Which Celebrity Makes The Best Cinnamon Roll • Tasty

published on July 2, 2020

– [Kate] Cinnamon

– [Chris] Sugar

– [Kate] Butter

Find out which celebrity makes the best–

– [Chris] Cinnamon rolls


– That's right guys

I'm gonna test out three
celebrity cinnamon roll recipes

– [Chris] Delicious

– And Chris is gonna try
them in a blind taste test

and decide which is the best

Now cover your ears

'Cause you can't know this next part

That's your eyes!

– What?


– Our three celebrities are:

Christina Tosi

Chrissy Teigen

And Snoop Dogg

Right, I'm gonna go make these

– Yeah

– Chris has gotta go work

– Yeah

(hands slapping)

– Wait let's have a secret hand shake

– [Both] Roll, roll, roll, cinnamon roll

– Butt touch

– [Both] Roll, roll, roll, cinnamon roll

– We have to look dead in our–

– [Both] Roll, roll, roll, cinnamon roll

– Dead eyes


– Get out

– First up we've got Christina Tosi

She has you combine warm
milk, a little bit of water,

and active dry yeast in a small bowl

You'll whisk that together
and let it stand for about

five minutes or until it becomes foamy

Then in a standing mixer you
combine flour, sugar and salt

Then you'll attach a dough
hook to mix the dry ingredients

on a low speed

Add one egg and an egg yolk,

melted butter,

and what she calls the yeast concoction

You'll let this mix for about six minutes

until it becomes a large, sticky dough

Transfer that to a workspace
and shape it into a ball

Then you'll grease a medium-sized bowl

and put the dough inside it

Make sure you put the
dough seam-side down

Cover with a towel and
let it sit for one hour

or until it doubles in size

While the dough rises,

you'll make the cinnamon-sugar filling

Mix together brown sugar,
butter, salt and cinnamon

Combine that in a small bowl

until it's all incorporated together

Next you're gonna punch
the proved dough down

which was my favorite part of this recipe

and a lot of fun

Transfer it to a well-floured surface

Then you're gonna use a rolling pin,

or she even suggests a wine bottle,

to roll the dough out
into a 16-inch square

Once you've made your
almost-perfect square,

you're gonna take your
cinnamon-sugar filling

and spread that all over the dough

Roll that dough up into a big, tight tube

Cut that into 12 even pieces

I tried my best to make it even

Place these in an eight- by
eight-inch Pyrex deep dish,

leaving one inch between them

I wasn't exactly sure how to do that,

so I just stacked them
on top of each other

Let these guys rise until
they double in size,

about one to two hours

Then you'll bake these guys
at 375 degrees Fahrenheit

for about 20 minutes

In a standing mixer, you'll
combine butter and cream cheese

With the paddle attachment
you'll mix that on high

for about a minute

Then reduce the speed to low

and add the confectioners'
sugar, vanilla and salt

Whip that at a high speed
until it's smooth and fluffy

For fun you can transfer
your frosting to a piping bag

then pipe it on top of the
buns in a lattice pattern

And there you have it,
Christina Tosi's cinnamon roll

– That looks really good

– I like the look of this one a lot

I'll let you try

I'm gonna have a little bit too

– Wow

That was really good

The filling is nice and cinnamon-sugary,

it's got both of those
favors nicely balanced,

it's gooey on the inside,

but the dough is also still flaky

This is a really good cinnamon roll

– That was number one, I'm
gonna go make number two

Oh my god


– You realize what that
sounded like, right?

– When I make a number two I make a poo?

– I'm just saving you
from making poop jokes

– [Kate] Next up we got Chrissy Teigen

serving us a twist on the
classic cinnamon roll

She calls these cardamon coffee buns,

but they use the same
method as a cinnamon roll

In a small pot, you'll combine
milk, water and butter

Heat that mixture up until
the butter has melted

and it's reached 110 degrees Fahrenheit

or is warm to the touch

Add this to the dry
ingredients along with the egg

And then mix that until a dough forms

Transfer it to a lightly floured surface

where you're gonna knead
it for about four minutes

until it becomes a smooth ball

Then take a medium-sized greased bowl

and add the dough to it

and cover it loosely with plastic wrap

And you only have to let this
dough sit for 10 minutes

While the dough rests you're
gonna make the filling

You'll combine brown sugar,
and instead of cinnamon,

ground cardamon

And add a little butter

You'll mix this for about
three to four minutes

until it's creamy

Then on a lightly floured surface

you're gonna roll out your dough

into a nine- by 18-inch rectangle

Because we hadn't let it rest that long,

I was surprised how easy it was
to roll out Chrissy's dough

Once you've got your rectangle done,

you'll take your cardamom
filling and spread that evenly

all over the dough

Starting from one of the shorter sides,

you're gonna roll up your
dough into a tight tube

Cut it into 16 even slices

And then transfer it to a
buttered nine-inch round

I found it a little tight
but they managed to all fit

Cover that with plastic
wrap and let that sit

for about an hour or until
they've doubled in size

When the buns are ready,

you'll pour heavy cream over the top

and bake that at 375 degrees
for about 20 minutes

It actually took me closer to 25 minutes

but everyone's oven is different

While the buns are in the oven,

we're gonna make our glaze

Combine confectioners'
sugar, vanilla and coffee

Whisk that together until it's smooth

Take the buns out of the oven
and while they're still warm,

cover it with the coffee glaze

Chrissy suggests for
a pretty presentation,

flip the buns over and
serve them upside down

And there you have it,

Chrissy Teigen's coffee cardamom buns,

a twist on the classic cinnamon roll

– Whoa!

– Very different

– Yes

– It's upside down

– It's upside down?

– Yeah

– What?

There's something in it that
tastes almost like savory

– There's cardamom

– Cardamom!

– Yes

– The fact that it's
cardamom instead of cinnamon

is really interesting

It definitely makes them
taste really unique

I can imagine eating this one
and being really satisfied

having it with a cup of coffee,

more so than with the first one

– Well I'm, I'm gonna make the last one–

– All right

– And we'll see who wins

– Just gonna have one more

– You are eating so much,
gonna have a sugar coma

– This is a huge bite

– [Kate] And last up we've got Snoop Dogg

In a small saucepan he combines milk

with a little bit of water,

and heats this for two to three minutes,

or until warm to the touch

Transfer the liquid to a large bowl

and spread instant yeast on top

Then you'll add one egg,
sugar and some butter

and stir that together

I found stirring with a
spatula left a lot of clumps

so I switched to a whisk instead

Then you'll add flour
and salt and mix together

until a dough starts to form

Transfer this to a stand
mixer and attach a dough hook

Beat this on medium speed for
about six to seven minutes

or he suggests you can knead it by hand

for eight minutes

Then you're gonna transfer the dough

into a medium greased bowl

I had to shape the dough
with my hands into a ball

because it didn't really
form one in the stand mixer

Then you're gonna let
this sit for about an hour

to an hour and a half
until it doubles in size

Next we'll make the filling

Combine brown sugar and some cinnamon

And then we'll make his glaze

Combine confectioners' sugar, heavy cream

and my favorite, a little bit of bourbon

Mix this together until there's no clumps

When the dough's ready,

transfer it to a lightly floured surface

and roll it out into a
16- by 18-inch rectangle

This next step Snoop
does a little differently

from the others

He has you brush the
dough with melted butter

and then sprinkle on the cinnamon sugar

instead of mixing the
butter into the filling

Then starting from the longer side

roll the dough into a tight log

When you get to the end, brush the edges

with a little bit of
water to seal the roll

I found this was actually necessary

because the dough was very dry

Then you'll cut the log
into 12 even slices

Transfer to a buttered
nine by 13 baking dish

and bake at 350 degrees
Fahrenheit for about 25 minutes

And make sure to rotate
the dish halfway through

so all the rolls bake evenly

Once the rolls are baked
remove them from the oven

and drizzle the bourbon glaze over them

while they're still warm

And there you have it,
Snoop Dogg's cinnamon rolls

with a bourbon glaze

– Whoa!

– Yeah

– Wow

– You're very impressed with this one

– I am!

This one's like the most beautiful one

The cakeyness of it is really good

– It's definitely cakey

It's definitely drier
and it's almost biscuity

– It is almost biscuity

– It's almost more like a biscuit

– I do like it a lot

I thought I would
actually like it the least

but it's, now it's close,

I feel like–

– You don't know

– It's really hard between
all three honestly

– Should we get all three back out here?

– Let's get all three back out here

– Okay let's get all three back out here

– Let's get all three
so I can keep eating


I'm just gonna take one
more, one last quick bite

(dramatic music)

The one that rolled me over
with the fabulousness–


was number one

(cheering and clapping)

– That was Christina Tosi

– Oh okay

– She is the dessert queen I would say

– Yes, yes, that makes sense

– I'm so tired


– I love you

– I love you too

That's a wrap

– That's a wrap on rolls

– That's a roll


(jazzy music)

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