When Going to Work Puts Your Family at Risk | Essentials Episode 2

published on July 2, 2020

so I've checked into the food bank and

it's kind of exciting to see that you

know some people are getting this food

that I'm delivering for free they don't

have to worry about paying for it in the

store there's already a huge line back

there where as you can see people are

lined up already to get inside of the

food thing it's about 7:30 here so

they're not open yet so that's actually

pretty cool a critical sight to see that

we actually have of the places that we

deliver to that that gets put to use

right away


it always feels like I don't want to get

back on the road but I still gonna pay

my bills I still got to get back on the

road as a trucker when we come home we'd

like to spend our time with our families

and with our friends and it seems right

now I can't do so

I haven't seen my dad since this whole

thing pretty much started so it's been

on it's been a while not wanting to risk

it he's got you know pre-existing

conditions that it won't won't match up

too well will cover it so

I my kids don't get the time that they

deserve the road takes it away from me



this is hearing again a little bit of

roosevelt square farm the youth don't

like to be good to be called a youth

farm they like it to be called a farm we

have about eight farms here in chicago

that range in size from seven acres to

you know relatively small like a city

lot size


you know it's really important in this

work to be preparing the next generation

you know to make sure that you're

passing things along you know which i

think is a mimic of what happens in



we're a little late in the season

because a co vid but excited and looking

forward to being able to feed this

community like we do every summer with a

youth providing food security for for

the neighborhoods


we have been open since August of 2014

in this time period we have been able to

build a little community here within the

Fairfax area due to the pandemic that

we're dealing with Luke Ovid we are now

operating as a basically a shipping

center with a curbside pickup so it has

been a massive adjustment for us because

we are so used to dealing with customers

on a daily basis and have incredibly fun

conversations and talking about music

and being nerds we have pretty real

conversations with our kids

so trying to explain the threat of a

virus to them that is completely unknown

and we don't have the answers to is

terrifying the fact that mom and dad are

both home not working I don't know how

can you release and base your product

today we have a very special release

time to get down stay down

chuckle well we call her a key I mean I

feel like I'm just jacked up every day

like trying to figure out like how do we

do this

having somebody write a really

thoughtful card and thanking us for for

continuing to try to keep the community

involved and fulfilling this need that

people have for music it was awesome I

mean it really was awesome


what has been the best thing for you

since we've been on lockdown

probably school because we'd be training

every day Mike it's kind of tough to get

school done um you forgot one thing and

is that you get so much more time with

your mom that's who's gonna say he was

gonna say that hey how are you I'm good

I'm good so we're at the end we're just

are you excited so the biggest change

that's taking place in my practice and

in most doulas practices is that because

of social distancing we have to have

virtual services available now what

we're going to do this alternate version

name pose just from a higher position

and again that's like our emergency

that's like breaking the emergency glass

so don't do that today it's a little


because I'm not there in the room and so

I found that like I'm using a different

set of skills that I'm using when I'm in

the room you're always thinking to keep

your body open so we want to do these

like big the way that we just imagine

Beyonce would do it if she were on stage

right just missing like the human piece

of it all and actually being there and

present in person and being able to use

my hands to help Thomas feel better you

know I just love to level my mama's

I love to love on them I love talking to

them I love you know I just love the


I love the teaching I love when they ask

questions and you know just want to know

more and it feels really good to be a

person that they look up to and that

they that they know that they have in

their corner and so I didn't realize how

much I missed it until right now until

right right right now



had to stop at a randoms place out of

drive hours and the truck stop is too

full for me to park in there so here I

am at a random parking place by my




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