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by birtanpublished on September 14, 2020

As far as signs that confirm what i want to see go today we've had one of the best ones possible you guys know what i'm thinking for this trend overall it's become a short-term downtrend and we've been trending lower with quite

A disgusting sell-off over here a very very strong selloff over here and i don't think that that's going to change i feel like bitcoin is going to be set for another drop lower and what we saw today was the best

Confirmation i could ever pray for to show me that that's the case obviously we haven't dropped below this green line yet so we might not but what we had today is a continuation

Of the run-up finally stopping at the 10.5 10.6 k resistance line this is the same blue line that i've had drawn for a very long time predicting for you that if bitcoin were to rise above this level

It'll probably rise much much higher and bam it went all the way to 12.5 k and that it could be acting as support both over here and then more importantly over here and now as resistance we ended up peaking at that

Level and from that point we ended up dumping by quite a bit now um not a massive amount but it's a substantial amount and what's important about it is that it represents the bears and the balls it represents

The bears still having strength in this market and the bulls running out of strength right the bulls had a rally going the balls were rallying they had something going for

Themselves but it fell flat the bears stepped back in now this was actually quite obvious to me i have this uh line over here for it for a different trade which i'm actually going to take

Off but this little move over here this set of price action i was expecting and i was so close to trading this in vip i even mentioned that i'm considering entering a short right here or slightly higher but

Unfortunately i just wasn't able to catch it in time and so i had to sit that one out um very very obvious though i know that a bunch of other people did trade it so shout out to the people

Who did close a nice profit in there i don't know if you've closed it yet but um you would be seeing a pretty nice profit right now if you did end up going short on bitcoin at that level and

Really what this confirms to me and you guys know what the deal is i mean this is a short term downtrend it has been a downtrend since we set this high at 12.5 k which was nearly a month ago now that is uh what

Like 28 days something like that so quite um you know a decent amount of time by now it's coming it's becoming more of a midterm trend i don't i don't consider this short term anymore

Um and you know that we have been in that downtrend and now what we've done is we've tried to break it but we we just couldn't and the bears stepped back in and so you know what this is to me is you know

What is this trend right now what do i believe this trend to be i believe that it's a bearish trend and what did i get today i got a new piece of confirmation telling me that the bulls

Do not have control of the market and that the bears might have control of the market right so we are in this equilibrium but what this is showing to me today is that the bears

Have won today's battle right the price tried to peak higher it really did its best but it just couldn't sustain at these levels and since the early hours of today going off

The uk time zone we have been dropping quite substantially for this little trend i i find it really funny that we had a lot of very very bullish sentiment when we were up here and now all those people

Are just completely silent uh you know it's it's one of those things where you know it's easy to get over excited but you know when you've got clear lines like this which the fourth lice team has

Had now for months i mean i i put this line here at first in july maybe even june i think it was probably july though um and so we were looking at this level for a very

For a very very long time it's turned out to be quite a key area of resistance the next thing i want to see is you know potentially coming down to this green line and for a traders paradise

Bouncing off this green line but um anything we do in this range right now in my opinion is just stalling and and wasting time so i don't even want to see us in this range i really

Just want us to get the cme gap over with so we can just fill it and then keep rising back up because really i do think that's what the trend could be uh but something that's quite important which i actually

Missed um although it's so obvious when it was pointed out to me i was actually watching crypto kirby you guys know he is um he's one of he's the only analyst apart from tone vase that i

Ever look at right it's very rare that i look at other analysts because i'm always doing my own thing i've got my team behind me anyway um but from time to time i will take a look at what other respected analysts

Are saying tone vase is number one krypto kirby is number two in no particular order um and what he pointed out it's super obvious after we said it uh is that we have this massive area of

Um support over here i was even talking to you about it because we had resistance from this level in the past but we've now come back down to find support over here and we've

Definitely confirmed it to be quite a significant area of support we've been able to sustain the price of bitcoin just in the support level now for 10 days so going on to two weeks now and i think

That does make it significant because it's just kind of been sideways trading over here and we know that this is a significant area because we spent so much time trading over here in the past and then

We got three very nice macro hits on this resistance level so it's very obvious that this level would have turned back into support and really what my epiphany was is that it

Actually looks quite likely that given how strong this support was in the past and more importantly how strong it turned into how strong it was when it turned into resistance this could be a reversal point for the

Market you know it was a reversal point in the market one two three times maybe not three i don't think i'd count this as a reversal because we just dropped down by about a thousand dollars and then we

Went back up but um it was definitely a strong reversal point twice in the market and so you know this could be an area where magic starts to happen it's just that when i look at some of

The other indicators that i've got when i look at the fact that we did get rejected at this level which i knew to be resistance and it lines up perfectly with the ichimoku resistance as well

Take a look at this on the four hour we just we hit this cloud we just touched it we kissed it it was a very clean touch by the way this is textbook and then we we were sent down i

Mean this was a pretty pretty clear rejection you can't deny it now it's down by three percent and so that passes all of the kind of breakout rules that most people would be using

And then on the flip side let's take a look at how we're interacting with the one hour support cloud right this is on a slightly smaller time frame where on this very very short term time frame we're actually in a bullish rally how

Are we responding to support not very well you know we penetrated the cloud immediately upon entering it uh upon touching it we penetrated it and then our our support bounce it was

Not even a percentage point we didn't even bounce up by an entire percentage point for bitcoin and we've now sweeped the previous low so within a support area this is so

Important and rewind this if it doesn't make sense to you but within a support area this cloud is a support area we are sweeping previous lows right we've gone below this let's zoom in further

Uh oh i've lost the cloud now we'll keep it on the one hour time frame this drop over here has sweeped below this drop over here which is a very bearish sign when they're setting new lows

It's not a good sign and it's even worse when we're doing it within an area that i would expect to be support especially where on a larger time frame the resistance is so strong it's been so

Clearly respected on the resistance side but it's been completely neglected on the support side that to me is a problem right that to me is a very big problem we throw on to that that we do have

Momentum catching up with this trend on the daily chart now this is going to be very problematic for bitcoin in my opinion this is going to catch up to the chart call it just within a couple of days i

Mean we're on the 13th call it by you know the late teens of this month early um you know the late end of this month around the 20th 24th whatever i don't know these exponential moving average this

Exponential moving average ribbon the collection of exponential moving averages that are listed over here it is going to catch up with the trend and really what this is a sign of is that the momentum on the chart which

Is bearish because we're trading below the ribbon is catching up to us what does that mean bearish momentum selling momentum is catching up to us and that is not a sign that gives

Me a lot of confidence let's take a look at the ichimoku cloud and bam right there our support is also closing up so this is not an immediate threat this is very far away we only need to worry about

This after i don't know 40 days one and a half months something like that this is a very distant threat for bitcoin but it's yet another sign

That things are shifting away from bitcoin's favor this is not going in the direction that we would like to see for bitcoin and on smaller time frames it's being confirmed

Pretty damn clearly so this is concerning to me this is a concerning picture the only thing i see going for this rally right now is you know what kirby pointed out on his

Chart which is that we are in you know a kind of uh you know long-term area of support a point where we have had major reversals and so we could see a major reversal from this point but what i've said

You know alongside this theory for quite a while now is that i think potentially trading within this range just kind of going sideways with a quick dip down to 9.3 9.5 k whatever could definitely

Be what bitcoin does before it starts rising back up so that is to say the main trading does happen within this range and then there's a very quick drop down into this level where we recover maybe

Within the same day maybe the very next day and then we end up trading much higher i think this would make a lot of sense simply to fill that cme gap obviously i have to say it

All the time for some reason because some people forget i don't see any logical reason that we will fill these cme gaps i don't like it just as much as you don't like it but the

Fact is it happens so often that i honestly think it would be a little bit naive to just stop paying attention to it right that's what i did at first you

Guys who have been watching this channel for a long time will remember that at first when everyone was saying yeah the cme gap the cme gap i was just saying that's i don't think it's gonna happen

Whatever moving on and then i realized i was wrong i realized that yes even though it is stupid by turning my back against this crucial bit of data

I was missing out on easy profits and more importantly at certain times i was losing money right and the worst thing to do as a trader is lose money you lose 10 percent and you need to make

Back 11 just to break even right you lose 20 you need to make back i don't know what is it like 25 to break even that is a big deal you lose 50 you need to make back double your money

Double your money just to break even and so i will do everything i can to protect myself from losses that's exactly the process that vip members see me carrying out on a day

By day basis on a week by week basis seeing how i'm enforcing the same level of discipline with knowledge that i have in the market all the time within the crypto markets to make sure that i can

Limit all of my potential losses and then maximize my profits and especially do it consistently i don't necessarily care about big profits yes i'll make big profits anyway you saw

What i did with ethereum i even told you about it in the video before i entered that trade with vip is where i told you i'd be shorting ethereum on this drop yes i

Closed a beautiful 180 profit but that is not what i target most of the time i knew it was possible on this rally so obviously i wouldn't you know shy away from it but what i'm more interested in

Is making consistent 30 40 20 profits over the long run and limiting my losses so that i have stable steady account growth throw it into a calculator 30 profit three times in a row will

Double your money and that to me is where the power is i don't care about these little home runs or or whatever what happens in the short term i care about compounding my results

To i mean the power of exponentials is insane everybody needs to study it we should have been taught this in school a little bit more uh and here we are you know this is exactly what it's about when it comes to trading for me so

Bringing it back to the analysis side definitely dropping down into the cme gap range before we do end up rising higher to me does make a lot of sense but another kind of theory so to speak that

I want to populate a little bit is dropping below this level because what i touched on in the last video is that i was expecting a bit of a deep drop into the 9k range and the fact is

We can't have a deep drop into the 9k range anymore this diagonal line it only stops at nine thousand five hundred dollars right so that's the mid nine thousand dollar area

And i was thinking cutting deeper into the low nine thousands if we do that now we would be dropping below key support levels which to me would be very

Very alarming that would be a very concerning sign if we're dropping below key support levels and that means we're not able to have a deep cut of support there is no support and that to me is problematic so if bitcoin

Does end up overshooting this support area and dropping down into the very low 9 000 range i i think that would that would be a healthy correction it's just that it would start to incite

A lot of panic and so we have to throw psychological elements back into this analysis now if there's panic even though it would make sense for the dump to stop within the low 9 000 range

Panic could take it a lot lower and then the next target from there is only in the mid 7000s or something like that there isn't a whole lot of support on the recent chart

That we can see until you start entering the 7 000 range so that's the reason that i'm concerned about the support area and and really the only good scenario that i can see for bitcoin at the moment

Is like i said a quick wick into this range before continuing this rally upwards that is what i have my eyes on at the moment um now in terms of

Some news that i want to cover with you you know you guys know that i do this from time to time we have seen uh we have been seeing the rise of online stores with

Uh you know cash your paper cash being uh you know a dying kind of tradition in in the world at the moment and one of the things i wanted to cover with you in a recent video is that we're seeing

Adverts for bitcoin in hong kong quite a bit really amping up a little bit and that can be good for adoption and the idea behind that is if people care about that and people are looking at the adverts then people do end up buying

Bitcoin i just want to touch on this because i've seen it in the news a little bit i don't necessarily think that um declines of cash are going to incite more adoption of bitcoin and even if it

Does it doesn't necessarily mean the price goes up because i want you guys to remember what i told you about who controls the markets now you know it's not regular people like you and i who decide

To buy a hundred pound worth of bitcoin or a thousand or even ten thousand pound or even a hundred thousand pound worth of bitcoin that will move the market it's not the small people anymore it's not people who

Decide yo i don't have cash anymore so i'm gonna buy bitcoin first of all that doesn't bloody happen and second of all even if it does if even if it did the volumes would be so low that i don't think it would even

Dent anything in the order books for bitcoin and that really does shift all of the responsibility for prices to go up to the people who have the big bags and

Who are they well we know very well those are the whales those those are the institutions who uh very very successfully as we know now incited a lot of panic back in 2017 over here only to re-buy bitcoin

When it dropped significantly lower there's documentation of this this isn't me being a conspiracy theorist because i hate conspiracy theories these are facts you know we the very same people who said bitcoin

Is um is any number of names call it rat poison whatever i don't think warren buffett ever bought bitcoin but people who basically talked about bitcoin were the very same people with

Documented evidence who brought it back at the lower level so i don't think that it's the regular people who can condemn bitcoin anymore and for that reason any

Bullish news article that we see that tells us that bitcoin is going to be adopted on a wider scale means nothing to me i don't care it's completely meaningless and that's that's me done on that little

Runt about news you know i very rarely talk about it when i do i tell you the same thing that it's useless it has no pairing on the market and here is me refreshing that reinstating that once

Again here's another thing i want to show you though this is a little bit more interesting this is about tron uh tron has been getting absolutely pummeled in the market

Recently we've got 293 satoshis for tron's price over here at the moment and it did end up rallying very nicely towards the end of last month this was when a lot of the altcoins were popping off

But uh in normal fashion it's just completely dropped like a stone i mean this is what happens to coins all the time i don't think anybody who watches this channel is surprised if you are

Surprised by this i'm extremely disappointed by you you can leave uh this was super super obvious um that that tron would uh you know obviously see its pump but uh but more importantly then dump

Massively lower uh and then it's it's quite a typical little setup that we see on alt coins i mean it just slowly slowly slowly gets sold off every single day

No one really cares the price just keeps sliding lower sliding lower and then bam there's a relief rally and everyone's excited again and then the slow sell-off continues and everything

That you gained in three days are raised over or what is this everything that you gained in one day this is uh 16 hours of trading erased within just two or three days right i mean

It really is what seems to be happening happening so often in the altcoin market and we're seeing more signs of weakness on tron just as time goes on so this to me looks like it could be a very easy short opportunity

For tron um it could if we look at the 250 270 satoshi level around about over here um you know it could dump right back down into its previous trading range around

The very low 200 satoshi mark and this to me looks like a very very juicy trading opportunity i do have a chart for you uh but i'm not going to pull it up i'll just draw

It for you and it's pretty much what i've already drawn for you um at the moment uh you know kind of just dropping below some of these uh areas of high trading volume into another area of high trading volume

A drop a little bit like this is quite big uh if we take a look at it in terms of percentage points and this is super rough calculations right here i mean this is not something i'm gonna stick to but twenty percent drop

Is quite a big deal and what tron has shown us already is that it's completely able to drop by levels like this i mean from this little rally to where we are at the moment

We've already dropped by 13 and by the way in terms of time frames that is just within two days so uh it's entirely plausible to me that it can drop by another 20 and the point is with

Just a little bit of leverage this can turn into a very very nice profit uh the kind of profit that i already pulled on ethereum um over here with the drop that we've seen on the nodes of ethereum i think if

Ethereum does drop below this support level it's coming right back down to the very low 300s so there's quite a bit that i can see as trading opportunities for these markets at the moment and i am

Very very ready to be trading them like i said i nearly pulled the trigger on the short position on bitcoin today so this is very much a market where i'm very active and scouring for positions i've already told you about what i'm

Doing with the japanese index which i don't actually have saved here obviously i'm trading the indices markets and using bitcoin with leverage no kyc on prime xbt so there is a link to that

In the description very very hot environment and if i do take this trade or any other especially in the crypto market vips will be notified about them exclusively so if you want to see

Exactly how i'm going to be ripping trades very juicy trades like i said a 20 drop over here with 10 times leverage is 200 profit so it is entirely

Plausible that i can be pulling another three-digit profit relatively soon if things go as i plan obviously i mean it can always go wrong but i think that this could be just around the corner and obviously

It's not as simple as just drawing the 20 drop and then saying right i'm gonna go short at 270 satoshi's there is a lot more that goes into it and what you gain access to as a vip

Member is the evolution of those thought processes seeing how it goes from something i'm just considering to something i'm strongly considering to something i actually trade and then crucially when

I'm in the trade what i'm doing why i'm doing those certain actions how i'm going to be taking profits and securing my stop-loss to make sure that i have a healthy healthy trading system the analysis on

This channel is amazing i know it's the best analysis you've ever seen it's the best analysis i've ever seen but it's only half of the mix without the trading element

It's useless the same analogy i use uh quite often is it's like having a car chassis with no engine it's cool to look at but you're not going anywhere with it if you can't back up the analysis with

Good healthy trading habits and you get to see exactly what those are in real time i'm calling them healthy i don't know if they are actually healthy but um self-proclaimed healthy trading

Habits you get to see all of them with the exact numbers where i'm entering where i'm exiting where i'm taking profits where my stop-loss is in real time by joining the vip group and of course you have got access to the

Entire vip library as well with a bunch of exclusive content there as well educational materials for people who are new to the game who maybe don't know how to trade on leverage who don't even

Understand some concepts and technical analysis you know what what i don't want what i never wanted is for there to be an education barrier to vip so even if you are new to the game there is content for you

To bring you up to speed with what's going on and if you can understand these videos you'll definitely be able to understand what's going on in the vip library as well if you can't understand it

Talk to me about it we do have other solutions as well in fact i have a course on this stuff which is very cheap i'm uh i'm willing to well it's very cheap compared to my advanced course

And i'm willing to bundle it in with um with your membership if you think it might be useful to you so just ask me for details and i'll send over everything to you so there you go that

Is what i'm seeing on the tron market definitely a very easy short opportunity just around the corner bitcoin already proving to us that the bulls uh you know once again even proving to us

That the bulls do not have enough steam in this market and the bears are getting ready to step back in i don't know how much longer this equilibrium is gonna go on for uh

But i certainly hope it's not going to be long for the sake of this support level because we're cutting it really close now in fact i think we've already missed most of the opportunity to drop lower

And that to me means that we could see a lot of panic if we drop below this horizontal this diagonal line and i don't want to see panic panic now would not be good that that would set us

I think into the you know the low eight thousands the mid seven thousand dollar range and obviously no one wants to see bitcoin going down that low again because we have a lot of ground to recover on

The road back up to twenty thousand dollars of course if this line breaks and we do break it as resistance then i already have a trade planned to go long on bitcoin and fill this gap

Over here i haven't finalized it once i do vips will know about it but i think that this could be a very interesting trade setup but i do think we are going to find

Strong resistance in this area and i've already told you why that is i think it's going to be strong resistance again and for that reason i would probably be closing out my long position over here but

If this low 11 000 range does break if it does stop being resistant and bitcoin is able to climb above this level then i think going up to 14 000 is going to be

Very easy and once we've crossed 12 and a half really uh you know we can start talking about 20k as well again so we're not far away from doing amazing things that's what i want to

Leave you with this isn't such a gloomy picture but it's not great either and really the bulls are running out of time i think they have ran out of time it it's

It's pretty much a twilight kind of purgatory situation right now where uh there is tension and no one really knows what's gonna happen it could swing either way the bulls still have a chance but the

Bears definitely um you know are closer to being in control as far as i'm concerned there we are that's my video i'm gonna flash my disclaimer on

As usual nothing i share or have ever shared is financial advice i'm merely outlining what my own analysis tells me always do your own research and don't be a bloody idiot there we go hope you have

Enjoyed this one hit up the like subscribe tick the bell to all that good stuff and i'm out bye-bye

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