WhatsApp Web – Full Review & Tutorial

by birtanpublished on October 2, 2020

hey guys about today mm it's gonna show
you – Atkins what's up from your desktop
which means you don't really need your
phone around the house when you go
around the house you do need your phone
with you
you just need to really need your friend
to be connected to a wireless connection
and that's all you can actually what's
up with all around the house where you
are wherever you are on the house uses
your laptop with you so basically it
feels somewhat like me I use what's up
quite a lot of time a lot during the day
and I what you could do is you could
literally just you know put your foot
into a sign and just access going out so
for the whole day that's why do I don't
person who literally can't live with
that what's up I have more stuff I
emailed my friends family all type of
people on water this was and you know
getting a flow now and you know picking
across with it might be no you know
money easy and most people like doing
that but I find it easier not more
portable somehow what's up on my
computer doesn't really matter with me
so from eyford suicide this feature of
what's up it's called what's up web okay
you don't need anything I you need to
hike you're very good to crack your fur
and you don't need to you know jailbreak
your phone or iPhone or your BlackBerry
or your stance or wherever it is yeah
you'd have to do that you just needed a
platform which is running on BlackBerry
10 or any batteries or a software any
Android software and any iOS software
once a study has done what's up and you
have to make sure if you already have
what's up malazan working because math
but what's that version wasn't updated
so you eat updates to the latest version
of what's up and you wanna look how the
updated settings it will tell you the
settings update to latest settings
because it will give you what somewhere
or something okay
so once that's done you just literally
want to go on this setting so this is
what's up I'll show you so this is
what's up right here okay I think
everyone able that is now you just want
to go on okay he's gonna scroll down
where it says what's up work this thing
here you want to click it it then says
last active today blah blah macro wets
logout form' all computer so you can
literally click on logout and I will
literally logout from all the computers
okay so that's a really cool feature now
I said it says you have to put you have
to scan code so will its rescan up
and he said you visit deliver shock from
your computer and scan the QR code so I
can now literally do
I could go my computer and I can type in
what's up web so I'll just got it right
now I'll tighten what's up web
I once it's done it'll bring me up with
this screen here I'll show you that
screen that it'll bring up with that
screen there again get my screen get my
barcode taste a bit zoomed out the tube
did not shoot out and literally scan the
barcode with my phone and automatically
you can see all the all the things in
there it's exactly the same if you can
see that all of the contacts are the
exactly the same amazing isn't it yeah
so everything is actually the same so I
can go to anything now and be like hi
and on my phone it's exactly the same hi
so if you can see that it's in real time
so I'm going to type in a message my
search for example I'm gonna say hi hi
hi evelope eyes and let's see if it was
my phone
yeah so straight away instant okay so
it's really really good and that's a
really cool feature I think that what's
I've had added to their first what Alice
phone can be more developed you know it
you can add your emoticons you have the
full you know a list of emoticons and
it's just amazing so what's up web I
actually think you worked on an amazing
business and it looks like this thing's
like you know otherwise I divided the
web with something I don't know where
that is
thanks this also ever yeah so I hope you
guys feed you guys don't forget to give
this video a thumbs up so big thumbs up
let's do if I can find that emoticon I
don't know but don't forget to give this
video a thumbs up if you enjoyed this
video and if you like this type of
videos I make it guys if you like them
do these type of videos I don't think
it's Tommy you know I'm here to make
everything good right so then thumbs up
so give this video good ol thumbs up
alright see you later guys

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