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published on July 2, 2020




good evening welcome to MTV News

I'm Stephanie Cox here are today's top

stories the White House press secretary

says the Trump administration will not

stand for anarchy in the streets

following multiple violent events that

plagued the nation over the weekend a

double homicide in Brooklyn New York

City the suspect is still on the run

it's yet another case in the city's

dramatic spike in shooting victims the

Supreme Court rules against a Louisiana

abortion law it could have led to the

closure of two of the state's three

abortion clinics the first Airport

testing facility in the US has

officially opened inside New York City's

JFK Airport the CEO plans on expanding

its operation to airports across the

nation a Chinese company listed in the

US Stock Exchange is involved in a fake

gold scandal leaving creditors holding

the bag for billions of dollars in loans

and a sign of a quick recovery for the

housing market pending home sales saw a

record rebound inmate


the us saw multiple shootings in a

number of states over the weekend the

White House press secretary says law and

order will be upheld and anarchy in the

streets is unacceptable at least two

people are dead after a shooting at a

Walmart distribution center in

california it injured at least four

others in Louisville Kentucky police

arrested me and after a shooting that

killed one person that's at least the

second shooting in the past month in

Louisville the White House press

secretary reported at a briefing Monday

that 11 people were shot in New York

City in just 12 hours over the weekend

61 people were shot in Chicago 15 of

them are dead President Trump stands

against defunding our brave police

officers caving to mob rule this uptick

in crime comes as people around the

country are calling to scale back or

defund law enforcement

she said Senate Democrats blocked a

bipartisan police reform bill according

to the White House three Minneapolis

council members voted to abolish police

they received death threats soon after

some are now working on getting private

security details Democrat mayor of

Seattle called the chop zone the

autonomous zone the summer of love it is

anything but that with one dead multiple

shootings and desperate pleas for help

unanswered by business owners and others

the US Department of Justice has

arrested over 100 in Arcis for rioting

and destruction of federal property and

they charged four men in federal court

for trying to tear down Andrew Jackson

in Lafayette Square Melina Weis cup in

TV news McInerney says there are over

200 ongoing FBI investigations looking

into domestic terrorists and now too

Seattle's Capitol Hill organized

protests or chop zone where early this

morning one man was killed and a 14 year

old boy is in the hospital with severe

wounds our team spoke with the president

of the police officers guild to see how

they're handling it several 911 to keep

the shots were made at the edge of the

zone at around 3 am Monday morning

according to Mike Solon president of the

police officers Gail

this marks the fifth or sixth shooting

and second death in Seattle's chop zone

as I've seen you have an area of the

city a major urban area the United

States of America armed people are

control of government-owned robux but

also government-owned facilities but

also privately owned buildings and

privately owned property saying it

baffles him to wrap his head around that

when asked about compromising with

demands to defund the police free

protesters and fun communities he said

it's not possible to have better Public

Safety and defund the police at the same

time since defunding police would mean

training is the first thing to go

prohibits quality Public Safety service

to everyone he said police still aren't

allowed to adequately go into the area

city officials have refused so far to

use force to take back the city streets

President Donald Trump said in a tweet

Monday morning Seattle looters agitators

anarchists and protesters are now

refusing to leave the chop zone they

have zero respect for government or the

mayor of Seattle or governor of

Washington State

not good reporting by echo Leo NTD news

last week officials said they dismantle

the zone but attempts have been stymied

by occupiers refusing to leave and over

to New York City where a double homicide

is adding to a dramatic spike in

shootings the suspect is on the run

after he shot and killed two people in

Brooklyn NTDs Miguel Moreno has more

from Manhattan

this man still at large accused of

shooting and killing two people in

Brooklyn 47 year old Charles Hernandez

allegedly fled the scene after firing

over 20 rounds based on the video

reports say Hernandez is an ex-convict

sentenced to jail twice for weapons

possession assault and other charges

released on parole in 2018 but this is

just one shooting amid a violent spike

in the city seventy two shooting victims

last week compared to fourteen last year

a four hundred and fourteen percent

increase a New Yorker told us he thinks

criminals are taking advantage of the

push to cut the NYPD's budget I think

people are just taking advantage of the

fact that they'll people want the NYPD

defunded so I mean people are taking

that into effect and if you take the

NYPD's hands-off approach in certain

neighborhoods it's not worse than

catching charges all those in their

potential jobs then why Pete he's

willing to let it happen it's hard to be

locked up for three months

I think it affects everybody differently

and I think some others are just taking

advantage thinking that the police

aren't going to do anything anymore

chief of Department Terrence Monahan

said this weekend that he's worried he

said cutting the NYPD's budget will mean

less officers and less officers on the

street will lead to more crime

the mayor says he's confident that the

city can handle a 1 billion dollar cut

to the NYPD's nearly 6 billion dollar

budget the extra money is expected to go

into Community Services Miguel Moreno

NTD News New York

Senate Republicans are once again

pushing police reform legislation after

Senate Democrats showed a lack of

support for senator Tim Scott Justice

Act Scott says he's hoping to find

common ground the Senate plans to try

again to pass police reform legislation

after a bill introduced by Senator Tim

Scott didn't get enough votes from

Senate Democrats Republicans plan to

continue pushing policing change this

week legislation from House Democrats

already passed in the house and Thursday

Scott said he'll meet with House

Democrats in hopes of finding common

ground too often we're having a

discussion in this nation about are you

supporting the law enforcement community

or are you supporting communities of

color this is a false binary choice he's

stressed that his legislation supports

people on both sides and that it

supports America as a whole

he also said he spoke with the head of

the Congressional Black Caucus the

organization is comprised of Democrats

that constructed the rival police reform

bill in the house Scott's bill called

the Justice Act and House Democrats

version – George Floyd justice and

policing act share many similarities but

they include some differences like what

methods should be used to hold police

reforms in place and to what degree they

seek to directly punish police Scott

stressed his reasoning for introducing

the bill and if you support America you

support restoring the confidence that

communities of color have in

institutions of authority Scott opposes

a democratic proposal to allow victims

of misconduct to sue police for

financial damages

it would have a chilling effect on law

enforcement but he said he'd be willing

to allow victims to sue municipalities

counties and states the Supreme Court

rules a louisiana abortion law

unconstitutional the law required

abortion providers to have a hospital

admitting privileges within 30 miles of

where an abortion procedure takes place

it would effectively force two of the

state's three abortion clinics to close

the Supreme Court's rules five to four

against it

Chief Justice John Roberts sided with

the liberal wing of the court in his


Louisiana argued that the law can screen

out incompetent physicians and promotes

good health by making sure a patient who

suffers complications can be promptly

admitted to a nearby hospital Justice

Stephen Breyer wrote that the Louisiana

law is almost the same as a Texas law

the court struck down in 2016

the Supreme Court has shown itself to be

open to considering abortion legislation

based on the protection of the life of

the baby but supporters of this law say

it was more aimed at protecting mothers

from unsafe procedures over the weekend

a group of New Yorkers rallied outside

the American Museum of Natural History

they gathered in hopes of protecting a

statue of Theodore Roosevelt from being

removed the event led to a heated

discussion between a group of black

lives matter protesters and the statues

defenders entities Melina Weis cup

reports I'm here in New York City right

across the street from Central Park what

we're seeing at the aftermath of a group

of young Republicans who are supporting

the Teddy Roosevelt statue staying in

place so right now we're seeing some

controversy brewing one group over here

is saying they want to support and keep

the teddy roosevelt statue while the

other group over here is saying we need

to tear it down

and I'm willing to hear a middle ground

proposal the problem isn't urban zero

transparency the Young Republicans who

opposed the statues removal pointed to

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's

statement that he supports taking it

down he said that the statue depicts a

racial hierarchy mayor de Blasio handed

the responsibility to his wife who heads

the racial truths and Reconciliation

Commission protesters who seek to remove

the statue say it reflects white

supremacy and systemic racism in America

but some african-americans attending the

rally said otherwise black in this

country can be anything you want there's

no nothing holding you back if you work

hard enough you can get it I didn't grow

up I'm 36 years old I didn't grow up in

this country ever in my life thinking I

can't do this I can't do that because

I'm black I said if I want to do it let

me just work hard I can do it some

people told us they feel destroying the

statue would represent much more than a

call for equality we're seeing the same

thing with black lives matter which is a

pond but these are just branches on a

tree and the root is communism they want

to just push out every single foundation

America has had that has made us the

strongest country in the world and what

they want to do is bring us bring us

down to our knees so desperate so where

we racially can't get along people are

terrorizing us there's no there's no

justice system if we did if we deny God

and we deny righteousness and truth we

in trouble but destroying like like the

Taliban did like the isostatics the

Communists Mao or destroying what was

there in our culture

it scares me because I've seen it before

they don't care about the statue they

care about culturally resetting the

country destroying or covering statues

has become a common approach in recent

weeks but some say there may be another


I'm all for voting on it not tearing it

down and if we do vote on taking this

down I think it should be put in a

private gallery or a museum so we

understand our history he pointed to

Germany's handling of the Holocaust

where concentration camps are left open

not to idolize the Holocaust but to

educate people about the horrors of that

period of time Gabriel also noted the

moral implications and what this period

of time means for future generations

they'll open up their textbook and say

what was 2020 like and if we don't

actually correct a narrative now or the

actual story they will use a narrative

to then say that this was the time when

we fought for equality by looting

burning and they'll think that that's

the way you get a message no our moral

values are on the decline we are not

holding people responsible as of now the

Theodore Roosevelt statue is still

standing outside the museum although

both the mayor and governor say it

should be removed it's unclear if when

or how that might happen reporting from

New York Melina why scub NTD news new

york city has officially opened a virus

testing facility at its JFK airport it's

the very first Airport testing facility

in the US but it's currently limited to

testing airplane employees

here at JFK Airport in New York City

vital diagnostic testing provider

Express check revealed a brand-new virus

testing facility it's the first Airport

test facility in the country built

inside a terminal the facility's

location means convenience for employees

and passengers the facility has 13 exam

rooms and is capable of testing 500

people a day seven days a week here

customer a patient can get two types of

tests on the nasal PCR swab which is the

gold standard in kovat testing we also

offer the full blood antibody testing as

well or there'll be an arm draw and all

of our tests are sent to outside labs

for processing when it reached the us

the virus hit the tri-state area

including New York City the hardest SATs

man intends to expand the country's

airport testing sites to the rest of the

country we will be expanding this to

other airports in the country but we

wanted to start to ensure that we have a

good pilot setup that's been done safely

securely and and now with our opening

we'll plan our expansion over the

weekend New York reported its lowest

single day death toll since March 15th

but over 40,000 new virus cases were

reported across the nation on Sunday

Marcelo Venegas a physician coordinating

with Xpress check says the new testing

facility is crucial for preventing

another virus outbreak it's really

safety not just for the employee and the

staff around them but also for their

families because of their positive from

the high exposure that they have to

passengers coming in not from just other

places in the country which are having

higher rates but also in the world the

testing facility is only testing airline

in airport employees for now but plans

to test travelers later on patients who

were tested can find their results

online after two to three days coming up

400,000 people face quarantine as

another county in China

goes under lockdown that despite few

officially reported virus cases the

county is adopting the same measures as

epicenter Wuhan used when the first

virus hit and shares for a Chinese

company listed on NASDAQ plunged over 20

percent some of the goal that used to

obtain loans turn out to be fake that

and more after the break when you look

at TV networks in America a soundbite

invited out culture prevails on news and

commentary programs as a Canadian I'm

fascinated with America and I wanted to

offer American thought-leaders an

opportunity to share their thoughts in a

deep dive format where we can explore

their ideas together and so American

thought leaders was born the world's

most brilliant thinkers believed that

open discourse was the key to greatness

however all around the world we see that

discourse is being stifled in political

agendas of subverted media the epic

times launched its global thought

leaders program to bring back this

racial tradition of rethought as the

host of American thought leaders every

week I interview some of the most

intriguing minds on the most pressing

issues of our time

be sure to check out our new episodes

every week contradictory virus numbers

are coming out of China's capital city

that as one hospital reports more virus

cases than all of Beijing combined NTDs

Tiffany Meyer brings us more now to

Beijing according to an internal

document we obtained the fever

Department of a Beijing Hospital

reported 26 confirmed virus cases on

June 17th

but that same day the entire city only

reported 21 cases show your firemen did

not you should you yeah you know you go

in Beijing there are close to 80 fever

departments and hospitals or clinics

where people can be tested for the virus

that means based on the document the

confirmed cases found by all 80 of the

facilities were reportedly less than

those discovered by one single Hospital

now we look at one County around a

hundred miles from Beijing Chinese

health officials say they're shutting

down the county and locking down its

400,000 residents the county named and

Qing will employ the same lockdown

strategies as Wuhan when the virus first

hit the city according to the

announcement all communities in the

county will be closed off and monitored

no outside vehicles or residents will be

allowed to enter and only one person

each household will be permitted to

leave the house to buy food or medicine

as of last week only 12 cases have been

officially reported in the county since

the pandemic began eleven of them have

been linked to the shing fatty Market in

Beijing for the newest virus cluster

originated the report also claims that

there are no current second-generation

cases of the mutated virus in the county

and that the pandemic has been basically

under control just two days before the

lockdown officials reported zero new

cases across the entire province up

until the closure of Ansan County last

weekend China's

demyx situation went from basically

under control to quickly evolving into

full lockdown

this unusual development raises question

as to whether the pandemic has undergone

significant changes in China more and

more unusual weather conditions seem to

be appearing in China

over the weekend in Hebei province a

sudden tornado appeared video shows

something catching fire in the distance

flames quickly flare up while debris is

sent flying people can also be heard


it follows another tornado last week in

Beijing the column of black debris field

air was captured on video rotating

violently over a building one man is

heard in the video calling it very scary

and two weeks ago yet another tornado

surprised locals in Beijing the tornado

was seen hurling a mobile house through

the air which was destroyed debris from

the wreck soared into the sky a

us-listed chinese company is under

investigation for using fake gold as

collateral to borrow loans a Chinese

company listed in Nasdaq is being

investigated as some of the 83 tons of

gold bars it used as loan collateral

turned out to be fake now creditors are

left holding the bag for over two

billion dollars in loans according to

the Chinese media kai-shing the Wuhan

Bay's King gold is one of China's

largest private gold processors making

and trading gold jewelry it obtained

loans worth 28 billion dollars or

twenty billion UN since 2013 from

several Chinese financial institutions

using 83 tons of supposedly pure gold as

guarantee but at least some of the gold

bars turned out to be gilded copper when

one of the creditors tried to sell the

gold to cover its own debts it found out

the gold was fake shocked by the news

other creditors also tested the gold

which also turned out to be fake it's

unclear whether the gold bars were fake

from the beginning or later replaced

authorities are investigating the

company's chairman a former Chinese

military man denied any wrongdoing the

loans are covered by several insurers

the largest being the state-owned

people's insurance company of China or P

ICC the kai-shing article says insurers

backing was the key that King gold was

able to get the loans P ICC is facing


lawsuits but a spokesperson stole

kai-shing that the policies only cover

losses caused by accidents disasters

robbery and theft King gold share on

NASDAQ tumbled over 20 percent today and

up next the number of Americans buying

existing homes jumped by the most on

record in May bringing hope for a quick

housing market revival and the makers of

one of the first widely used drugs to

treat the CCP virus just announced its

price find out why it's important after

the break






viewers have described China uncensored

like The Daily Show but about China but

at the beginning I was super excited

when I got 500 views and now the show's

grown to about half a million

subscribers on YouTube one episode

reached 79 million people I will

freaked out that that many people have

seen my face in five years I see China

uncensored as the sole source of

edutainment worldwide




pending home sales staged a record

rebound in May it's a sign that the

housing market is snapping back faster

than expected

the number of Americans signing

contracts to buy existing homes jumped

by the most on record in May the

indicator released by the National

Association of Realtors measures how

many contracts were signed to purchase

pre-owned homes the index rose by over

40 percent to a three-month high of 99

point 6 it's much higher than economists

expected this is the largest monthly

increase since 2001 the index is still

below its pre-pandemic level from

February this year but according to the

National Association of Realtors chief

economist lawrence Yuen the outlook has

significantly improved record low

mortgage rates helped the quicker than

expected turnaround one of the first

widely used drugs to treat the CCP virus

just announced its price it sets a

precedent for pricing on future virus

treatments Gilead Sciences says it will

charge the US government $390 per vial

for its virus drug from des aveer that's

over 2,300 dollars for a typical 5-day

treatment the company says it will offer

this one price model to developed

countries so it doesn't get slowed down

in negotiations

once the supply is opened up the company

will increase the list price for private

insurance companies and other commercial

payers they will charge five hundred

twenty dollars per vial in the US that's

over three thousand dollars for a five

day course

creme des aveer is one of the first

drugs available to fight the virus US

regulators authorized it in May after a

trial found it's fed recovery by about

four days the price decision is

important because it sets the precedent

for how much future kovin medicines

might cost coming up a wax figure Museum

in Paris reopens after three months of

lockdown that and more after the break








in Paris a wax statue museum has

reopened there you can meet in person

with Donald Trump Leonardo DiCaprio and

Ian Stein our France correspondent David

Vives has the story

one last brush over the hair a little

spray fixer and this Donald Trump statue

is ready to see the public

this is museum gravel it displays more

than 200 wax statues some of them mark

history and some are players in the

modern world the museum is reopening

after three months closure due to lock

down statues are tended to each morning

today it's Scarlett Johansson and Cara

Delevingne Stern we need to permanently

restore the statues visitors sometimes

touch or even bump into them one ear is


sometimes as such you get overtime after

the death of pareo

it was common to have a wax model of

their face put on display that was up

until the 17th century the gravel museum

was created at the end of the 19th

century according to the museum's

director the museum was a media by

itself at that time photography was not

yet fully developed not even mentioning

the cinema so we produced walk statues

of famous people making the news and the

public came here to see but themselves

he says crime scenes made the news at

that time and teach people's curiosity

then another trend developed the selfie

development photo people then came here

to take the photo of themselves with

celebrities and as you can imagine this

trend is still going on today it takes

six months to create one statue after

the museum artists mold all the details

based on the original model the

celebrity which includes hands and

sometimes even teeth working on wax

statues requires specific skills we're

in between artists and craftsmen the

museum also produces light and sound

shows all that is required to give the

public a glimpse

of magic and poetry reporting by David

vivaz NTD news Paris and that's all for

our broadcast audience but for those who

are watching online

we'll continue live after the weather












thousands of residents are being

evacuated in Saratoga Springs Utah

that's as wildfires have scorched over

12,000 acres across the state according

to officials one home is destroyed

outside of Saratoga city limits and at

least nine properties are damaged this


25% of the fire was contained thanks to

light rains local media say cooler

weather and rain are expected to control

the fire and more Florida beaches are

closing after a rise in CCP virus cases

the state says interactions among young

people caused the spike reports indicate

8500 new cases officials announced more

Florida beach closures as virus cases

spiked in the state 8500 new cases and

almost 30 new deaths were reported on


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says that

interactions among young people are

driving the surge I knew I wasn't gonna

go hang out with a bunch of people

before I came here because God forbid I

did get it and then I get here and then

I gave it to my grandparents who live in

this like little community and they see

their friends and then it gets passed

around and then I know I'd be the reason

for it County officials and Broward and

Palm Beach counties have followed the

lead of neighboring miami-dade County

enclosing beaches ahead of the fourth of

July weekend

I think that's a good idea because it is

the fourth of July weekend and that's

when lots of barbecues and you know lots

of things happen in total the state now

has over 140,000 confirmed cases and

more than 3400 deaths DeSantis says the

nationwide George Floyd protest took

attention away from the virus pandemic

leading people to pay less attention to

safety measures Boeing shares are

soaring today it's the first day of

certification flight testing with the US

Federal Aviation Administration and a

crucial opportunity to turn things

around after Boeing's worst ever crisis

plane maker Boeing is leading

stocks higher the news comes after us

aviation regulators approved critical

flight tests on the Boeing 737 max the

test started this week

Boeing shares jumped ten percent over

one hundred and eighty six dollars this

follows a forty eight percent drop

through June regulators had to review

the company's safety fixes for the 737

max after two fatal crashes killed three

hundred and forty six people which

grounded the plane for fifteen months

the first crash in October 2018 took

place off the coast of Indonesia and the

second in March 2019 near addis ababa

both involved the malfunctioning of MCAS

a new automated software pilots were

unaware of meant to adjust nose angle in

the event of upwards tilt the sensor

malfunctioned and pilots did not have

the time or training to override it an

investigation showed that the FAA did

not approve the latter developments in

the MCAS software because Boeing

asserted that the risk of it

malfunctioning was quote minor the

intensive three-day testing will include

multiple different mid-air scenarios

over different terrains pilots will also

intentionally trigger the reprogrammed

MCAS software to ensure it is up to FAA

standards this testing goes much more

in-depth than previous Boeing test

flights which were completed in mere

hours all within a day boeing has

conducted hundreds of hours of 737 max

flight simulations and hundreds more in

air without fAA officials the FAA

clarified that this does not mean an

approval to return to service it will

likely take months to analyze flight

data and approve new training procedures

customers have been notified that if all

goes well they will be able to board a

737 max in September and in Pakistan a

policeman and two guards are dead after

a shooting attack on the country Stock

Exchange building

police say security forces killed all

four of the attackers separatist

insurgents from Balochistan province the

balloon Liberation Army claimed

responsibility in a post on Twitter

Reuters was not able to verify

the authenticity of the claim and

spokesman for the group were not

available for comment one witness said

workers locked themselves in their

offices amid the gunfire and an

explosion and people scattered for

safety a police chief said the gunmen

attacked with grenades and guns after

pulling up in a Corolla car

they threw a grenade at security men

posted outside the compound then opened

fire on a security post the four were

killed when security forces posted there

responded the Pakistan Stock Exchange

did not suspend trading during the

attack separatists have been fighting

for years in resource-rich baluchistan

complaining the south western provinces

gas and mineral wealth is unfairly

exploited by Pakistan's richer more

powerful provinces the world has now

surpassed two sobering virus milestones

at least 500,000 confirmed deaths and 10

million confirmed cases of course this

doesn't account for the unknown toll of

the virus in countries with typically

opaque regimes like China Iran and North

Korea so these numbers are likely

already much higher

global cases of coronavirus exceeded 10

million on Sunday according to a Reuters

tally as the number of deaths from the

respiratory illness approached half a

million the grim milestone comes as many

hard-hit countries ease their lockdown

measures while making extensive

alterations to the ways people live and

work North America Latin America and

Europe each account for around 25

percent of cases while Asia in the

Middle East have around 11 percent and 9

percent respectively

that's according to a Reuters tally

which uses government reports just two

countries account for over 1/3 of all

new cases over the past week India and

Brazil they're both battling outbreaks

of over 10,000 cases a day and Brazil

reported a record 50 4700 new cases on

June the 19th some researchers say the

death toll in Latin America could rise

over 380,000 by October as of Sunday

morning there had been more than four

hundred ninety seven thousand fatalities

linked to covert 19 worldwide some

countries are also experiencing a

resurgence in infections leading

authorities to partially reinstate

lockdown measures in what experts say

could be a recurring pattern in the

coming months and into 2021 Denmark's

famous to volley amusement park held its

annual dog day it's the only day of the

year and which owners it can enjoy the

park alongside their furry friends

Danish amusement park Tivoli threw dog

owners a bone as they held their annual

dog day last weekend it's the only day

of the year dogs are allowed in the

almost 200 year old park owners say they

love it because their dogs can play with

other dogs in an environment where

everyone can have fun because Ziggy my

dog he loves meeting other dogs and I

thought it could be really fun to go a

new place and meet dogs he has met

before and I mean it's always fun to

bring your doctor to believe

it's fun for us to be here as well the

park area is usually off-limits to man's

best friend but during the event dogs

can compete in agility races walk in

parades and show off in a dog show on

the parks main stage unfortunately all

events were canceled this year as a

virus spread precaution we were part of

the parade which is that the canceled

this year and he had so much fun so I

thought of come again this year but the

cancellation didn't stop pets from

enjoying each other's company

swimming in fountains and munching on

treats from tivoli staff I think it's a

dream that they make it possible because

they're not allowed you need to come in

for this one day per year it's like a

freedom for all governor's to come in

and say hi to all the other tivoli says

no one knows how long the tradition has

been in place but pet owners in Denmark

clearly wanted kept alive after

releasing star quarterback Tom Brady the

New England Patriots have now signed

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton that and

more in our Sports News the New England

Patriots site quarterback Cam Newton to

a one-year deal the move comes months

after the team parted ways with six

times Super Bowl winner Tom Brady former

NFL MVP 31 year old Newton spent nine

seasons with the Carolina Panthers and

took the team to Super Bowl 50 he

underwent foot surgery in December after

an injury cut his 2019 season short the

NFL Players Association advised players

against participating in group workouts

it says they are not safe because the

spread of the virus is ongoing but

quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Tom

Brady along with other top players

posted videos on social media that

showed them practicing with teammates

last week in this weekend's NASCAR Cup

Series doubleheader at Pocono Raceway

Denny Hamlin secured a victory in the

Sunday nightcap Hamlin became the

winningest active driver at Pocono and

tied Jeff Gordon for the most all time

Cup wins at the track with six

Dustin Johnson shot 19-under par to win

the Travelers Championship by one stroke

in Cromwell Connecticut the 2016 US Open

champion claimed his 21st PGA title this

marks a 13th consecutive season with at

least one victory and that's all for

today's news

for tuning in I'm Stephanie Cox




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