Which Team Was The WORST Premier league Winner! | The Football Pyramid

published on July 17, 2020

Hello and welcome back to the football pyramid our quiz show where we asked two contestants eight questions of ascending difficulty to see how far they can rise up english football's pyramid from the national league at the bottom

To the pinnacle the champions league champions our two contestants today we've got returning champ zach gillab and we've got henry hill on his debut welcome boys and you'll each be given three lifelines

So you'll get 50 50 request a clue and super sub where you can call a friend for advice on the answer get an answer right you move up a level of the pyramid get one wrong and you drop down a level

It really is that simple let's see who ends up on top uh welcome aboard henry debut on the show you're a key member behind the sort of you know concept how does it feel to finally be

Taking on the uh the reigning champs actor lab yeah i mean i feel i feel like being thrown in the deep end um one of the biggest brains in football daily well known for a long time what people don't know is that i've i've

Been doing the uh the stat wars questions for a while now yeah and it whenever you write them it seems so obvious the answer is so i'm quite nervous to sort of be the other side of the

Other coin here to see if actually i am intelligent or if i'm just you know perhaps more stupid than some people maybe so yeah we'll see yeah no zach i'm excited i'm excited let's do this oh

Zach how are you feeling i mean pat also completed it but you are our first uh person to get to the top of the pyramid how are you feeling today could it be exactly i'll always have that mate i'll always have that i was the first

That's all i need i can die happy now um no i actually find this kind of quizzing a lot easier because i've the answer is there i've just got to figure it out i think it'd be not too bad or something like the chase

Whereas who wants and i even think what's a billion millionaire that's a that's selecting so yeah not too bad pointless i wouldn't be that good at pointless no i've never got into pointless i need to give it a try but

Anyway enough chit chat about other quiz shows because it's all about the football pyramid today uh henry i'm gonna give you the choice of heads or tails because you haven't

Been on the show before uh i'm flipping the coin now would you like heads or tails let's go tails it is tails uh would you like to go first or second um i'll go second i'll let

Uh let zak show me how to do it oh i love it right let's get started let's go zach you're kicking off the show in the national league with matthew reed's question and it is what is the nickname for man

United is it a the red demons b the red hornets c the red cherries or d the red devils uh i would like to go with d please the red devils the same name as crawley

Town you sure you don't want the red cherries uh i'm sure yeah i'm sure okay no mistakes well done zack topwork henry your question comes in from baby pluto i'm so unprofessional what a handle

Uh and it is who has won the most bundesliga titles a bar munich b dortmund c by leverkusen or d schalke ah see this is the thing like zach's question is obvious but this one

I don't know if this is just like a horrible trick question i'm gonna go for a biomedic no trick questions at national league level mate well done you're well done you're joining zach in league two welcome top stuff from both

Of you you're off the mark henry well that's a thrill let's go zach your question at league 211 comes in from five five ryan1156450 and it is in which year did ronaldo cristiano ronaldo sign for

Real madrid a 2007 b 2008 c 2009 or d 2010 oh either 008 or 09 i would like to go with 2008 please zach you've locked in b

2008 and you won't be winning the football pyramid today zack i'm afraid it's 2009 i thought it was 2008 it's two as well i always i he yeah they won the champions league in

2008 and then he stayed for an extra year and then they lost the champions league final and then he left zack henry your question uh comes in from ryan1156450 as well he's done well he's got two questions in

This week and it is which year did sir alex ferguson retire a 2011 b 2012 c 2013 or d 2014 it's not 14 um wait or is it wait a minute so let's just think

Muy is van gaal oh it might be actually it might be 40 what was the other options it's just 11 12 13 or 14 okay brilliant thank you you do have all three lifelines there's no shame in taking a lifeline this early

I mean there is you got a hold of him later that's why i didn't use one i think it's 2014 you locking that in d yes henry you've locked in d 2014 and you're going back down to the

National league with zach as well even stevens from both of you what is it is it 13 2013 won the title 12 13 then he departed okay guys not the best standard so far but at least you're on an even

Footing all right jesus your question zach back in the national league is from adrian frances van der ber and it's which country won the 2010 world cup

A holland b south africa c spain or d brazil um i would like to go with spain please thank you a little while there's that i was just like is it holland you've locked in spain

And you were right okay well done no one has got a national league question wrong so far so well done thank god henry there's always a first though this one comes in from jamie mcallister

And it was what was the name of arsenal's old ground a upton park b highbury c main road or d highfield road b highbury b hybri well done well done mate okay the recovery is on from both of you

Zack your question at league two level comes in from adida jar and it was who was barcelona's manager during their 14-15 trouble winning season a pep guardiola b ernesto valverde

C luis enrique or d tito villanova um you lost all your power zack you were so sure in your last one i know i know i know i'm just doubting myself i think it's tito what year did you say and what how many trophies 14

15 treble winning season yeah i think it because i think i'm pretty sure and then uh yeah i'd like to go with tito please zach you've locked in tito villanova oh dear

And you were wrong it was lewis enriquez zach what has happened to you today mate you were so good in your last effort well tito's pep's older sister didn't it yeah

But he unfortunately passed away he was passed away he passed away before this season but that is um yeah bad luck zach oh well henry he's left the door open can you go ahead

Jesus christ i hope so your question comes in from james comerford and it's named the four teams that won the premier league in the 2010s so that's 2010 to 2019 not including liverpool this season

Is it a man city chelsea spurs man united b arsenal leicester man city man united c chelsea arsenal spurs man united or d leicester city chelsea man city man united

I'd like to go for d gone in with d leicester city chelsea man city man united and he breathed ahead of zack into league one well done you know what if i go if i got that

Wrong as well then this i think we should just start again right zach we're going back down to national league level for you and it comes in from patu nev gertanda and it is what

Nationality is burnley's jay rodriguez is he a portuguese b english c spanish or d mexican a english mate it's a great question from patty's degree

I really like that and you're right he is he is in fact english but we are in league one with henry now the highest either of you have been so far and the question comes in

From chris walker 96 and it was who is the only new zealander currently playing in the premier league a chris wood b matt ryan c winston reed or d aaron moy

Well aaron moyes australian as is matt ryan and winston reed plays for sport in kansas so the answer is chris wood hey chris woods absolutely right look at you showing off

With your knowledge just relaxed a little bit and now i'm ready to win so let's go let's crack on the pedal now freezing in he's got the bit between his teeth zach you must be worried yeah sure

Okay zach we're still in league two with you but you know yeah fingers crossed question comes in from adi kumbayil who succeeded sir alex ferguson at man united a louis van gaal b sam allardyce see

David moyes or d pep guardiola baby boy you laugh but you know you need to get your questions right and then we wouldn't be having this issue yeah very cheap see david moyes is absolutely correct well done

Into league one finally finally henry you are now in the championship you are breezing ahead nice one and the question comes in from alex shay and it is who is the highest scoring scott in premier league history

A duncan ferguson b stephen fletcher c paul dickov or d kevin gallagher gallagher sorry big dunk scored like 90 goals for everton i know that much all with his head um is

That the most i mean paul dickov surely not um gallagher i'm not sure i've heard of oh stephen fletcher surely not he's he can't have scored more than 50 uh let's go let's go let's go 50 50

On this one your 50 50 is duncan ferguson or steven fletcher ah the two that you're already debating i'm gonna go for a ferguson locking in a duncan ferguson on an alex shay's

Question and you're right well done you're into the premier league after a shoddy start you've recovered i don't like fulham just you wait zach just uh get a dig in

There get a dig in there before we go any further just a quick reminder to subscribe to eurofootball daily and hit that notification bell to never miss a football pyramid and also we've started a brand new channel

This week here's pat to explain what it's all about hello it's patrick van strassen just letting you know about our new podcast channel football daily podcasts from now on the extra time podcast will

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From pat there make sure you subscribe to football daily podcast zack we're at league one level with you from andrew sullivan this question came in from andrew sullivan is what i mean to say

Who scored the winning penalty in england's shootout win against colombia in the 2018 world cup a harry kane b eric dyer c delhi ally or d harry maguire eric dyer just about harry dyer locking in b

Eric dyer correct well done thank you zach gillard the most passionate sort of half englishman for that summer was not going to forget it was quality i mean that summer in general for me was

Was it's probably the the summer where i read where england have done the best so i remember it i was obviously as as passionate about it other people say like they remember euro 97 of that but i wasn't you're in 96

Yeah you're in 19 we all remember euro 97 zack what a great tournament oh very good um henry we need to talk off camera about that experience that must be incredible but

We're in the premier league with you and we need you to focus because you're only one level ahead of zack at the moment get this wrong and you drop down to the championship where he is but you're in the premier

League at the moment and your question comes in from jay chalton96 and it's how many points did leicester city finish the 1516 season on a76 b81

C83 or d85 i'm gonna be bold here i think it's in the 70s i'm gonna go a76 okay you're straight out there straight off the bat with 76 a76 and you were wrong i'm afraid lifelines bro that's that's a

Gotta use it really i really thought it was like they got a really low total they didn't get much more than yeah it was 81 so it was just the one above 76 commiserations brilliant brilliant lads

Although it hasn't been you know the the sort of the really high standard we've seen in previous weeks you're both in the championship though so it's winner takes all on this question

So actually there's a lot riding on it your question comes in from bal stew zach and it is what is the most southerly based english football league team a exeter b bournemouth c portsmouth or d

Plymouth probably between exeter and plymouth i would like to use a 50 50 please your 50 50 is exeter or plymouth oh man i would like to use a clue please your clue is this club finished third

In league two in 1920 that rules out boldness and portsmouth at least i would like to call a friend please oh who would you like to call joe tomlinson okay great use the guy

With the extra knowledge i like it some would say that this question from bowels do is a bit more geography than football but i did we've accepted to see in geography oh joe bro

Oh we've all been there the old rejection hello listen to this this is what he does every time this is his voicemail no i'm not joking this is my voice but

I'll leave you a message oh that is annoying i'm going to call uh josh a guy called josh who uh we though but uh is basically a friend of joe's who's from exeter as well all right

If josh doesn't pick up as well cry oh cry oh he's not picked up either oh yeah yay i'm calling jack i've got two numbers for jack as well apparently but oh god what's happening

Yes jack hello how are you doing mate yeah not too bad thank you uh i'm currently on the set of football pyramid so i'm shooting at the moment uh and i've i've requested a super sub

And that superstar is you great use of the word supersum okay okay so uh the question is what team is the most southern in the uk plymouth or exeter what

Yeah did you say plymouth hello oh no he's breaking up oh god waking up oh no underground or something what's going on i don't know i'll uh i'll just text him

And see if if he if he said what is this it's not i think he gave you an answer there zach i think you have to you've got to go with what you said what he told you or not that's your call

Okay oh wait jack's call me back can you hear me okay yeah plymouth yeah i would like to go with plymouth the big club that has uh pie face who support who's piffa supports okay

Zachary jalab you called josh he didn't pick up you called joe he didn't pick up you got through to jack and it was a bit of a disaster of a call but he's gone he's recommended you go with plymouth you've locked in d plymouth

At championship level and you're finishing in the premier league well done to get him jack oh you legend i'm going to text him right now that was painful that was painful to listen

Come on emery this if you lose to equalize this question comes in from klaus and it is which of these teams did juan roman raquel may not play for not playful

Wow a boca juniors b barcelona see villarreal or d sevilla okay it is between villarreal and sevilla he definitely played for boca juniors we can cross that one off you've got your lights

I know zach but having witnessed you use yours i'm not convinced they're gonna work all right i'm gonna call i'm gonna call danny pappy just for just for a laugh why not i love it okay

So what i'm hearing is you want to use your super sub yeah yeah is that all right yeah that's fine you request a clue come on daddy

A lot of real people out there today having having given zach if this happens to me too i'm gonna be a bit disappointed right i'll try i'm gonna try my friend johnny who claims

To have uh more football knowledge than myself and after this showing he might as well be right oh even johnny's a no-show rejection oh my god right um sorry give me give me the clue

The clue is i had two spells at boca juniors brilliant brilliant i run i write the clues beforehand so i didn't know whether you'd know that or not you've got one more chance to phone a

Friend if they pick up mccubbin is normally very good mccubbin's seen the questions you have to go with someone else oh george wright is normally yeah george picks up right

Fine georgia is it's never felt good george it's henry how you doing again yeah he knows he knows the drill the only time people call each other

Maybe it was just for a social call you don't know which of these teams did juan roman raquel may not play for now i know it's not boca julia's so did he not play for villarreal sevilla or barcelona he

Played for villarreal barcelona yes sir yeah all right i thought so too george lovely to catch up can you take care now i'll call you later okay

all right cheers as i suspected it is severe so you're locking in severe d severe well done henry well done george

We got that i'm so upset i'm so upset i wanted this i wanted to make a real statement on my first go on the field pyramids wow what i'm gonna do because it's a draw is i'm gonna give you a straight shootout

So it's fingers on the buzzers effectively i always forget we're against each other yeah so it's a draw we've never had a draw before on the football pyramid and i've just come up with the rule now we are

Going to do a straight shootout question comes in from christopher mcgowan and it's who scored the premier league's first ever hat trick a teddy sheringham b les ferdinand

C eric cantona or d matt letizia teddy showing him wrong oh no no zach it's open you've got les ferdinand eric cancer matt letizia for the win i would like to go with ferdinand please

You're locking in les ferdinand and you were wrong as well what is wrong with you too it was eric cantona please go away and and learn and and educate yourselves and come back stronger

You are both going to draw this because you don't deserve another shootout question what has been wrong with you two today i mean zack particularly you you're a real fool from grace for you

Today what do you mean look what happened look the best always the i don't like i think i think that the tito answer is the worst one i'd like to put it out there that was the worst answer out of

All of them right you didn't know we're doing it actually i was probably up there too you recovered right well but you also got a leak two question wrong yourself

So you know i mean what do you put that down to what happened today i think you know when you put me up against the juggernaut like zach your lab i'm obviously gonna get but luckily i dumbed him down to my level

And we've ended up with a draw i've taken home a point yeah the mind game no um uh doogie i promise should i ever get the opportunity to do this again you will see a new a new winner at the top of the top of the lead

Well i like probably you'll i mean it was an entertaining show if not the highest quality thank you very much for watching everyone that's all we've got time for on the football pyramid for this week

Let us know who you guys want to see in the comments down below and also because these guys ate up all the easy questions make sure you're sending them to me on twitter and instagram at that level

As well because they were proving surprisingly difficult today henry what should they go and do now ah well obviously we've got the new podcast channel that we all want you to keep

Checking out so get on that on youtube and we've got a good scout report coming out um about levan doskey and looking at why we think he should win the ballon d'or so check that out too yeah

Came out on thursday so go check that out and zach anything from you mate um why not check us out on our social medias i assume they'll be on screen and right ahead of us snapchat and check out the daily stories we produce over

There lovely stuff thanks very much for watching guys we'll see you later bye

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