Whitebit – Cutting Edge Licensed & Professional Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

by birtanpublished on September 29, 2020

what's up gang welcome back to another
episode if you guys are new here we do
giveaway the beginning of every single
episode and today's winner is Yana
thanks so much for commenting on the
previous video Yana I just sent you some
crypto on this episode I go through wipe
it it's a brand new fully licensed
crypto currency exchange it has some
really amazing features as a quick
disclaimer this video is sponsored by
white bit after they reached out to me I
went to did my diligence on the platform
and it looks extremely extremely cool
I'm actually going to be doing more of
these types of videos on exchanges
because I'm really interested in the on
and off ramps of the cryptocurrency
space on and off ramps are considered
one of the most vital keys to adoption
when you have something that's a
simplistic design and easy for users to
interact with you're going to see more
adoption one of the most important parts
do on and off ramps is that they are
regulated so we have a crypto crypto
exchange and we also have a crypto 2
fiat exchange that is regulated by the

getting our bathroom renovated there on
top of having regulated operations with
crypto two crypto crypto two fiat and
also custodial services that they are
providing their users and their fully
licensed in the EU they're doing a
really cool concept called p2p code
basically p2p code stands for
peer-to-peer transactions that do not
require confirmations upfront they
operate in the background and as long as
they have these codes on the platform
they can interact fastly and securely
one of the biggest questions that I get
often is fees and having a point one
zero percent fee is substantially
competitive when you look at companies
like Finance we have a customizable
interface and you have regulated
operations you have these instant
transactions that are taking place on
the platform that are peer-to-peer and
you have competitive fees and high
levels of security the last piece here
is going to be the unstoppable API and
when we're dealing with BOTS and trading
BOTS and things like that in the past
API is our key when it comes to adoption
when you have third parties using your
API that's an exchange for example
coinbase using things like merchants
where they're allowing people to accept
payments this opens the door to a lot of
development so as you guys know I do not
claim to be a professional trader nor do
I give financial advice I'm just an
economics major nerd and I do think that
this type of platform is revolutionary
and their real-time order books their
security and just the amount of cool
professional features that they're
offering to users for technical analysis
so what I want to do in this video is go
over the customizable user interface and
show you guys the broad sets of what
this platform is trying to accomplish so
without further ado let's dive right
into the overview one of my favorite
things about the interface with white
bit is the simplistic aspect of the
exchange and then also live trading they
have their real-time order books and
they also have just a simplistic
exchange where if you're not interested
like me and going into the actual charts
you can just use the simplistic exchange
here you can go through your different
currency exchanges here you can see that
you can quickly interact and change
change just like shape-shift and just
like your Exodus wallet this is the most
simplistic way that you can possibly
swap between assets on the exchange
before people that are interested in
actually analyzing the charts they plug
into trading view as you can see here
which is fantastic websites it has a lot
of really brilliant people on there
doing technical analysis and they have a
very simplistic way of saying all right
this is a buyer this is a sell so I love
trading view in the fact that they plug
into this I believe finance plugs into
this as well but when you come to the
live trading feature up here you can see
the real-time trade books you can see
there's social media feed which is
pretty fantastic and you also have the
support bubble down here which I like
using just because I like pumpkin people
while I do different trades and things
like that but this is a very good
example of your basic which is heat
exchange and then your more complex for
the more professional and analysis
driven people they have the live trading
so by trading for professional you know
people that are analyzing using trading
views charts and then the exchange tab
that is just very simplistic easy to
swap your different coins and tokens for
so as I said before the white bit codes
are these peer-to-peer codes where you
can actually transact using these codes
without confirmations on the platform
itself you can pick the different
currencies that you want and when you
generate that code that code is almost
like a gift card filled with that amount
of currency and then you can transact
with that using the white bit code of
the other person and it's almost like
having unique little wallet addresses on
the wipe it platform itself making it so
that you can quickly and instantly
transact in a safe manner and if for
example you didn't want to send that
code you could just deactivate the code
once it's done and after you've created
it and you can just keep creating more
and more and I love this feature because
it keeps the ecosystem sound and it
keeps it secure so that you're only
giving codes to people that you want to
interact with on the exchange and in
this section right here at the top
left-hand corner you can see deposit and
you have all of these different
currencies including USD which was the
cricket of Fiat piece that I was
earlier but you have all of these
different currencies that you can
deposit on the exchange I'm sure they're
going to be adding these like crazy as
they ramp things up Walt and chains you
like stellar they got a lot of the big
names on here which is fantastic but it
will be interesting to see how many
tokens that they're going to be added
because once you have curium added you
know adding an ER C 20 token on top of
that is relative quick so excited to see
where they bring this into the near
future with the amount of currencies
they have available one of the last
things that I want to bring up here is
the fee for trading
it starts with 0.1% trading feet and you
can see the different fees for the
different currencies on your withdraw
fee is way lower than the majority of
exchanges you have USD T which is about
it looks like five dollars in USD T and
then all of the different trading fees
which is really really quite cool that
they keep this out in the open
I haven't actually researched any of the
other exchange trading fees as much as
her currency I think this is really
unique they have the ability to get to
an enhanced account here very similar to
how a coin base does after you get
verified you go through their kyc
process and you can just go from new
basic to enhance and that gives you up
to a hundred thousand per day which is
pretty a pretty hefty amount to be
withdrawing from the exchange every
single day but that's a very cool thief
and I'm glad to see that they're putting
this out and last but most certainly not
least you may see bit Mex links out
there financed links out there by bit
links out there so wipe it is doing on
their own a very exclusive and cool
referral program you have a fifteen
percent commission rate you have a trade
fee of 0.1 percent and your estimated
commissions so a very clean dashboard
this is probably one of the better
dashboards that I've ever seen for
referral programs because I'm sure that
this is going to be the backbone of a
lot of their new users and of course as
I mentioned before the link to my
referral is going to be in the
description below so you guys can go
sign up
and enjoy that is it for my overview of
white bit I hope you guys enjoyed this
video if you did a slap a like if you
guys are new here don't forget to
subscribe I'm gonna be doing a lot more
exchange type videos to show you guys
where you can go and get pears with
crypto to crypto crypto to Fiat
custodial services I want to cover it
the ones that are the top and most up
and coming new exchanges so you guys get
a chance to get in there get the low
fees ones that I'm only going to be
covering on this channel or ones that I
personally am going to be using just to
verify that everything is operationally
sound and everything is legitimate which
wipe it checks off all of those boxes so
I was really excited to work with the
team and bring you guys at this awesome
overview video and if you guys like it
slap alike if you guys are new here
subscribe for more videos and I will see
you on the next episode pact crypto

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