Which Caulk to Choose for Your DIY Renovation

published on July 9, 2020

Hi Jeff from home renovation here andtoday we are talking everything to dowith stuff that comes in tubes let'sface it if you're like me you've been tothe hardware store and in my early daysI was a little intimidated there is anentire aisle at the hardware store

Dedicated to stuff in tubes and there'sso many choices it's hard to understandyou know what's the right stuff for mewhat are you there for I'm gonnaguarantee you right now there issomething put in a tube for every

Situation that you're gonna run into thesecret to navigating that aisle is tounderstand the products and the choicesso that you can pick the product that'sperfect for your job so today in thismiddle video we're going to go through a

Bunch of different options that are outthere so to help you understand and atleast give you the ability to ask theright question so when you're in thestore next time shopping for what youneed you'll be able to get the exact

Product for your situation so break thisdown nice and simple and we're gonnastart with building stuff right whenyou're building things you needadhesives you can't just use whatevertube is around because different

Products respond to different materialsdifferently so let's go through thisreally quick and simple this one is thecode 300 all rightnow in Canada here we have a companycalled the posh and they're brilliant

They're not available in the States thisinformation although it's not exactlythe same as where you might live oroverseas the same concepts exist inevery building material so none of thisthis is what's called a foam board

Adhesive okay now this is like foreverybody who's building a basement whowants to put that rigid foam boardinsulation up against their concretewall you can buy a tube of this and youcan run a couple of thick beads on it

Lay it up against your concrete surfaceand it'll bond the two materialstogether so it's not falling over theplace while you're working theformulation in this adhesive will notmelt the foam board but rather will bond

It to a concrete surface and that's whythat is very valuable and a must-have ifthat's the project that you're workingon it's a lot easier to work with thanusing nails the next one is PL 400 thisis subfloor and decking material

Construction adhesive now this is not anexterior product this is for interioruse nowadays and we're building we'reusing engineered floor joists and 5/8tongue and groove subfloor material thisis designed to go on the floor joists to

Lay the subfloor intoand it bonds it all together so youdon't get those creaky floorsthis is something that's new in thebuilding code in recent history and sothis is amazing and if you're in the

Trades do me a favor stop usingtraditional construction adhesive at ahigher grade level for that becausewhenever we come along and try torenovate it rips the living tar out ofeverything that you guys touch so use

The 400 appreciate it thank you now nextone is 600 this one oh the landscapeblock now again maybe I should just savethis now there are five of their qualitygrades of the same construction materialnow they formulated this for landscaping

Block because it's an exterior productokaythis will bond two pieces of stonetogether even in cold climates right upto minus 30 degrees and that's in theAmerican scale which is crazy this is an

Awesome material alright the next one upthe run is the same building materialwith a different formulation number 700this is very unique in the fact thatthis is an adhesive that's designed youever got one of those uh tub surrounds

All right then the polystyrene it's notacrylic or it's not plastic it'spolystyrene and that needs a specificadhesive this stuff you put on the wallyou press your tub surround up againstit and then you peel it right off again

And when you do that it stretches it outand the air that goes mixes in with thatit gives very very alcohol smelly okayand you give it about five or tenminutes and then you push the board backon that actually sets up the chemical

Reaction and this bonds incredibly wellalright this is an awesome product nexton the list is the 9000 now this isheavy duty all right this is aconstruction adhesive this is theall-purpose construction adhesive

Alright for attaching wood to metal theconcrete and any combination thereofthis one here is what they call atraditional construction adhesive andhere's why all the products below thisthat are in the hundreds okay

All of these products can be cleaned upusing mineral spirits or virus all thisone can't be all right when this touchessomething it's there for life once it'sdry you can't clean it offso all of these products have been

Developed for use inside the housespecifically so that if you have gets onyour hands or on your shoes and you walkthrough the floor you can clean it upwithout damaging the home from here onin all of these products if you get it

On let's say your shoe and you walkthrough somebody's house and you get iton their hardwood and nobody notices thenext day you go oh there's something onthe floor no the floor is garbage you'renot getting it off your clients gonna be

Unhappy if you're a homeowner you'regonna be mad at yourself so if you'reworking indoors and you can solve yourproblem with one of these products Isuggest you use them all right becausethat can be cleaned this is a great is

Awesome strength right but again itwon't be clean and if it can't becleaned it means it won't be washed awayit's completely water-resistant Piellpremium this is the this is the goldstandard right everybody's been using

This for years if you're attaching woodto wood this stuff is incredibly strongwhen you watch the construction showsthese talk about gluing and screwingthis is what they're referring to thisis the gold standard in construction

Gluing and screwing okay and of coursethey're never satisfied making somethinggreat they want to make it betterthis one is 308 times stronger Wowthis one is three times stronger thanthe 9000 this one is eight times

Stronger than the 9000 I'm not sure whenyou'd need something eight timesstronger than the 9000 but hey if youwant to spend an extra buck a tube forsomething even better go write a hit andthen of course why stop there maybe

People like to spend $3 a tube more ifyou need this you're going into outerspace I'm telling you right now I don'tknow why this products even made to meit's just overkill it's sexy it's greatand if you don't know what you're doing

And you're in the store you're justgoing to buy the most expensive onebecause it's gonna worktrust me this $6 works you don't need tospend the twelve but hey Who am I tojudge

Alright that's the construction adhesiveworld let's move on to the next level ofconstruction you've got a built you'veinsulated the next product you need iswhen you're doing your vapor barrierit's an acoustic sealant the word

Acoustic is very confusingmost people if this said vapor barriersealant it would make more sense but thetruth is when we're using this on ourplastic vapor barrier inside the housewe're using it for air control we're

Using it for air control because slowingdown the ability of air to move througha well is how you make it sound proof sothat's an acoustic ceiling this stuffgoes on it's black it's like tar itdoesn't wash off it doesn't dry if you

Get this on you or your clothes you'regonna be wearing it for a week untilyour skin replaces itself that's justthe way it works so be careful when youwill use it when this stuff maybe wearsome nitrile gloves if you can even find

Them oh yeah and if you want to see howwe use this product we'll put a link tothe video we actually put a projecttogether a little video about how toinstall your vapor barrier and seal itup to get a good air seal on the inside

Your house if that's what you're fixingthat's a great video now now that we'vegot everything sealed up in our wallsRon the next thing to talk about isattaching baseboard and trim work rightno more nails is an awesome product this

Is basically a construction adhesivedesign for wood trim to be attached to aprimed or painted surface so if you wantto put on your trim you can use a beatof this stick your wood on the wall theodd nail for fastening and it greatly

Reduces the amount of work it takes toput in your trim because now you don'thave 200 nano holes on the baseboardyou've got one two or three so it's agreat time-saver and it's pretty costeffective relative amount of time that

You save on this project next one is theworkhorse Alex plus now this is not AlexPlus this is a door and window 100%acrylic with a silicon additive so thatit's flexible okay so it doesn't crackthis has done use this on all your trim

All your transition from wood to drywallround doors around windows aroundbaseboards casings anything like thatwhere you have a paintable surface thisis ideal if you use a silicone insteadof a water-based caulking for doing

Around your wood trim then you're alsogonna have to take the extra step andprime that with a flat oil aerosol spraythat's unnecessary you can use this andget a great result it's the goldstandard in acrylic Hawkings

Now one thing that all of these tubes sofar have had in common is they all usethe same size cocking gun now this isthe kind of cocking gun I use it's aprofessional-grade trust me don't buythe cheap crap when you're gonna buy a

Cocking gun buy something thisheavy-duty like this it's still lessthan ten bucks okay and the idea is youcompress your thumb you retract that andyou can install your tube and then yousqueeze the gun to make it come out

Alright now before you can do that ofcourse you need to cut the tip off youcan use a knife or you can use thecutter that comes in the tool a goodcocking gun gives you the ability to cutthe end off alright and press that at

The end it stops coming out okay greatbrilliant little tool it comes in reallyhandy so that you're not having thishosing all over the floor as you'reworking and I'm gonna make this mentionto anything that's an acrylic tube okay

Just have to cut the end and you can goall these other things okay I'll showyou this one for instance this is the304 foamboard will cut this and whenyou're doing that try to put a bit of anangle on it all right

Now max I don't know if you can see inthere okay there's a tin foil cover justsealed up so I can put this in the tubeand nothing comes out alright what endsup happening if you push too much it'llsqueeze out the back end and make a

Messier gun on the handle it comes withthis little rod alright and that isdesigned to puncture the seal and allowyour material to come out all rightand I mean y'all if you go the races nowthere are lots of different tools and

Materials out there that you can use sothat you can seal up the end I like touse a screw there's always a screwaround on the jobsite you can screw itright in and you're good to go now thereare two sides of cocking gun this is the

Standard okayall of these are 300 mil whatever sizethat is in whatever country we're inthere's a small when there's a largethere is a gun that carries this kind ofcocking size all right this is more for

Commercial use this is the green gluethat we use in our videos for more soundproof in-between drywall layers and ifyou'd like to see a soundproofing videoon how to do your job you can click thelink up here but this stuff is amazing

And it actually absorbs a lot of thesound but you need a bigger gun for thatone they're for sale in the same aisleright next to these ones so when you areshopping make sure you get the rightsize for the product you're buying so

Before we get into silicones all righton this side I'm just going to gothrough a few more different cockingoptions that are on the market now thisis called a quad this is an exteriorsealant that's not a silicone this is

More of a water-based product but it'sformulated so it's quick-drying it'spaintable within an hour you can use itin all kinds of weather and you'll takea look on the back here all thisdescription and it'll actually label out

How long until you can paint can whattemperature variations you can installit in a lot of these you know advancedproducts you can install below zeroalright or if it's crazy hot it stillworks

So you want to make sure that you're notjust picking the right product for thejob that you're doing but the righttechnology at the right time of year forwhat you're doingit's another consideration because you

Might have to pay a little bit more ifit's really cold or really hot but it'llperform better than a traditionalproduct of the same product line so makesure you check that information out it'sworth it to invest in a caulking that

Will perform in the same weather nowthis is different here this is moreadvanced technology these cocking 'shave the tubes that come off the top andyou slice the top open okay and you canput this back on you can buy extra tubes

That would fit on the end alright so youcan use the cocking take off the tubeput it away and just tape up the end andyou're ready to use it the next time youcan putbrand new to bond so you always have

That nice small gap at the end here thisis ideal for when you want to have a lotof control you can't just keep cuttingand cutting and cutting because the coalgetting whole gets bigger and bigger andbigger so having the ability to use this

One day and then get a new tube tip andthread it on the end is worth money inthe bank this product here is a roofingsealant it's designed for roof shinglesit comes in a variety of colors black isthe most common of course but in today's

Age of architectural shingles you canget a roofing ashphalt sealant and justabout any color on the market may not beavailable at your building store but ifyou go down to the local roofing storethey'll have a little showroom and you

Can get the color that you need alrightthis is awesome so that if you add aplumbing vent or if you've got a smallleak somewhere you can just put yourgarden hose on your roof identify yourleak and you can go use something like

This to seal it up great product nice tohave sitting around be careful as wellmost of these products if they freezebecome garbageso don't store them in your garage ifyou're in a northern climate don't store

Them in your garage if you're too farsouth because if they get too hot theyalso deteriorate so you want to keepthese in a nice cool dry place now thisone is French ah this is the product foreverybody who's been calling in and

Sending message I've got a crack in myconcrete what do I do right here this isa concrete sealant it's kind of um it'slike a like a floor leveler for concretecracks it comes in a caulking tube I'mcurious to see how this one performs

We've got to cut it but I got a punctureoh there we goI've got the cardboard here let's seehow this performs compared to the othercopiesokay so it claims that you don't have to

Tool it you just put it in yeahself-leveling no tooling required solet's leave that for a few minutes andwe'll see how well that works you cansee it's already flattening out that'spretty cool the next one is for gutters

Eavestrough flashing all that kind ofstuff the exterior of your home you canuse this product and it has a waterproofseal that's almost immediate so you canbe working and attaching and if you gotinclement weather and it's giving you a

Little bit of rain now and again evenwhile you're doing your eaves troughsand gutters this product will solve yourday you can assemble it and put ittogether and it can start raining rightaway and it's not going to affect the

Performance over the lifetime greatproduct to have sometimes silicon hasgot a disadvantage of it has to becompletely weather friendly bothtemperature and how dry it is productslike this are formulated they're solve

Problems so you can work year-roundthere is one other product that weshould talk about since we're talkingabout construction to pieces andsealants and that is the idea ofpurchasing one of these guns all right

Now this is an expansion foam but youcan also buy the subfloor adhesives inthis kind of a situation so you don'thave cocking guns on the job so you canhave one of these and the way they workis you couldn't open up the end all

Right and then you can let the foam outand you can have a lot of control if youwant just a filling a little gap okayyou can close it up and you're good togo now if it gets old you can open it uphere we go and you'll see it'll be a

Little bit nasty I'm talking about thegun you can see it can be a little bitnasty and the great stuff company alsohas a spray that goes with it and thisis just a solvent spray and it meltsthat that garbage right off okay so that

If you have an issue you can clean it upyou can also take off the tip all rightand you can thread it right on to thegun you can open it up and you can cleanitthere we go and you can see that that

That that just dissolves that stuffreally nicely all right it's a great wayto maintain your equipment there we gookay so having a gun like that is it'sreally a great investment because thisholds a lot more material in it one of

These cans will do let's say 15 windowswhere the little mini can that you canbuy for individual use will only do twoso although they're almost the same sizethis is pressurized to a much greaterdegree so it really gives you great

Value now let's get on to the siliconesbecause silicones are awesome and theycome in a variety of different qualitiesnow so this is an exterior door andwindow silicone product and if you'reusing it to seal up around the outside

Of your house you can use a siliconelike I said make sure it's dry make surethe temperature is right this is apretty basic product it's on the lowerend of the quality scale but since it issilicone if it's applied in the right

Environment it'll perform well I thinkthe consideration here is you have tomake sure you never use this productindoorsresist the temptation with this one aswell the quad when you're looking at

Your products check is it rated forinterior or exterior exterior productsin a lot of cases have incrediblyviolent off gases and if you use theminside a house you read this and go wowit's waterproof I can do all these

Things it's gonna stretch this is aperfect thing for around my tub you'regonna put it in there and you won't beable to use your bathroom for a month ifyou leave the window open okayit's just really violent it'll make you

Sick to your stomach just walking in theroom these are designed for outdoorswhere there's lots of open space thewind is blowing and no one's smellinganything all right be careful with thatnow then we have the interior silicone

Again it's a different formulation it'snot going to smell it's designed to bein the house very low VOCs and this is avery introductory product and you'll seeit makes all kinds of claims how long ittakes to dry how flexible it is so it

Says 100% silicone and you think wowthere's a great product but this is justthe introductory in the quality ofsilicone don't buy into it too quickokay they also have the next level ofsilicone and this has got a little

Something on here is called curedsilicone this stuff smells amore pungent more vinegary and I alwayssay if you want to know if you got agood silicon if it doesn't smell likevinegar you bought something cheap all

Right now that's not crazy off gasesit's a great indication you've got acured silicon and so that is mypreference whenever I'm doing siliconinside the house this is great forkitchen and bath anywhere where you're

Using tile inside a house you'resupposed to have a silicon joint fromany surface tile the tile or tile toother material walls backsplashescabinets you should have a thin joint ofthis stuff that won't crack and will

Keep everything looking clean and tidyand professional okay so here's the nextproduct line up this has got an additivein it called micro band all right thisis an antimicrobial which is an antimold product it's shot right into the

Silicone as part of the mix and this isideal for bathrooms in most situationsbecause it will not just keep it sealedand looking pretty but it will help toprotect you from the growth of mold ifyour water gets in behind your tile and

Let's face it if you have the wrong kindof substrate or you're not waterproofingbehind your tile water will get behindthere and sooner or later the moldthat's existing in the wood will workits way out and find the water and this

Will help to keep it from becoming aproblem it's not a solution to the moldproblem but it will help to extend thelife of the silicone without it goingblack and ugly don't expect this toperform for you if you've already got a

Mold problem in your bathroom okay don'tgo ripping up the old silicone puttingthis thing in thinking you've solvedyour problem that is a lie if you havemold in your bathroom you need to startall over okay and this is awesome

This is the kit for all of the peopleout there who are going to be installingpolystyrene tub you can buy a kit and itcomes with three two tubs of theadhesive for the wall panels and it alsocomes with one tub of the sealing bond

And we're gonna have to show you theold-fashioned way hmm I didn't want toopen this because I am going to bemaking a video soon installing one ofthese bathrooms five piece polystyrenetub surround because I think that

They're brilliant for a lot of people inAuto price rangesit out performs your own ability to do atile job and it gives you shelves andsomething waterproof this is it it's atwo-in-one polystyrene tub surrounds are

Very challenging because a siliconedoesn't bond to itwater-based sealants don't bond to itunless it's got a special formulation soif you have a polystyrene tub surroundwhen you're going to buy the sealant for

It make sure you ask for the properproduct don't just go in there and goall Rambo and try to figure it out onyour own okay there's only one productin the Shelf that will seal that stuffand it usually comes in the kit quality

Adhesive for the panels as well so besmart buy it right the first time buy itin the kit you'll even save a few bucksnow if you run into a trouble and you'vemade a mistake and you use the siliconesomewhere where you want to paint that's

Okaygo back to the hardware store and pickone of these up this is a can of anoil-based aerosol spray paint all rightand I made a video and I showed you thesecret but it goes on white with a

Little bit of a yellow tinge but you canspray this on and then within the nextfive minutes you can actually come backwith your paint and paint right over topof silicone and it's not gonna make thatnasty mess where this guy gets trying to

Run away from the silicone okay so ifyou've used the wrong product this willbe your salvation but I throw that inthat's a great tip to help people outthere is one more product here that Idon't have here today that I want to

Talk about and that is calledpolyurethane caulking okay now thepolyurethane is an oil-based product butit is incredibly strong technology it'sthe same kind of technology the use ofhardwood floor finishing okay and they

Actually make it in an in a cocking nowso on your exterior products like aroundyour doors and your windows and yoursheds now this stuff is tricky you can'ttouch it once you apply it you can'ttouch it so when you're working with

That stuff all right you really want toI'm gonna use the cheap stuff becauseI'll never use that in my house you wantto cut it on a 45 degree angle all rightand that's how you want to apply it andI'll even demonstrate why not

We're already here talking about it sothis polyurethane cocking once you applyit you don't want to touch it you wantto let it dry and then you can paintright over top of it andit will seal any two materials that

You're using outside together and beready for paint for the next day allright now when you cut on an angle youcan also apply here comes a thin beadokay you can go thick if you want allright but in between two surfaces let me

Just show you this little gap here on anangle like that you can actually pull itaway from it and it'll fill the gapreally perfectly okay and you don't needto touch it on an exterior projectfilling a gap like that is the perfect

Way to do it and then enough materialmoves around over time it'll just keepon stretching and moving back and fortheven in the dry condition and you canpaint that stuff and it makes thingslooks amazing because you can cut in

Trim and wall colors and do differentthings and if you like to see an exampleof that you can check out our shedproject where we use that on all of thewood trim and framing to seal up theentire shed so it's completely

Waterproof even right to the concreteslab and that was an amazing way ofusing that caulking to solve all kindsof problems again it's a little moreexpensive but it is a miracle worker allright so if you're not sure what to use

And your working outdoors poly urethaneis amazing the silicone gives you moreworkability all right inside make surethat you're using a cured silicone andlow vo C and make sure that you're usingthe right construction adhesive and

Remember for every situation you need anadhesive or a sealant there is the rightproduct that's been designed just forthat use you don't have to get creativedon't be afraid to spend another five orsix bucks get the right project for your

Job so it's perfect every time now checkthis out you think all caulking is thesame there's the first one look at theself level or it really flattened outokay so what I would suggest is you fillall your gaps and cracks to about 75 to

80% and then let the ridge flatten themI think that's an amazing product and ifyou've got cracks in your garage flooror something like that that would solveyour problem and then you can be free togo and grab some epoxy paint and give

Yourself a fresh paint joband now to leave an expanding attract alittle bit with a little bit of movementthat you're gonna find in that crackthat's awesomeall right well hopefully that took a lot

Of the mystery and the fear out ofbuying the products remember it's okayto ask for help when you're shopping inthe store but know that everything thatyou need there is a specific productexactly designed to solve your problem

Don't get creativethis is renovation business is a hundredand sixty billion dollars a year andHome Depot and Lowe's alone so trust methe companies that supply them aremaking products to solve every single

Problem you can find yourself in allright thanks a lot for joining us todaydon't forget to click the link here andyou can check out other videos that wehave in a playlist like my favoritetools and the difference between

Different kinds of expansion foams andall kinds of wonderful tips and tricksthat will help your shopping experiencesbe more productive see you next time

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