When Will BTC Break $10K?? $8700 USD | Free Bitcoin Price News BK Crypto Trader Today Live HD 2019

by birtanpublished on September 19, 2020

My people my people it's about that time laughs um the USA hoping you get paid every day this is the boasts of Bitcoin the crystal of creeped up is your boy BK and if y'all like me you must not like

Money thank you for joining me everybody it is Tuesday May 28 and today I will be doing a Bitcoin technical analysis looking at the price to chart the money to motion in the ocean and answering the question when will Bitcoin break 10

Bands but this is your first time tuning in congratulations baby you are now rocking with the best my name is BK known as the crypto trader and I'm the boasts of these charts as you will soon find out every day I

Graced this microphone with my voice is another day you get the profit as a result today is no exception so make sure you jump on over to both of Bitcoin dot-com you will see my man on the right hand side suited and booted you know I'm

Saying looking like the American Dream I'm just trying to help you make some money in the markets we got two free crypto trading communities the first one trading view combi be Kelly 1203 one of the top authors on there the second one

Number one Bitcoin group in the world 20,000 of my best friends come together 7 days a week to keep each other empowered and in profit in the marketplace come on in the doors are always open this group is completely

Free we don't pump and dump each other you don't need no telegram cold no bit connect referral you know I'm saying is just people helping people like the good old days so come on in again the doors

Are always open let's go ahead and jump in to our featured discussion here let's see can I jump over I want that again you should just let me like jump the tabs there we go cool all right so what we'll be talking about again is Bitcoin

$10,000 right now we had about 8800 if you are in any of the active community specifically the telegram group you already know we've been riding this money train for a long time this is the boss method patented intellectual

Property owned exclusively for the rights of replications of Brendan Kelly LLC you will never have my express written consent to use it if you are a profit-seeking entity but you are if you are a person I give it to you for free

It works quite easy three simple moving averages fractal harmonics a little bit of know-how and gnosis in there you know going over to boss of Bitcoin comm jump down to chart like a boss and you can watch the playlist on how to set up this

Methodology moving forward we can see Bitcoin man this thing is up and to the right is money on money you know that's all right if we're gonna do a trendline analysis you can do something like that this is just

Ruff-ruff-ruff you know intersections all I did here to get this was looked I took that low point right there that was my first point and then I moved it over to that intersection right there copy and paste it throw it back you know I'm

Saying throw it back one time that's what we get copy and paste it throw it back again it doesn't have to be perfect but get something like that right and that's basically our floor right there that's gonna be the floor

For Bitcoin if we wanted to tighten it up you know put it on that intersection that's the floor that line right here this top line let's color it yellow that's gonna be a floor right let's see what the ceiling is that one more than

Likely is going to be our ceiling and we can find one right here in the middle that's going to be our mid line right and so that's what we got we'll we'll do the top as like a little red color you know bottom as the green

And in the middle we'll make it white for like the mid line that's it look at that man it's literally that easy like a lot of times I don't go in and draw these charts from scratch but for today since I haven't made a Bitcoin analysis

In a while this is how you do it you go back in time and see where were these pivotal moments you find a trend line of agreement and by definition the past predicates the future so if you understand the past you infer it to the

Present you can then try and Linney eight where you are going in the future right the future is not unknown it's merely an unknown outcome of variables yet to be played out right and so this is what we got Bitcoin sitting at 88

You know 86 right now we have very very very strong uptrend channels as long as we are above this Green Line we will be going higher mark my words again as long as we are above this Green Line we will be going higher

So now all you got to do is a can no bug green line yes statistics say it's gonna go high right did we do a Fibonacci on this thing real quick freestyle on a Fibonacci let's see where's go ahead where just go ahead at sometimes it's

Just right there all right that's a longer range and this is this is like long from February to March what I like about this actually I'm gonna look at it I haven't drawn one like this before but this is a flat

Fibonacci normally when you see me do Fibonacci's I like take it you know from break out the breakdown but what I did here is basically I found like the two points where as much energy as possible came together right and basically all

Three of those lines were like flat right there and then we started to get this little price action then they came right back together inside that little point you literally got the 777 and the 231 land right smack dab on top of each

Other I told you back in the day when you get 301 that is where lightning strikes right so this is like our lightning bolt band right here right so I kind of got the genesis point I got the lightning striking on this one and

Then BAM off to the races right and so we could see this green line lines up with this positive energy coming back now we got the yellow line this could be a continuation point usually yellow means caution but since we had this

Yellow line back here that actually gave us a breakout I think this yellow line will be a continuation breakout that's coming here in a couple days in early June I think we could see another pop out of BTC as high as 96 it looks like

Right but the question I asked everybody when with Bitcoin break 10,000 so let's throw a trendline at 10k we do it again a little bit of trial in iation and actually this one looks pretty good

It I might have to tighten this thing down a little bit I'm gonna show you what I see I see something coming together the distance just tighten that down there whoa so right now we own this we

Own this cusp right here this is our 10 K line but look at this is uh this is coming back together now that's the money point right there that's the money point right there and that's something's gonna happen here

That's in July middle of July as far as when will Bitcoin break 10,000 I'll say pretty comfortably that given this trend as early as June 9th and as late as this day right there with a is that July 17th so between June 9th and July 17th I

Believe is when you will see BTC break $10,000 like Oh bulbs that's how you chart like a boss everybody if you don't know now you know make sure you hit that thumbs up button if you appreciate this content I appreciate you you know I

Haven't done a video in a couple weeks Marcus been kind of slow you know I'm getting some other things up and going but I definitely want to get on here and and try to give you guys this content as often as I'm frequent as possible so

Make sure you leave me a comment down below let me know what you think of this video let me know if you want to see some charts let me know when you think bitcoin will break $10,000 I say between you know I got to under over between

June 9th and July 17th so if some crypto traders out there you know y'all want to bet the spreads hey we in Vegas man we put it on the nose his black tank we can do anything we won't you know I'm saying I scared money don't make none you know

I'm just trying to have some fun but it's like it's a beautiful time I think to be in the market right and this is ultimately why I am making this video because we are on the greatest cusp of transition what do we want to say the

Greatest cuts the greatest transition of resources knowledge is a resource currency is a resource real estate is a resource right information is a resource we are on the transition of the greatest transfer of resources in the history of

Humanity 99.9% of all these resources will be secured in one way former fashion on the blockchain bitcoin is the longest working prototype of blockchain technology it is the Sun and there will never be another one and right now you

Can buy your own little piece of the Sun for eight grand I told y'all to get it when it was thirty six hundred check my Instagram I said today is Bitcoin is thirty six thirty eight hundred dollars buy it

While he's cheap young-sam now we up two and a half x Bitcoin done around and doubled in 30 days see JB still ain't talking about it all Danes talking about it on the street the pigeons ain't squawking about it Jimbo – clown comes

In he's not he's not smash – no buttons to it but I'm here right now telling you if you can't afford Bitcoin that is all the reason why you should be converting them worthless dollars into some blockchain equity with that being said

It's the boy BK signing out both with that being said is that time today Lots my train thought out jumping around signing out both boy BK no matter where you stay Brazil debate Califonia all the way back out food jerk money good night

Good morning and good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time make sure you check out the crypto trade in communities bolts of Bitcoin number one crypto trading site in the world do that

For me you appreciate mine till we meet again stay cryptic y'all bees

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