the

Description however this particular skin shows off one cool thing about this phone and it's that it has two batteries but even though it has two batteries here it may not necessarily be at a full capacity that you would want meaning

This phone is not really for the spec hungry two batteries that's awesome in two different parts of the phone but it just goes up to 3300 milliamp hours not only that the charging is 15 watts which is far less than other flagship phones

That you might see in 20/20 for the same price and then you don't get the snapdragon 865 here you get the 855 Plus which is more than enough for all of the gaming or multitasking all the things that you want to do on this phone

Obviously when it comes to spec hungry I just mean those of you out there who want the latest and greatest and the most recent specifications all the time and then just the last thing here there's two cameras on the rear or on

The cover or there are two main cameras is what I am saying and those of you out there who want to have three four maybe even five cameras in some sort of stove or big square on the back this is not going to be it now obviously the main

Thing about this phone is the fact that it folds and this butt hinge is actually quite strong and you can change the angle of it very easily and it stays there which makes it very useful for a number of different people

Let's talk about the first one multitaskers that crease in the middle might be a little unsightly but it does give the phone a natural place to make the cut between two different apps now this particular function is on any other

Samsung device but it's kind of nice that physically it tries to provide that experience on top of just through the software but what I really mean is that this phone is actually really useful as kind of a second screen you have it on

The side and you have it with your say social media application maybe Twitter maybe Instagram or anything that you just want to have there easily viewable by just opening up the phone face unlocking or using the side mounted

Fingerprint scanner and then you're just looking at your stuff bonus points for using the wireless charging on here that way it's always topped up on the battery while still remaining useful and then that fold actually helps with those two

Cameras on the back it might be a little disappointing for some of you to not have more than these two cameras but this particular design does help get it into angles that you wouldn't normally get aisle astray tadesse in a real world

Camera test that I was over at pocket now you can make the fold actually point upwards so that you don't have to actually like lie on the ground to get that really cool shot from that very acute angle and also that fold helps

With the front-facing camera as well you can use it for IG stories or snapchat or other social media platforms like tic toc which I happen to have one now yeah I have no idea what the I'm doing and then this one's a little bit

Specific to me but I still think it's worth mentioning the fact that you can angle that front-facing camera is also helpful for long-distance relationships the phone can stand on its own and then you just tilt it in such a way that

Makes it look let's say just flattering to you as you're talking to whoever's on the other line and on top of that Google duo when using one of the new Galaxy devices provides 1080 streaming so that's really useful especially for a

Long-distance relationship like mine honestly I'm always in a long-distance relationship but given the times that we live in right now it might be a long time until I actually get to see my girlfriend so that's why this is

Particularly useful for me and finally this one will come as no surprise to anyone but this is just a phone made for anybody who wants something a little bit different I remember back in the day when we used to have just candy bar

Phones and the smartphone era didn't white start yet that a lot of people were really looking for unique phones to buy even from other countries I remember a time when Samsung actually had phones that had flippy screens but it was still

A dumb phone it just happened to have some smart applications it was that those times that people really wanted something just sort of fun and unique and completely different and in the smartphone era where everything kind of

Looks the same this is the kind of phone that we've been waiting for are there trade-offs in this phone to achieve this design absolutely but I think for anyone out there that's like a true techie or a real gadget freak this is the type of

Phone that they've been waiting for and I personally think that it's a super-fun device to have I've certainly loved using it as my main ever since I first got it I want to hear from all of you why don't you get into the comments

Sections let me know who you think this phone might be for or who it might not be for as well let's have those discussions and let's try to connect with one another in this uncertain time that we're living in right now I hope

Everybody is doing well and I hope this piece of content was something at least somewhat entertaining for you so that you had a bit of a distraction and I hope you just enjoyed the video in general way I'm gonna go ahead and call

It on this one thank you so much for watching consider subscribing to my channel if you haven't already if you like this video give it a thumbs up and like I said let's get into the comment sections

That have some discussions let's all connect together right now in these uncertain times and let's just try to lift each other up let's all have some fun talking about the tech that we love so much with all that said thank you

Once again and until my next video I would just remind you to enjoy your tea everybody

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