White power rap is a neo-Nazi recruitment tool

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

There are white supremacists who believe that the most effective way to spread their loving

message to the youth of today is through popular
music Thus, white power rap

There are a few standard genres of music people
tend to associate with white supremacists

Oi is a big one — racist skinheads stole
that shit in the '80s from the Cockney Rejects,

a decidedly NOT racist English punk band

As a result, Neo-Nazi music will always sort of sound like bands like Skrewdriver or RaHoWa –

punk-tinged metal-ish gargabecan
dirt music that is generally as simple

as the people performing it

Also, it's worth remember this photo – that's Toronto mayor Rob Ford palling

around with RaHoWa member Jon Latvis You would think
the uniform would have tipped him off

But it's 2013 – punk's dead! Jay Z releases
platinum selling albums on Korean smartphones,

and people in your office ask you what twerking is!

White supremacists need to keep it fresh They need a new medium
to spread their message about protecting

the white race They need hip hop

Stormfront is kind of the 4chan of white power
shitheels It's a messageboard for connecting

with other dickless racists, where you can share your imaginary
tales of white persecution and your poetry

Stormfront doesn't know how it feels about
rap A thread discussing its possible use of converting

youths to the white nationalist movement goes on for 20+ rambling pages of nonsense,

pretty much split between those condemning it as
kind of antithetical to their cause, and then others

who just want to express themselves to some Polish dudes
spitting pure white fire

Currently, most white power rap is either Russian or Polish Or French

But California-based Woodpile might be the most popular white nationalist hip hop crew, owing to their association with

the white prison gang, the Peckerwoods

Like every neo-Nazi with a camera in their
face, the members of Woodpile describe their

message as "white pride," not "white power"
But one of them always covers his face

when they perform or do interviews, so, it's pretty clear he's not 100% proud

White power rap is hardly a menace to society
– Woodpile's, "I'm A Wood," is their biggest hit

It has 56 thousand views on YouTube And it was uploaded
in 2006 Mostly it's just important that we can continue to laugh

at these nerds And important to remember
that they do exist And shit on them constantly

I'm not going to link to any of these videos
in the description, because they're all stupid

But it's pretty easy to find fascist French hip hop if you just spend 10 seconds searching for it

What do you think about white power nationalists
using hip hop to Trojan horse the youth of

today? Let us know in the comments And keep stomping Nazis

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